First Auntie, Then Mom Ch. 03


Aunt and nephew hold hands as they get into the car. Michael guides his sexy date to the driver’s side of the shiny Corvette.

“No silly, I’m not driving. I’m your date. You’re going to drive me to the prom.”

“Aunt Holly? Y…y…you mean…?”

“Yes, help your Auntie into this thing. Now get in and take your date to the restaurant.”

The teenager nervously starts the new sports car. He is greeted by endless lights of all kinds as the dashboard is lit up like a video game. The youngster has never seen anything like the interior of the brand new Corvette except in magazines.

“Michael, just drive slow until you get used to it.”

The teenager drives very cautiously as he starts down the street. His aunt can see the boy is choking the steering wheel, his hands sweating. He dare not take his eyes off the road until…

“Michael, maybe this dress was just a bit too short.”

The teenager steals a glance at his smoking hot aunt’s tanned legs and she gives him a huge smile.

“There. Now look at me once in awhile. Relax. You’re doing fine.”

As the Corvette pulls into the restaurant Holly tells the teenager to park in the back of the parking lot.

“Michael, park over there. That way no one can ding my car. And…maybe we’ll have to have a little one on one time after dinner.”

As they step out of the car several boys notice Michael helping the smoking hot older blonde out of the shiny sports car. The boys and their dates nave never seen Michael’s date before. Several of the boys whisper so their dates can’t hear them.

“Jeesusss. Look at Michael’s date. I can’t believe that freak could ever score something like that.”

“Hot. Yes, she’s hotter that shit. Look at those legs…and those big round tits of hers. She’s not from Roosevelt. She looks like she’s in college or something.”

Michael and Aunt Holly walk into the restaurant and the maitre’d shows them to their table in the middle of the restaurant. Holly speaks up.

“Sir? We were hoping for something more…private. Is it okay if we get that table way in back?”

As they sit down, Michael notices that the restaurant is filled with a lot of the students from his senior class. Michael helps Holly sit down then goes to sit across from his aunt but she will have none of it.

“Michael…please sit over here, next to me. There, that’s better. Now Michael remember when you order drinks order me a glass of chablis and maybe one for yourself. You’re 18 now and in Florida you’re legal.”

The teenager sits down next to his smoking hot aunt. She crawls a little closer to the youngster so that her bare legs rub against his. The waiter comes over and takes their drink orders.

“The lady will have a glass of chablis and I’ll have…I’ll have one as well.”

“Sir, I will have to ask for your ID.”

As Michael fumbles for his ID the waiter feels bad he has singled him out.

“And Ma’am, I’ll have to ask for yours as well.”

The waiter hands them their menus and goes back to fetch their drinks. He returns with the two glasses of white.

“Michael, lets share a toast. To my wonderful hunk of a nephew who I love more than anything, our first date together.”

“Michael, you know that along with my boob job I had my eyes done as well. The station manager’s idea was to make me look younger. It must have worked. Michael be sure to tell your mom that your 34 year old auntie just got asked for her ID! She won’t believe it!”

Michael looks around to see who is at the restaurant. He sees Bethany Monroe! And she’s with Marty Worth! The two of them are just sitting across from each other on their cell phones texting whoever.

“Michael, is that..Bethany? Your mom told me how disappointed you were that she turned you down.”

“Uh…y…yes. W…we…kinda…have…b…b…been… f…friends for a…f…few…years.”

“Well, Michael, lets agree on one thing. Fuck her. In fact fuck all those cool kids a school. You’re with me tonight. And you are going to have a way better time than any of them.”

The waiter brings their entrees. Aunt Holly looks at the nervous teenager and asks for something.

“Michael, you and I are going to make out a little here while we eat. Kiss me…please.”

Michael kisses his aunt…nervously, his body shaking. Holly kisses him back, gently.

“Michael, where did you learn to kiss like that?”


“Michael, can I ask you something?”


“Michael, is your…cock…hard right now?”


“MMMMM! I’m glad it is, because…my panties are starting to get wet. Michael, can…I…feel?”

Holly reaches over and runs her hand along the length of her nephew’s now throbbing cock. She gives it a gentle squeeze, feeling the youngster’s hardness.

