First Male-to-Male Experience Ch. 2

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After my incredible first time getting sucked by a guy and then sucking him, I was anxious to do it again. Mike had invited me to his place and we climbed into his car and drove across town. Along the way, Mike told me he just couldn’t believe I had never sucked cock before, I had sucked him so good. My cock was hard again in my shorts and I couldn’t wait to get naked with him again. Then I couldn’t believe what I was doing. A couple hours ago, I had never even been interested in guys, and now I couldn’t wait to suck cock again. I laughed to myself. Mike asked what was funny and I told him. He told me that maybe I was a cock-slut and just didn’t know it until now. I laughed and said, “Yea, maybe. Guess we’ll just have to find out.” He made a sudden turn in the car and with a grin said, “Well, I know how we can find out.”

We were on a side of town I wasn’t familiar with. The next thing I know, we’ve pulled into a parking lot for an adult bookstore. He looked at me as I realized where we were. “Ever been here before?” he asked. I shook my head no. I had never been in any adult bookstore. “This place is pretty hot, especially on a Friday night,” he said. “There are individual booths in the back, though alot of times, guys share booths, if you catch my drift. There are also some booths with holes in the wall and guys, well, suck each other thru the holes.” My cock was rock hard in my shorts by this time. He continued, “There is also a movie theatre. It’s small, dark, and there’s generally a lot of action in there.” He reached over and rubbed the bulge in my shorts and then slid his hand down to cup my ass and he said, “You are probably going to be popular in here, whatever you do. It’s a lot of guys that love young college studs. You ready?”

I just shook my head yes, unable to contain myself at the prospect of going in and seeing some more action. We climbed out of the car and I tried to pull my tee-shirt down to at least partially cover my big bulge – I didn’t want to appear too anxious.

As we walked up to the store, he asked if I wanted to go in the theatre or into the booths. I told him whatever he wanted to do was fine with me. He grinned at me and we went inside.

Having never been in an adult bookstore, it was sensory overload as I walked in and saw all the videos and sex toys and such. I wandered around and noticed several guys just standing around as I looked at an aisle or too, amazed by the dildos and rubber dolls and everything. Eyüp Escort Mike had gone to the counter then came over to where I was. He handed me a ticket stub. “Come on,” he said. “Let’s go check out the theatre.”

We walked down a dark hall and found the door to the theatre. We opened it and stepped inside. As the door closed behind us, it was pitch black in the theatre. Little light was put out from the movie onscreen – which was a very hot bi-orgy. We stood just inside the door a moment as our eyes adjusted to the dark.

Slowly, I was able to make out shapes in the theatre seats. There were maybe 50-75 seats. Five or six rows with aisles on each side. It looked like there were maybe 8 people in seats. A few were scattered about while a few were also sitting next to each other.

Mike nudged me toward the back row seats – we moved to the middle of the row and sat down next to each other. Several heads turned to look at us then turned back toward the screen. We settled back into our seats and Mike leaned over to say something about how hot the movie was. As he said that, he reached over and pulled my hand into his lap. Together, we got his pants open and then he raised the arm rest between us and pulled me over into his lap. “This’ll get you some attention,” he said. I began sucking on his semi-hard cock, happy to be feeding on cock once again. I heard some movement and tried to look up but Mike held me in place. Then I felt a hand on my own bulge. I tried to raise up again and Mike let me. There was an older guy (maybe 50) sitting on my left and it was his hand on my bulge. There was also a guy sitting in the row in front of us who kept turning to watch what was going on in my row. Mike let me sit up and I turned to look at the guy on my left. He led my hand to his own cock which was already very hard and sticking out of his pants. I started to lean over into his lap but this guy wanted me on my knees. He helped me up and then pushed me to my knees in the narrow space between rows. I was happy to oblige and felt so slutty as I knelt there in a dark XXX theatre sucking a stranger’s cock. He had a nice cock and I sucked it up and down for a long time, loving how it felt to have his cock in my mouth. I came up for air once and saw that Mike had his head buried in a guy’s lap to his right. That made me hornier and I resumed sucking my friend’s cock, taking it deeper and deeper. I heard someone nearby urging me on, telling me to Eyüp Escort Bayan “suck that cock” and that got me hotter. About that time, the cock exploded and for the second time that evening (and in my life), I had a mouthful of cum. I loved it and swallowed each load. As he slowed down, I slipped my mouth away and jerked his cock, letting him spurt the last of his load on my face. I looked up at him and he was smiling as he smeared the cum across my face with his cock.

