First Time…Even For Barbara

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There’s a first time for everything, especially for winning, even for Barbara.

“Today is my birthday, Sunday, October 31st. Happy birthday to me. Happy Halloween to everyone,” said Barbara for no one to hear.

Already a little bit drunk, she sat alone again. Alcohol her only friend, she had suddenly taken a liking to Cosmopolitans. The cranberry and lime juice gave her enough of a kick to mask the vodka and triple sec. Plus, she loved the red color of her drink, especially when staring down at her glass in depression. Red made her angry and she had every right to be. Right now, anger is what she so needed to take action. Her only friend, her co-worker and, coincidentally, the woman who was also her roommate, was on stage getting all the accolades and attention from everyone, especially from men.

“Congratulations Veronica,” said the big boss. “You won the contest again.”

“Oh, thank you,” she said acting shyly coy, while posing for the camera. “I can’t believe I won…again,” she said with an annoying laugh, much like the laugh of Rachel on Big Brother 12.

“I love your costume,” said the man in charge of fashion design at the magazine where they worked.

“Smile and say, Paris,” said the photographer taking her photo for the official company newsletter and for the press release to be published in all the fashion magazines.

“Great costume, Veronica,” said all of her male co-workers, and even some female co-workers, congratulating her one after another, while leering at her nearly naked body with some of them giving her hugs and kisses on the cheek.

They, especially the men, all gathered and congregated around Veronica still congratulating her and wishing her well for winning, yet, another company Halloween costume party.

“It’s bad enough that I must share my birthday with Halloween but now that I must share my birthday with Veronica winning yet, another friggin’ company Halloween costume contest is more than I can bear and too much to endure. It’s my birthday and she gets all the attention. It’s my birthday and she gets all the well wishers, the compliments, and the men. Well, no more. This time next year, for my 30th birthday, I’ll be a new woman,” she said raising her glass in toast to herself.

Thinking, no doubt, that Barbara was toasting her, Veronica waved to her co-worker, friend, and roommate and gave her a big cheesecake smile, along with her pixie pose. Barbara raised her camera and took Veronica’s photo.

“This is the perfect photo that will give me the motivation I need to continue my transformation through the winter,” she said to herself. “Asshole,” said Barbara through her teeth. “Selfish, self-centered bitch. Whore. Slut. Breast implanted bimbo. I hate you,” she said under her breath, while smiling, waving, and blowing kisses at her friend.

“You’re so lucky to have such a beautiful friend,” said a man from the next table.

“I’m truly blessed,” said Barbara playing him with her own version of Veronica’s plastic smile and rolling her eyes, as soon as he looked away. She wanted to puke her hatred of Veronica all over him.

“Isn’t she gorgeous,” said someone else at another table.

“She’s a real winner inside and out,” said Barbara beginning to slur her words.

“She has such a great body,” said someone else.

“I wish I had her body. I wish I had her face. I wish I was her,” said Barbara for only herself to hear, while downing her drink and ordering another from a passing waiter. “Waiter! Hit me with another one of these Cosmopolitans and keep them coming, until I have red liquid dripping from my unconscious body.”

She pictured herself lying on the floor under the table, as if a beached whale with a harpoon in her side, and no one noticing her.

“Yes, ma’am,” he said with a laugh.

Beginning to gain a few pounds from eating too much fast foods and from not exercising enough, Barbara wasn’t much to look at, especially when standing in the shine of Veronica’s radiance. With her mousey, brown hair, smallish breasts, and oversized eyeglasses, she looked more like a bank auditor, then she did an employee of a famous fashion magazine. She wished she looked more like Veronica.

“Ronnie was so popular. Ronnie was so pretty. Ronnie was so phony, but every man and even some women wanted her,” said Barbara working on her fourth drink.

Barbara grew extraordinarily and exasperatingly tired of watching her best friend and roommate get everything. When she won the Halloween contest the first time, she handled that with aplomb. Then, when she won the Halloween contest for the second year, she handled her second win with a bit of jealous rivalry. Now, the third consecutive win, she was thinking of how she could poison her friend without anyone knowing she had been murdered and suspecting.

