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This story, and all my stories, contain fictionalized characters from memories of my life.

First, a little about me. As I write this I am a Black, sixty + year old, still sexually active, bi, woman. When this adventure started in my 30’s. At 30 years old I was at about 125 pounds, today 140. I am still 5 foot 7 inches tall, what were 36 Cs are now 38 Ds. I was, I thought, a perfect 36-24-39 now I’m still perfect but in different sizes.

This series contains very short stories about some of the “Firsts” of my life.

First – Woman

I was 34 when I first had a sexual relationship with another woman. I was at a low point in my life. By then doctors had determined that I would never have children. Actually I had never really set my heart on having children. Child bearing was there in the background, something I would have to decide about eventually, an unopened envelope, no hurry.

Suddenly it was the most important thing in the world.

At that time I had also learned that my three year old marriage was ending. My ex husband was, to be blunt, a real prick. He came home one day and told me we were done he had someone else. He said some cruel things about my not being able to have children. Turns out he had been cheating and got his lover pregnant. He is dead now and in hell no doubt.

I was living alone, separated from my husband, awaiting divorce. A long time friend, Julie, was visiting for the weekend. I was an emotional wreck but getting better. I had a crying fit every once in a while, usually at night but I was going to be ok. Sure enough, the second night Julie was staying with me I had a dream and woke up weeping. She heard me and came into my room to see if I was ok. She got on the bed and just held me. I remember her kissing me all over my face. Kissing my tears away. As she held me she rubbed my back through my nightshirt, nothing really sexual, just comforting.

She continued to hold me and say: “It will be ok. I’m here. Don’t cry Robin, It will be ok!”

We touched lips. Just tentatively at first, almost accidental. Then we were kissing and I remember it as soft, yielding and gentle. Very different from a man’s kiss. My first time on the “soft side.” She did nothing to force herself on me, just kissed me gently held me and whispered words of comfort and the fleeting kiss if it was indeed a kiss, was gone.

As she held me I became aware that my hand was on her bare thigh and it was warm, so warm and firm but soft at the same time. I also became aware of her breasts pressing into mine so much firmer than mine and so suddenly sensual.

Then we were kissing again but not accidentally or as gently this time. I was yielding to her or she was yielding to me and her tongue just gently parted my lips. I was touching her tongue with mine. Julie’s hands were no longer on my back but inside my nightshirt on my breasts and I felt the warmth of those hands spread from my breasts through my entire body.

Julie was telling me how beautiful I was and asking me if I really wanted “this.” I responded by touching her breasts thru her tee shirt while whispering in her ear: “Don’t leave, I need you.”

I felt her hand on my thigh, then between my legs. I remember her pushing me onto my back and pulling my panties down.

Julie stayed in my bed that night and we made love in ways I had never experienced. She was an experienced lover and showed me how wonderful oral sex can be. Yes she went down on me and she taught me to do her. I have been with other women since but none more fundamental in changed my life.

First – Threesome

Julie from my “First – Woman” story would actually become much more of a key player in my life than I knew at the time of that first encounter. She was a partner in my business and I did not know she and my husband were having an affair and had been for some time. Near the end of my marriage during our separation Bill asked me for a threesome and he wanted me to set it up. I was desperate to save the marriage but still said no.

I mentioned his request to Julie, I thought of her as a good friend and now maybe even a lover and was asking her advice. She told me that she would do it for her husband if she had one and I should consider it. When I mentioned that I didn’t even know how to begin to find someone she suggested she would do it if I wanted her to. I remember her saying that “we”, she and I, didn’t have to do anything but please him. I did not know she was already involved with him.

We did have the threesome. He was much more interested in having two naked women in his bed than anything Julie and I might do with each other. I actually watched as they fucked. I was humiliated to see my husband showing such passion for another woman with me in the same bed.

I remember being very Cebeci Escort sad when he came in her. Only much much later did I learn of their long affair. I did not know when in the end she comforted me after my marriage fell apart that she was central to that breakup. When she was in my bed holding me and comforting me she was I think, unknown to her, pregnant with Bill’s baby.

First – Man

I learned early on experimenting with sex that I could achieve orgasm by having a guy play with and suck my breasts. It seems my nipples are directly connected to everything. That was unfortunately never enough for the men involved. They wanted more and I found a way to give it to them without giving up my virginity or worse getting pregnant.

I am blessed (?) with very large puffy labia. In the shower at the gym in high school and college other women kidded me about having front and rear butt cracks. By experimenting I found that if I kept my body at the correct angle and stayed on top of the man I could get him off by cradling his cock in my labia without actually letting him penetrate. That worked for me as well because his cock still rubbed my clit and I often achieved orgasm too.

Some guys knew, but no one cared once they came. It worked fine until it didn’t. I was 20 and desperately in lust. I was on top of him, in control, but just a moment later he shifted his hips and he was in me. I felt it break and there was a tiny amount of blood but he didn’t notice. Three thrusts and he came. When I got off him I saw cum dripping from me with a very small amount of blood. I was not on the pill and it was the worst possible time of the month. I did not know at the time that I could not get pregnant so it was a very very long month. Virginity lost.

