First Meeting Ch. 01

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We met online………

We had started by chatting online, we both liked reading erotic stories and this led to us discussing our fantasies, whilst both becoming very turned on. You had shown me your pictures, and I thought you were stunning, beautiful, a real woman. We talked for weeks until eventually I had the courage to ask if we could go out sometime, but you said no….and invited me over instead. I couldn’t believe it, I was finally going to meet you! On the long drive, I think about what lies ahead, my imagination running away with me……

I park the car, feeling a bit nervous. I summon the nerve to ring the doorbell, and after a few seconds you answer. You’re wearing a black dress, you look stunning and I kiss you on the cheek tenderly to greet you. We move through into the lounge, where you pour us both a glass of wine, we sit on the sofa close enough so that our legs are slightly touching. We talk for a while, and as we drink a couple of glasses of wine, I start to feel a little light-headed, not drunk, just a bit of a buzz. We gradually start to get closer, and I start to stroke your smooth leg casually, I notice that you sigh softly and we continue our conversation.

I move closer to you and look into your beautiful eyes, kiss you gently on the cheek again, I feel your soft breath on my face and turn to kiss your lips, very delicately at first, just gently brushing the surface, then more passionately as I feel you kiss back…our tongues touching lightly, brushing against one another. As we kiss, I brush my fingers through your hair lightly, it feels smooth and silky, my lips move down and I start to kiss your neck, my lips brushing lightly along the top of your beautiful body. I move back up to your lips kissing passionately again, our tongues touching, feels fabulous to kiss you after all my fantasies prior to meeting you. Now my fantasy is becoming a reality and it amazing. My fingers gently feel for your dress zip and I gradually move to release your body, finally seeing it in reality. I find your bra strap and open the catch, allowing access to your fantastic breasts, my other hand moving into your dress and fondling, my fingers stroking and squeezing your nipples.

I move my lips down again, kissing your neck and shoulders, until I find your breasts, kissing each one softly, lightly running my tongue over your nipple whilst sucking and gently biting, but only enough to give pleasure. You moan quietly as I concentrate on your breasts, squeezing one, whilst I kiss and suck the other, and then change over, not wanting to neglect either. I can feel the passion rising in your body, as I focus on your breasts and I move back up to kiss your lips. After a few moments, you stop kissing and take my hand…you put your finger to your lips and stand up, leading me upstairs to the bedroom….

You open the bedroom door and lead me in, taking off your Mardin Escort dress and hanging it up whilst discarding your open bra. You turn to look at me again, step towards me and kiss my lips softly, your tongue pushing lightly into my mouth, touching mine, you start to undo the buttons of my shirt then push it off my shoulder so my top half is bare. Whilst we kiss I squeeze and stroke your breasts with both hands, you then unfasten the button on my trousers and pull down the zip, release the trousers from my hips so they fall to the floor. I gently remove my feet from the trousers, pull off my socks and we gradually move back towards the bed, continuing to kiss, lying down beside one another.

My hand moves up to your hair again and I run my fingers through it softly, then my hand moves back to your breast and I softly turn you onto your back, whilst I position myself between your legs. My lips move down to your neck again, you breathe softly and sigh quietly as I kiss softly, feeling your smooth skin with my lips, tenderly attending to bottom of your neck before moving my mouth along your shoulders too, delicately brushing my lips along them then down before reaching your fabulous breasts. Again, just as earlier I kiss and suck gently on your nipples, taking them into my mouth and pinching them between my top lip and tongue, whilst you sigh and moan, breathing ever more heavily. I then start to move down again, my tongue leaving a light trace down the middle of your tummy towards you navel, where I linger for a moment, hearing you sigh more heavily before my journey continues.

My lips gradually move down again before reaching your neatly trimmed hair, where my lips move to the side and past your open legs, down to the inside of your legs. I continue to kiss and lightly run my tongue down your legs, then moving slowly back up, alternating between your smooth silky legs until I reach your pussy. My tongue gently strokes your clitoris, lightly at first, repeatedly and gently caressing your sensitivity before I gently close my lips around it and suck tenderly, listening to your moans and sighs, my mouth sometime moves down to your lips and gently licks down and up, slightly changing the sensation that is slowly exciting you more and more. I concentrate on your clitoris again before gently pushing my finger inside you and feeling for the most sensitive spot. Your moans are becoming louder as I lightly press forward whilst continuing to lick your clitoris, gradually more passionately, feeling your body becoming rigid, knowing you are near to reaching your climax.

I continue to press inside you, whilst alternating between sucking and licking your clitoris, feeling the change in you as you approach your peak, my other hand reaches for yours and you squeeze hard as you shriek out, shaking as you orgasm, feeling your contractions as I continue to lick and slow Mardin Escort Bayan down. You gradually quieten and your breaths become more gentle. I move up to kiss your lips, softly but with passion. We break the kiss and you smile, I smile back….