Tired of being the invisible wallflower, while Veronica got all the men, she wanted and needed some attention, too. Tired of sitting home alone, while Ronnie went on hot dates to faraway places with a different man every month, she wanted escort kocaeli her turn at living life large, too. The type of woman who’d give you the pantyhose off her legs, Barbara was a swell gal and a real friend in need.

“Barb, I’m in need and I need a friend. I have a run and I need to run. Gimme your pantyhose off your legs. I’m late for a hot date to a faraway place with a new man.”

“What happened to all the clothes you win every year at the Halloween costume contest?”

“I dunno. I wear them. Hurry. Armando is on his way here.”

“Armando? Who’s Armando? Where’d you meet him? Never mind, I don’t want to know,” she said taking off her pantyhose. “Here, I got them all warm for you. I just put them on a few minutes ago,” she said with a laugh, but Ronnie was already gone out the door.

“Bye,” said Barbara to herself. “You’re welcome that I gave you my last pair of pantyhose. Don’t worry about me. I have plenty of tube socks to wear under my sweat pants. I don’t need to wear a skirt. No one looks at me, especially at my legs, anyway. It isn’t like I’m going anywhere that I need to wear pantyhose. I could walk around in a green, plastic, trash bag and no one would notice me,” she said talking to herself.

“Don’t wait up for me,” yelled Veronica jumping in the cab and leaving.

“At least I have my cat,” said Barbara looking around the living room for her cat. after not seeing Tinkerbell resting on her usual perch on the back of the couch. “Tinkerbell? Tinkerbell? Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.”

“Meow,” she heard Tinkerbell’s familiar voice but at a distance.

Then, just as she realized her cat was outside, she heard a screech, a God awful cat cry, and a thud. In such a panicked rush not to be late to meet her boyfriend, Veronica had left the front door wide open and Tinkerbell, a house cat, unless going to the veterinarian in the cat carrier, had never been outside, that is, until now that she was road kill and flattened on the pavement.


With Veronica not thinking about anyone but herself, the untimely death of Tinkerbell was the last straw. Every year, the fashion magazine, where Barbara and Veronica worked, had a Halloween costume party, a big bash, where the corporate boss personally picked the winner. For the last three consecutive years, Veronica had won the grand prize, a trip to Paris and a complete wardrobe from shoes, gloves, coat, and hat with everything in between. It wasn’t fair. She couldn’t help but wonder if Veronica was sleeping with or had slept with the big boss.

Barbara wouldn’t mind Veronica winning as much, if only she gave someone else a chance to win. She wouldn’t mind as much, at the least, if Ronnie won with a different costume, that is, if you want to call what she wears a costume. Every year, she wins by dressing up as Miss America. She wears a bikini, of course, albeit a different bikini each year, along with a sash, a crown, and high heels, while holding a dozen roses. As part of her phoniness, her always present plastic smile is plastered across her face.

With the death of Tinkerbell still a fresh memory, Barbara sat alone at her table, while the rest of the group danced, talked, laughed, and drank. Barbara worked behind the scenes in accounting, indirectly contributing to the magazine’s publication, instead of in one of the more creatively exciting departments of the magazine that directly were responsible for the magazines monthly publication. Not feeling part of the group she worked so hard to help, no one ever asked her to dance and because of that, she felt like a leper.

Now alone without a friend and without her beloved cat, it was then and there that she decided to make some changes to her life. She hasn’t taken a vacation or a day off, since she started working there 8 years ago and according to human relations, she’s accumulated six months of vacation, personal, and sick time. Her plan was to take a leave of absence to do all that she needed to do. With the company cutting back and laying off some extraneous staff, she decided to take all of her time, before losing it. With her luck, even though she’s the one who works, actually does her job and beyond, they’d keep Ronnie over her. Aside from flirting and flitting all day, she doesn’t know what Ronnie even does to earn more money than she earns.

The first thing she did to remove herself from the dark shadow of Veronica was to move out and get her own apartment, something she wished she had done, before her roommate had killed her cat. Having her own apartment now gave her the privacy she needed to recover from the surgery she planned on having. Next on her metamorphous plan was to change from an ugly caterpillar to beautiful butterfly with the help of some plastic surgery. It took her some time to make all the arrangements, but with all her appointments in hand, ready to take the next, bold step to change her life for the better, she took her leave of absence with all her accumulated time at the end of April. Long before her appointed time of returning to work, gölcük escort the doctor assured her that she’d be ready, healed, and well enough to return to work by October.

