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It is difficult to try to recall how I felt about Catherine, sometimes I would feel ashamed of my feelings, after all she was more than twice my age, yet I guess I looked forward to seeing her for some reason. I had began to enjoy her company and our times together as well as liking her for her generous tips when I waited on her, and now we had this date for the pictures and I was beginning to believe she was queer.

I just had to let the cards fall where they may, thank goodness my shift ended at 4 PM that day so I could hurry home to freshen up and change as Catherine was to pick me up to go to the ‘second house’ at the theater. She’d been nice and friendly and perhaps she was just lonely and wanted a friend. I felt the anger mounting inside me thinking about it and finally said to myself something like, “fuck it” only one way to find out.

After a quick bath I put on a nice black ensemble with black nylons, a navy blouse and pleated skirt. (I favored pleated skirts for the freedom they gave me for shagging and often felt very sexy in them). Brushed my hair and did my make-up then got my coat and waited by the window looking out for her car, then when she arrived I went down stairs to meet her. She looked old fashioned in a print frock, black linen stockings and wearing a pair of her laced up ‘granny boots’, that seemed to be right out of a Victorian catalogue.

Still it seemed to suit her being a bit old fashioned with the dress she was wearing, and smelled nice with a lovely perfume. We made small talk on the way to the theater and once there had a bit of a wait for the first house to empty. Fortunately it was not too crowded, and we sat close to the back as there was lots of room with nobody immediately beside us.

We took our coats off and placed them over our knees and settled down to watch the picture, and in the dim flickering light from the projector that seemed to be over our heads I could see her eyes shining as she often looked at me. She placed a hand under our coats and moved it over to take hold of mine and give it a friendly squeeze. I squeezed hers in return and we sat there holding hands, and after a while felt her press her knee against mine.

I glanced at her pressing my knee against hers in return and saw her smile as a result, quietly slowly she moved her shoulder close to mine, and brought her other hand over and laid it on my forearm, and started gently to rub it up and down. Out of the corner of my eyes I verified there was no one sitting close enough to see what was going on, and actually enjoyed her holding my hand.

With time she uncurled her fingers from mine and Ankara escort placed her hand palm down on my thigh and start to caress it. It was just small curling motions with her fingers at first, then progressed to caressing the inside of my thigh through my skirt. I wasn’t sure what to do and just let her continue as I was enjoying it, then she got bolder running her finger tips up and down my thigh. Still conscious of what she was doing, periodically I’d glance around to see if anyone was paying any particular attention to us, but they just seemed to be engrossed in the picture.

I admit it made me excited and was happy when I felt her slip her hand under my skirt to not only continue, but to fondle my pussy through my knickers. I pushed my knees as far apart as I could to enjoyed her rubbing me through my knickers. I’d like to tell you I had an orgasm but I didn’t, still I loved her feeling me like that.

I felt I should return the touching and placed my hand on her thigh too, I felt a bump under her dress where her stocking top was turned over her garter, and she placed her hand over mine to pull it up closer to her crotch. I didn’t really resist although I’d never done anything like this before with a woman, I’d often played with a mans cock in a theater as he’d give me a feel under coats over our laps before, but never with another female.

We didn’t wait for the picture to end as at one point when we made eye contact I gave a very slight movement with my head to indicate did she want to go, at which just as subtly she gave a slight nod and released my hand and we gathered up our coats and left the theater. We held hands on the way to her car, I didn’t care who would see us, not that there was anybody out that mattered, and she unlocked the passenger door first to let me in, then moved round and got in the car herself.

It was starting to get dark and in the dim light she sat there for a minute looking at me, I could see her face smiling at me and nothing was said. It just seemed natural as she leaned towards me and kissed me on my mouth, lightly at first, then with more force as her kisses got more ardent. We stopped kissing and with our cheeks together still holding each other tight she whispered “I love you and want you”.

I gave her a little tighter squeeze to indicate my acceptance and a further deep kiss and hardly able to speak I whispered, “your house”. My body was ready, I was almost creaming in my knickers right there, with all the men I’d been with I’d never felt like this, it was as if deep inside me I knew this is what I needed, so in a way it was a relief when we broke apart and Ankara escort bayan she started the engine and we got going.

