First Date


Nick and Dani met online, they were both looking for something meaningful but that can be hard to find. They figured they would take a chance and meet. He was good looking and had a look about him, she couldn’t quite say but there was an edge she liked and that was a start.

Nick had looked at the photos she had posted and there were a couple of her legs, one in high heels and very sexy. In the other, she had stockings on and oh they looked good. They would be better wrapped around him.

They had exchanged text messages and there seemed to be some substance between them. They were intrigued and wanted to explore more. It could be something good.

They had set up a time to meet, a Thursday night, no pressure, just a drink and if things went well there could be a second. She got there first, she had no problem going in and getting a table at the bar. He came in a few minutes later and they embraced. He smelled very good, very sexy cologne. She liked that on a man, it was a good start.

She embraced him eagerly, Nick liked that. She seemed very open and physical. He liked physical. He wasn’t disappointed by her looks and those legs, they were exactly as advertised, maybe even better in person. She had on a short skirt and as soon as he had walked in he noticed how toned they were. Even if he hadn’t seen her face he would recognize those legs. Yes, he wanted them wrapped around his waist.

The heat between them was obvious. Their conversation was easy and relaxed. First it was about work and then what they enjoyed outside of work, what did they do to have fun. The topics stayed cleaned for the most part but they were both thinking about physical elements.

Dani had worn a low cut black sweater, knowing it showed off her breasts very nicely. With a necklace to accentuate and draw attention, he struggled to keep his eyes on her face. Any time that she looked around his eyes were drawn back to her chest.

She looked around as she talked but she did that with a purpose, she wanted to give him a chance to check her out. She got up and said that she forgot something in her car. It was just a way for him to get a good look at her legs. She knew the skirt would cling to her ass and the high heeled sandals accentuated her long legs. She was only gone a couple of minutes and he had a big smile on his face as she walked back to him.

The conversation flowed, it was easy and before they knew it a couple of hours had passed. They didn’t realize the place closed early but when they looked up they found that everyone else had left and the bartender was cleaning things up, getting ready to close.

“I’m not done with you yet,” he said as he asked the bartender for the bill. She smiled and wondered exactly what that might mean. They left and walked across and down the street a little to another bar that was obviously still open and would be for a while. Neither of them really wanted another drink, they both had the same thing on their minds, they wanted their bodies closer and they both wanted to feel that first kiss to see if the sparks would fly, would the chemistry be there as much as they thought it would?

They approached the bar from the side and he couldn’t help it, he wanted to taste those lips. He pulled her aside and pushed her up against the wall. He went slowly to make sure that she was comfortable. Slow but there was strength in his arms as he ran his hands from her waist up to her shoulders and then held her face in his hands. He looked into her eyes and then at her lips and smiled. He needed to taste those lips, discover that mouth. She smiled and tilted her mouth up to his. The kiss was soft and slow at first. Lips touching, brushing up against each other. Feeling each other’s breath so close. He drew back to look in her eyes again. Her eyes were smiling and that was all he needed to dive in!

He wrapped his hand behind her head and drew her into him, their mouths hard against each other. Their tongues delved eryaman escort in and started exploring. It was like the outside world ceased to exist for a little while. Their tongues twirled, and their lips wanted a deeper taste.

It took her a minute but she realized there were a few guys that came out to smoke and had walked around the corner of the building. You would think that they would realize what was going on and give them space but the guys didn’t seem to care.

Nick and Dani split apart. They smiled at each other and he took her hand to lead her away. They were walking back to where their cars were and as they rounded another building, he pushed her up against the wall and kissed her deeply again. Her hands ran up his back and she started to explore his shoulders. He had sent her a selfie from the gym and even though he had on a shirt she could see the sleek muscles and now she was feeling them. She loved muscular shoulders, defined and hard.

His hands went to her ass and explored the shape. Their kiss was hot and their hands couldn’t help but explore each other’s bodies. Nick’s hands went down her legs and up her skirt and he found out she had left her underwear at home. He felt the flesh of that gorgeous ass and cupped those cheeks. He slid his finger between her legs and felt the heat. She raised her leg to wrap around him and to give him better access. He put his finger to her and knew she’d be wet even before getting that far. She didn’t disappoint him. As he eased his finger into her cunt she let out a little moan.

