First Time with Dani

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This is my first ever submission so be kind, but let me know what tou liked or didn’t like.

Your pictures show a sexy and approachable side of you. Are you approachable? Can I touch you?

Would you let me stroke your skin and kiss your neck?

Are you up for a massage of your shoulders, your arms and your back muscles?

Can I rub the soreness from your feet? Let me caress your instep, put oil on your heels. Kiss each and every toe then work my way slowly over your feet to caress your calves? I’ll lift your leg kiss and lick behind your knees where you’re very sensitive. You giggle with the touch and you close your eyes, lost in the sensations.

Next, I will massage your upper legs and rub oil onto your thighs as you open them to allow me access to your most private area. Slowly, so I prolong your agony, I will rub and kiss my way up your thighs until I reach your pussy. I inhale your scent, I want to remember this for ever. You are wet, so very wet, from my touching. Your breathing gets deeper and you moan in response to my touches.

I gently rub my hand on your lips and catch your engorged clitoris between my fingers before retreating. Next, I use my thumbs to open your flower to my eyes and I see how your juices are running down to the crack of your ass and it excites me more to be this close Ankara Escort to your core. I run a finger up and down your pussy but not entering you just yet. I get my fingers covered with your nectar, something I have wanted for so long. Slowly, I raise them to my mouth. I taste you for the first time and I love it. Your pussy tastes so sweet and I can’t get enough.

Now is the moment I’ve dreamed of for so long. I kiss your pussy from top to bottom and I run a flat broad tongue all the way from your ass to your clit. Just tasting you and driving you crazy with lust. You beg me to hurry, hurry ‘just put it I already’ but I have other plans.

Now I really start to eat your pussy flicking my tongue back and forth, up and down your slit. Always staying just short of your magic button. I go lower lower to the opening into your body and I plunge my tongue in as far as it will go. In and out in and out. You grab the back of my head with your hands pulling me tight against you, almost willing me to be inside of you. Your legs are thrashing wildly with your need. I make my way back up your slit while your head is twisting from side to side with your need to cum.

Finally I reach your clit with my tongue and suck it into my mouth as you let out a scream of pleasure Balgat Escort like you’ve never felt before. I give it a gentle nip that drives you mad, I strum your clit with my tongue and send you over the edge again and again. Finally you push my head away. You say you can’t take any more, you’re too sensitive now, so I lay my head on your thigh as you catch your breath. You pull me up to you for a kiss and you can taste yourself on my lips but you don’t care. Your tongue invades my mouth with such force I duel with you as you grab my cock, stroking it, smearing the pre-cum that is running freely all over it in anticipation of what’s to come. I’ve made you feel good and you just want to return the favor and make me cum hard.

I say to you, ‘mount me’ as I roll onto my back. You have a sly grin on your face because I know this is your favorite way to get off, and you throw your leg over my torso. You lean forward and kiss me again while you grab my rock hard cock and rub it up and down your gash to get it good and slippery. Finally you center it at the entrance to your pussy and start to lower yourself onto me. Your breath comes in small moans as you feel my dick filling you up. You place your hands on my chest for balance and you start to raise yourself up again slowly Çankaya Escort so you can feel every vein every ridge, every bump. Then you slam yourself down and begin fucking me for your own enjoyment. Every downstroke gets a whimper and a moan from your lips.

You start grinding on me so I will hit your G spot just right. I’m in heaven feeling your burning hot pussy surrounding my hard cock. It fits in you like a glove and as you grind on me I reach behind you and grab your ass cheeks. I slap one then the other to get you fired up even more. I grab your ass and raise you up and slam you down over and over. You get the message and start jackhammering on my cock. I’m in heaven feeling you give yourself to me as only you can.

You are wild with passion as now your going to cum again, I can feel it building in you. I want to cum with you when you do. I slam myself into you as you go up and I’m getting close, so close. You’re not making any words anymore you’re just keening like a banshee. I can feel your orgasm hit and I push myself up into you as hard as I can and hold you there as my balls explode deep within you. I feel your pussy gripping me and milking my cock for every drop of cum. You can feel your insides being painted with my cum and it pushes your own orgasm into overdrive. Finally sated and exhausted, you lay your head down on my chest and collapse. I kiss you tenderly and you return my passion as only a lover can. You slip off the side of me and we spoon together. Both fully exhausted and in need of rest for round two. Your breathing gets longer and deeper and it’s the last thing I hear as I drift off to sleep beside you.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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