In six months, she’d be a new woman. In six months, no doubt, she’d have a man. In six months, she’d be just as good looking and desirable as Veronica. In six months, she’d win the Halloween contest, the trip to Paris, and the complete wardrobe of new clothes. In six months, just six months, she’d finally have a new face and body, a new life, and be happy.

Having never spent any money on herself, saving nearly every extra penny she earned, she was going for broke and was now ready to spend up to $50,000 on herself. She figured that was enough to transform her into movie star status and hopefully, to be able to compete with Veronica on a level playing field. Spending most of her free time home alone watching reality shows on television, with her favorite shows being the Bachelorette and Big Brother, she decided to have the works done to herself. Physically changing who she was and how others perceived her was her way to not only improve her self-confidence and self-image but also to put her dating life, or lack thereof, not only on track but also on overdrive.

Never again will she have to satisfy herself with a vibrator. Never again will she be home alone on a Saturday night eating ice cream. Men, men, men, she had fantasies of men, men her age, older men, and younger men seducing her and making love to her.

Having spent years learning how to do it from Veronica, she’d dress provocatively. She’d flaunt her body. She’d unmercifully tease men in the way that men have ignored her. Then, when she found the one and only, she imagined living life happily ever after in a home with two kids, two cars, and a dog. Wow!

She looked down at her ring finger visualizing the big rock she’d have on it in just six months time. She imagined the man she’d bag, a doctor, a lawyer, a wealthy industrialist. He’d be handsome and he’d have a big cock. She put down her ice cream for the vibrator and removed her sweat pants and panties to give her some much needed pleasure.

She visualized herself as a new person. She visualized every man wanting her. She visualized herself being the social butterfly and being invited to cocktail parties and receptions. Late nights and weekends traveling to foreign countries, why she didn’t think of transforming her appearance before was beyond her. Only, with Veronica in her life, working with the woman and living with the woman, she couldn’t keep a thought about herself in her head, when everything was all about Veronica. Now, for the very first time, everything is about what Barbara wants and needs. Starting today, this is the first time, even for Barbara, to have the life she always wanted and so deserves.

First on the list was having all her teeth fixed, straightened, capped, brightened, and whitened. She shed her big eyeglasses for Lasik eye surgery. Next was liposuction to eliminate the little paunch of a pot belly she always had and that she was unable to flatten no matter how much exercise she did. With breast implants the main reason why she was at the plastic surgeon, while there she had chin, cheek, and buttock implants, and Rhinoplasty to give her the perfect, little nose she always wanted to have.

“This will give you a nice, full, B cup breasts,” said the plastic surgeon with a smile, while showing her how she’d look with round and symmetrical, B cup breasts, instead of the small, flat as a pancake A cup breasts she had now.

As if she was watching herself on video, as if she was seeing herself starring in a B movie role, even a skin flick, she said just one word to the plastic surgeon for him to denote exactly what she wanted and what most women who came there for breast augmentation surgery wanted.

“Bigger,” was all that she said.

“Pardon?” The plastic surgeon looked at her, before looking down at her nonexistent chest that was covered by a paper gown.

“As if lava spilling out of a volcano, as if my tits look like Beyonce’s ass cheeks stuffed in my bra, I want my brassiere cups to overflow with breasts,” she said holding her hands out in front of her flat chest.

“I see,” said the plastic surgeon.

“Now that I’ll be having my nose job and not having that as being the first thing that anyone sees of me, when I round the corner to enter a room, I want my tits to appear in the room ahead of me, instead of my nose,” she said with a laugh.

“Okay, let’s see how you’d look like with a full C cup,” he said exchanging the B cup imagery on the computer screen for C cup imagery. “Honestly, I don’t recommend you go any bigger than a full C cup.”

“Perfect,” she said with a broad smile. “They are absolutely just what I wanted.”

Without leaving a scar, the surgeon perfectly sculpted her two roundly symmetrical, beautiful C cup breasts that looked so natural that no one could tell. While she was healing, following a strict diet and physical exercise regimen, izmit sınırsız escort she worked out at home, as if preparing for the Olympics or the Iron Women events. Then, once she healed from all the plastic surgery, she had her makeup, nails, and hair done. She went platinum for her hair color and with platinum blonde hair extensions, her hair had that long, lush, sexy Jennifer Marlowe look that Loni Anderson had in WKRP Cincinnati.

