First Discovery Ch. 01

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“You’re sure your not gay?” My best friend Tasha asked. She’s 21 year old lesbian and seems to still be surprised that her best friend of 3 years isn’t and still straight. She’s pretty hot. Big round ass, big boobs, great personality, pretty face and long dark brown hair.

“No, it’s like the millionth time you asked me” I laughed.

“Well, we figured u would turn gay after hanging with us, we’re the gayest around.” Tasha joked.

“You’re damn right! Also, are you sure your not a little bi sexual?” Christi asked. She’s gay number 3. She’s the most sophisticated in the group. Small boobs, great ass, very pretty face, and short brown hair to her shoulders. Also same age as Tasha and I.

“No!” I said smiling. “Do you guys want me gay?”

“Hell yeah!” Shaun yelled. “Do you realize how freaking hot you are? Just hanging around you makes me want to tear your clothes off!” Now Shaun is gay as is referred to ‘pick up Shaun’. She is same age as the rest of us, has short jet black hair, small breast she hides behind baggy shirts, never really saw her butt, great personality and the one that every girl wants to sleep with. We can see her with a different girl every week.

“Thanks, for the compliment Shaun.”

I couldn’t disagree with her, I was in her words ‘freaking hot’. With my mom full Hawaiian and my dad black, they made a pretty cute kid. Standing at 5″4′ (mom’s side), with creamy light brown skin, long muscled legs from high school varsity soccer, flat stomach, a generous butt and D cup boobs; I’m pretty hot. I have black hair with a red tint that is straight and goes down to reach the middle of my back. Also to add I have a fun personality of which most of the time I wear fake geeky glasses for fun.

“Well you cant blame her, she’s attracting the hottest guys to her feet.” Shaun added.

“Those of which I’ve always turned down. And besides from the age of 18 to now I’ve only dated 3 boys.” I said a matter of factually.

“Really?” Christi asked.

“See she is gay, why would she like hanging out with us?” Tasha said.

“I would like to hang with you guys cause you guys are fun to hang out with.” I chirped. “Now enough with the questions, and I swear If I turn gay you guys will be the first to know.”

“Well, it better be soon” Shaun said playfully.

“Not making any promises.” I winked to her.

“You guys still planned for this weekends camping trip?” Shaun said to the whole group.

“Yeah, why?” Christi asked.

“You guys don’t mind if I bring someone, right?” We all groaned and sighed and Shaun looked around questionably.

“What’s her name and when are you gonna dump her?” Tasha asked breathlessly.

“Um, her name is Rici and merter escort probably after the trip.”

“Ugh! Shaun you need to stop doing this” I said.

“Doing what?”

“Going out with a girl for about a week then dropping her.”

“Well she knows I’m not looking for anything serious.”

“Okay whatever, don’t get mad after I kick your ass because this chick comes to my door looking for you.”

Were all hanging out in my apartment in the living room laughing and stuff when we hear someone knock at the door.

“It’s open!” yell from across the room.

“Hey guys!” Jazz yelled as she came through the door. She was also a gay friend of mine. Short blond hair normal boobs, normal butt, pretty face, though she’s freaking hilarious.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I brought a friend with me.” She told us as this pretty Latina walked behind her.

“Hi, I’m Nikki.” she smiled. Her straight white teeth showed with glossy lips. She was wearing an outfit a break dancer would wear. Baggy cargo pants, black sleeveless shirt that ended right at her belly button to show part of her flat caramel colored stomach. Also a jean vest, and a gray fedora planted perfectly on her head. She was wearing some DC sneakers, her curly hair was in a ponytail on the side of her head and fell down on her shoulders.

“Niki, this is Christi, Shaun, Tasha and Taty.” Jazz explained pointing to each and everyone of us as she said are names. They both made their way to the couch to join our little circle.

“So are you two like, you know going out?” Tasha asked.

“No, actually we go way back.” Jazz motioned with her hands.

“What do you mean by way back?” I questioned. “you’re only 20.”

“We used too live in the same neighborhood around the 6th grade.” Nikki said looking straight at me with what looked like lust in her eyes. It felt like she was burning my clothes,I started feeling hot.

“Not to get personal or anything but are you-”

“Yes, I’m gay.” Nikki cut off Shaun with a smile and gave me a quick glance.

“Hands off Shaun.” Tasha said jokingly. “Don’t you have Rici to fool around with?” We all laughed a bit while Shaun looked to the floor.

“So what about you?” Nikki asked looking directly at me. “Do you play for our team?”

I chuckled. “Nah, I’m straight.” I said smiling.

“That’s what she thinks.” Christi brought her hand up to her mouth to say a loud whisper that everyone can here.

I gave a playful smile and grinned. “Do we have to go through this whole conversation again?”

“Well, I think it’s to bad,” Nikki added. “cause to be honest, I think your pretty hot.”