“Michael! You know that I’ve never felt a man’s cock before. It’s…amazing. Why don’t you feel inside my dress? Run your hand up my leg…yes…can you feel how wet my panties are?”


“Michael, acıbadem escort you now know I booked a room for us after prom at the Beachfront Hotel. You’re okay with that? Or would you rather just go home?”

“N..N…no…I’m o…okay…w…w…with that.”

What Michael and his date didn’t realize was that several of his classmates could see Michael’s smoking hot older blonde date run her hand along his cock. Then she spread her legs and guided his hand inside her dress! Soon the news spread like wildfire.

Dinner went off without a hitch. Michael was slowly becoming more comfortable around his sexy blonde Aunt Holly. They would have several bites of their entrees before sharing another kiss. The teenager had no idea what was going to happen next, but all he knew is that things were great so far.

“Michael, when the waiter asks us if we want dessert, just say no and ask for the check. Let’s get out of here, okay?”

As the couple walks out of the restaurant they pass many of the other prom goers finishing their dinners. Several of the boys try to get a closer view of Michael Chase’s smoking hot date. Holly holds Michael’s hand and pretends not to notice all the teenage eyes staring at her.

They exit the restaurant and Holly still holds Michael’s hand. The moon and stars are out, a perfect early June Florida night.

The now relaxed teenager holds the door open for his gorgeous prom date. As he gets in, he puts the keys in the ignition.

“Michael, I don’t want to be the first one showing up at the prom. I think its best if we actually showed up a bit late. I thought we could just hang out here…talk about things..spend a little alone time before prom.”


“Michael, you know that I met my wife Mary at Roosevelt, so I’ve never been on a boy-girl date, so all of this is new to me too.”


“So you told me that your mom…showed you how to kiss like that? I mean you are an incredible kisser. You gave me…the tingles down there.”

“Yes…she showed me how.”

“So you kissed her like that. Did she show you anything else?”

“Yes. Sh…sh…she…sho…showed…m…m…me…how dance…then showed m…me…h…how t…to…to…sl…slow…dance.”

“So…Michael, did your cock get hard when you slow danced with her?”

The teenager is starting to clam up. Holly can see the signals that her questions are just a bit too personal.

“Michael, I’m sorry to embarrass you like that. You know, your mother is about the most beautiful sexy woman I have ever seen. If I were an 18 year old boy, my cock would be hard all the time.”

“Y…y…yes…m…mm…my cock gets…h…h…hard…w…when…m…mom…wears this…s…sexy green…out…outfit.”

“Don’t be embarrassed darling. It’s actually natural for boy’s cocks to get hard and women’s pussies to get all wet. It means we are…excited. Michael, do you ever…fantasize…abut fucking your mother?”


“Darling, don’t think anything of it. You and your mom are all cooped up in that house. You are a young man now, and your mom is in her prime. I’m sure you think of her long pretty legs, her big luscious tits and her pretty ass.”


“Michael, you should be fucking your mom…all the time. Do you ever fantasize…about…fucking me?”

The teenager looks down, not knowing what to say.

“Michael, I’ve always wondered what it would be like if you and I…well…fucked. You know, we’re going to be spending the night together in a ritzy hotel room. Michael, I’m actually kind of glad that all of those girls at school turned you down.”

The sexy hard body blonde reaches over and kisses the youngster. Then another kiss, this one more intense. Soon aunt and nephew are making out. The blonde aunt reaches down and feels the teenager’s hard cock through his slacks.

“My Godd Michael. It’s so…hard. Can…I …see it? Please?”

Aunt Holly helps the teenager loosen his belt and pulls his slacks down to his ankles. The front of his briefs are soaking wet with teenage precum.

“Michael, why don’t you put your seat back? Just press the little button on the side of the seat and it goes back.”

The youngster is now flat on his back, the turgid cock standing straight up, throbbing in anticipation.

“I’ve always wanted to do this. Except for when you were a toddler I’ve never even seen a man’s cock before…Pleaeseee…let me…”

The teenager lifts his hips and Holly pulls the youngsters dripping wet briefs down to his knees. The swollen dick is standing straight up, the purple cock head shudders, the piss hole leaking cock juice.

“I never knew…that your cock…is so…beautiful…just close your eyes and enjoy…”

Aunt Holly runs her tongue along the length of the teenager’s swollen cock for several minutes savoring the taste of the boy’s pre cum running down the length of his swollen organ.

