First Time Meeting a Co-Worker


For the longest time I worked for a company in Ohio in which I was able to call others across the country for various things. No, I was not a telemarketer. My job entailed talking to our guys and gals in the field and all the other little subtle things that the company dealt with.

In our Los Angeles office, there was a lady by the name of Cindy. She worked the phones there and would often call in to my office to check up on items shipped to the field engineers out in her area. By the daily calls along with the steady stream of emails, Cindy and I struck up a pretty good friendship. It wasn’t long that she was calling me at home at night and us just carrying on normal conversations about life in general. She told me one night that she was leaving the office and moving back to her hometown of Las Vegas.

After Cindy had left the L.A. office, she would still call me and talk to me about how things were going and what not. Soon, she talked about me coming out to Vegas to visit since I had never been there. We worked out the details on it and soon I was on a plane jetting towards Las Vegas.

I arrived in Vegas in early December that year, and my flight got in around 9pm local time. Cindy agreed to meet me at the airport when I got in, and sure enough she was there. Cindy stood about 5-3, had equally proportioned tits and hips to her, and with her glasses she had on, she looked more like a librarian than anything else. Her jeans she wore clung very well to her hips and ass, along with the shirt she had on that was fairly tight, she was making it very hard not to think about fucking her.

After exchanging hellos, and getting a huge hug from her. We gathered my luggage and headed out the door. I had expected to stay at one of the hotels nearby, but Cindy wouldn’t have any part of it and insisted that I stay at her place. She told me that her boyfriend and she had broken up about a month ago so there was no one there. I agreed with her to stay at her place and pendik escort we drove to her apartment which wasn’t very far off the strip.

Walking into her place, she showed me where I’d be staying and I placed my luggage in there. We sat down in her living room and just struck up a conversation about the trip out and how things went. We were laughing and having a good time until it got to be around midnight. She and I both agreed that we were tired and headed off to our rooms.

About 45 minutes after I had laid down in bed, I heard Cindy walking around her place again. She was trying to be quiet but I could hear her. I hadn’t drifted off to sleep yet, so basically any noise that was made I could hear it. Soon, I started hearing my door opening slowly. I had my eyes open but the room was darkened by the curtains being pulled, but from what little light that was coming through the door as it opened, I saw that it was Cindy. She was trying to be very quiet as she came in the room. I noticed that she was wearing a little teddy that with light behind her showed the outline of her body as she entered the room. I decided not to let her know that I was awake, just lying there to see what she was doing. The thoughts that I had going through my mind, was having a big effect on my cock as it started to get hard. I closed my eyes to almost squinting as Cindy slowly approached the side of my bed. Cindy stood there silently just looking down at me laying there. She whispered my name, I’m guessing to see if I was awake. I didn’t answer, continuing to lie there waiting to see what was coming next.

Cindy seemed to be acting in a fog. We had never gotten into serious sex talk when talking to one another, just threw little things out there, but we’d both laugh it off. We acted more like brother and sister than two people wanting to fuck each other. As I watched Cindy, she reached for my cover and pulled it off of my cock. I was already rock hard and ready pendik escort to fuck by the time she slowly pulled the cover off my cock. She let out a soft moan when she saw I was hard. I usually wear boxers, so gaining access to my hard cock was fairly easy for Cindy. She reached in the front of my boxers slowly and wrapped her hand around my cock. She glanced back up at me to see if I had opened my eyes as to what was happening, I pretended to stay asleep, and she then began to slowly stroke my cock.

She didn’t act like she was trying to wake me up. She continued to slowly stroke my cock as she knelt next to the bed. She was so focused on stroking my cock that she never looked back to see if I was awake or not. I opened my eyes and just watched as she stroked my cock. She slowly laid her head on my hip as she continued to stroke my cock so that her face was inches from the head of my cock. It wasn’t long after that the Cindy pushed her head forward and started stroking me as my cock was halfway buried in her mouth. As I slid into her mouth, I moaned, and with that she stopped stroking and started sucking on my cock. She was in a position where she couldn’t see me, so she threw her leg up over the bed where she had her tits laying on my legs as she continued to assault my hard cock.

This was a side of Cindy I had never seen or known about. She was cock-hungry and never let it on that she was. As I continued to watch Cindy’s head bounce up and down on my cock, I would get a great look at her tits. Soon, I felt the urge that I was going to shoot a load of hot cum down Cindy’s throat. I slowly reached up and held on to Cindy’s head as cum shot out of my cock. Cindy moaned with each shot that went into her mouth. She never missed a beat either. She continued sucking on my cock until I pulled her off of it.

“I’m sorry,” Cindy softly said as I started pulling her up towards me.

“Don’t be, Cindy,” I assured her, “That felt fucking great. pendik escort I didn’t know you were wanting to fuck.”

“I hadn’t planned on it,” Cindy said, “I just got so horny in my room. I couldn’t take it anymore knowing you were in this room next to mine.”

Cindy was up face to face with me, her legs opened with my still hard cock between her legs. Cindy let out a moan as she grinded her pussy on it. “Want me to fuck your pussy, Cindy?” I asked. Cindy didn’t answer, she was biting her bottom lip and nodded her head yes. I reached down between us to her pussy which was still covered by her undies, and actually ripped the middle out of them. I grabbed my cock, and guided it into Cindy’s hot pussy.

“Oh my god, Jon,” Cindy moaned, “This feels so good. We shouldn’t be fucking, but damn it we are. Why didn’t you tell me you’d fuck me when you came out?”

Cindy began to ride me like a cock-hungry woman. It wasn’t long until she had her hands on my chest propping herself up and grinding on my cock like a erotic cowgirl. Each time she would grind down on my cock, Cindy would let out a moan followed by a loud “fuck”. I could see her tits very well now and they were bouncing hard with each bounce that Cindy was doing. As I reached up and started playing with them, Cindy loudly proclaimed that she was going to cum.

“Oh fuck, Jon, I’m going to cum. This feels so good, I don’t want to stop riding your cock.” Cindy almost yelled.

Cindy was bouncing hard on my cock. Her tits were bouncing so hard, I could barely keep my hands on them. She was moaning louder and louder as she was getting ready to climax. Finally she started really bouncing hard on me when she said, “I’m fucking cumming. I feel like such a whore with you. Let me keep fucking you. Fuck me, pleeeeese!” With that I began ramming my hips into her as she was bouncing down. Cindy screamed really loudly as she began to cum. Soon, Cindy collapsed on me. She laid on my and softly told me “anytime you want to fuck me when you’re here, please do it. And anytime you come to town, I want you to fuck me, ok?” I agreed wholeheartedly.

We stayed like that till morning. We both got up and got ready to go check out Vegas. And with that, it lead to more fun.