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This story contains graphic details of sexual relations between a man and an underage boy. I must ask that you discontinue reading if this kind of material is illegal in your area.

5th Grade Teacher – Chapter 4

Today was the first day of basketball practice for the boy’s U10 group, which are players 10 years of age and under. Dan the town’s recreation coordinator was helping with the practice. We had the boys warm up with pushups and crunches. Then we had them run 3 laps, some of the boys started unofficial races against their friends. While they walked cool-down laps Dustin took his shirt off and threw it on the bleachers. Some of his brown hair was sticking to his sweaty forehead. Fuck he was so sexy.

Halfway through the lap Dustin started limping slightly and his face was scewed. I asked him what was wrong when he reached the corner I was standing in.

“Cramp,” Dustin said grunting. “Leg’s cramping.”

I said to Dan, “Can you handle the kids for a bit? I’ll help Dustin with the cramps and rub some Tiger Balm on his leg.”

“Yeah not a problem,” Dan said.

“Just have them practice dribbling for a few minutes, and then move onto a game of bump.”

I led Dustin into the locker room and recently cleaned coach’s office. Dustin limped in so I grabbed him bridal style and laid him on the big desk.

“Which leg?” I asked.

Dustin touched his left leg so I started feeling the calf. It felt fine so I slid my hands up Dustin’s bare leg, and discovered the hamstring was rock hard due to the cramping.

“Hurts, Mr Schaeffer,” Dustin whined.

“To ease the cramp I’m going to slowly raise your leg okay?” I said to the boy.

With my left hand I grabbed Dustin’s ankle and the right grabbed his knee. I slowly straightened the cramping leg and raised it in the air.

“Ow ow ow,” Dustin said.

I gently shushed the boy and kept slowly raising his leg up. It was finally pointing straight up to the ceiling and Dustin sighed. I held his leg still by the ankle and my other hand massaged his eased hammy.

“How does that feel?” I asked the little tyke.

He said, “It feels a lot better. Thank you Mr Schaeffer.”

“Let’s get some Tiger Balm on your hammy so it doesn’t feel so stiff and sore. Let me just take your gym shorts off.”

Dustin lifted his butt off the desk with a shy smile while I slid his grey gym shorts off. And man! Dustin’s little Avengers briefs made him look so much sexier. I could feel blood rushing to my nethers as I stared.

“Any other muscles feeling tense or sore?” I asked as I began sliding my fingers along Dustin’s leg.

Dustin shook his head and said, “Nope.”

I massaged Dustin’s firm little bubble butt as I said, “I don’t know. This feels like it could use a massage. Do you agree?”

Dustin giggled but nodded his head. So my fingers kneaded his sexy başakşehir escort muscles. I rubbed and I squeezed. Growing bolder I let my fingers graze Dustin’s crack. He didn’t flinch, his eyes remained closed as he enjoyed the attention.

“You know what would feel so much better?” I asked. “If I did this on your naked butt. Come on, take your undies off.”

Dustin giggled and said, “What, no.”

I tugged on the little guy’s briefs and said, “Come on. Itll feel amazing.”

Dustin gave no resistance as I slid his briefs down his smooth legs, he just giggled. I then pulled him along the desk until his bubble butt was just off the edge. I pushed his knees to his chest and knelt down.

FUCK! Dustin’s pert tan little ass was perfect! His crack was a little musty from sweat, smelled so good. And Holy Jesus his tiny pink hole looked so tight.

I licked my lips and grabbed those 2 perfect mounds of flesh. My fingers ground in a bit, Dustin moaned. I let my thumbs brush his little pink ball sac. Dustin’s legs squirmed, pleasure seeping in as I massaged his ass.

Growing bolder, I kissed Dustin’s butt cheek. His leg twitched a bit but otherwise didn’t move. I kissed the other cheek. I could feel precum leaking out of my raging hardon, begging for release.

“How do you like that?” I asked the boy and kissed his sac.

“I don’t know,” Dustin said.

I swiped my tongue along Dustin’s left cheek to the cleft of his ass and said, “Your little ass tastes so fucking good.”

Dustin laughed and said, “Liar.”

“Nope. Not lying. I could eat your ass until you’re blissed out. Want me to show you?”

Dustin only giggled, so I licked up his crack, lingering on his pink pucker. Dustin shivered but didn’t move. I licked circles around the wrinkled skin, and then flicked my tongue on the entrance repeatedly. Dustin moaned quietly and placed his hands behind his knees. I licked around the sphincter again, and then more forcefully on the pucker. I lapped at that boy cunt like there was no tomorrow. Dustin was moaning and squirming. I know my cock was leaking so much there was a wet spot on my slacks.

“Fuck you’re delicious!” I said. “How do you like that? Want me to keep eating you out, boy?”

“Mmhmm!” Dustin said.

I gave Dustin’s part ass a light slap and dove right back in. My tongue was almost penetrating him, easing in. I made my tongue stiff and really pushed. Dustin moaned a little louder. I couldn’t handle it any more. I licked my middle finger and slid it passed Dustin’s ring muscle.

“Ow ow ow,” Dustin panicked.

I quickly stood and shushed the tyke while pushing him back down. I slid my finger inside him gently.

“Oooh,” Dustin complained. “Is that your finger up my butt?”

I smiled at the boy and said, “Yep. I’m going to finger fuck you halkalı escort before I give you some real meat. Your ass is so goddamn tight. I can’t wait to get this man cock inside you.”