That moment when a man first entered her was always something she enjoyed and didn’t miss. Whether it was his finger or the tip of his cock, it always sent an little jolt of electricity through her. She enjoyed feeling it. He moved his finger in and out of her slowly at first but as he realized how wet she was he went faster.

She was biting his upper lip now, feeling the heat spread to the rest of her body from her lips and her pussy. She was enjoying this. She took one hand and felt his cock. He was hard but she knew she could get him harder. He was large, there was no mistaking it. She rubbed and squeezed his cock while he fingered her. He put another finger in and it wasn’t long before she was wishing it was his cock inside her instead.

“How far away do you live?” Nick asked.

“About 20 minutes, but we can’t go there, my kids are there. What about your place?”

“Same scenario. But I want you, I want to feel my cock inside you. I want my cock to feel how wet that pussy is. This cock needs you.”

He took his fingers out of her and licked them. “Now I know what you taste like, but it only makes me want you more.”

“Me too. I want to taste you as well, I want to feel you inside me.”

That’s it, he kissed her hard and took her by the hand and headed toward his truck, at least there would be some room in the back of the cab. They felt like teenagers but they didn’t care, they just enjoyed riding the wave. He opened the door and she climbed in, he took the opportunity to feel her ass and put his finger between her legs. She leaned back in the cab and he climbed in and on her.

The windows were very dark so at least they wouldn’t be seen from the outside. There was a car parked nearby but that was all. Their hips ground into each other. His hands found her breasts and they felt so good, so supple. His hand went up inside her shirt and quickly found that her bra opened at the front. He pushed the magnet apart and let her breasts breathe. He pushed the bra away and found her nipple and squeezed. She let out a long moan and he smiled, knowing that her pussy was probably getting wetter by the second.

Her hands were getting a good feel of his back, the muscles were so taut and felt so good under her hands. It turned her on more. It wasn’t the ideal location but that also added to the excitement. Would someone see them? She looked up and noticed the car was etimesgut escort no longer parked near them. Obviously, someone got in and drove away. Oh well, who cares if they were seen.

They continued kissing and feeling each other. He bent his head down and kissed her neck and made his way to her breast. They felt so good, he couldn’t help but cover her in kisses. The feel of his hot breath on her skin, his lips touching her, it sent tiny shocks through her. His mouth found her nipple and he sucked and kissed and then nipped. That drove her crazy.

Everything was moving so fast but they didn’t care, they were wrapped up in each other and the moment, their bodies on fire with the heat they were exchanging. That heat built up with all the sensations they were feeling. He found her mouth again and his hands left her breasts and continued down. She had one leg wrapped around him, clutching his ass with her opposite hand. His fingers found that wet paradise again and he started rubbing her clit. He was gentle at first but then he felt how wet she was. He finger-fucked her and then went back to rubbing her clit. He wondered if he’d be able to make her cum like this. She responded by pumping and grinding into him.

The sensations were building so fast for her. She couldn’t believe they were in a truck in a parking lot. A deserted parking lot but still, wasn’t she a little old for this? Oh fuck, who cared when she had a body like his up against her, when she had such talented fingers playing with her. She let go of the noise in her head and went with the physical feelings in her body. Once she did she was able to concentrate on his fingers in her pussy and on her clit. She enjoyed the build.

Her breathing was getting more ragged. His fingers were going faster on her clit. He kissed her deeply and she played with his tongue. Oh yes, she was almost there! She threw back her head and his face dropped to her nipple and bit down with just the right amount of pressure to send that final signal to her pussy and that was all she needed to ride that wave that shuddered throughout her body. She surrendered to it and didn’t want it to end. Her body went rigid and she raised her hips, it was an automatic reaction to her orgasm.

After a few moments her body collapsed and quivered a bit in the aftermath of the intense orgasm. He leaned back and smiled, proud of himself and then licked his fingers. Well she was never one to take all the fun. After a moment to gather her strength she straightened herself out a little and then pushed him to fall back against the door and she started trying to get his belt undone. She quickly got the buckle undone and the button and fly open to unleash him.

Dani had felt him through his pants but she always enjoyed the moment that she saw a cock for the first time, especially knowing that it was going to be large. Nick did not disappoint, he was big and thick and had a beautiful head. She looked at it for a few moments, anticipating that head between her lips. She looked back up at him, smiled and licked her lips before she bent down to take him in. She opened her mouth wide and took him in as far as she could.

