Amber paid the driver and watched with some apprehension as the taxi slowly rolled away. A light snow was falling and it quickly lost itself in the dark New York night. She looked again at the scrap of paper clutched in her hand and then at the dreary façade of number 204. There had been no mistake, as bad as it looked this was the place she was supposed to meet Tom.

They had been talking online for several months and he seemed to be just the kind of Dom she was looking for. He seemed tall, powerful and confident with a wicked imagination. His picture and conversation had left her dying for the real thing. There had been some vagrancy in his description, picture and actions but she had rationalized it away. She was really desperate for a man.

Kenneth, her last Dom had kicked her out of his apartment three months ago with no explanation or remorse. He had been the closest thing she had ever found to what she wanted. Only his egocentric tendencies and total lack of concern for her feelings had kept her from falling for him in a bigger way than she had. Just thinking of the way he had used her so callously made her shiver with anticipation.

She entered the grungy foyer and was stopped by a man in a black T-shirt and jeans. He was sitting on a bar stool in front of a shabby wooden podium and wearing a bored expression. He was tall but heavyset with a thick beard that was beginning to show some gray.

“Gotta see some I.D.,” he said in a thick Bronx accent.

She showed him her license and he examined it closely, satisfied he returned it and took out a stamp.

“Ten,” he grunted.

She gave him the money and he stamped her hand with the stamp. He didn’t move from the stool so she walked through the glass door and into the club. It was typical of the small leather clubs in this part of the city. Narrow front but very deep with a bar on one wall and mirrors on the other. There was a small dance floor and a few chairs scattered about. In the back she saw a door marked private, she was pretty sure what went on back there.

The place was packed with men and women in typical garb. The men in leather vests, pants, shirts and boots, the women in boots and miniskirts with subs milling around nude or near nude. Amber took off her leather trench coat and hung it on the rack near the door. She wore a simple black dress with moderate heels.

She took a seat at the bar and ordered a shot of vodka. The fiery liquid calmed her nerves a bit. A hand touched her shoulder and she turned in expectation.

“Amber?” a somewhat tremulous voice inquired.

He was not as tall as he had claimed to be, no more than four inches taller than her five feet four inches. Unlike his picture he was over weight and balding. She might have been able to forgive those exaggerations, she was not all that caught up in looks, but he exuded none of the confidence or mastery that his online persona did. He seemed rather nervous and even a bit timid. She reacted quickly.

“Pardon me?”

“Are you Amber?” he asked, trying to sound stronger. It was pathetic, in her opinion.

“You must have mistaken me for someone else,”

The little confidence he had been able to muster melted. He mumbled an apology and quickly retreated. She shook her head and turned back to the bar.

“Give me a walk me down,” she snarled at the bartender. Her disappointment was overwhelming. She realized this was going to be another wasted night. A feeling of hopelessness and frustration sank in and she fought back the tears that threatened to burst out. She silently vowed that she would rip the computer out of the wall when she got home.

She finished her drink and toyed with the idea of ordering another. She decided against it and was reaching into her purse to get some cash when she felt a presence next to her.

“The usual Solly, and get her another of whatever she’s having,” a strong, feminine voice commanded.

“You got it,” the bartender responded, moving with more haste than Amber had seen him use all night.

Amber turned to see whom that powerful voice belonged to. She was tall, Amber could not be sure because she was sitting, but she guessed at least six feet tall, maybe more. Her skin was as black as night, blacker even then the leather halter and pants she wore. Her arms were heavily muscled and apparently powerful. She was exotically beautiful, in an Amazonian kind of way Amber decided.

The large woman had been watching Amber with an amused expression. Her brown eyes traveled up and down Amber’s slight body with frank admiration. The appraising stare brought a blush to her cheeks for a reason she couldn’t define. Her own eyes were glued to the woman as if held there by an unbreakable chain.

“Like what you see?” the black woman said in that voice that seemed to grab Amber and hold her.

The bartender brought their drinks and saved her from having to answer that question. She turned back to her drink and kept her eyes averted, but she kept catching herself sneaking Casibom peeks at the woman next to her.

