First Date Honeymoon Wild


First Date Wedding Night 2nd half part 8

The women had switched beds in the middle of the night, after making love to their new husbands. When 18 year old Ginny got into bed with her father, Jake, for the first time, Jake’s wife, 35 year old Ann, slid into bed next to her 18 year old son and Ginny’s husband, Kevin.

Ann ached to see and feel his 8″ long, 6″ circumference cock inside of her sexually peaking body, and decided to use her considerable cock sucking skills on him immediately. She went down on him in the dark, without telling him that his partner had changed, intending to slide his erection completely into her throat. She was pleasantly surprised though, to find that his head completely filled her wide open mouth. Despite her skills, it took Ann three thrusts and about 10 seconds to work her son’s rod all the way down her throat. Holding her breath, Ann then worked her throat muscles along his head while her tongue licked the base of his cock, and, sticking out of her mouth, licked his balls.

Kevin moaned, “Oh, Ginny, wow! Are you ever good!”

Ann released his cock from her mouth, and slid her nude body up his, then sat her gaping, cum filled pussy on his cock, feeling his thickness and length fill her completely and fully, and knowing that he had more to spare once he stretched her pussy to her full feminine length. “It’s mommy, Kevin, coming to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before!” Ann whispered in his ear as she took his hands and put them on her bosom. “Its your mom, with my full, 36DD tits, and round, full ass and bottomless pussy, here to please my man, more than once tonight, and take his seed into me – every one of my womanly openings, lover, starting with my mouth, and working your way down my entire body.”

Ann pulled her pussy off of her stud son’s cock with some reservation, as she turned around on him, and shoved her gaping, cum filled cunt into his face, saying, “Lick Mommy clean, and make me cum, Kevin. Especially my hard clit. Show me your love!”

It was totally dark, and Kevin did not see the cum dripping from Ann’s muff. He knew, however, that she was recently fucked, and also very wet with arousal, and further, was so horny at fucking his sexy mom that Jake’s seed didn’t phase his desire. He just buried his face in her muff, tongue fucking her, and licking her widely parted slit up and down, occasionally stopping to suck on side of her hugely swollen lips, then taking both cunt lips into his open mouth and sucking hard and long on them, to her joy and pleasure.

Meanwhile, Ann was deep throating Kevin’s enormous cock, holding nothing back of her affection, until she felt his balls tighten and knew she would soon be swallowing her own son’s seed. She wanted to taste him, so she pulled his cock back, to allow her tongue to receive all of his loin’s goodness. Kevin was aroused at lovemaking with his mother – more aroused than he’d ever been by woman in his life. He felt slightly bad about that – because Ginny was a good lover and his new wife. And Ann’s sexy body and open and experienced lovemaking was dissipating that guilt completely. His cock was harder, his balls fuller, his desire stronger than he ever knew he could feel.

Kevin came hard in Ann’s mouth – splashing the back of his mom’s mouth with a strong, long stream of baby juice, and shooting time after time. Ann’s mouth filled to capacity by the third powerful release of her son’s seed, and she quickly began swallowing, desperately hoping she could keep up with his studly spurts. “Now this is a man!” she thought. As she eagerly swallowed, so came strong – twelve hard spurts strong. Their bodies were in sync – mom swallowing, and son cuming, and each one was pleased.

Ann marveled not only at the amount, but also the pleasantly sweet-salty taste and the heavy thickness of her newfound lover’s seed. This was not going to run out of her pussy easily, and when it did, it would more likely cake around her opening, increasing her pregnancy prospects. She was lying with a baby making machine, and she knew it! Ann continued to suck on Kevin’s cock as his tongue rubbed her clit teasingly, just enough to make her moan, but not quite enough to cum. Finally Ann could stand no more and she cried out, begging Kevin, “Please son, make mommy cum! I need to cum so bad! Your tongue is sooo good down there!”

Kevin licked just a little harder and faster, his mouth perfectly responding to his lover’s needs.

Ann begged some more, a cry in her voice as tears formed on her face – her body so desperately needing release from her lover-son. “Oh, please Kevin, make me cum. I need to cum. Oh please!”

