Fight Night

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This time Steve was going to beat the bitch, although she had previously bested him twice, there was no way his ass was going to be fucked tonight. He was going to make damn sure that by the end of the fight, he would be on top of her with his dick buried deep. This was the grudge match to end all grudge matches. Both were previously unbeaten until their paths crossed. His first loss and subsequent humiliation at being beaten by Georgia had been mainly down to luck. He’d slipped and left himself defenseless. The second could have gone either way as both had been exhausted and she had managed to gather the strength to finish the bout.

The audience was hushed as they made their way to the ring they could tell it was going to be a special one tonight. The tall proud woman strutted towards the area where combat would soon commence, an air of grace and power about her. His, lean powerful looking body marching with equal purpose.

Both had taken time to make sure they looked strong and dominant, ooking for the psychological edge. She radiated power with her stiletto PVC thigh boots gleaming under the spotlights, leather corset creating goddess like curves and accentuating the cleavage of her firm breasts. Those behind her could only marvel at the way the Y of her thong framed her pert buttocks. Her short jet black hair, severe makeup offset by blood red lips and wrist length red rubber gloves added to the effect. He had chosen leather boxer shorts, doc martens and boxing gloves to show off his tanned and muscled body. They had both reached the combat area, not breaking each others stare, winning was everything.

A man in a full dinner suit stepped into the spotlight and began to explain. “Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight’s bout is this months main event. Already these two skillful warriors have battled to near exhaustion in order prove they are the best. In the red corner, the challenger weighing in at 11 stones, height 5 feet 10, the tower of power and no 1 contender, pendik escort Steve”. A mixture of cheers and boos echoed throughout the arena as he lifted his arms to acknowledge the crowd. “In the black corner, weighing in at slightly less, but having a 2 inch height advantage, is the amazon beauty, Georgia”.

The crowd, now restless stamped their feet and chanted, “FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT”.

“And now, although I’m sure you all know the rules, it is the policy of this club to make sure that the combatants understand exactly what the rules are before I can allow the fight to start. Shortly the fighters will be asked to remove all items of clothing. During the fight there will be no hitting, slapping, biting or scratching. You may only use physical contact in an attempt to force your opponent into a submissive position. Any move deemed by the referee to be an attempt to or careless enough to cause pain will result in immediate forfeiture of the bout. You may use any part of your body to arouse your opponent for tactical or enjoyment reasons. The winner will be the party that manages to penetrate the opponent’s anal opening with their weapon. Combatants will now remove their clothes and prepare their weapons.”

A hush fell over the room as the two naked fighters faced each other. The life size strap-on that had been molded from Steve’s own penis was secured in place over Georgia’s bare pussy. It was imperative that neither fighter had a size advantage when it came to mixed sex bouts. They didn’t break eye contact as they applied lubrication to their weapons. Georgia slowly turned and sexily bent over, pulling the firm globes of her ass apart mocking him with her tightest of holes, “take a good look stud, that’s as close as your getting to my ass”. Steve just smiled and continued to stroke his firm erection, he was not about to be psyched out.

The ring announcer moved to get the fight underway he asked “are both contestants thoroughly shaved and lubricated?”. escort pendik Nods came from both corners. “Please can you step into the ring”. Both of them stepped into the oversized inflatable paddling pool and waited for the oil to be applied. Several buckets of oil later, they were shining under the spotlight from the slippery substance covering their bodies and the bottom of the ring. “I want you to come to the center and pay proper respect before the fight”. Both of them moved to the middle and kissed the other on the cheek. Anyone close enough would have heard the trading of insults as they did this.



The stamping and chanting started back up as the bell rang to signal the start of the fight.

They started slow, circling each other, trying to get the first grip, but both were wily enough to realize that the other was worthy of careful treatment. Neither was likely to win with a quick opening move. Steve was first to get a grip, pulling her against him by her hips. Time for the opening mind games to start he thought as his hands pulled her cheeks apart and his finger slipped into her tight hole. Before she could counter his move, he stood back, pulled the finger to his lips and sucked it savoring the taste. She glared at him, keeping her rage under control and trying not to be phased by his move. Suddenly she charged him, forcing him off his feet and mounting his chest in the same movement. Now it was her turn and she swiftly bitch-slapped his face with her ‘dick’. The opening salvos had been fired and the bout was truly joined now.

He moved his hands up and pulled on her tight nipples, causing them to grow. Realizing that this position left her a little too open to attack from behind, she rolled off him. This was what Steve had been waiting for, he swiftly followed her in the hope of pinning her and winning the bout. She was too good to let that happen, dodged the move and had him up against the side of the ring with his pendik escort bayan ass in the air. Moving in for the kill, she placed the head of her ‘dick’ against his hole and started to push. Feeling his ass start to part galvanized Steve who pulled his ass away. That was way too close he thought. A large groan issued forth from the crowd who had thought it was nearly over.

The fight continued to ebb and flow, there were many memorable moments. Steve on Georgia’s chest his dick between her breasts, squeezing them against his flesh. Georgia unable to take advantage when Steve slipped, but choosing to shove a finger in him for good measure. A few close calls on both sides as positions changed and the oil made their bodies slip and slide over each other, their ‘dicks’ tantalizingly slipping past the target holes. The heat was taking its toll now and the strength was draining out of them as they staggered around the ring looking for that important opening.

The end came out of nowhere, it had looked like it was going to go the distance and be decided by the judges. Someone in the crowd moved slightly to get a better view, the spotlight behind them shone into Georgia’s eyes distracting her. Steve rolled her up against the edge of the ring, his legs pinning hers against her chest and lowered his hard rod against her ass and pushed oh so slowly into her tight hole. She bucked against him in order to escape, but this just forced him deeper into her and she felt him stretch her as he slid in balls deep. He threw his hands up in the air in victory, pulled gently out and strutted around the ring. The crowd chanted his name.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the winner and NEW CHAMPION after a long and fascinating bout is Steve”. The words echoed round the hall, he knew he could do it, at last he had beat her. The announcer stepped in and asked the question everyone wanted to hear, “Do you think there is going to be a rematch?”

Steve thought about it for a moment and answered, “I’ve certainly got no problems with that as long as my wife agrees”.

Georgia stepped forward, “of course honey, our bouts are sooo much fun and get me so horny, now lets go somewhere and fuck!”

The End

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