“Come here often?” the woman asked conversationally.

“No, this is my first and probably last time,”

“Hmmmm, you don’t say. Disappointed?”

“I was meeting someone, he. he didn’t turn out to be what I expected,” she finished, still not looking at her interrogator.

“A would-be Dom no doubt,” the woman replied and then laughed softly to herself.


“Dickless wonders,” the woman replied with a touch of vehemence in her voice. Amber was surprised at how powerful that voice was.

“Like you have one,” a short man in leathers countered. There was amusement in his voice.

“Sure do, bigger, longer and harder than yours and I can go all night,” the black woman shot back.

He burst out laughing and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Amber saw he was a short man, thickly built with a wild shock of black hair that obscured his eyes. His upper body was packed with muscle and he exuded confidence.

“Good to see you again,” he said to her.

“And you babe,” she responded. Amber was torn between the two, unable to keep her eyes on or off of either but afraid to be caught staring again. She lowered her eyes and turned back to the bar.

“Any luck tonight?” the tall woman inquired.

“Nahh, same old worn out asses that are here every night. I am heading over to the Vault if you want to come along,”

“No thanks babe, I am still not welcome in there after the last time,” she replied in a voice that dripped with sarcasm.

“Caio, then,” he said and then kissed her cheek again before departing.

Amber had sipped her drink during the exchange. Neither of them had paid her the slightest attention. She fished in her purse and placed some money on the bar to cover her drinks. It was late and she wanted to get home while she could still catch a taxi without much trouble. This was not the place to be late at night, in the snow without a ride.


“Yes, thank you for the drink, but I had better be getting home,”

“Stay and have another drink,” she said. It wasn’t a suggestion nor was it a request it was a command. Amber started to say no thank you but her eyes were drawn to the big woman’s piercing brown eyes and her protest died on her lips.

“Bring her another Solly,” she said. The bartender had a fresh drink before her in a flash. Amber looked at the drink. She wasn’t really a drinker and she was already buzzing quite nicely.

“Drink up babe,” the woman said staring at her. Amber mechanically brought the drink to her lips and took a swallow.

“Good,” she purred. She took her drink and killed it. The bartender replaced it without her even motioning to him.

“So tell me what you are looking for,” she said. Her voice was lower now, more intimate, low enough that Amber had to lean closer to her to make out the words.

“I came here to meet a Dom. He wasn’t what I thought he would be,”

“Not tough enough?”

“No, or big enough or confident enough,” Amber replied bitterly as her frustration and disappointment came out. She was buzzing hard now and it allowed her to release everything she had inside. For a reason she felt she could talk to this woman.

“Poor baby. What are you looking for in a Dom?”

“Someone big and commanding, confident enough to give orders and mean them, but not cold. I want to mean something to him, not just take orders. I want a relationship. I am tired of being lonely and being used,”

“You won’t find a Dom like that around here babydoll. This place is full of posers and wannabes,”

“Then why are you here?”

“At least you don’t take me as a poser. I was supposed to meet someone too, but she backed out apparently. So we are in the same boat in a way,” she replied and then smiled.

“I’m sorry,”

“No need to be, I had my suspicions about her from the start. What about you? What will you do now?”

“Go home I guess. I am never going to find a Dom who meets all my expectations,” Amber replied taking another gulp of her drink.

“Indeed?” she asked, arching an eyebrow. She reached over and touched Amber’s arm as she said this. Her fingers were strong and her touch sent a shiver through Amber’s slight frame. The small woman’s mouth dropped open and she tried to speak, but no words would come. The big woman’s finger traced sensuously up her arm and then over shoulder and down to her breast.

“No, please. I’m not into women,” Amber managed to get out. The probing fingers found her nipple and pinched it through the thin material of her dress eliciting a gasp. They were strong and demanding and as they rolled and manipulated her nipple she felt it become a hard button.

“Your mouth says no, but your body says yes,” she breathed in a husky whisper.

Amber’s hand went to her tormentor’s, but she seemed incapable of exerting even the energy to try and remove it. It had been so long, and Casibom Giriş it felt so good. She was still buzzed but she knew this was serious. There was no question that the woman who was making her feel so good now was fully capable of dominating her. She had never found another woman attractive or considered a Domme before this.

