First Time For Everything

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Brwnangeleyes, here is another one for you. You keep inspiring me to write, and I love you for it.


Lauren Johnstone shook more and more as each second ticked by. She was looking out her window from Baldwin Hall at Howard University, watching her parents drive away. Never in her eighteen years of life had she been so alone. When her family found out that Lauren had been accepted to Howard, they were filled with joy. Both of her parents, and everyone on both sides of her family had graduated from there. Lauren was a third generation student.

All freshmen, regardless if they lived in state or out, had to stay at on campus housing. When Lauren’s parents found out that the hall she was staying in was one of five combined to make the Tudman Quadrangle, and they were mixed sex halls, they had a fit. When they found out that no one floor or hall was set apart for female’s or male’s, and that they could have rooms next to each other, they were livid. When Lauren assured them that she would be okay, and that she would concentrate on her studies and not party like most freshman, her parents relaxed. This was their only daughter; she had never been in trouble, scored almost 1400 out of 1600 on the SAT’s, so they could trust her.

When Lauren’s parents drove out of sight, she made her way down to the common room to sit and watch the other students. With her legs curled up under her, Lauren willed herself not to show that she was nervous.

The next thing she knew, someone was shaking her awake.

“Excuse me.”

When she opened her eyes, Lauren was looking into a pair of pale blue eyes, set on a handsome, tanned face of a male freshman.

“I am sorry I woke you, but I am running late and am not sure where the freshman orientation is being held. You are the only one I can find to ask.”

“Freshman orientation! I am glad you woke me or I would have never made it myself. We can walk over together.”

As they walked out, the person who woke her introduced himself.

“I am Steve Brown by the way.”

“Lauren Johnstone.”

As they were walking, Lauren got a better look at Steve. She guessed he was in his early twenties, close to six feet, and by the way he cared himself, took real good care of himself.

“This your first time at Howard?” Lauren asked.

“No. I have been on campus a few times, but I have been running late all day. I don’t want to start out on the wrong foot my first day here.”

“I know what you mean. Both of us would have been in big trouble if we missed this, and if I haven’t said it already, thank you for waking me.”

“You are very welcome.”

When Lauren and Steve got to where they needed to be, they had just started calling the names when they walked in and found their seats.

“Phew, made it,” Steve said winking at Lauren.

She smiled back, and then sat through a long, very boring, four hours of lectures.

The first few weeks were rough on everyone. A few of the freshman thought that since they were away from home, they could party and do whatever. Those ideas were quickly put to a stop by the facility.

Lauren passed Steve a few times, both on their way to classes and at the dormitories. During the times when they could sit down and talk, Lauren found out that Steve had applied to Howard because he wanted to attend a very old, prestige college. Although with him being white, and being in the minority, he did not care. Steve had told her that he didn’t care what color a person was, as long as they showed him respect, he would izmit escort show them the same. Lauren guessed that is what drew her to him, he treated everyone the same. She also found out that he was in the Marines for four years, and that is why he kept himself in good shape and walked with a good bearing.

One Friday evening while she was studying, Lauren heard a knock at her dorm door. Not wanting to be disturbed, she reluctantly opened the door. There stood Steve with his arms full of books.

“Hello Lauren. Do you mind if I come in and study? They are having a weekend is here party, and it is a little too noisy for me. I promise I will be quiet.”

Smiling, Lauren let him in.

“Come on in. I was wondering where my roommate went off to.”

Both of them were majoring in different fields, Lauren in Pediatrics and Steve in Business Management, so they were soon studying, enjoying the quietness. Each of them was good in different areas of study, so they helped each other when needed. During a break, they were lying on her bed talking of their families and future plans. Lauren’s roommate was a slob and kept her area of the room a mess, so she let Steve lie on her bed as long as he didn’t start anything.

While they were talking, Lauren felt herself start to drift off, so she was forcing herself to stay awake. Try as she could, she failed.

