First Time Bisexual


This is a true story of my first bi experience.

It was the spring of 2010, I was living at the time with one of my best friends. I was 26 and he was 25.

My room mate “Matt” was about 6’3″ kinda dark and muscular. I am 5’9″ light and thinner. I have always considered myself straight and had never been with a guy, however I did often check out gay and tranny porn. I never really found myself attracted to Matt, until this incident.

Matt was dating a girl named Lindsay at the time.

She was 23, very cute, small about 5’2 maybe 100 pounds with dark brown hair and very small breasts.

Lindsay would often have a few drinks then start flirting, usually with me. I never really took her seriously until that Friday night.

I had went out to a few bars that night, my girlfriend at the time, was visiting her parents out of state, so I was flying solo. I got home around 11pm and I saw Lindsay’s car in the drive.

I went inside, as usual the house was dark and Matt’s bedroom door was closed (his room was across the hall from mine) I knew when the door was closed, they were having sex.

I went in my room, closed the door and stripped down to my boxer briefs and a t shirt, turned on the TV and got into bed.

About 10 min later my door slowly opened. It was Lindsay. She was wearing one of Matt’s t shirts and nothing else. That got my attention. But I figured she was just playing with me again.

She hopped on the bed and asked me what I did all night and what bars I went to. She seemed a little nervous and more direct touching my leg through the sheet. I thought at first Matt fell asleep and she wanted to play around (which would have been ok with me) but then she grabbed my arm and said,

“Come with me.” Tugging me.

I got out of bed and she lead me across the hall to Matt’s room.

It was dark except for the TV which had a porn DVD playing. Matt was laying on the bed with just the sheet over his lap.

“Whats up dude?” He said to me.

“Play with us.” Lindsay said, before I could say anything. I asked Matt if it was ok. He said,

“I told her to go get you.”

She took Fındıkzade Escort off the shirt and my heart was racing. I wondered if I was dreaming.

She pulled the sheet off Matt. For the first time I saw his cock. It was very big I could see pretty well from the bright TV in the room. He was about 7″ and he had just a little hair at the base. Seeing them both naked was very.very hot.

Lindsay got between his legs and started sucking him. I took off my undies and shirt and got closer to her, never having done this I wasn’t sure what to do. when I got closer she kind of looked back at me and lifted her butt up, I thought, well here I go and I leaned down and licked her pussy from behind.

It tasted amazing. Her sweat and juice mixed together. I got hard immediately and started to stroke my cock a little. After a few minutes of tasting her she stops sucking him and looks back at me. She patted the bed next to him and said.

“Here, sit here.” She motioned.

I thought she meant next to him, so she could suck me too. When I started to sit next to him she said,

“No, put your head here.” She patted the bed right next to his lap, opposite her.

At this point I was beginning to wonder what was going to happen. I had never been that close to another guys cock before.

She sucked some more while she looked at me. I was so turned on at this point I could have shot a load just watching.

She pulled his cock out of her mouth and said,

“Your turn.” I wanna watch you two now.

I just about died, I was shocked and turned on at the same time. I looked at Matt and asked him if that was ok.

“Go for it Jay.” He said.

It was like every dirty porno I had jerked off watching was actually happening. I just thought, I have to try this.

I put my hand on it and jerked him a little then I put the head in my mouth. I remember it tasted a little like Lindsay’s lip gloss. (Which I kinda liked) His cock was big but I was surprised how easy it was to suck. It was smooth and very warm.

I was also surprised how hard I was getting while I was sucking him. It was so wrong Fındıkzade Escort Bayan and dirty, but so damn hot. I was loving it. I looked up at him and he was looking right at me, watching me take it in my mouth.

For awhile I was in the “zone” and could hardly tell you what Lindsay was doing. It was about he and I at that point.

Lindsay was watching from the edge of the bed, playing with her pussy. She moved kinda opposite me and straddled Matt’s leg and rubbed her pussy on it. I noticed her doing that and I really liked how erotic she looked.

I remember thinking am I really sucking his cock?

then I would hear her say,

“Do you like Jay on your cock Matt?”

I would come back to reality. After what seemed like a very long time of me sucking his cock, he began to breath heavier and thrust his hips more.

I knew he was going to cum soon and I wasn’t sure if I was ready to taste another guys load, but I was curious and very turned on.

After about 5 min Matt said

“Damn dude your gonna make me cum.”

“Shit, I’m fucking cumming for you Jay.”

Hearing those words from him almost made me cum as well.

He leaned back a little and I stroked him faster. I got a little of his cum in my mouth, but I let the rest shoot onto his stomach. I was surprised that it didn’t taste bad, and it made the event even naughtier. Part of me really wanted to lick it right off him, but I decided to hold back a little and make sure it was OK with him. Lindsay asked me if i tasted it. I said a little. she asked if it was good. I nodded and she rubbed her pussy even more. (she told me later it made her really hot)

I decided, I’ve come this far, and I leaned over and licked a little off his stomach.

“You like that huh?” she asked me.

“I guess I do.” I said

Lindsay slid off his leg and Matt got up and said he needed a drink and a shower. I felt like I needed permission to keep playing with her, but I decided not to ask. He walked out of the room and that was all the permission I thought I needed.

I told Lindsay I really wanted to fuck her and Escort Fındıkzade had thought about her and jerked off so many times. She kissed me and stroked my cock a little.

She opened her legs and rubbed her clit.

“Put it in me babe.”

Lindsay laid down Missionary and continued to talk dirty, as I slide my cock in her soaked pussy. I wanted to cum so bad, but I held back awhile. I was actually still a little nervous about Matt walking back in and seeing me fucking his girlfriend without him.

Lindsay was saying all the nasty shit I wanted to hear. Asking me If I liked sucking her boyfriends cock and how his cum tasted.

She was rubbing her clit like crazy while I fucked her, after a few minutes her pussy tightened around my cock when she had an orgasm.

She moaned out and her pussy got a little looser.

I knew she didn’t cum so hard because I’m such a stud, but because she liked watching me suck Matt. But that was fine with me.

She asked me how I wanted her so I could cum.

She said I couldn’t cum in her or in her mouth, because that’s only for her boyfriend.

I asked her if I could pull out, and she said,

“Yes, but make sure none gets in my pussy.”

I ended up having her lay flat on her stomach on the bed. I slide it in her pussy from behind her. She moved her legs together which made her very tight. I was so turned on and nervous still about Matt coming back, that I didn’t last long.

I pulled out and shot a huge stream of cum all over her butt.

I got some tissue from the night stand and helped her clean up. she got up, kissed me on the cheek and said how hot that was. She left the room and went to get in the shower with Matt. I took that as my time to leave, so I snagged her panties off the floor and in a moment of lust, I grabbed Matt’s underwear off the bed, for my later alone time and went back to my bedroom.

When I got back in my room I had to check those undies out. I was lucky to see that hers were nice and damp and his had a nice little bit of dry pre cum in them.

I jerked off with both of them for several weeks after, thinking about our evening together.

The next day, It was a little weird with Matt and I. But we broke the ice later talking about how hot Lindsay is and how lucky we were over beers.

We played a few more times after this, all of us and just Matt and I, but this was the first time and my absolute favorite.