We got to her house where once inside she hung up our coats and invited me to take a seat. The house was cool and she stoked up the fire then went into the bedroom and lit a gas fire to warm up the room, then put the kettle on for tea before joining me on the sofa. Now I’m not going to tell you I remember what she said to me that night or over the weekend, so what I’m telling you now is what I think she might have said to me. When she joined me she got on her knees on the sofa and clasped my hand and kissed it smiling looking into my eyes told me again how she had fallen in love with me, and said she was aching to please me any way she could.

I just sat there enjoying her closeness, the slight whiff of perfume and the warmth and softness of her hands was intoxicating to me that night. We kissed again, and when she started to undo the buttons of my blouse I just let her, so she removed it followed by my bra. I admit to being a little nervous as I let her undress me, she took a moment to run her hands over my upper body as she kissed me.

It was amazing, her touch was so titillating the way she just used her fingertips to lightly caress my skin, hardly using any pressure at all. Down and around my tits, not touching my nipples yet circling them ever so close, it was so different from anything I’d experienced with a man. Moaning from the pleasure she was inducing in me, she at last touched my nipples, they were rock hard as she just raked her fingertips over them before taking them in her fingers to squeeze them gently.

Reaching up to hold her by her head I brought her face down in a silent invitation to suck my tits, she teased them with her tongue at first, then nipped them with her teeth before settling down to suckle them. My climax hit with such a force I cried out and held her tight for a moment as the waves of pleasure surged through my body. Just playing with my tits like that was enough to give me the most fantastic orgasm, something I’d never experienced in my life before.

We were disturbed by the kettle boiling away and she got off me to go see to it and all I said was, “turn it off” and she did just that then led me to her bedroom. There she unzipped my skirt and removed it placing it on a chair, then giving me a smile as if seeking permission, got down on her knees and pulled my knickers dawn and I placed a hand on her head to balance myself, lifting one foot at a timer to let her remove them. She undid my garters and took off my stockings and I undid the garter Escort Ankara belt and placed it on a chair as she sat back on her heels to look up at me.

She sat there smiling up at me, It was an awkward moment, the silence broken only by the hissing of the gas fire till I held out my hand and helped her to her feet. I was extremely excited by this time, silly I know but was unsure about how to proceed, a man would have been all over me by this time but she was patient knowing we had all night to make love.

I sat on the bed and watched her undress, removing her dress followed by her chemise and bra, it caught my breath for a moment as she was quite well endowed, then removed her drawers before struggling out of her girdle she stood before me in just her stockings and ankle boots. She hesitated a moment seeming nervous as she took a step towards me and I automatically swung my legs up onto the bed in a silent invitation to join me.

By now my body was on fire, watching her undress exposing her ample body to me for the first time fascinated me. Climbing up beside me I grabbed her hair forcing myself on her as I kissed her deeply, tonguing her mouth and sucking her tongue in return. I was rougher with her than she had been with me yet she didn’t complain, I gripped her tits sucking and biting them hearing her cries of pleasure egging me on to rape her. I put a hand down between her legs to feel her pussy, she opened her legs wide to let me explore it she was so wet my fingers slipped into it easy.

Unable to hold back any longer I climbed on top of her and pressed my pussy up against hers, clit to clit and started to fuck her like a man would. Our first orgasms didn’t take long to explode over us, I gripped her by her hair hard and kept humping her, really banging her and felt her place her heels on the bed to raise her arse to meet my thrusts. Orgasm after orgasm poured out of both of us, her cries driving me to new heights I’d never experienced with any man.

Exhausted I finally flopped down on the bed beside her flushed from my excitement, my hear pounding. She was also breathing hard from her exertion, her face sweaty and smiling from pure joy. She slipped an arm under me and kissed my mouth gently, I opened my lips and she gave me her tongue to suck as I pulled her body close to me, her generous tits pressing mine.

“I love you Mairi” she said, pushing my hair back from my face and stroking it, “that was so beautiful I’m glad I met you?” We held each other like that for some time as our bodies quieted then slowly we began to pet one another again. I loved it, for probably for the first time in my life I felt fully satisfied, yet willing for more as her caresses started to perform their magic on me.

What was the rush, we had the whole night to make love, tomorrow was Sunday and I had so much to learn about true love…….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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