When Lauren awoke later that night, the light on her nightstand was still on and she could hear the party going full strength. She was lying on her side, and felt something draped over her. Reaching down to see what it was, Lauren realized it was a male arm. Alarmed at first by someone else being in her bed, she soon relaxed when she remembered it was Steve. Liking the feel of him, Lauren turned off the light and snuggled up close to him.

Every weekend after that, both of them would get together and study. They would switch rooms, depending on where the party was that weekend, and who was having it. Both of them would sleep with each other, always fully clothed, and enjoyed each other’s company.

Lauren wanted to remain a virgin until she married, but with the feel of Steve close to her while they slept, she longed for the feel of a man in her.

Months after they first started to study together, Lauren passed Steve in the hall at the end of one week.

“Hello Lauren. What are you doing tonight?”

“Probable study as usual. Why?”

“Want to go out to dinner tonight?”

“I don’t know. I have a major exam coming up next week.”

“Come on. Both of us could use a break, and besides, one missed weekend of studying won’t hurt.”

“Okay, you talked me into it.”

When classes were done for the day, Lauren rushed to her room, took a shower and nervously waited for Steve. Lauren never thought about dating in high school, so she was giddy while dressing. When Steve picked her up and they got on the road, she turned to him.

“Where are we going?”

“I was thinking of the Alpine Restaurant in Arlington. It is Italian and I heard that it was excellent.”

“Good. I love Italian.”

They made small talk on the way over, and it didn’t take long for them to be seated when they got there. During dinner, both talked about school and what they thought so far. On the way back, Steve stopped so that both of them could walk through Constitution Gardens and The Mall. They walked by the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, the Ice skating Rink, and watched the other people as they walked also.

It was a chilly night, so izmit anal yapan escort Lauren put her arm through Steve’s and into his jacket pocket. When she did, he slipped his fingers through hers, and they walked arm in arm.

When they got tired of walking, Steve and Lauren sat and looked out over the Tidal Basin. This is where they shared their first kiss.

It felt like a jolt of electricity was passing through Lauren’s body. Steve was being gentle with her, and she had all she could do to hold back and not jump all over him. Lauren had small childhood crushes when she was growing up, but when they shared that first kiss, she was head over heels in love with Steve.

Once they got back to the dorms, another party was going full swing. Steve and Lauren decided to go to her room to get away from the noise and people. When Steve came out of the bathroom, he noticed that Lauren had changed into a long, button down nightshirt. When it was her turn in the bathroom, he stripped down to his boxers and got into bed. Lauren came out, turned off the lights, and climbed into bed with him.

It was Lauren who kissed Steve first this time. As she french kissed him, Lauren ran her hands over his chest. She loved the way his skin, and well muscled chest felt.

Steve kissed her back, hands on her chest, feeling her tits through the shirt. After a few minutes, he had to feel the real things and started to slowly unbutton her. When Lauren felt the hands on her tits, she had to break the kiss and moan out loud. This was the first time a man had felt her breasts, and she loved the way Steve’s rough hands softly caressed her skin. The next thing Lauren knew, she felt his mouth take a breast in.

Lauren moaned out loud again as she felt Steve suckle her. He let go of one, and inhaled the other. Lauren had never felt like this, and soon had an unfamiliar feeling start from her toes and move up her body. When the feeling ran throughout her, Lauren grabbed the back of Steve’s head, pulled it tightly to her breast, grew rigid, and cried out with her very first orgasm. When she could breath again, Lauren started shaking, feeling her juices flow from her.

After what seemed like a few minutes, Lauren felt her body finally come down from it’s high, and Steve was kissing down her stomach. Knowing what he was going to do, she let him go.

Steve pulled her panties down and off, and when Lauren felt his tongue lick her outer lips, she at first unexpectedly jumped, but then lay there as he lick her juices in. Lauren wrapped her legs around him so that her feet were in the small of his back, and her hands were on the back of his head, holding him there.

