Finally My First Time Pt. 02

Big Tits

This is part 2 of my sexual journey with men. In part 1 I told the story of my first time with a guy. It’s been a while since I wrote my first instalment and I wanted to catch you up on what I’ve been up to.


Luckily for me Nick’s wife worked in a bar on weekends and I spent the next 6 weeks going to Nick’s and getting fucked. I was often there on both Friday and Saturday and it seemed the more we got to know each other the better the sex would be. I myself had become a bit of a cock addict. I would crave cock all week, I would day dream while at work imagining being fucked by a nice cock. I would often sit there at my desk my cock as hard as steel, balls feeling like there swelling up and fit to bursting. Sometimes it would prove too much and I would go to the toilet and masturbate in the cubical. The weekends could never come fast enough.

Unfortunately these times with Nick have since quietened down significantly since Nick’s wife finished college and quit her bar job. Things have been tough to maintain, our sessions now consist of infrequent fucking or quickies in the back of my car. And since Nick is the only guy I fuck, the frustration had long been getting to me.

Then came the news that Nick’s wife was going away for a hen do and Nick and I had been planning our few days together. It was going to be a total fuck fest. I was really excited all I wanted to do was fuck. A few days before it happened my boss came to me and said I had to go away with work for a month to say I was pissed off was an understatement and Nick didn’t take the news too well either. The only reason I had to go was that the woman who was meant to go found out she was pregnant and refused to go.

I had to travel over the weekend to be at work for the Monday, Nick’s wife left first thing on the Saturday morning, I was literally waiting around the corner for her to leave. I’d worked it out that I could have half hour alone with Nick before I had to go to the airport. Fair to say we skipped all the pleasantries and got straight to fucking. I literally walked in tore his clothes off and mine got him hard and fucked him and headed for the airport with his cum still leaking out my arse. This wasn’t going to work for me, I thought I had two full days with him and I had to settle for 30 minutes. I was still insanely frustrated that fuck had barely made a dent.

That first week flew over I was ridiculously busy but I remained ridiculously frustrated. Saturday came around and I went out with some people from work and they showed me around. I wanted to get drunk but nobody was up for it and I ended back at my hotel at around 9pm. I tried to relax on my bed watching TV but I soon found myself really bored and really sexually frustrated. The hotel had a large gym so I decided to go work off some of my frustration on the heavy bag. The gym was quite quiet at that time of night around seven guys and an old woman who put me to shame I have to admit I was hanging after twenty minutes and she just kept going.

After my workout I headed for the showers. After showering for a few minutes two guys entered while taking to each other about their work out routines. Both were mid to late thirties and naked. Naturally I couldn’t resist checking out their respective packages. The first guy who was tall and very toned had a nice five or so inches soft with trimmed pubic hair, thick girth and a nice foreskin. The second guy who was about three inches shorter in the high department and very skinny reminded me of a cyclist. He was around four inch soft sporting a full man bush his shaft didn’t look like it had much girth but his snipped tip was really big. It reminded me of an apple on a stick.

This was torture I wanted dick and here were two I couldn’t have. I found myself steeling glances when I could but then I realised I was starting to harden up. I turned around and faced the wall with my back to the men who were both washing their bodies while continuing their conversation. I tried to think about other things but it was no good. My cock became fully erect in the worse possible place. I looked to my right and saw a steam room. I looked around and took the first opportunity I could and shot off into it.

The first thing to hit me was the heat followed by the realisation that I wasn’t alone. I didn’t want to draw attention so I quickly sat down and crossed my legs to hide my erection. There were three men in here and none of them seemed to react or notice my hard cock and soon the heat helped it subside.

After a few minutes on of the guys stood up and walked out, he was an older guy probably sixties and he was very much naked. I tried not to look too much. After a few more minutes another guy came in. He was probably around late twenties and the elephant in the room was very much his legendary cock. It was huge probably around eight inches soft, trimmed pubs and uncut. He was an attractive guy and taking my eyes off him was difficult. He also came and sat down just a matter of feet away from me. Almost Onwin as soon as he sat down another guy stood up and left. I couldn’t help looking and soon realised that I was getting hard again, I really wanted to leave but not with this. The heat was really starting to get to me and it was very difficult to hide my erection from the two guys in the room.