Kevin sucked his mother’s hard, swollen clit into his mouth, using his lips to massage the sides as his tongue flicked the super sensitive end. Kevin’s latest effort took Ann to a place she had never been before. Her vision blurred, her ears began to ring dully, and her own intense screams were only distantly bağdatcaddesi escort heard in her mind, as her body exploded in pleasure. It felt like a wonderful, sexual tidal wave covering her completely. Her entire womanhood was being touched – deeply touched – by the best lover she’d ever laid with. By her soul mate. By her son. Ann’s body erupted into one long, hard, multiple orgasm! Her bottom shuttered hard and fast on Kevin’s face, forcing Kevin to hold tightly onto her wide full ass to keep his mouth at the opening of her womanhood. Kevin felt every muscle in her beautiful ass quiver deeply as her ass shook on her face. Her inner thighs spasmed along his arms, and then Ann’s whole body convulsed, as Ann pulled her lovely mouth off of Kevin’s semi-soft cock, and screamed at the top of her lungs, “Ooo, Ooo Yes – Kevin – YOU STUD! I’m CUMING!!! Oh, yes! Oh yes! Oh, yes! Oh, FUCK, yes! Oh GAAAAWD, YESSSSS! OH K E V I N!!!”

Kevin’s arms felt her voluptuous thighs quiver faster and more forcefully against his forearms as her bottom convulsed in his hands. Ann’s entire body then convulsed in pleasure, from her head to her toes. Ann screamed loudly, then moaned, then screamed loudly, unable to speak.

Ann’s pussy shot squirt after squirt into Kevin’s open mouth, which he drank in amazement. His mother’s cum was very warm, slightly acidic, like a fruit juice – very tasty. A minute passed and Ann’s screams had not abated, and her body still shook with pleasure. Kevin took that cue to continue what he was doing – lightly sucking his mom-lover’s clit. Three minutes of moaning and crying in intense pleasure passed, turning Kevin’s cock rock hard as he realized his sexual power over his mother and enjoyed the immense pleasure he gave her. Kevin’s intense love was flowing from his mouth to Ann’s most private parts, and Ann received it with great satisfaction. Kevin never realized how satisfying it felt to please the woman he loved most so fully!

“Oh, I love you Kevin!” Ann cried out breathlessly as her orgasm faded to a warm glow throughout her entire body, right down to her still curled toes. Ann put Kevin’s now hard cock back into her mouth just to enjoy his enormous cock inside of her – but now mommy wanted her son’s body filling her, in more ways than one, between her still quivering thighs. She had no strength to ride him as her heart desired, and instead rolled off of him, and lifted her legs high in the air, and spread her thighs in invitation, with her head now at the foot of the bed in their darkened hotel room. She could hear Ginny riding Jake’s cock, the sounds of Ginny’s wet vagina getting louder as Ginny’s cum drenched Jake’s rod.

Ginny cried out in pleasure then, her high pitched squeal of joy filling the room as Kevin mounted Ann in one manly thrust, burying his full manhood to the hilt in Ann’s body, as Ann put her arms around his neck and whispered quietly into his ear, “Give me your baby, Kevin! Make mommy pregnant!”

“I thought Jake’s child was already in your tummy, mom.” Kevin whispered back. “I’d LOVE to put my child in your hot body, mom, anytime. Or can I call you Ann, since we are most definitely lovers, and it sounds like we will soon to become parents as a result of our lovemaking?”

“Yes, lover, please call me Ann, though if it turns you on, you can still call me mom.” Ann replied. “And no, I don’t have Jake’s baby in me anymore. Forgive me Kevin, for what I did. But this is what happened. After seeing you and Ann make love Saturday night in front of me – after seeing your manly body – I desired YOU – YOUR cock – YOUR seed. I wanted YOUR baby, your BABIES inside of me. I love Jake, but you are my son and mine in so many ways now. Our bodies fit like no other man and woman can fit, because you are mine, from my own pussy, and now in my own pussy, Kevin. No other man can give me the orgasm you just did. My pussy delivered you, and now you will deliver your seed into my pussy, and give my pussy orgasms, and my next child. Our bodies are in tune like no other, and its too right to be wrong. So, I took a morning after pill on Sunday, so that your sperm would make my next baby, lover. Are you OK with that?” Ann whispered softly.

“Oh, Yes!” Kevin said loudly. Then softly into her ear, “I’ll be your baby making machine, Ann. I’ll give you sperm several times each night. You’ll never lack of my seed – it will be running down you so thick and creamy, you’ll conceive babies with me without ever having another period again!”

Ann giggled at the romantic thought of being always pregnant, or becoming pregnant with such a studly young man, who can keep up with her blossoming sexual desires.

