First Time the College Rugby Player


Let me tell you guys about my first time, it happened 10 years ago almost to the day.

It was the first Monday of the first semester, just starting out university a fresh, skinny, 5’6″, 110lb middle eastern kid on the verge of turning 19. It was my first week of university and I’d just asked a super cute girl out on a date. I was pretty much ontop of the world.

But Tuesday came around and I met her at the on campus coffee shop. It started off pretty well, we talked about our hopes for the future and starting this new chapter of our lives and how awesome it was going to be to have all these subjects together.

About half way through, I realized I didn’t like her much. Don’t get me wrong, she was crazy pretty, with big brown eyes and a pretty smile, but something wasn’t working for me. I didn’t say anything but I was pretty weirded out, all my straight friends thought I’d scored big and I didn’t want to disappoint them. So I kept talking to her and forgot about all my insecurities.

We spent the next 2 days going to lectures, getting to know the campus and figuring out our way around and I must say it was pretty fun but I still had this weird feeling that this is wrong and I shouldn’t be with her in sortof romantic sense. But Friday came along with a bit of a surprise.

I texted her to meet her in the cafeteria and she called me back immediately saying she needs to talk to me about something. That seemed strange, we weren’t even a couple yet, hadn’t held hands or kissed, just a hug in the mornings and that was it.

So I wait for her in the cafeteria, and she walks in tears on her face, and tells me that she’s not going to be on campus after that day, she told me she was transferring to another university where she had been short listed to study optometry and only settled for my university because she thought she hadn’t made it in, but got a call that morning that a space had opened and she had been accepted.

We said our goodbyes later that afternoon and as she walked away sobbing, a huge flood of relief swept through my body. I felt alone, don’t get me wrong, it kinda sucked. But at the same time I was too relieved about not having to feel that constant anxiety that something was off about her, or about is, but in hind sight is was just about me.

That night I got home pretty early, Friday afternoons were reserved for chemistry practicals, but being the first week all we really did was get to know the lab and have yet another introductory lecture on lab safety and so on so it was pretty quick.

I got back to my apartment pretty early, and immediately had a nap. I woke up at about 5, and suddenly realized that I had made plans with the girl from earlier and now she wasn’t there. I called up some of my friends and they’d all gone home to their parents and I was stuck in a new city alone with no friends.

So I did the natural thing, pulled out a banky of weed, rolled a joint and forgot all about that girl and being alone. But I also got pretty horny.

This was a time before grindr and smartphones were just about becoming a thing, so I logged onto a chatting app called 2go, there were lists for teens, singles, over 18’s and then right at the bottom, a chat room for gay guys.

At this point, I had zero sexual experience, a complete virgin, never been kissed, never been touched. I was no stranger to gay porn though, and jerked off both straight and gay porn quite a lot, so taking the step to chat to guys was not the biggest leap of faith.

The chat room was pretty fun, guys being flirty with each other and a lot talking about the “new boys” on campus. I didn’t chat much back until I saw one message, “21 straight, very discreet, virgin, looking to meet tonight”

I texted him with my stats edirne escort and said I’m a virgin too. We hadn’t even exchanged pics when he asked to come over.

My nerves shot through my system as I texted just, “sure”

Followed by directions to my apartment complex. Anxiety took over, I was nervous and shaking, I didn’t know what to expect or what would happen but my dick was rock hard, something I didn’t feel once around that girl. But here I was ready to blow at just the thought of having another guy no matter what he looked like in my apartment.

About an hour later he texted that he was at the gate, so I went down to open for him, he drove into the complex in a spicy new ford focus st, I didn’t get a good glimpse at him through his window but showed him where to park.

He pulled his car in and didn’t get out for a couple minutes but when he did my jaw dropped. He was as short as I was, but stocky, like he’d been playing rugby all his life. He had bright blue eyes and short blonde hair. His jeans were tight and his dress shirt was dripping with sweat, it had been clear that he’d been drinking and partying a lot. But he followed me with an almost tail between his legs look, right up to the second floor to my apartment.

I opened the door and let him in, asking if he wanted anything to drink,

“Water” – he said nearly choking on the word.