First – Orgasm.

Did someone say orgasm? Yes, I’ll take one. Ok, Ok, all kidding aside, my first orgasm might be difficult to pin down. Let me explain.

For me orgasms come in many forms from silent, gentle warm sweeping feelings to overwhelming, the world is ending, explosions. They are sometimes brief and sometimes seem to last as long as there is stimulation.

So I would say that my first was very much the warm sweeping but brief and passing feeling that first came from masturbation. Later orgasms came when men discovered I had breasts and wanted to touch kiss and suck them. It seemed that my breasts, particularly my nipples were directly connected to that place in my body and brain that causes orgasms.

There are times that an orgasm seems to come in repeated waves and linger. Leaving me aware that it was still in there ringing bells long after the initial wave.

Orgasms that start in my pussy and spread out from my clit are unique in that they are much more powerful. As they fade I cannot bear having my clit or nipples touched. On numerous occasions I have had orgasms that were so overwhelming they left me nearly weeping.

I remember men who were so large that their cocks were in constant contact with my clit. What happens is simple. The constant stimulation of my clit pushes me to an orgasm fairly quickly and because most often my partner has not yet cum I am forced to push through that time when I prefer to not be touched. The additional stimulation is not really painful but rather causes my orgasm to continue wave after wave and build to overwhelming strength.

First – Anal Sex.

My first anal sex was not planned. I still to this day will allow only very special men to take me that way and then only with adequate preparation and only with a lubed condom. Sorry, it’s just me but I do not want a bareback cock that has recently been in my ass near my pussy or in my mouth.

So, with that said lets talk about my first time. As you read my stories you will learn that there was a dark time in my life after my divorce when I did things that were, shall we say, not in my best personal interest.

I was at a party and very drunk. I somehow let a cute guy bring me into a bedroom to play. Hey, I was drunk. I was on the bed and he was fucking me and I looked up and there were two other men who had followed us into the room watching.

One took his cock out and walked over and put it in my face. Hey, I was drunk, so yes I sucked him. Things got very quickly out of my control and when the original guy came he was replace by another guy. When it was the third guys turn he turned me over onto my stomach and fucked my butt. My ass crack was covered with what leaked from my pussy and cum. It didn’t hurt like I thought it would but I don’t think I would have let him if I had not been drunk.

First – Edging.

I was in my pool with a new friend. He was pushing me into deeper water and lifting me so my floating breasts Çıtır Escort were teasing and bumping into him. He told me later that watching my breasts floating in the water was incredibly erotic. I was watching too. His cock was sticking straight out from his body. I knew what was about to happen.

We were now lower in the water and he was using his size and strength in the weightlessness of the water to move my whole body around. I reached between his legs found his now fully erect cock. With my other hand I reached behind him and pulled his ass closer. I moved to wrap my legs around him to give myself to him if he wanted me. Oh, and he wanted me. He lifted me and he was pushing his cock at the folds of my labia and then he was in me, deep in me. He was much longer than I realized. I remember telling him: “Oh yes baby, Fuck me, I’m so close.”

He had me against the pool wall and was thrusting in and out. I was so close, so very close and then he stopped and left me on the edge. I begged him not to stop. “I’m close baby, don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

He just said: “I know you are.” Then he started again. His hands were on my ass pulling me in. I was on the edge again. The wave was building. My clit was on fire and I wanted so badly to cum. He stopped again.

I remember begging him to fuck me. He pulled out completely and I was moving away from the edge. It was gone, I was not going to have the orgasm I so desperately wanted. Then he was back in me pushing hard. I felt the wave rushing toward me again and when he reached down and touched my clit with his finger the swimming pool exploded. It was not the orgasm I expected. It was waves of enormous pleasure one after the other over and over. I’m sure the neighbors if they were asleep woke up and thought of calling the police. Following my orgasm he tensed and I heard him grunt several times. I saw semen floating near us in the pool.

We stayed in the pool with him still inside of me and floated weightless for a while. We kissed and hugged and touched and eventually I told him it was time for bed.

First – Public Exposure

My first public exposure involved a neighbor. I had just showered and had on only a old white thin tee shirt and no underwear. I never gave it a second thought when I stepped out on the porch to get a package the UPS Driver had left. I was not on the porch 30 seconds when my neighbor walked by. I’m sure he got an eyeful because as we locked eyes he was looking down the loose neck of my tee as I bent to get the package. Instead of realizing he caught me at a bad time and going away like the polite guy he always seemed to be he approached me and tried to start a conversation.

I knew what he was doing and played along. He was three steps down on the sidewalk so I stood sort of sideways so the light from my porch lamp would shine thru the tee shirt outlining my breasts and butt.

He was working hard to keep the conversation going so I decided to go for broke by sitting on my top step. The tee shirt was not long and I knew that by looking down just slightly he would be looking right at my pussy lips exposed. He struggled to maintain eye contact and eventually gave up and just looked down. When he looked back up I smiled as I stood up and told him I hoped to see him agin soon. As I turned to go in I deliberately dropped the package and bent to pick it up giving him the best possible view of my puss and butt. I felt naughty but actually enjoyed showing myself to him.