She bought a whole new wardrobe of clothes to flatter and highlight her new body. The money that she would have used to buy a new car, she used on herself to give herself a new appearance and what an appearance it was. Completely transformed, with long, platinum blonde hair, a toned slim body with a firm round ass and breast implants, she was stunningly beautiful.

It was late October when she finally returned to work and just as expected, she was the hit of the office, an understatement. Every man and even some women wanted her. Everyone wanted her to sit in on meetings that necessitated them breaking for lunch and, never having been invited before, she was invited to long, liquid lunches now.

Suddenly, with Veronica shunned and relegated to the background, she was now more the woman that Barbara once was. Barbara was now the woman that Veronica once was, the shining star of the office. It didn’t take long for the corporate, big boss to notice her and summon her to headquarters to give her the raise, big bonus, and the promotion that she so deserved and worked so hard and so long to get but never received because she was invisible.

Still, she didn’t show all the surprises that she had, at least not until she stood on stage at the company, Halloween costume party with her nemesis. There on center stage, along with a dozen other contestants, she stood side by side with Veronica. With Veronica, yet, again, in her customary bikini, sash, crown, high heels, while holding her dozen roses, and her plastic smile, Barbara stood beside her wearing her hair up in a bun, oversized eyeglasses, and a frumpy business suit.

“That’s your costume,” whispered Veronica with a cold shoulder. “You don’t have a chance in Hell of winning this Halloween costume contest,” she said with a smug laugh.

“You’re right, Ronnie. I know I don’t have a chance in Hell of winning this Halloween costume contest, but I bet I’d win if I looked more like Wonder Woman,” said Barbara with a vindictive smile.

“Wonder Woman? Actually, you do look like wonder woman,” said Veronica with a laugh. “Wearing those frumpy business suits you wear, everyone wonders if you’re a woman or a man in drag,” she said with a laugh. “Wonder Woman. Ha, ha, that’s a laugh.”

With that, just as they were about to announce the winner of the company Halloween costume contest and name Veronica as the winner of her yearly trip to Paris and another complete wardrobe of new fashion designer clothes for the 4th consecutive year, Barbara interrupted the judge.

“Oops, sorry, silly me. Duh. I’m such a dumb blonde,” she said with a laugh and all the men, and even some of the women, laughed with her. “I forgot to reveal my costume.”

Already wearing her spiked high heels, while all the men watched her sudden striptease, Barbara removed her eyeglasses, let down her long, lush, blonde hair and with one quick tug of her breakaway business suit, she revealed herself wearing a Wonder Woman bikini in red and white stripes with white stars on a background of blue. Obviously, because Barbara was wearing an American flag bikini explained why so many patriotic, company men stood at attention staring and saluting her with their erections at full mast tenting their trousers.

Suffice to say that Barbara won and Veronica lost. It was the first time that Barbara received any attention. It was the first time that Barbara overshadowed Veronica, her ex-roommate and her ex-friend. It was the first time that Barbara had won anything. It was the first time that Barbara finally felt like the woman on the outside that she always was on the inside.

Then, as her prize for winning the Halloween costume contest, the big boss, Randolph Chadwick, offered to fly her to Paris for her week long shopping spree. Then, so taken with her that he invited her aboard his yacht anchored off the French Riviera coast for another week of rest and relaxation. The first time she flew in luxury and in style on a private jet, it was the first time she was aboard a yacht.

“Your ship is so big, Mr. Chadwick.”

“Please call me Randy, Barbara. May I call you Barbara?” He looked at her, as if seeing her for the first time, even though she worked for him in accounting for eight long years and even though he had invited her to the corporate office to give her the raise, bonus, and promotion that she so long deserved just two weeks before.

“Of course,” she said returning his eye contact.

Then, when she and the big boss hit it off, it was her first time having an office romance with of all employees, the big boss, Mr. Randolph Chadwick, himself. Coming on to her aboard his yacht with champagne in one hand and pearls in the other, they had their first kiss. After eating a sumptuous supper, he invited her into his luxurious quarters, which equaled a suite of rooms in luxury of any five star hotel.

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