More minutes went by and the guy with the huge cock left. I was now alone with one guy who was a chubby guy probably mid-thirties. He seemed to be looking at me, I was currently waiting for my erection to go down before I could leave. Just as I was getting ready to leave the man stood up and at first he looked like he was heading for the door but instead stopped and turned to face me. I immediately noticed he had an erection. It stuck straight out facing me. Around six inches in length but a nice girth, he was shaven and was uncut. Seconds went by and not a word was said he just faced me.

“Hi do you fancy some fun?” He asked. I thought for a moment but what was to think about I was way too frustrated to say no.

“Sure” I replied.

With that he walked out of the room a few seconds later the door opened again. It was him he threw me a towel and closed the door again. I then realised I had another erection. I waited a minute before leaving. I had the showers to myself which was lucky as I was still hard. I had a quick wash. I assumed the guy had a change of heart as he was nowhere to be seen. I finished my showed wrapped the towel around me and headed to the locker rooms. I went straight to my locker to get my things while I was stood there I heard the catch on a door open, I looked to my left to see where the sound came from a cubicle door opened and standing behind it was the guy. He was completely naked and still hard.

I hesitated for a moment before he motioned for me to go to him. I grabbed my things and walked towards him. I dropped my things while he locked the door. I stood to face him in just a towel. He wasn’t the most handsome guy in the world but I liked the look of his cock. I stepped forward and took his cock gently into my hand and began stroking it. After a few seconds of this I dropped to my knees, the towel unravelled and fell to the floor allowing my hard cock to spring into the air. Without hesitation I leaned forward and took his cock into my mouth.

At first he allowed me to take control but after a few minutes he grabbed my head and began to push it down onto his cock causing me to gag and choke a little saliva spat out and dripped from my chin in a thick string. He was a little too aggressive with this so I knocked his hands off and for a breather I started licking and sucking his balls.

By now his thick salty precum was running out constantly. I loved the taste and lapped it up. He seemed to be enjoying it and he was thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth, during a momentary brake I spat onto my fingers and while I resumed sucking probed for his hole and started rubbing. This seemed to make him more excited I felt his cock and hole twitch, emboldened by this I slowly inserted my finger as soon as I was in I felt is prostate. I gently massaged this while sucking and this tipped him over the edge. His whole body shuddered as he blew shot after shot of his thick delicious cum into my mouth which I quickly swallowed.

After a minute or so he started going soft and come down from his orgasm. We silently got dressed squeezing my steel hard cock back into by shorts took some doing. He was dressed first and quickly left and soon after I was ready. Frustrated but happy I headed back to my room.

Once back in my room I showered again. Fair to say this was a very cold shower, my cock just would not go down. I wanted cock, I wanted to be fucked. I got out and sat on my bed in a towel, I thought about having a wank and going to sleep. I looked at my phone and saw it was 11:30pm so I decided to have a little wonder outside my hotel but not before having a quick search for some local gay areas, there was one no more than a five minute walk away so I headed that way.

The night was warm and the streets packed with revellers. I arrived in an area with quite a few bars, I wasn’t really dressed to go in so I hung around, in hindsight I stood out like a sore thumb. I sat down on a bench it was a great place to watch people. It didn’t take long before I drew some attention. A guy in a shirt and jeans saw me and walked over to me before taking a seat next to me.

“Hi,” He said.

“Hey,” I replied.

“You all alone?” He asked.

“Yeah, I’m from out of town so I thought I would take in the sights.” I replied.

“You need to be careful in this part of town. This is where all the gays hang out.” He said. I didn’t know how to take that was that a warning or was he hitting on me.

“Don’t worry I doubt any would be interested in me,” I said jokingly.

“Really why not I’d let you suck my dick any day of the week,” He said staring at me intensely. I thought this was Onwin giriş my chance.

“Well how about you come back to my hotel and fuck me as well?” I said emboldened by the attention.