Ann whispered back, “I’m a mature woman, Kevin, not some girl. Not that there is anything wrong with Ginny, but she is still young, and her desires have not ripened as mine have. And that means my sexual needs are VERY strong! I’m not some teenage girl but a fully developed beykoz escort woman. I’m at my sexual peak – virtually unsatisfiable. I need a man who can be hard on a moment’s notice, and then hard again minutes later. After we’ve made each other cum, I need a man who will harden immediately. I need a man who can pump load after load of seed into me – onto me – and in front of me. Who has got unbridled manhood to unleash in me – constantly – without end. Who needs little sleep at night, and lots of my pussy. Kevin, you are that man! You have the body to keep up with me!”

Kevin responded by feeling his mother’s much larger, fuller tits with increased arousal, unable to speak because of the excitement within his loins, as he kissed her mouth, and simultaneously thrust his tongue and his cock deeper into both of Ann’s openings, while firmly pinching her thick, and now stone hard nipples. Ann responded with a moan of passion, as she bucked her pussy against his iron hard rod, marveling at how thick and hard and LONG he was. “I want to get used to this between my thighs, in my bed every night, stud. Starting tonight, and continuing tomorrow and forever.” Ann whispered in reply.

“Good, Ann, because you’re going to BE in my bed every night, in my arms, my cock between your thighs, as I take my MILF several times every night. I’m carrying your nude body to bed with me tomorrow night. Your body is what I need to quench my passions, lover. I had lain awake every night masturbating over and over for lack of a mature woman to satisfy my needs. I have often thought of joining you in your bed, and making passionate love to you all night. I NEED an experienced woman like you who can take care of my manly desires without end. I need a woman in the peak of her sex drive, who can’t get enough dick, enough sperm, or enough orgasms! I need your mouth to deep throat my rod, and drink my seed. I need your sexy pussy and your guidance to show me how to eat your cum filled muff until you cum endlessly. I want your experienced, wide ass to make love inside of, and to squirt my cum in. I want to slide my cock between your full breasts until your breasts bring out my cum, all over your chest. I want your entire body – forever, Ann. I want you to teach me how to please your beautiful body, Ann. I am your son, but now I’ve risen above being a son, to your lover – your man – and, dare I say it, by our promises tonight, my true wife, that I may please you, care for you, and show you the depth of my passionate love for you.”

Ann whispered, “And you are now my master, Kevin. I’m no longer your mother, but your woman – – your wife – to lead, to care for, and above all love. I will eagerly serve you and raise your children, which I will bear between my own thighs, as a result of what comes from between your thighs. Tonight, you become my husband and I – your wife. Kevin, please fuck me, love me, and cum repeatedly inside of my body!”

Kevin thrust deeply into Ann, pushing her wide ass deeply into the mattress, even though it was a rather hard mattress. The bed shook under his strong, fast thrusts. Ann soon cried out again, this time with a multiple vaginal orgasm as Kevin hit her g-spot over and over in quick succession. His 8 inches grew inside of Ann, to Ann’s amazement. Her body pulled another inch out of him, and some extra thickness too – making him fill her even more. Ann’s cunt was tightened by the increased size, to both of their delights.

“Give me your love, Kevin.” Ann begged loudly. “Fuck me, Kevin! Stretch me wide, lover! Show me what a man you’ve become! Oh, Kevin, I love you so much! Fuck mommy’s pussy! Harder!” “Oh, Gawd, Kevin! You’re SO BIG!!! I’m – yes, Kevin. Oh Kevin! OH KEVIN! OH KEVIN!” Ann screamed as her two minute orgasm rolled over and over her body from her mouth to her toes. She squeezed his rod with her strong, experienced cunt muscles, rippling down his cock, starting at his head and running to his base, then repeating the process over and over, faster and faster to Kevin’s newfound delight.

“Cum for me Kevin! Cum IN me, stud!” Ann yelled, as she dimly heard Ginny screaming “I’m coming again, Jake!” yet again during her same, long lovemaking session on top of Jake.

Ann panted in a husky whisper, “Give your woman your child, stud! I never want another period. Give me your babies!”

Ann’s last seductive request brought Kevin’s well used cock over the edge again, as he thrust deeply up into Ann, making her hiss and moan as she felt the head of his cock press the back of her vagina so hard she thought she would rip. Kevin stretched her even further with his next strong, deep thrust, still hitting the back of her opening. Kevin’s third thrust found the opening of Ann’s womb. Kevin forced his cock into her cervix, as he pumped and pumped thick, hot seed into the depths of her empty womb.

“I’m coming in you, woman! We’re making a baby!” Kevin panted. “If not tonight, some night. Every time caddebostan escort you feel me squirting there, remember I’m trying my best to make you pregnant.”