We lay there talking for a while, sharing our fantasies and experiences, I run my fingers through your silky hair, kissing you from time to time while you stroke the side of my face tenderly. Then as the kisses become longer and lingering, you reach down feeling my body through my underwear, stroking softly, then gently releasing me and allowing me to discard my underwear. I kiss you more passionately, feeling you hand grasp hold of me and squeeze gently, I move my hand up and caress your breast again, sometimes pinching your nipple tenderly as you rub my cock and cup my balls, I let out a sigh as we break our kiss you gently roll me onto my back. You reach over and pull out a condom, opening the packet and rolling the cold latex onto my growing manhood. You move over me so my cock rests at your opening.

You lean over and kiss me again, and gradually reposition yourself. I feel myself slip inside you feeling your warmth as you start to rock gently on top of me, continuing to kiss me, the feel of your lips touching mine and our tongues gently brushing turning me on so much. You lean back slightly and I lean forwards, taking one of your nipples in my mouth whilst squeezing the other with my hand, sometimes softly and then occasionally with more power, hearing you sigh and moan as the feel of my cock inside you and my attention to your nipples brings you pleasure. I raise my hips slightly, so you feel me pushing into you, slowly but with strength, giving you all my attention as I had dreamed about before we met.

You lean forward again and we kiss again, more passionately now, our tongues fighting one another as I frantically push inside you, feeling your body starting to tense up as you push down on me harder and harder. Your moans become louder and your breath quicker while I feel the sensations through my whole body, knowing that I will soon be at my peak. Then you cry out as I continue to thrust into you, I can feel your contractions as I start to release inside you, my cock throbbing and my head spinning. As we gradually slow down, you lean forward to kiss me again, this time softly and then detach yourself to lie beside me, I feel your beautiful body in my arms…………….

We lie there together for a while, holding, stroking, kissing and talking…sharing our experiences again and discussing our earlier pleasures. After a while, we decide to take a shower, you enter the bathroom and turn on the shower whilst I follow a minute or so later, when I have privately reflected on our earlier enjoyment. When I enter the bathroom you are already in the shower, massaging the soap into your breasts Escort Mardin and down and around your stomach. I enter the shower and, from behind, put my arms around you, kissing and nuzzling your neck as the water sprinkles us both. I move my hands up and cup and rub your breasts, you moan softly, your gentle sighs arousing me and my cock growing and pressing against your smooth bum cheek.

I gently turn you around and kiss you hard, the passion inside me hard to control. You kiss me back passionately, our tongues lashing at each other, holding the kiss as the water sprays us, I break the kiss and move downwards slightly to take your nipples in my mouth again, alternating between the two, not wishing to ignore either. As I lick and suck your nipples, my hand moves down and tenderly starts to massage your clitoris, you groan with delight, as I stroke and rub, pressing firmly one moment then fondling tenderly the next. I continue for a while, caressing you whilst you writhe with enjoyment, then I move my hand away and rise to kiss you on the lips again, this time tenderly, gently brushing your lips, our tongues lightly touching.

I interrupt the kiss and reach over for the shower gel, pouring some onto my hand, and lathering it up using the water that sprinkles us. I turn you around and you gently lean you against the shower wall starting to massage the lather into your shoulders and back, softly rubbing you, your silky skin feeling divine at my finger tips. My hands gradually move down to your bum cheeks, and massage them softly, feeling your fleshy bottom, enjoying the feel of your flesh in my hands. You sigh softly as I continue to caress your body and then I gently move you away from the wall, and bend you over towards the taps, continuing to gently rub your back as I go. I lean over and kiss your back all over, pressing my lips over every inch, lightly brushing my tongue all over your flesh and then down to your blissful cheeks.

I gently disengage and you look round, you see me reach for the condom which I brought with me into the bathroom and then roll it onto my enlarged cock. I place my hands onto your cheeks again and move my cock between your smooth legs, you reach back for my cock and place it at the opening of your pussy, guiding gently and I slip inside easily, feeling the pleasure of your womanhood. I start to push in and out, slowly at first and then thrusting harder as I become more aroused. Your moans becoming louder as my pace increases and I move my hands round to squeeze your breasts hard and passionately. I feel your body stiffening and my cock begins to pulsate, I cannot hold on any longer and I release all my fluid, banging your pussy feverishly, feeling exquisite pleasure all through my cock and balls. You start to scream loudly with pleasure as your contractions begin, louder and louder, for what seems like forever. I gradually start to slow my pace and collapse onto your back, kissing you softly.

You push my body weight upwards, and we both stand… you lean in to kiss me again, this time softly. We then wash each other affectionately, before drying one another and returning to the bedroom…..

To be continued..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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