“I would love to but my other half is coming to pick me up she will only be about 15 minutes,” he replied.

“So how were you expecting to get a blowjob if you don’t have the time?” I asked. He took me by the hand.

“Come with me.” He said, pulling me to my feet.

He pulled me into an alley just to the right of where we were sitting and took me behind a big dumpster. He wasted no time in placing my hand on his cock. I wasted no time in reaching for his button and fly. Within milliseconds the button was open and his zip was down. I pulled his jeans down as I crouched down. I could see from the bulge in his shorts that this guy was packing. I ran my hands up his legs over his crotch and to his waistband. I pulled down his shorts and his cock sprung into the air.

Wow I thought as I got my first glimpse of his dick. This guy had a seven inch soft cock perhaps more and it was really thick. I wasted no time in putting my mouth around it. His cock didn’t stay soft for long. With each bob of my head his cock hardened and lengthened, it truly was a monster cock. Once hard I stopped to admire it. At least 10 inches pointed me straight in the face.

“Fuck me… That’s a fucking cock,” I said catching my breath.

I wasted no time taking it back into my mouth. I tried as much as I could to take as much of it down my throat as I could but it was too thick and too long. I managed about six inches but that was too much the girth beat me. I soon took a break from this and released it from my mouth, I then turned my attention to sucking his big hairy balls. His pubes tickled my face as my tongue gently explored his balls before I licked all the way from his balls up his thick shaft to his tip. Now I went for it, I took my hand and began to stroke him while I bobbed and sucked his cock. Slurping and popping sounds filled my ears. I soon felt a familiar twitch come from his cock, he was about to blow. This only made me go at it harder. I felt his hands wrap around my head and with a thrust of his cock and a put on my head he forced his cock deep into my throat choking me. I was gagging as he began to shoot his load directly down my throat. I had to pull away or I was going to pass out, I pulled my head away and coughed and gasped for air. His cock was still squirting cum and was hitting me in and around my mouth squirting as far as the top of my cheek just below the eye.

As he settled down I began to slowly stroke his cock, milking every last drop of cum from his softening head and lapping it up. I stood up and he began to pull up his trousers and underwear.

“My turn?” I said while dropping my bottoms exposing my rock hard erection to the night.

“No way man I don’t suck dick,” he said to me.

“What? I replied,

“Look I’ve got to go,” He said as he finished straightening up his clothes and turning before quickly taking off leaving me with a cum covered face.

I was livid, I put my cock away and used my fingers to wipe away the cum off my face, licking them as I went. I hung around the alley for a few minutes while I waited for my rock hard erection to subside and to ensure the cum was off my face. Only one of these things actually happened my erection was going nowhere, so I flipped it up into my waistband and left the alley returning to the bench I was sitting on previously.

The street was heaving with people but I had no idea how to approach any of them. My determination for sex was sky high at this point and I was determined to get it. I sat for around ten minutes just looking at people before getting up and beginning the walk back to my hotel.

When I got back to the hotel I was just in time for last orders. I ordered four drinks to keep me going and sat myself down at the window looking out onto the main street. I was so horny the feeling was almost overwhelming. So I did what everyone seems to do these days, I took out my phone and went on a well done gay dating app. I immediately found a guy who was 0.1m away from me, I quickly realised that he must be in the hotel. His profile picture was just a picture of his dick which looked quite large, the picture was too small to work out how big it was exactly but I decided to message him anyway.

No sooner had I put my phone down I received a message, he told me he was in the hotel and to head up to his room. Well the only thing I wasted was my drinks because I shot off like a greyhound, straight to the elevator and pressing the button for the tenth floor. The lift seemed to take an age to reach the correct floor, during this time I had quickly had some doubts but just as quickly dismissed them. When the doors opened I shot out in a very brisk walk. I must have looked like a speed walker. I found the room and without hesitation knocked on the door.

A few seconds went by when I started hearing footsteps heading my way, then the sound of someone gripping and twisting the handle before the door started to open. To my surprise it was a woman who answered the door. My heart sank, had I been pranked? Had I gone to the wrong room?