She felt his tongue run up and down her slit, and then make it’s way into her tight, virgin hole. In and out his tongue went, and then he was licking her outer lips again. Lauren soon felt that feeling go through her body again, and when Steve softly bit her clit, she threw her head back, screamed, and went rigid again as her second orgasm raced through her.

When her shaking subsided, Lauren grabbed Steve by the hair and pulled him up to her.

“Fuck me. Take me. Now.”

Steve pulled his boxers off, and when he lifted himself over her, Lauren looked down their bodies, as he guided his hard cock to her opening.

“Are you sure Lauren?”

“Please. I need to feel you in me.”

When Steve pushed the head of his cock into her, Lauren threw her head back, eyes opened wide, and mouth opened in a silent scream. He waited izmit yabancı escort so that she could get used to him, and then slowly started pushing in. Lauren felt him go in a little, and then pulled back so just the head was in. In and out he slowly went, until she felt him hit against the barrier in her.

Lauren took in a deep breath, and Steve pulled back a little. When he pushed his way past the barrier, and deep into her, Lauren screamed out in pain, as she dug her nails into his back.

When the pain subsided, and Lauren felt Steve slowly slide in and out of her, she had to silently cry, knowing that she was no longer a young girl, but a full grown woman.

“Are you okay? You’re crying.”

“I am fine. Just happy, and loving the feel of you in me.”

With her legs locked around him, Lauren had to moan as she felt Steve’s hard cock slide in and out of her. He would move slow, and then speed up. Slow, then fast, and slow again. They stayed like this for about twenty minutes when Steve asked her if she wanted to change positions. Lauren said yes, and they moved so that Steve was now on his back.

Before Lauren straddled Steve, she grabbed his cock, feeling the hard muscle in her hand for the first time, and then she bent down to lick the length of it and taste her own juices covering it. As she licked the big vein that ran on the underside, Lauren heard Steve moan, and knew that he was enjoying what she was doing. Wanting to go a little further, she put the head into her mouth.

Not knowing what to do, Lauren did what came natural; she applied some suction and ran her tongue around the crown and over the tip. Tasting some seepage coming from him, she assumed it was the precum that she read about in her anatomy books. Liking the taste, Lauren took in more until it hit the back of her throat. There was still a little bit of his cock left, but she could not get any more in. Then she started moving his cock in and out of her mouth.

As Lauren sucked on Steve’s cock, she kept applying suction as she ran her tongue around it. A few times she choked when she took too much in, but soon adjusted. She started going faster, and not long after, Lauren felt Steve’s cock start shooting cum into her mouth. She first choked, and then started swallowing what she could. Not able to get it all, some left her mouth, and flowed down his cock onto his balls. When Steve had stopped cuming, Lauren licked his cock and balls again, cleaning him up, and surprised that he retained his hardness.

Wanting to feel him in her again, Lauren straddled Steve’s hips, and then guided herself onto his cock. With no barrier to block him, she easily slid him in.

When Lauren had Steve fully in her, she sat there enjoying the feel of his cock. Then she started acting like he did before, and moved herself up and down on him. Steve reached up to cup her tits, so Lauren covered his hands with hers.

After a few more minutes, Lauren started to ride Steve faster. She wasn’t on the pill, so couldn’t afford to have him cum in her, even through she would love for him to. When Lauren felt like he was ready, she got off Steve, and started to pump his cock as she sat on his legs. When he orgasmed, she watched as the cum shot out of his cock and all over her body.

Afterwards, the both of them crowded into her shower to clean up. While they washed each other’s body, Lauren felt Steve’s cock harden again, and she had to taste it one more time. Kneeling down in the shower, she took his cock into her mouth and started sucking on him again. When he came this time, she didn’t choke, and less of it leaked past her lips. Lauren knew that she would get better as time went on.

They cleaned up again, and then crawled back in bed.


Again, if you enjoyed what you have read, please give it a five.

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