His stammering and nerves were getting to him, but this made him all the more handsome and attractive in my eyes.

Thats when I felt my nerves settling down.

I didn’t have much furniture in my bachelor flat, just a bed, desk, chair and small fridge. So he sat on the bed looking curiously at me for a bit while I poured him some water.

I approached him with a glass and tried some small talk, he seemed upset and fruatrated. He told me he was a student at one of our sister universities at a neighboring town and was supposed to have a night out with his best friend and a few other buddies but they’d all gone home with girls they met at the clubs and he was alone.

He told me he didn’t find himself attractive enough to approach girls and didn’t know what he was really doing in my apartment either. So I sat cross legged on the head side of the bed and asked him why he was on that chat site. He said he had thought about doing something with a guy but could never act upon it, made an excuse that he was drunk now and just needed company.

That was pretty ok with me, as I was just as new to this as he was. But we carried on talking, and he kept checking his phone, waiting for a friend to call or something.

About an hour went by attempting to offer to make him food but as I scooted off the bed he grabbed my arm, and pulled me next to him. His eyes glared into mine and there was a sudden electric pulse running between us.

I put my hand on his lap and leaned in to kiss him, he didn’t lean in immediately but he maintained eye contact and slowly came closer until I could feel his breath against hairs on my chin.

I pushed my forhead against his, and asked, “you sure you want this?”

He nodded shyly and I pressed my lips against his.

At that moment every nerve in my body fired simultaneously, my hand moved from his lap to the back of his head and I pulled him in closer, as he did the same to me.

This was my first kiss, I wanted it to last I wanted to feel more of him, my eyes were closed but my my hands were slipping down to his chest.

Which he grabbed and pulled me closer as he fell back onto the bed with me falling ontop of him, our lips not leaving each other’s. He wrapped his legs around me ground our hard cock against each other as I unbuttoned his shirt and started locking, kissing and nibbling on his neck. This triggered something in him which made him grip into my back. My hands still running up and down his body from his waste to his chest.

I kissed my way down his soft smooth body, unbuckling his pants to reveal thick and rock hard 5.5inch uncut cock, I took it into my mouth immediately started to suck him with a completely lustful vigor, he just moaned, his body twitching, saying “fuck yeah” under his breath every so often.

I pulled myself off his dick and stripped in seconds before climbing back ontop of him my 7.5in cut cock dangling above his, but he wanted a taste too so rolled me over and started to suck me, he went on until I nearly came.

But then he stopped suddenly and ran to the bathroom to spit. I got up confused, he said he had to go, and that this wasn’t him and it’s all a mistake.

I took the hint, got my pants on. But when he got to the door to leave he stopped turned around and leaned back against. I could see the conflict in his eyes as they welled up. I did nothing, I mean to some degree I was dealing with just as much internal conflict. This was my first time, it was with a guy, and up until a day before I was trying to convince myself that I was straight.

A moment later he sank to the floor, and I went over and sat beside him, took his hand in mine and said, “I know” to which he responded, not in words, but in gesture, he gripped my hand tight and leaned his head on my shoulder.

I sat there for a bit, feeling slightly confused as what to do next, but I just held his hand and figured that at least I wasn’t alone on my first Friday night of my first year of university and just being this close to a boy was enough.

A few moments passed us in silence. I’m not usually one to take the lead but I got up, still holding onto his hand and pulled him to his feet, sitting him back down on the bed, I pulled out my laptop and told him, “look you don’t have to stay, but there’s nowhere else for you to go, but what I’m saying is we don’t have to do anything, I’ve got a couple movies, let me make us some coffee and you can pick one.”

He nodded shyly again as I turned my laptop to him to go through whatever I had.

“Mind if we watch lord of the rings?” He asked in a voice that wasn’t as shaky as it had been all night.

“As long as its the 2 towers, that’s my favorite of the 3” I replied trying to talk normally myself.

“Mine too, mind if I use your shower, I feel pretty gross after all the alcohol?”

I nodded, put the kettle on and he excused himself to the bathroom.