“Please,” Amber pleaded. The woman was now boldly massaging her breast in plain sight of the whole bar. Amber wanted to pull her hand away, but it was sending delicious shivers through her that were impossible to ignore. She seemed to know exactly how to make her feel the best and she could feel a tingling between her legs.

“I think I will take you home,” she said easily. She was in control and Amber could tell she had never doubted she would be. Amber was falling under her spell and knew she had better do something quickly before it was too late.

“But,” Amber started. The kind, amused face suddenly went hard and cold.

“No buts bitch. Get your coat and follow me,” she barked as she delivered a stinging slap to Amber’s cheek. The whole club went silent for a few seconds and then conversation resumed. Amber nodded dumbly and got stumbled to the coat rack. She took her coat as the woman stood and tossed some bills on the bar.

Standing she was even more impressive, her legs were long and well muscled, and her chest was deep, supporting large firm breasts. She had well-muscled shoulders and her arms were sleek and very beautiful but also well muscled. Amber could tell this woman knew what a gym was for. She shivered as she envisioned how much damage those arms and shoulders could do with a crop.

She walked out and Amber meekly followed her, knowing the whole club was watching. For some reason just knowing that people were watching and making assumptions sent a thrill through her. She had never been one for public displays and none of her Doms had ever wished to show her off.

“Did you drive?” she asked, her voice again pleasant.

“No, I took a cab,”

“Good,” she replied as she took a key chain out of her coat pocket and pressed a button. The alarm sounded briefly on a black car parked at the curb. She opened the passenger door and motioned for Amber to get in. Amber found herself powerless to resist the unspoken command. The woman simply exuded power and confidence, the very things she had been unable to find in a Dom.

The seat was black leather and she sank into it as the door closed and she was left in the darkness for a few seconds. The big woman sauntered around the back and got in. She immediately fastened her safety belt.

“Put on your seat belt,” she said. Amber did as she as told and the car started. Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos were playing softly on the stereo. The powerful car eased away from the curb and accelerated smoothly.

“What’s your name?”

“Amber Witlin, what’s yours?”

“Tatyana, but you may call me Fire,” she said. Fire. That was a Domme’s name without question. Amber finally found her voice.

“Look, I appreciate your attention but I am not into women. I admit you have a powerful presence and you do have an effect on me but we really need to stop this now, I don’t want you angry with me,” her voice trailed off. Tatyana seemed oblivious to what she had said.

Amber tried to start over but the big woman intimidated her and she just sat there with her lips pursed.

The tall woman pulled the car to the curb. She turned and looked at Amber with an inscrutable expression on her face. When she spoke it was very slowly, as if she were choosing her words carefully.

“There’s the door baby. All you have to do is open it and get out and you won’t ever see me again. Think hard about it before you do. I can be the lover you have been looking for all your life. If you get out you will never know what you missed. And what exactly are you going home to? An empty house and another night of being lonely? Its up to you,”

Amber placed her hand on the handle, suddenly acutely aware of the coldness of the metal. Where was she going? Back to that dull, dingy, empty apartment she called home? Back to a cold room and a cold bed? Back to being lonely and spending hours in front of the computer with her fantasies and a vibrator? The warm sounds of Bach and the soft leather of the interior of the car seemed so much more inviting. But not with another woman, she was not that desperate, or was she?

As she turned her head and looked at the woman in the drivers seat her own words echoed in her mind, big and commanding, confident enough to give orders. Fire was certainly all of that and she was also very beautiful. Amber wondered what her skin would feel like. She looked up into the dark brown eyes. If she had hoped to get out of the car that was a major mistake.

Fire’s eyes bored into her, making her shiver with the intensity of the gaze. She could feel her resolve slipping away. The woman’s powerful aura seemed to reach out and shake her. She opened her mouth to Casibom Güncel Giriş say something but couldn’t, her lips moved and her mouth worked. She clamped her mouth shut when she realized she must look like a fish out of water. The black woman smiled and pulled away from the curb. Amber was aware she had, for better or worse, crossed a threshold.

