Final Ceremony

Adriana Chechik

Feeling the wet warmth of her mouth sliding up and down his cock, Harry ran his fingers through her long blond hair, pushing her head slightly as he lifted his hips. In spite of the warmth and the light tingling pleasure Harry’s mind drifted.

He was a lucky man then, the manager and lover of a beautiful woman, not just any beautiful woman but the winner of the Nude Miss America 2010. Why it was just one year ago when he proudly escorted her as Grand Marshal of the Nude Day parade. He rode in the car with her and then helped her climb up to the speaker’s podium where she was presented a crown from Nude Miss America 2009. Yeah, it was the exact same ceremony they held at the Official Nude Miss America Contest months earlier, but the crowd gathered for the Nude Day festivities loved it, all three hundred of them.

Nude, except for some sandals, Harry stood by her as she was lustily embraced by the Mayor and then lightly kissed on each cheek by her predecessor. He watched as the crown was pinned into her hair and then helped her descend the stairs and climb back into the convertible to complete the parade. He rode beside her waving to the throngs of naked people as they pushed and shoved to catch a glimpse of the most beautiful nude woman in America.

He let his mind return to the woman’s head bobbing up and down in his lap. He reached down to her shoulders and lifted slightly whispering, “I’d like to fuck now.”

She glanced up and replied, “I don’t know, are you hard enough yet.”

Pushing her back and standing up from his chair he said, “Of course I am.” He grabbed her arm and led her over to the bed. After she climbed onto the bed and spread her legs, he crawled up between her legs. Leaning over her, he felt her grab his cock and Manisa Escort guide it to her pussy. Pressing his hips forward, he felt her soft lips close over the head of his cock, but thrusting forward he couldn’t work himself into her pussy. After several attempts he rolled onto his back.

“You see, I told you…”

“Okay, okay, just suck me off,” he growled.

He felt the warmth again as he watched her mouth slowly descend over his cock. He liked the way her breasts dangled as she knelt over him and he reached down to grab one. Feeling her soft flesh yield to his fingers he let his mind slip away.

He felt someone’s soft fingers squeezing his hand. He looked over and saw her, fully clothed now, holding his hand. Her lips were moving.

“… awake? Harry, Harry, can you hear me? Are you awake?”

He tried to smile but it hurt.

Suddenly she stepped back and he saw someone in a white coat. The light got suddenly bright and he felt more pain.

Over the next few days he pieced it all together. There had been an accident and he was some sort of hero. He’s saved her life, pushing her aside at the last second. The newspapers flashed the headlines, “Miss Nude America — Saved by Boyfriend.” She had only a sprained ankle while he took the full impact of the car.

Over the next few days the news coverage was thorough highlighting how dutifully she sat by his side as he went through several surgeries, how she then visited him every day… every other day, and then once a week or so. It was during his rehabilitation, when they were showing her how she could help him once he got home, that she saw the scarring. After that the visits dropped off and then, right before he was ready to go home she showed up Manisa Escort Bayan with a new “manager.”

“What?” he groaned, his mind returning to the room.

“This isn’t going to work is it?”

He looked down and saw his glistening cock as it sagged flaccidly between her fingers.

“It’s okay, just keep going.”

“Look I can’t keep doing this, I mean it’s normally thirty minutes or until you come. It’s already been an hour. I take any longer and Jake’s gonna want more money. You want to pay more?”

“I haven’t got any more,” he replied, mentally adding up the price of the hotel room and his other expenses.

“Look honey, I’d like to help out, I mean with your…” she paused looking down at his scars, she then continued, “your injury and all, but Jake wants his money and I just…”

Harry rolled off the bed and grabbed his wallet. Pulling out two twenties and a ten, he handed the money to her and then walked over to the window. “Just leave,” he whispered then looked outside at the gathering crowds as the woman dressed. After a few moments he heard the door close.

He walked back into the room, grabbed his chair and pulled it over to the window. He felt a warm breeze from outside as he grabbed his bag and set it next to the chair. The parade had started and he sat down to watch as the naked people outside waited. Sticking his head out the window, he looked up the street and saw the convertible moving slowly, a beautiful nude brunette was waving regally. He unzipped his bag and looked inside.

Harry turned his attention back to the stage and podium located nearly directly across the street from his room. Above the podium a large sign announcing “Nude Day 2011” fluttered in the breeze. Escort Manisa While everyone else watched the parade coming up the street, Harry watched as three people climbed the stairs up onto the stage. Harry recognized the Mayor, who so happily greeted Nude Miss America 2010 during last year’s Nude Day ceremonies. Following the mayor was his ex-lover and her “manager.”

Feeling a tingling in his cock Harry adjusted the focus on the lens and took a good long look at her. She was just as he remembered, so beautiful, her long blond hair cascading over her shoulders, her breasts, not large but very perky with enormous nipples. Her stomach was firm and flat down to the nicely groomed tuft of pubic hair, shaped like a heart. Looking downward he got the slightest glimpse of her slit, and recalled how she loved him running his tongue up that slit.

Feeling his cock harden, he slid his finger up and down the smooth steel, letting the sensation run through him as he remembered how she would touch him. He watched as she took the crown and prepared for the arrival of Nude Miss America 2011. He continued moving his finger, savoring the sensations as a naked brunette climbed out of the convertible and climbed up onto the stage.

After the Mayor quickly groped the woman, Harry watched as his ex lightly kissed the brunette on the cheeks, their breasts lightly brushing against each other. Feeling the sensations beneath his fingertips intensify Harry slowly squeezed and then lurched back, once, twice and then a third time. He then stood up and as the mass of naked Nude Day revelers screamed, crouched and ran he saw his ex lover, the 2010 winner of the Nude Miss America Contest look up and find him.

He saw her standing alone, frozen in place as she stared directly up at him, seemingly unaware of the bodies of the Mayor, her “manager” and the naked brunette woman motionless on the ground beside her. Harry watched her watch him as he moved his mouth over the barrel of his rifle and slowly squeezed the trigger one last time.