More recently I met a lovely woman on line and she challenged me to expose myself and tell her about it. What follows is my report to her.

You are going to get me arrested LOL

Ms.Robin reporting on Task number 1.

Today, as directed I traveled to Walmart and executed Task 1 with a slight modification to the item purchased. Instead of a casual top I tried on and actually purchased a bra. Walmart works out great for this for two reasons. It’s already full of crazy people doing weird things and you can drive 30 miles and go to one where you are very unlikely to see someone you know. I made sure to looked my best. Skinny jeans and red sporty flats.

Looking at the rack of 8,430,221 different bras, a young lady, Ariel (really) approached me and asked it she could help. Ariel is a young, guess 25 – 30, black woman, pretty much covered up with her Walmart vest but clearly large breasts. You know I am not small but she was bigger.

I introduced myself as Robin and she relied: “Ariel, I’m the department manager.”

I smiled and said: “Nice to meet you Ariel. I do hope you can help an old woman.”

She smiled and said: “Oh Miss Robin, you don’t look old at all. What size do you wear?”

This was not really my plan but I improvised Demetevler Escort and told her: “I don’t really know for sure, nothing seems to fit anymore. I need something that, we’ll you know, minimizes.”

Ariel didn’t hesitate to offer to measure me. She had a tape measure in her vest and took it out.

I deserve an award. I hesitated and said in my best old lady voice: “Oh, oh couldn’t we do that someplace more private?” as I pretended to look around for people who might be watching.

Ariel said: “Of course, Miss Robin, the dressing rooms are right around the corner” as she led the way.

As we entered the dressing room, before she could say anything, I took off my top and turned to face her. Task 1 started? She was surprised but I think, as I had hoped, she thought I was just a crazy old lady.

I held my breasts so she could measure under them, just a simple chest measurement. All the while she was talking about how I perhaps should consider a sports bra. She said she loved them and wore them all the time.

All of this took only a few minutes from the time I first met her. She was obviously surprised that I was braless but asked that I take a deep breath and took the measurement. She made two comments I found odd. She in a very low quiet voice said “beautiful” and when her finger touched my nipples she saw the reaction and added “and perky too.” She was speaking very softly as though she did not want to be heard.

She said: “Wait right here, don’t move, I’ll be right back.” She left me in the changing room naked from the waist up. As I waited a few people came in, saw me standing naked from the waist up.

Ariel returned with two different size sports bras. She smiled and said: “try these If you need more help come on out.” I wear sports bras all the time, they do minimize. One was the correct size and a new style I didn’t own so I bought it.

First – Bondage

Voluntary Bondage and Discipline is relatively new to my life. Let me clarify. When I was first divorced and discovered the betrayal of a woman I thought was a friend I descended into a dark part of my life. During those few years I did things and allowed things to be done to me that I would not do today.

I fell under the control of a couple who considered me their person property. I was not forced into it. It was all my choice. It actually temporarily gave me a sense of being needed and wanted if only for their perverse desires. During that time they used me sexually individually and as a couple. They gave me to other individuals, couples and groups for sex. Yes bondage was sometimes involved but it was not really voluntary or pleasurable bondage for me. I may write stories about that part of my life but now is not the time.

I recovered and escaped that life because of and with Beth my long time life partner. She suggested we use bondage to test the limits in our sex life. Let me clarify. Somewhere along the line with Beth I acquired a fondness for spanking. It all started when somewhat kiddingly Beth spanked me and I enjoyed it. I remember talking to her about how the slight humiliation and increasing pain of spanking was a turn on for me.

Beth relished the pain part of spanking. I would spank her and stop because I was uncomfortable long before she said her safe word. We made it a rule to never judge each other’s desires or sexual needs.

Beth and I modified a wooden four poster bed in my guest room for bondage play. It has rings attached along both side rails and on the top of all four posts. We attached the rings so they looked like decorations. In an old sea chest at the foot of the bed we kept our “toys”.

Somewhere along the line Beth discovered Figging. One day I came home and found her peeling ginger root. I remember thinking that supper would be interesting. She told me she had been very naughty and needed to be punished. I knew where this was going. She was feeling she needed to be spanked so I walked over to her and swatted her behind.

She turned and told me with emphasis that she had been very very naughty and needed discipline badly. She and I had talked about this before and she insisted that every now and then she had an overwhelming desire to be controlled in every way. So today like other days she wanted to be tied to the bed.

I asked her what she needed. She simply said “bottoms up.” It was simple, I tied her to the bed head down on all fours. We used velcro straps. One on each of her wrists tied to the base of the headboard posts. Her knees were spread wide and strapped to the side of the bed pulling her butt up and completely exposing her. Her ankles were strapped to the posts at the foot of the bed.

She surprised me with her request that I insert a piece of the peeled ginger root in her butt and vagina.

Some how she had learned that a practice called “figging” had been used for centuries as a punishment for slaves for example. The oils in the ginger cause a slowly building burning feeling that in some people can be almost unbearable. She loved it and lasted two hours. A one point later she did it to me, anal only. I lasted 20 minutes!

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