The rest of the drive was made in silence. Amber was lost in thoughts of her own and Fire seemed to be one of those ultra careful drivers. She seemed totally absorbed in negotiating the traffic as the car moved into Manhattan. She pulled into a private garage and parked in a space marked, reserved for 1145. Without a word the tall woman got out of the car and started for the elevator. Amber found herself having to trot to keep up with Fire’s longer strides. They took the elevator down to the ground floor in silence. The inside was a neutral beige covered in obscene graffiti. By the time it reached the ground floor the silence was beginning to get to Amber. She was starting to doubt herself and this whole thing.

Fire seemed to realize this because when the elevator reached the floor she placed a firm hand on Amber’s shoulder and guided her across the quiet, empty street. That firm and reassuring contact submerged her growing doubt. A uniformed doorman met them and held the door.

“Evening Miss Gentry,” he said tipping his hat.

“Good evening Karl,” Fire replied.

The lobby was showy if not overly pretentious. Deep shag carpets and faux marble tile on the floors were complimented by several tasteful landscapes on the walls. Comfortable benches were evenly spaced along the walls were covered in red upholstery and a few chairs were scattered about.

A magnificent fountain dominated the lobby, it featured several plants and a round bench that circled the perimeter of the fountain. A large mahogany desk staffed by an older gentleman in the hotel’s livery and a bank of elevators was located along the back wall.

The tall woman guided her to the elevators and once inside pressed the button for the eleventh floor. The elevator was clean and paneled in a rich dark wood. The sounds of Beethoven’s 3rd drifted in from cleverly hidden speakers. Amber began to get nervous, she was unsure of exactly what she was getting into. Every instinct screamed at her to run now and only that firm hand on her shoulder kept her from trying to bolt as soon as the door opened. Fire guided her down to door 1145 and then spun her around.

“You are almost ready to run aren’t you?” she asked quietly.

Amber tried to meet her gaze and couldn’t. She hung her head and mumbled something unintelligible. She felt Fire’s strong fingers on her chin lifting her head until their eyes locked.

“Inside this door you are in my world and I play for keeps. I will make you forget men exist. I will be everything you have always wanted in a lover and in a master. If you walk through you are going to get everything you want, though maybe not in the way you have imagined. This is your last chance to walk away. I won’t stop you,”

Her voice was even showing no trace of emotion and her face was neutrally posed, betraying nothing at all. She took out her key and opened the door without ever taking her eyes from Amber’s.

Amber stood frozen. Her mind was so torn. One the one hand her more rational and practical side was screaming at her to leave. She wasn’t gay she had never even seriously considered having sex with another woman. Once inside she would be rendered helpless and she didn’t even know this woman. It was not like she knew Tom from the internet or Kenneth from the club, she was a totally unknown and disturbing quantity.

Amber’s rational mind was however only a far away voice in the back of her head. The drinks had loosened her inhibitions and her need to be dominated was at the fore. It was a powerful yearning that was screaming out to submit to this masterful woman no matter what the consequences. She might have been able to walk away, but Tatyana held her eyes captive and in the grip of that gaze she felt her will melt away. She was so captivated that she couldn’t speak or move, she just stood there staring.

Fire smiled and gently shoved her into the open door way. The apartment was darkened and when the door closed it was absolutely dark. When Fire flipped on the light Amber had to blink a few times before her eyes adjusted. Amber had expected a lot of things but what she saw was not one of them. The apartment was decorated in elegant Queen Anne furniture. All of the pieces matched and were solid wood with lace doily’s and flowers. A Manet print hung on the far wall and the sofa and chair in front of the TV were dark leather and overstuffed. Persian carpets were on the floors and the walls were painted in a tasteful shade of blue. The room was absolutely feminine, elegant without a hint of ostentation.

“Not what you expected?” Fire asked as she breezed past Amber and went to the kitchen. Amber could still see her over the bar as she retrieved a bottle of wine from the refrigerator.

“No, I guess I expected.” Amber’s voice trailed off.

“Leather and steel with black paint and centerfolds pasted to the walls” Fire finished for her in an amused tone.