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It’s 9:30, and Angie hasn’t called me back. Three call times she missed.

I’m gonna call after six – -I called at 7, and she returned the call 30 minutes later.

I’m gonna call around 7:30, when I close the office – -I called at 8:35, she returned about 5 minutes later.

Okay then, maybe this is gonna happen after all. Angie has had me on a string for 24 hours. She answered my ad on Craigs List with a phone number. . .a sure sign of being a “real female”, a rare thing. While on the phone, she sent me pictures, starting with her. . .boobies. No lie, there they were, nipples hard and staring me in the face. Just… Damn. To prove how long it had been, I got wet almost seconds after seeing them. Gawd, I love boobies, really, I do . And because I’m honest and that’s how I roll, I told her. She kept repeating, “God, you’re so honest. . .damn.” I thought I lost this one, but then she’s like… we can meet at Ruby Tuesday’s if you want. Sweet. I thought about a plate of fries with a side of boobies. Awesome.

But that’s not what happened. Conversation is what happened… Conversation in a parking lot of a CommerceBank is what happened. I sat in her Beemer as she proceeded to make ME feel bad for reacting to HER sending a picture of her titties. I was NOT supposed to take the picture of her titties as any sort of sexual invitation, no sir , and the fact that I did scared her.


But, all was not lost. Angie still wanted me over her house. Just not tonight. Tomorrow night would be better. Call her after 6:30, when she locks up her office.

Which led to the “tail chasing” I was sitting through- – giving me the sneaking feeling I was being manipulated for someone’s pleasure. Especially right after the last call – -I thought I heard “boyfriend” in there. Which would be hypocritical of a woman whose second question to me was “Do you have a boyfriend?”

Bitch. Screw her.

But who am I gonna screw?

I decided to call a 754 number instead. I was not going to let a week home alone go to waste. This 754 number belonged to Vanessa Marquez – -a girl I had talked to the previous night. I had placed multiple ads between the Miami and Ft. Lauderdale Craigslists, and Vanessa was one of the first respondents to my Ft. Lauderdale posting…she included her number and a picture – -no boobies this time, but a nice bikini picture. We chatted and texted, but didn’t hook up simply because she just couldn’t make it home from work in time. Fair enough. So, I called.

Just in time.

Vanessa had just gotten home from work. She was having a glass of wine and said, sure, I, could come over and chat. It would be great. I got the address and put it in my GPS. Screw Angie. I’d just tell her I went to the movies instead of waiting on her to call.

I don’t even think I ate as I just grabbed a cherry coke from the fridge, my toybox from under the blanket fort I constructed in for sleeping in the living room, threw on a tanktop and jeans and got in the car. It hit me: I was driving an hour at 10pm at night for the promise of pussy. In Ft. Lauderdale.

I told myself I would stop at Wendy’s on the way. I didn’t. It was late and I just wanted to get there. But it seems fate was trying taksim escort to overrule. First, the traffic out of Downtown on 1-95. Narrowing the lanes. Awesome. Gawd. . .what the hell is up with this. It just got worse as I got closer. . .narrowed lanes, and the exit I wanted was closed. I now have a verdict on traffic: Miami may have more, but Ft. Lauderdale has it worse. GODDAMMIT! But. . .the GPS…Sweet GPS, saved my ass. 10 minutes out, she texted me. “Are you staying over?” Um. . .wow.

I really wasn’t planning on doing that. Since I didn’t have work the next day, I felt comfortable enough with driving home at 2 or 3 in the morning. I looked at my toybox… “Uhm, if you want me to, I can. “

“Well, it’s just that my boy got kicked out of his house. ” Aw, SHIT. Nothing can EVER be this simple, can it? I just want a good time with a girl that leads to more good times and she has to bring a guy into it. Fuck.

“Well, I’ll just see how things go okay?”

“Alright, see you in a little mami.”