I laid down the bed after connecting my speakers and getting the laptop on charge. He took about half an hour in the bathroom and when he eventually came out, my jaw dropped, he stood at the door in just his underwear and got the best look at his body, his thick legs from years of playing rugby, his underwear which was tented by an obvious boner.

He had a bit of a belly, nice thick pecks and big strong arms.

He came over to the bed and laid down next to me. I was pretty confused and extremely horny at this point so I just shifted a bit and pressed play on the movie but he seemed to have other ideas and pulled me closer.

“I really want you to fuck me.” He said softly.

“You sure? I mean, you were ready to leave and now you want to go all the way?”

“I’ve been fantasizing about this moment for the last 10 years, and I can’t believe I almost left, every bone in my body felt so much guilt because I’ve told myself I’m straight every day, knowing deep down I wanted to be with guys too, I’m not sure that I’m gay, maybe bi, but I know I want this, I want you, and I don’t want to leave and regret not doing this for the rest of my life.”

With that I kissed hard and earnestly, rolling onto my back and pulling him ontop of me, he didn’t hold back at all, his hands touched every part of my body, or dicks hard grinding against each others.

I pulled his underwear off, and immediately pulled my pants and underwear off too.

He turned around to blow me with his smooth muscular ass in my face, I took the invite and buried my face into it savoring it the clean smell, and diving in with my tongue.

He let out an immediate moan and I took it as a sign to keep going, making it with his hole, making it wet with saliva.

He turned back and kissed me hard, tasting my precum on his mouth as he lowered his as on my hard cock, I reached down rubbed my leaking cock against his hole.

He sat up and pushed down slowly, my head just barely feeling the entrance of his tight virgin hole. I started rocking up against him, begging to be let in. In that moment he leaned back and slid down the first 2 inches of my dick, stopping to catch his he pulled my hand up to suck my fingers as he lowered himself, moaning, all the way down until I was in him balls deep.

A grabbed his now semi hard dick and started to jerk him and tease one of his nipples with my other hand.

Not a moment later did he start to ride me slowly lifting up and dropping all the way down. Breathing having, moaning, and mumbling fuck me over and over under his breath.

His riding quickened and he grabbed his dick from my now moaning so loud I’m sure you could hear him down the hallway. But now I really wanted to fuck him senseless so I told him to get off and get on all 4s, too which he obliged and positioned himself.

I got behind him, spat on my dick and his hole before pushing into him slowly but in one go. When I bottomed out he let out a loud gasp and moaned, “fuck me babe”

With that i pulled half way out and pushed back saying, ” fuck yeah take that dick babe, your hole feels so fucking amazing!”

And began picking up the pace, pulling out and pushing in over and over, his moaning and begging pushing me to fuck him.

The whole time he had his on his dick hard dick stroking himself as pounded his virgin ass as he begged for more.

Not long after he told me was close so I told him to get on his back, I want to see him cum while I fuck him. He flipped over in a hurry and pulled his legs back. I wasted no time in aligning myself with his hole and pushing all the way in watching his eyes roll back.

I grabbed his dick, and started pounding hard and fast almost instantly.

Within a few minutes he was yelling, “fuck me im gonna cum” over and over as i pounded him and with one last plea he grabbed his dick from my hand and started spraying cum all over his belly and chest, that sent me over the edge and I growled, “fuck I’m Cumming too!” Breeding his hole and flooding his guts with the biggest cum shot I’ve ever had.

I stayed hard for a bit inside him before leaning over to kiss him as I pulled out, feeling a little cum leak out along with it.

I kissed down his body, licking some of his cum, taking his cock into my mouth as stone final cum oozed out. Feeling his cummy hole with my fingers before taking a taste it. With that he grabbed his dick and said i want to cum again

I was still rock hard and slid my dick back in him, pounding mercilessly from the start a he wanted his dick rapidly.

This time I came first, screaming, “fuck I’m Cumming again, your ass is so fucking amazing, fuuuuuuck!”

And with that he yelled and his dick dribbled cum all over his belly.

I collapsed ontop of him kissing him as I now started going soft and pulled out of him with a plop.

After making out covered in sweat and cum, I led him to the shower where we cleaned off and held each other not saying a word until the water ran cold.

He stayed the night and spooned me till the morning.