“It tastes a lot better that I ever atalar escort imagined. I love it darling…”

The 34 year old blonde licks the throbbing cock head, she then puts just the tip of the teenager’s cock head into her mouth, running her tongue teasingly around the oozing piss hole.

“Michael…you wan watch Auntie if you want…”

Aunt Holly then goes down and for the first time in her life has a man’s cock inside her mouth.

“Darling, I’ve actually practiced a lot with a dildo, but that’s nothing like the real thing…”


“Let auntie get used to it darling…”

She slowly goes down on the youngster’s cock, savoring every drop of the teenager’s juice oozing out of the inflamed piss hole. Her panties now totally soaked with excitement, she takes her nephew’s hand and guides it along her upper thigh, then pulls the waistband of her panties aside and the teenager has his hand on a woman’s dripping wet womanhood for the first time in his life.


“Michael, do you want auntie to suck it…off? Do you want to…shoot…in my mouth?”

“Uhhh sure…”

The blonde’s head goes up and down on the teenagers throbbing virgin cock as she starts sucking him in earnest. Michael lays back and watches his sexy gorgeous blonde Aunt Holly suck him. Michael senses that his hot little auntie is a bit clumsy at this as this is her first time with a man as well. Holly suddenly has a better idea. She gives the boy’s organ a lick, then looks her nephew in the face.

“Michael, I’m going go get on top of you…”

Pulling her panties off she crawls over to the drivers side of the Corvette. Now with one leg on each side, she straddles her nephew. Raising her body just a bit, she guides the teenager’s virgin cock inside her warm velvety wetness. Lowering herself on the boy’s turgid pole, she lets out a muffled scream of pure joy.


The teenager can’t believe his luck. His gorgeous Aunt Holly, who he has a secret crush on for years, is now on top of him, his dripping cock enveloped into her virgin sheath. The boy looks at his smoking hot auntie as she starts kissing the nervous teenager.


As Aunt Holly, her black prom dress halfway off her tiny hard body, starts riding the teenager, several of the boys and their dates walk by the Corvette.


Oblivious to anyone around Aunt Holly humps the teenager, his fuck stick now bottoming out inside his horny Aunt.


Michael, not knowing exactly what to do, drives his hips upward as Holly howls in pure cock bliss. It won’t take aunt and nephew but a few thrusts before they both orgasm in total incestuous heaven.


Just then Michael lets go…one huge rope of virgin semen shooting up the length of his virgin cock then deep into his aunt’s welcoming womanhood. Then quickly another rope of warm sperm, then one after another. The sexy blonde aunt holds on to the boy for dear life as he empties his virgin cock cream deep into her belly.

Michael, his spent cock starting to slowly deflate, holds his aunt as she kisses her nephew-lover. He has a feeling that all did not go according to plan. He has seen enough porn on the internet to know that Aunt Holly didn’t orgasm. Michael had lost control and shot too soon.

“Aunt…H…Hol…Holly? Did you…?”

“That’s perfectly alright darling. It was our first time. I’m so sorry I attacked you in the parking lot before your senior prom but I just had to have your cock inside me.”

“Aunt Holly, I’m sorry…I…shot too soon…”

“Darling, we’re going to have all night to get it right. After prom we’re going to our swanky hotel room and lock the door and we’re going to fuck each other like rabbits…all night…then tomorrow morning we’re going at it again. That sound like a plan, darling?”

“You mean…after prom? We’re gonna…? Sure Aunt Holly. Sounds good to me.”

The boy looks at the dashboard of the Corvette. Prom started 15 minutes ago. But who cares about some stupid prom with a bunch of his stupid classmates?

“Aunt Holly, you said you wanted us to get there a little late. It started 15 minutes ago. Do you want to find a bathroom, and get cleaned up?”

“No sweetheart. I’m just going to put my panties and dress back on. That way, when the other boys see me and start undressing me with their eyes, they won’t know that my darling nephew’s sperm is already inside me, slowly oozing out.”

“Aunt Holly, wow…I never thought…”

“Michael, right now I am so fucking horny for your cock I don’t know how much of the prom I can take. I hope you’re half as horny as I aydınlı escort am.”