I was just so pissed off from the possibility of a 2 turning into a 3some, plus the four thousand turns and adjustments my GPS had to make that, shit- -I blew a stop sign. The pissy old man who saw me yelled at me through my apology and my explanations and with a scowl, wrote down my plate number. I hope his dick falls off.

But, I found her apartment, and her standing outside it…as a blonde? HUH? Okay. She looks like her picture for the most part. But, GOD, she’s short. What is it about me and shorter women? I don’t think I’ve been with a woman my own height or taller since . . . a while. Wow. She offered me a glass of wine. It was blush and sweet. She lit up her pipe and offered me some. I politely declined and she smiled.

She gave me a tour of her room. A row of mirrors hung on a wall. “I bought those for a dollar each, pounded hooks in ’em and strung ’em together.” I looked at a couple of wall hangings of broken glass and shells. . . “I made those too.”

“I like.” I genuinely did. She was like a ghetto Martha Stewart. Her creativity was more high school than high class, but I liked the style: Beachy and clean, with lots of greens and blues. Her bed had a canopy hanging from a line of green cord.

“Oh, I’m a get rid of the cord and get a rod for that. What I used to have was. . .”

(I was listening, and even finished her sentence, but . . .I’m too fuzzy to reproduce it here.)

I sat on the bed. It was now apparent. It was gonna happen. And I left my toybox in the car. I retrieved it and placed it next to the bed. I asked her – – what she did for a living as her night job since she mentioned it.

“Oh, I do some work as a masseuse.”

“Can you give me a backrub?”

“Nah, mami, I was gonna ask YOU for one.”

“Sure. I even brought some massage oil” – – I reached into the toybox– ” What flavor do you want? I got Cinnamon, Strawberry, Banana, Cherry, Cotton Candy, Blueberry and Cinnamon.”

“Ummm, Banana.” I’m not a banana girl myself, but when the cute Latina says she wants banana, I’m all about that.

“I hope it won’t stain my bed, ma.”

“It won’t.”

She lit candles and removed her top. “You etiler escort want me on my back, ma?”

“Yeah, sure.” Then the bra came off. Oh, damn. Perfect titties. Perfect, round titties. I had to hide that my mouth was watering. I took my jeans; tank and bra off, and straddled her back. She had sunspots, but her skin was soft. I spread the oil slowly over the back, from her neck to her waist. I blew on spots, licked and kissed others. I slid off her back – -I probably was wet enough that I could probably actually slide off – -and started to kiss her ass, putting more oil on it. I slid her thong down just a little, and she lifted her hips to help me.

I ran my hands along her ass, licking the top of her ass crack, feeling her quietly moan as I ran my fingers forward to her pussy…it was lightly hairy and…whoa, what’s this? “Wow, I haven’t been with a woman with a pierced…”

“hood. I know.” I slid my fingers away and tasted them. Warm and sweet. Awesome. I pulled her panties the rest of the way off , slid up to to her neck, licked and kissed it. She turned to kiss me. And I was worried I was going to fall off her bed and bust my ass.

She smiled and rolled over. I put a hand on those lovely breasts. They felt real. I pulled a nipple and she moaned. Yup, real. We kissed again and she kissed down to suck one of my nipples. I felt my pussy get wetter. She looked up. “Are you sure you’re a C, ma? ‘Cause I’m a D, and yours seem to be the same size.”

“Yeah, I’m a 36C.” I stroked her nipple, and she moved to get on top of me to let my mouth get closer. She pressed her mound closer to me, and I could feel the heat from inside. I rolled my eyes in the back of my head, pressing her hips closer to mine. I flicked her erect nipple with my tongue and gently bit. She then pulled away, getting on her knees, sitting between my legs. She ran a finger down my slit as she played with my nipple. The rush was building, building as she started to suck my nipple, lick down my belly, and then finally could feel the soft caresses of her tongue against my clit …. Ooohh! Yes! I couldn’t help myself. I pushed my hips up to her waiting mouth, letting her watch my face and play with my nipples as she flicked and tongued my pussy. I lifted my legs up. I wanted to feel her tongue inside me. Wow. She crawled up to kiss me and to taste myself. I licked her lips and laid her on her back. I kissed her, sucking her nipples and rubbing her soaked pussy.