“I know are, Kevin! I can FEEL it. And I love you so much for that. And never forget that every time I take you inside of me, I’m doing my best to conceive your child. You’ll never have to wonder if I’m using birth control, lover, because this fertile woman’s tummy will hold the proof for the whole world to see!” Ann cooed quietly into his ear.

“Ginny can have my body once in a while if its OK with you, Ann. But only you can have my babies after this one she is carrying now.” Kevin said quietly as his cock continued to throb in the afterglow of their love.

“Ginny may not be carrying your baby after all, lover.” Ann whispered into Kevin’s ear.

“What do you mean, mom?” Kevin replied.

“Well, son, Ginny and I fool around with each other too. We are very close, if you know what I mean. Our bodies turn each other on. Not as much as you turned me on just now, but that’s because you are of me and I am in you, and when we make love, the me inside of you is placed back inside of me. Gawd, that’s so sexy! Awkward to say, but that’s why we had such hot sex! Anyway, I felt Ginny’s pussy up Sunday in the bathroom, just after you and she made love in front of Jake and I, and she said she conceived your child. I got my finger WAY up her, and felt a diaphragm covering her cervix, Kevin! She’s on birth control, at least when she’s with you. She doesn’t know I know this. And I suggest you say nothing and pretend you don’t feel it up in her when you finger her either.”

“It’s really OK, Kevin.” Ann continued. “It means you can rest assured that, if you give her the opportunity to put it in discretely before you take her, you won’t make her pregnant. I’m selfish now, Kevin, and I’m not sorry about it, because I bore you in the same pussy that houses your manly cock now, and I want that cock in my pussy, not hers. And even more emotionally important to me, I only want to bear your babies, and I only want you to put babies inside of me – no other woman, Kevin, just my pussy! I can handle it if you wish to fuck your legal wife’s admittedly beautiful body from time to time – she is 18 and very sexy. But please don’t make any babies with her, lover. It breaks my heart to think of it.”

“I love you, Ann, and I want a family with you, and only you. And I know we must and should stay as a family because the world won’t let me marry you as I want to. But mom, please bear only my babies, and not Jake’s, please? Use good birth control with Jake, mom. Your womb is mine, and I lay claim to it as your husband.”

“OK, Kevin.” Ann replied. I promise on my love to you, that Jake’s seed will never impregnate me again. Should we just stop fucking our spouses and keep our bodies for each other? It would be much easier, Kevin, if you don’t mind leaving Ginny’s body alone. I’ll take your body over Jake’s any day, and be faithful to you forever, Kevin.”

“Yes, mother. Keep your body only for me. And I’ll be faithful from this moment onward to you, to your body, to your love. I won’t touch Ginny or any other woman again. You’ve seen me with Ginny – You know I have huge sexual needs and I know you’ve watched those needs being expressed with Ginny. But she didn’t satisfy me as deeply or as frequently as you are tonight. Please keep me satisfied mom, and I promise to satisfy you too. I know this sounds kinda bad, but even twice a night with a woman as beautiful as you is not enough for me. Are you OK with me expressing my manhood – taking your body as I desire? I’m OK with you coming to me when you have needs – and I don’t mean just in bed at night – any time, lover. I want to fulfill your womanly desires – to make you a satisfied woman. Our first lovemaking is great but I promise it will get even better. I’m now confident of my sexual abilities to serve and please you!

Ann cooed, “Yes, it sounds bad, Kevin! It sounds bad to me if you’ll only fuck me twice a night! I’m going to show you just how much libido a mature woman has, lover! And I don’t just mean at night in our bed either. Morning, noon, afternoon, whenever, wherever. In the car. In the shower. Against the washing machine. On the kitchen counter. On the table. In the back yard. On the basement steps.”

“Kevin, You don’t have to treat me dainty or think you need a bed for sex. You can grope me, feel me up, talk dirty to me, shove stuff up me, put food into my body and eat it out, bend me over and mount either hole – just tell me what your body really wants to do with me and do it! I’ll go without bras and panties for you, and wear clothes that not only turn you on, but give you easy assess to my pussy and tits and ass whenever your body gets horny. I’m going to be your wife from now on, Kevin. I’m a wherever, whenever kind of wife for you, Kevin, and I hope you are the same as my husband. And if someone sees us, I’m not ashamed of what I’m doing with you, or being seen undressed or lovemaking with you. No one need know I am also your mother. You are now, first and foremost, my lover! And I’m going to fulfill every fantasy you’ve ever had, Kevin, and you are going to fulfill mine!”