This is a brief but true story of a recent unexpected encounter.

So I went for a bike ride, it was the dog end of a warm autumn afternoon and there was hardly anyone about. And yes, I rode by the cruising area down by the beach, no one there either. A guy was coming off the beach, a jogger. We gave each other second glances but I thought he was checking to see if I was checking him out. Which I was but couldn’t do that well as I was cycling at speed. And I thought no more about it.

I cycled up past the fields of corn and the lakes where the swans swim gracefully, enjoying the sights of nature at its best. Then the track rejoiced the main road and I began to head for home. Just before the bend, there is an abandoned college or training centre and the buildings are in a state of disrepair. And I saw the runner again. He turned again and I slowed down, watching him cut through some waste ground at the back of the college. I wasn’t sure where he’d gone and I waited, on the side of the main road, until 2 dog walkwalkers passed. Then I saw him.

In the pine trees of the grounds, he appeared. Naked from the waste down, with his cock and balls cupped in one hand. I was astonished although no one driving by would have seen him and if anyone had approached, I think he would have seen them and been easily able to hide. I’d been flashed!

I moved in to the waste ground to find the gap in the Gaziosmanpaşa Escort fence that would give me access. And then I propped my bike against a wall and climed the remnants of the fence. I felt a twinge of guilt as Dave, my boyfriend, hadn’t come out cycling with me and didn’t know what he was missing but I would fill him in later when he was filling me in.

There was a small maze of buildings but I saw him again. This time, he saw me and turned his back to me, exposing his rounded and smooth little buttocks. I lowered my tracksuit bottoms, revealing my own shaved cock. And I slipped on a cock ring that I always carry when I’m out and about. If ever I die and my clothes go to a charity shop, they won’t be short of circular bands of black rubber.

I started to harden and he peered over his shoulder. It seemed he liked what he saw. He turned round and I saw his hard cock in all its glory as he slowly wanked it. I smiled and he turned round, again tempting me with that juicy little arse of his. And then disappeared round a corner…

I followed. He was leaning against a wall, still wanking slowly. I got up good and close behind him and he moaned slightly but very approvingly. As I bent forward, I could smell the smell of fresh sweat from his armpits and his arse crack was damp too from perspiration. I put my arm around him and took over the slow rubbing Gaziosmanpaşa Escort Bayan of his cock, a good and solid 6 inches of clean meat. He was cut too which I love but not shaved. I thought he might have been as his arse wasn’t hairy but as I probed his crack a little more with a finger, I realised he just had smooth buttocks and that his mancunt was surrounded by a circle of very short, wirey and very curly hair.

My trousers were halfway down my legs and I had, unusually, worn underwear which were equally lowered. I nestled my hard cock in the groove of his arse, and he pushed back slightly. He was clearly offering me his arse and I was sorely tempted. Sorry to disappoint but this didn’t end in a fuck, unless you count Dave pumping his seed in to me when I got home, the price to pay for being naughty. Instead, I rubbed a little more and he parted his cheeks a little wider so the base of my shaft was teasing and massaging his ring. The more I rubbed, the more he made noises letting me know he was enjoying it. He removed his t-shirt, black like his shorts, and was now fully naked in the outdoors.

I eased off a little and licked the end of my middle finger, then probed the entrance of his hole, teasing the warm, wet and welcome opening. By now the upper half of his body was almost parallel to the floor and he had taken back over from me stroking his Escort Gaziosmanpaşa cock. I discreetly checked that his arsehole was clean, and then bent down behind him and buried my face in his crack, tongueing his little ringpiece before rimming him big time. I slapped his buttock as I did so, which he clearly liked too. But I was afraid to make too much noise in case there were passers-by. So I maybe gave him 3 more cracks on his naked cheeks as I pushed my spit up his arse with my eager tongue. He loved the sensation and as someone who likes to be fucked shallow rather than deep, I could totally relate to the pleasure I was giving him. It seems he had a very sensitive anus.

He was excited, clearly, and with thrill of being totally naked outdoors he was close to shooting. I licked eagerly the skin between his hole and his bollocks as much as I could as he wanked away, speeding up as he began to reach the point of no return. I gave him one final hard slap on his butt as he began to shudder and the jizz started to spurt. Quickly, I moved round to the front so although I had missed the first 3 or 4 shoots of his juice, I was there for the remainder. And there was plenty of it. I swallowed greedily, sucking the head of his piss slit until it was empty of cum, it didn’t have a strong taste, nor was it too thick, and was therefore a double pleasure.

“Thanks” he said as I pulled up my trousers and left.

I love the way people say thank you, even though the gratitude is mine. Grateful for them sharing their bodies and their fluids with me, grateful for the moment and grateful that I could still taste their spunk when Dave is pumping my arse later on, slapping my own smooth butt cheeks for being such a bad boy.