I slowly slid my finger out of Dustin’s cunt. Seeing his hole immediately close when my finger came out was so hot. I slid my finger back inside and Dustin groaned. I began a slow finger fuck, Dustin’s muscle clamped around my slick finger. I went forward and kissed Dustin’s chest and licked his nipple.

“How does that feel?” I asked and licked Dustin’s nipple.

“It’s weird.”

“Well I’m loving it,” I said and laughed. “Your cunt is so tight. You know you’re getting fucked in a minute right?”

“What?” the little guy asked.

As I kissed Dustin’s neck I said, “I am going to shove my 7 inch man cock up your fucking tight little boy pussy. You’re going home today with my cum dripping down your leg.”

“What?” Dustin asked scared.

I slid my finger in and out of the boy pussy faster. Dustin’s legs tensed and he held the desk tight.

I pulled my finger out and said, “Fuck I have to get in there.”

I unzipped my slacks and pushed them down. Dustin watched my rock hard 7 inches spring out and bob, precum beading out.

“I don’t,” Dustin said but I put my finger on his lips.

I smiled as I went in to kiss him again. Dustin kissed back but slowly. I stood and spat a huge wad of saliva in my palm. I rubbed that in my throbbing member and on Dustin’s pink cunt.

“Wait, Mr Schaef,” Dustin said but stopped when he felt the head of my prick touch his hole.

I smirked at the little boy as I thrust forward. My cock slid upward, so I tried again. Dustin’s ring muscle gripped my head like a vice, fucking tight.

“Ow ow ow!” Dustin cried.

He tried to straighten his legs but I held them in my place with one arm while my other arm covered his mouth.

“Holy fuck,” I said while sliding inside his boy pussy.

Tears fell from Dustin’s eyes, half of my 7 inches were inside the boy.

“Goddamn, Dust,” I moaned. “Oooh. Holy fuck. You’re way too tight, I love it. Does it hurt? Looks like it hurts.”

Under my hand Dustin said, “Mmhmm.” while whimpering.

I pushed my hips forward steadily, loving the sensations of Dustin’s tight cunt hugging my cock as it slid deeper inside him. He whimpered into my hand, tears spilling from his eyes.

I removed my hand and kissed him, and said, “Fuck, my whole cock is inside you, boy. Not going to lie it’ll hurt a bit more.”

Dustin said, “Please let me go, Mr Scha.”

Dustin stopped talking when I drew my hips back slowly. When I pushed back in I kissed his neck and nibbled on his ear.

“Fuck, Dustin, you’re so tight.”

I stood upright and watched my cock as I slid out. Dustin’s reddening hole winked at me, making şirinevler escort my steel hard cock throb intensely. I pushed back in and Dustin whimpered louder. I covered his mouth again as I fucked the little tyke faster. I watched as my 7 turgid inches slid in and out of Dustin’s pussy.

“Don’t think I’m going to last long,” I said as I fucked the boy harder. “You’re so goddamn tight.”

Right on the edge of orgasm I pulled out quickly. I got down on my knees and gazed at the gaping boy hole before me. It was red and a little swollen. I touched it with my middle and ring fingers, hot to the touch.

“Are you done, Mr Schaeffer?” Dustin asked weakly.

“Fuck no.”

I grabbed the boy and carried him over to the well worn little couch against the wall. I sat down with Dustin on my lap. I pulled his face in and kissed him, he kissed back weakly.

“Ride me.”


I pointed my aching cock and pushed in. “Ride me. Bounce up and down, fuck yourself on me.”

“Ahh. Ow.”

“Ride me, bitch.”

Dustin placed his little hands on my shoulders and used them as leverage, bouncing on my man cock. His little cheeks slapping on my pelvis only added to the awesome feelings of his pussy pleasuring me. I touched my finger to Dustin’s nipple and flicked.

Dustin stopped riding me momentarily to wipe tears off his face. I reached behind him and gave his wonderful buns a squeeze.

“Who said you could stop riding me? You can stop when I’ve filled your ass up with my cum.”

When Dustin began riding me again I reached down and fondled his flaccid tiny dick. My prick disappearing into the boy was too much. Cum rushed from my balls, up my shaft. I wrapped my arms around Dustin and held him tight. I had my face in his neck as I grunted. My cock pulsed and throbbed as I bred his devirginized ass, painting his insides white.

“Fuck! Ugh!” I grunted. “Fucking take! This load!”

Dustin stayed perfectly still as my orgasm petered out. I kissed Dustin’s sweaty neck and he tried to raise himself off of my spent cock.

“Damn, don’t move!” I said. “My dick’s too sensitive. Hang on.”

I placed my hands under Dustin and grabbed his tush. I slowly pulled him off of me, groaning the whole time. When my cock slipped out and I let Dustin lean against my chest. We cuddled as we caught our breath.

“Did you like that fucking?” I asked.

“No,” Dustin said, shaking his head.

I fondled the tyke’s ass and said, “Well I can’t wait to fuck it again. But I’ll give you a few days to recover.”

I held the boy tight as I stood and walked over to the mini refrigerator. Out of the freezer I grabbed an ice cube and went back to the couch. I slid the ice cube inside the boy’s wrecked hole and he shivered.

“So your boy cunt doesn’t hurt so much later.”

After a few more minutes of cuddling Dustin said, “You have lots of hair on your chest.”

I laughed and asked, “Do you like it?”

Dustin shrugged his shoulders. I kisser the top of his head. I’d give it a few more minutes before I went back to the boys basketball ail

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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