“Sorry wrong room!” I said before hurriedly turning to make my escape.

“No please stay!” The woman almost yelled while lunging to grab me by the arm. “Are you the guy from Grindr?” She asked.

“No, No… No it’s not me!” I said while trying to release myself for her grip.

“It’s ok.” She said, “Please come in!” She said while trying to pull me through the door.

This time I complied and entered the room with her. She quickly closed the door behind her and I looked out into the room. It was exactly like mine nothing special.

“He’s here” she shouted towards the bathroom.

“Ok,” Came the reply from the bathroom. It was a male voice.

“Should we just get started?” She asked.

“Yeah I will only be a few minutes.” Came the reply.

She gripped me by the hand and dragged me over to the bed.

“Sit,” she ordered.

I did as instructed and I began to get my first good look at this woman. She was actually quite tall at around 5’11”, blonde hair, big tits which were obviously fake. She was wearing a short black dress which accentuated her long smooth legs. She was quite pretty but there was something about her, but before I had a chance to work out what she lunged forward and kissed me passionately on the lips. He hands immediately went for my trousers which she quickly began to loosen and remove.

She them removed my shorts which by now were likely stained in pre cum. Here hands quickly found my soft cock and began to fondle me while she kissed me passionately. A few further seconds went by and she stopped kissing me before moving down and taking my cock in her mouth. Within 30 seconds I was rock hard and about to blow my load. I had to stop her.

“Slow down or I will cum.” I said, I was still confused. Why was there a woman here? Why did she want to suck a guy who came to meet a guy?

“Ok then my turn,” she said as she stood up.

She slipped the straps of the dress down off her shoulders and began to expose her breasts. They were very nice. No visible scars and had a really nice shape, they had a natural sag to them but plenty of volume. They were probably in the region of a D cup. She sensually pulled her dress down to the waist and then with a wiggle bent over to drop it to the floor. But when she stood up I was taken a back from what I saw. There springing into the air in front of her was a nice big cock, probably around 7 inches but it wasn’t even fully hard. Suddenly I could see everything, she had some masculine features but they were very difficult to spot except for one thing, the amazing cock she had.

I quickly removed all my clothes and she climbed on top of me and resumed kissing me. My hands quickly made their way down and took a hold of her cock and began stroking it. It was nice and hard while being very smooth to the touch. It had a nice defined head and was completely shaven. After a little while I decided I wanted her in my mouth, so I broke the kiss and rolled her over onto her back. I took a hold of her cock and looked at it briefly. It looked familiar, it was the picture of Grindr, I later read the profile and realised this is what was been advertised I just didn’t read it too busy cock watching.

I took the cock in my mouth and began to suck. It had now grown to what I believe to be over eight inches. Just then I felt the bed move and we were joined by a naked man who begin to kiss her romantically while I continued to suck. This guy was even bigger probably pushing towards ten inches. I was really worried about his size, but at this point my focus was her. I sucked her for a few more minutes before being stopped and having the other cock thrust into my face. I wasted no time taking it into my mouth. This one although really long didn’t have the girth her cock did.

While sucking away she made her way around behind me and began to lick my quivering hole. I felt a shudder of pleasure shoot through my body. Her tongue licked and probed my hold as I shucked on the man’s hard cock. Soon her tongue was joined by a finger and very quickly a second one. Within minutes my hole was being stretched by 4 fingers which were being thrust in and out down to the knuckle. I thought she was going to try and fist me, I couldn’t believe how open I was right now.

She then withdrew her fingers and soon I felt her cock begin to probe my hole. With a bit lube it slipped in without much resistance. I hadn’t even checked for a condom, there was no condom I later found out. She started slow but soon picked up the pace. I was able to relax very quickly and I began to rock back and forth onto her firm thrusts. I was in heaven this is exactly what I needed a good hard fuck. The pleasure was hard to contain and I was trying my hardest not to squirt my load. I think she noticed and withdrew her cock from me and lay down on the bed. She took a towel and cleaned her cock for me. Her cock was beautiful and shimmered in the light.