When I got to her pussy, I was intoxicated by the scent and drawn like a moth to the heat. I tried to be delicate, but the time passed as I pretty much feasted on her pussy as a delicate flick turned to a lick and a suck and my I pressed my face into it, sliding my tongue inside her, tasting her arousal and sweat. I’m pretty sure she could hear my moans. I cupped her breasts and flicked her nipples as I dived deeper. I could feel her wetness on my cheeks, dripping down my chin. It was like I couldn’t get enough. And I was getting wetter for it. I reached down to rub my clit. I was soaked and the wetness just kept on flowing

I finally pulled away and she pulled me up close, face to face. I could feel her pussy close to mine, heat against beşiktaş escort heat. We kissed, we grinded. I pulled back a little to rub my clit some more, and I couldn’t help myself. I came and could feel it over flow my fingers.

“You came, mami?”


Back on my back again, when I got treated to a show. She started to rub her pussy and she leaned forward. “Wow, you got wet. I guess my bed was gonna get stained after all.” She started to stroke my pussy again. It wouldn’t take too much to get me to cum again, but I held off. She pressed up close to me again, heat against heat, her pussy now soaked. This time we were in full trib, feeling her pussy kiss mine and her fingers pinching and pulling at my nipples. I was getting close again, but then we pulled apart. I was rubbing my swollen clit and I reached over to the side of the bed and pulled out a vibrator out the box.

Vanessa leaned forward and allowed me to slide it into her mouth, and I watched her suck it, lick it, then I pulled it out. I slid it against her pussy and let the head enter as I turned it on. I watched that purple rod disappear into that caramel pussy. She started to moan then to fuck it as she played with my nipples, and teased my clit with her tongue. “So good. So close.” I whispered. Hearing that , she decided to tease me further by flicking my clit with her tongue, shopping just short of sucking it into her mouth and letting me cum with that. She sat up and started to rub my clit again with one hand while she started to rub her own clit. I could tell she was getting closer. She started to ride the vibrator and rubbed her clit , her tits bouncing as she rode it like a cock, her moans getting louder as I fucked her harder and faster . Finally she blew. I slid the vibrator out of her pussy and tasted it. Yum. I wiped it off.

Both of us now mostly satiated, we rested, playing with one another’s breasts, with her kissing my neck and slowly, purposefully, moving her hands and her mouth down towards my pussy. I stroked her hair and allowed her hips to move over me, straddling my face with her pussy close to my mouth. Oh. My. God. I had never been the bottom in a 69 before, and I had wanted to for ages. And here it was, the perfect form of her pussy fading into her soft ass. Set out perfectly like a feast. So believe me when I say I feasted.

My tongue swirled inside her, then flicked toward her clit, sucking it as I fingered her slowly, curling my fingers inside her. I could feel her shudder and her tongue dive deeper inside my pussy, her tongue going back toward my clit, her fingers probing and curling on their own. I wanted to get adventurous, so I let my tongue slide toward her ass. I didn’t slide it in, though. I curled my fingers inside her and went back to her clit… sliding the piercing along in my mouth, sucking a little more. This time, it wasn’t long before I could hear the moans and taste the pleasure.

She responded by diving deeper, flicking harder and lashing my clit harder with her tongue, bringing me closer. It was going to be a hard finish and I knew it was going to feel so very, very good. I responded by holding onto her ass and pushing my face deeper into her pussy, replacing my fingers with tongue and rubbing her clit rapidly.

I can only describe her orgasm as….being slapped in the face with wonder. I felt her ass quake and my mouth flood with wetness. “Oh, god ma…stop! I thought I wasn’t gonna cum again, but, aye Dios mio, I guess I did. ”

I smiled. Finally.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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