“HAH!” Shaun yelled. “Were zeytinburnu escort not the only ones who think it.” It’s weird cause if I didn’t have dark skin, I’m pretty sure I would be so red. I’ve never blushed at a comment like that, because I also think shes hot, not as in a friendly way. More like a way, I would wanna rip off her clothes. Though i like boys; at least i think i do. Ugh, this is so confusing!

“So what did we miss before we got here?” jazz now relaxed in the chair asked.

“Um, first was about Taty’s sexuality.” Tasha pointed out looking at me. I looked around feeling guilty about being the only straight person here.

“I never said that I won’t be, it’s just that I don’t know.” I chuckled.

“Then about the camping trip, and Shaun is bringing that Rici chick.” Tasha added.

“Oh, can Nikki come along?” jazz asked.

“Yeah, of course she can!” Christi absurdly said. “I mean if she wants too, she can totally come.”

“Do you wanna?” Tasha chirped in.

“Yeah, sounds fun.” Nikki smiled. “But, since I just moved in town, I don’t have any camping gear.”

“No, prob. You can just use our stuff.” I said.

“You’ll most likely stay in Taty’s tent cause we only have small Costco tents. Well, you could’ve slept in Shaun’s but, I think it’ll get pretty noisy in her tent with Rici in it and all.” Tasha added.

“Okay, but only if it’s cool with you?” Nikki told me. My heart was racing. One half of me says do it and the other half is not cooperating.

“It’s good, no problem.” I smiled. Yay, my half won! She smiled at me again, then looked away.

“Cool, we’ll come by and pick you up around 12 tomorrow.” Christi said.

“Okay” she said looking happy. “Well, I gotta go get some stuff done, see you guys tomorrow.” she said standing up.

We all had a mixture of byes from all of us then Nikki said, “Bye Taty” looking at me the same way she did the first time. “By the way, nice place.” Then she waved and turned around and walked out the door. Dude, my panties are wet. I never used to be turned on by a chick before. When she stared directly in my eyes, it was hard for me to look away. I felt the need to undress her in my mind. And her lips are naturally apart when she relaxed her mouth. I looked over to my friends who were just looking at me. “What?”

“Did you just see what happened.” Tasha said.

“What happened?” I lied.

“She was just flirting with you.” jazz added.

“Yeah and?”

“Didn’t you just see that she is freaking sexy?”

“No” I also lied.

“You’re lying.” Christi observed. To let you in on a little fact about me, I am a bad liar. I don’t know how they can güneşli escort tell.

“No I’m not!”

“Yes you are!” she said louder. “Your playing with your thumbs.” I look down to my hands to see them playing with each other. “Fuck” I say aloud.

“You do think she’s sexy!” Shaun yelled.

“Yes, but that’s all.” I said.

“What do you think it’s hot on her?” Christi asked. I can’t lie to them cause they’ll know, and they keep bugging me if I didn’t tell them.

I sighed in defeat. “Her eyes and her lips and the small glimpse of her stomach.”

“Sexy enough you’d want to fuck her?” Shaun added.

“okay, let’s go, everyone out!” I said standing and waving them to the door.

“Aw come on!” Tasha whined.

“Come on it’s getting late and I haven’t even packed yet.”

“Fine,” Christi pouted. “pick u up tomorrow at 11:30 then, we’ll pick up Nikki.”

“Okay, see you guys tomorrow.” I said as I kicked them out. I went straight to my room and laid on my bed. I was so wide awake and horny, but didn’t want to get off to the though of a chick I just met.

I got of my back grabbed my I Pod and walked out my room to my work out room. Put in the ear buds and turned the treadmill on and started running. I’m usually in here trying to get something off my mind. As I ran, all I wanted to do was touch myself. The more I imagined Nikki’s body naked and in front of me, I ran faster. I was at the fact I was fucking sprinting, as I was in the 100m dash.

‘fuck it’ I thought to myself. I turned off the machine and walked out of the room into my bedroom. I was so fucking hot and bothered.

So I closed my eyes and slid my hand in my pants and imagine Nikki, next to me rubbing my trimmed pussy through my underwear with her hand and massaging my boobs with her other while kissing me full on with her tongue literally fucking my mouth. I bit my lip and my breathing got heavier and faster.

Then I imagine she takes her hand out of my pants, the slides her hand in my panties and wrestles with my pubic hair and teases me by rubbing all around my awaiting hole and clit but not ever touching it.

“please” I beg.

I see her look at me with her same lustful eyes, which makes me want her even more. Then she grins, and starts pumping 2 fingers in my wet hole. She’s not saying or doing anything, all she is doing is watching my face’s reaction. She’s added one more finger and is pumping away and curling fingers and rubbing against my g-spot. With me so close to explode, takes her other hand and starts playing with my clit furiously.

“ah, oh….. Shit” I moan. “oh fuck! I’m cumming!” I scream.

My body is exploding and still shaking from the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever had by my self or by any man. Once I caught my breathe back I looked to my clock next to me and saw it was 9:00. About one hour has passed from when her friends left and I was exhausted. So I set my alarm clock to wake me up early tomorrow to get ready. Ugh, I’m going to have a long day tomorrow.

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