I moved up into my seat and my knees were thankful. My friend got his cock put away and slipped away quickly. I looked over at Mike who was now completely naked, and on the floor sucking cock. I saw his clothes wadded up in his seat. A guy in the row in front of us kept looking back at me and I could tell he was playing with his cock. I leaned forward to watch him. His hand was moving fast and he soon exploded all over his bare chest. He pulled out a rag and wiped himself up and then he too, was gone quickly.

I sat back and looked around the theatre. There were now just another couple of guys in there and they were sitting in the front row right by the wall. I couldn’t make out what was going on at first – then I realized that one guy was facing me, kneeling on the seat and the other guy was behind him, fucking him in the ass. I wanted to get a closer look so I got up and moved down to the second row, looking right at the guy getting it from behind. He smiled at me as he grunted and moaned. I pushed my shorts down and stroked my cock and the guy urged me to stand up. I did and he pulled my hips to him and began sucking my cock. I looked from him to the guy fucking him and couldn’t believe how hot this scene was. The guy sucked me for awhile then told me to turn around. I did, and he began licking my ass. He pushed my back forward and I leaned over. He parted my ass cheeks and began licking at my tight little rosebud. It felt so good! But I wasn’t too sure about it as he began trying to push a finger inside me. So I pulled away. But I wasn’t done. I walked around to the front row and smiled at the guy drilling the other guy. I moved down between his legs and reached up to stroke the hard cock of the guy getting fucked. I sat down on the floor and then scooted up until I was able to get that big hard cock in my mouth. It was thrusting in and out of my mouth in rhythm as he got fucked. I was loving this, when I felt someone pull my shorts completely down and off and Escort Eyüp begin to suck me.

Of course, I was concerned about being stripped naked from the waist down, but I was too into the hot scene to want to stop.

Before long, everyone was ready to cum. The guy fucking my guy’s ass moaned loudly and shot his big load into that ass. This drove my guy over the edge and he rewarded me with a nice creamy load of cum. I had been on the brink for sometime, so I too exploded into whatever mouth was sucking me.

We all lay there a moment, cocks softening, catching our breath. Finally the guys above me got up and helped me to my feet. Whoever had been sucking me had disappeared.

I looked around for my shorts and found them, but my boxers were nowhere to be found. I sat down in a front row seat, holding my shorts. The guy that had been fucking the other guy sat down next to me and reached over to fondle my soft cock. I looked back and saw that Mike was out in the far aisle, on his knees, sucking two guys. They were the only other people in the theatre now.

“Oh baby, you got a pretty cock,” he said. “Do ya come here often?” I told him this was my first time. He said, “Well, I’ve gotta run, but I hope to see you here again sometime, I’d luv to slide my big meat into your pretty little ass.” He leaned over and stuck his tongue in my ear and then stood up and walked out. I pulled my shorts on and walked back up the theatre to where Mike was now with just one of the guys. As I got there, the guy shoved his cock into Mike’s throat and filled Mike’s mouth with his hot cum. I returned to my original seat as Mike and his friend got cleaned up. Mike saw me and came to sit next to me. “Well?” he asked. I told him of my experiences and told him how much I liked it. “So are you a cock slut?” he asked. I grinned and said, “Yes, I think so.” I told him about losing my boxers and he said that sometimes happens – guys like to take souvenirs home.

We sat there awhile longer and a few guys wandered in. I was hungry for more cock, but it was getting late and I still wanted to play with Mike. So we left, but agreed we’d come back again soon. When we got to the car, I took off my shorts and played with my cock while he drove. I told him I’d seen him sucking guys but I wondered if he ever got butt-fucked. He said that no, he was a top. I asked what he meant. He explained that some guys like to fuck guys and that they’re tops. Bottoms are guys that like to get fucked. He said some guys go either way, but a lot have one preference over another. “what do you think you’d be?” he asked, glancing over at me. I thought a moment and said, “A bottom.” He grinned and gunned the accelerator “Let’s get home, then.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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