“Yes…I am…”

“Michael, maybe we should… up, take some pictures and have a few dances, then get the hell out of there. Then we can go to our hotel room and we can continue this conversation, if you know what I mean.”

As Michael carefully drives the red Corvette to the ball room, back home Abigail Chase was in Michael’s bedroom. She was hopefully going to spend the night checking out Michael’s collection of incest porn. Thank God her son hadn’t changed the password for his computer! A thought quickly ran through her mind. Did her son do it on purpose? Did he want her to find all of his incest porn?

Excitedly she starts going through his secret files. She sees files of sex stories from a website called Literotica. The stories seemed to be neatly arranged by subject matter. Abigail Chase already knows that on his computer Michael refers to his Aunt Holly as AH. She opens the file and sees a number of stories, clicking on a story named “Aunties Panties,” about a teenage boy who is seduced by his mother’s milf sister. Abby’s cunt starts to moisten as she reads in great detail how the the teenager’s hot auntie starts wearing more and more revealing clothes when the youngster comes over to mow his aunt’s lawn.

Abby’s cunt gets more and more excited as the aunt and her teenage nephew seem to get closer and closer to incest. One day they finally fuck, then the teenager fucks her again, then a third time. Abby had heard stories about teenage boys and their ability to fuck multiple times. She wondered if her own son had that ability or was he one and done like all of the men she had ever been with.

The story was just too good to stop. As she looks at the file Abby notices that the story isn’t even half over. Soon, the boy’s mother comes into the story. The big titted blonde divorced mother hadn’t been fucked in months and hadn’t been fucked good in years. What the boy in the story didn’t know is that both mother and aunt had come up with a plan to finally get the boy in bed with his mother.

The story is just too much for the horny mom. She quickly clicks on some files of older women and their young sons and finds a picture of an older blonde woman with a young boy’s cock in her ass. The woman’s face is contorted with pure animal lust as the boy’s prick is buried in the woman’s rectum. This is just to much for the full figured blonde. She quickly pulls her panties down then off and spreads her legs. First one finger, then a second then a third finger fill her horny ripe cunt as the blonde mother closes her eyes.


Several minutes later, Abigail Chase regains her senses, and goes to the kitchen. She opens a bottle of wine and brings the bottle back to Michael’s room, anxiously starting to read the next story, named “Mommy Seduces Me.”

As Michael Chase and his Aunt Holly arrive at the prom, the loud music fills the room, but no one seems to be dancing. All of the prom goers are sitting across from each other, close to the dance floor. It seems all of the boys and their dates are on their cell phones. One boy says hi to Michael and as they are shown where to stand for their prom picture. Holly stands there, her big blue eyes light up as she puts Michael’s arms around her. The photographer decides to take several more of the last couple of the evening. In one picture they are standing there as her hand runs over the top of his thigh, running over his cock. The photographer clicks the camera and immediately apologizes as the picture will be just too racy for a senior prom.

“Oops, sorry, I’ll just delete that one.”

“No…please send us that one. My date and I want to remember this night for a long time.”

Michael looks around and most of the tables are taken.

“Michael, let’s try to sit in back, so we can be by ourselves.”

They walk to the back of the ballroom but there are no seats to be had. Holly notices there are a couple in the middle of the ballroom.

“Michael, over there, at the end of the table.”

As they hold hands and walk over, Michael notices the table is filled with the guys from the football team and their dates. Grant Walker, the big shot football player, tells them it’s okay to sit at the end of the table. That way he can get a great view of Michael’s smoking hot big boobed prom date. They sit down and Michael introduces his date to everyone.

“This is my date, uhhh… uh…Holly…”

The teenager almost let it out that she’s his aunt! Thank god he caught himself. The sexy 34 year old hard body blonde smiles at everyone.

“Hi, I’m Holly..Ch…Chandler.”

Holly almost let everyone know that she has the same last name as Michael. That would have been embarrassing.

As they take their seats at the end of the table, Grant Walkers date, Lori Lamont, the blowjob queen, asks the newcomer how long she and Michael had known each other.

“We’ve actually known each other for a long time.”

“How did you guys meet?”

Lori Lamont nods her head to Michael as Holly looks at the dance floor. At least Lori Lamont seems happy that Michael Chase has scored such a hot date for the prom.