Oh, his cock felt good in her mouth. She twirled her tongue around his head and started pumping him with her hand. He somehow managed to get even harder in her mouth. She enjoyed the sensation, she enjoyed the moans that were escaping from his lips. This was not a job to her, it was pure pleasure to give this to someone, the feeling of utter delight and bliss.

She went fast and then slowed it down and then took her mouth away and sucked on his balls. He was clean shaven which she appreciated. She took his balls in her mouth and gently played with them. She could tell he enjoyed every minute of it. Her hand played with his cock while her mouth sucked his balls. But after a few more minutes of that he wanted to feel that pussy with his cock.

He shifted her so that she was straddling etlik escort him on the seat and she slowly lowered herself onto that cock that was standing straight up at attention. Slowly, slowly, she wanted to savour the moment when that head started to part her lips and then slid gradually into the heat of her. She lowered herself feeling every glorious inch slide into her until she was sitting on him fully with his cock completely inside her. She shifted and made little circles to really get the feel of him.

Nick enjoyed the play, he liked the feel of his cock going deeper into her. He let her enjoy taking the lead but now it was time to fuck that pussy. He couldn’t restrain himself anymore and he didn’t want to. That was ok with Dani, she had that first feel and that was always fun, now she wanted him slamming that hard shaft into her. She wanted to fuck hard for a while. He had a big, thick cock and she knew what it would do for her.

“Women always say they want a big cock, now you have it.”

“You’re not the first big cock that I’ve had,” she tossed back at him. Was he bordering on arrogance? She wasn’t like most other women and she wanted him to know it. He was proud of what he had, well, so was she. “You want a hot pussy, that’s what I have, fuck that pussy!” she demanded.

He didn’t mind taking that order from her. He pumped her hard as she moved in perfect rhythm with him. He was going deep. “Fuck, that’s a big cock!” she oozed. She loved the feel of him.

“Can you scratch my cervix, I’ve got an itch?” she teased him and he started laughing. “that’s a good one, but I know you’re enjoying it”

Oh, yes she was, it was good to have a big cock in her. She thoroughly enjoyed sex with men that were of regular size. Most men can please her, no matter the size, but there was something about a big, thick cock.

He knew she was enjoying it and he was a bit surprised where things had gone but it’s where he wanted to end up since he walked into the bar. Maybe not in the back of the truck but you had to compromise and her lips felt fantastic clenching around his cock. He slowed it down and slid in and out of her with a more controlled pace, he wanted to feel her tighten against him. She was so wet.

She didn’t want him to cum inside her so as she felt him quicken his pace, she let him go for a couple of minutes but then in one quick movement she lifted off him and went between his legs and took that throbbing cock in her mouth. He held onto the back of her head and guided her down on him and fucked that mouth. He had to let it go, he couldn’t keep it inside anymore. His whole body tensed and he emptied into her. Shooting that hot cum in her mouth.

Dani took all Nick gave her, she swallowed him down and sucked his cock a little more, getting every drop and then she twirled her tongue around his head and he gave a little jump from the increased sensation. She smiled and released him.

This had been quite the first date. Certainly not how she had imagined it. She thought he was sexy and she knew when she first laid eyes on him that they would end up having sex but before tonight she would have never thought she’d have sex in a truck again.

Even though he had thought about sex as soon as he had seen her, he wouldn’t have thought he would end up in the back of the truck. The thrill of being in a parking lot added to the passion. A strange thing but it was true. She was an interesting woman, this could be more than a bit of fun.

She tried to straighten herself out, putting her bra back on properly. “Well that was fun. And more than just a little unexpected.”

“I agree, I wanted you, but I didn’t think we’d end up in my truck.”

“That was hot, I needed to have you.”

“I know, I felt the same. You were so wet, I wanted my cock inside you. I wanted to feel you. I want to feel you again.”

This wasn’t like him but there was something different about her. He didn’t feel he had to prove himself. He wanted to please her, knowing that she would do the same.

“Maybe next time we can spread out on an actual bed.” She smiled and with that she collected her purse from the floor and opened the door. She kissed him lightly and out the door she went.