Flights of Fancy Ch. 02

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It’s late evening when Bonnie arrives at her hotel. The flight was fairly uneventful, particularly considering what had happened at the airport. She had felt so horny after her encounter with the security guards, so she had put a blanket over her lap on the plane, unbuttoned her shorts and slipped her hand down between her legs to play with herself. The guy sitting next to her had nodded off which had allowed her a little more freedom but it had still been a pretty unsuccessful attempt and in truth probably left her even more frustrated than before.

So when the hotel porter who helped her carry her bags to her room turned out to be a gorgeous hunk called Antonio, all smooth olive skin, big brown eyes and dazzling smile, she was in flirting overdrive mode.

“So you are staying here by yourself?” he asked as the lift doors closed.

“No, I’m meeting up with friends. They arrived yesterday. I’m sharing a room with one of them.”

“Are all of your friends as beautiful as you?”

“Ah…that’s really sweet of you…thank you,” Bonnie beamed, lightly stroking his muscled arm.

“Here we are, Room 306, beautiful lady.”

“Can you come in and show me how the aircon works? I can never get those things going and I get so hot.”

“Yes of course. And first I show you where everything is.”

I know where the thing I’m interested in is already thought Bonnie, glancing down at the front of Antonio’s shorts. She was on heat, and so let her hand brush against his cock she could see outlined through the fabric.

Antonio clearly wasn’t sure if it was an accident or not, as he continued to show her around.

“So here is the bathroom, and now I show you your balcony,” he said as he opened the glass doors that led outside.

As she squeezed past him to go outside she let her hand brush against his cock again. It was bigger and harder than when she first touched it, and this time she left him in no doubt that it was intentional, her hand lingering a split second on his knob.

“You are naughty lady as well as beautiful lady” he beamed, staring straight in her eyes.

“You had better believe it,” she said, “so, are you going to show me everything Çankaya Escort then?”

Her hand was now deliberately tracing the outline of his hard-on, her long fingernails teasing him.

Just then she heard someone shouting her name down by the pool, below the balcony.

“Hey, is that you Bon?”

Their room being on the third floor meant that the girls had spotted that the lights were on and the doors open as they’d walked past down below.

Bonnie let go of Antonio’s cock, went to the balcony edge and leaned over the rail to say Hi to her friends

“Hey there she is!! We’ve just had dinner Bon. About to head out,” shouted Ange who was her roommate for the next four nights, “you coming?”

“I….” Bonnie stopped short as she felt hands on her legs, running slowly up her calves, over her thighs and towards her ass.

The balcony had stone sides so the porter crouched down behind her was hidden from the view of her friends. His hands were inside her shorts, on her bare ass cheeks, and he was kissing her thighs.

“You all right darling?” shouted Becky, the sensible one of the group. “Shall we pop up?”

“No…, no I’m fine. Just a bit jaded after the flight that’s all maybe.”

His hands had found the button at the front of her shorts, undone it, pulled down the zipper, and he was now easing the shorts off, over her buttocks.

“I think I should come up, sweetie, I really do,” said a concerned looking Becky.

“I’m fine.”

Shorts around her ankles. That lacy pink thong she had taken off herself at the airport, with Karl’s dried cum all over the gusset, being peeled off expertly now. Small bites and soft kisses all over her ass cheeks as the panties followed the shorts to the floor.

“I don’t know Bon, I think I should just come and check.” Becky started to head back towards the hotel.

“No!” Bonnie blurted out “no I’m fine, honestly, I just need a shower that’s all. Then I’ll come and meet you.” God, that Becks could be such a mother hen sometimes.

Teeth biting slowly on the inside of her ass cheek, just an inch or so from her pussy lips. Keçiören Escort Oh fuck, that felt so good. This boy knew what he was doing. What a contrast to the frantic and fumbling Karl who had fucked her earlier that day. Bonnie pushed her ass back towards Antonio’s face and spread her feet further apart to give him better access to her.

Becky still looked unsure, so Bonnie waved her back. “Just tell me which bar you’re going to and I’ll be there in half an hour or so.” They had been to the same resort a few times before so knew it well. The others convinced Becky that Bonnie was ok and she stopped.

“We were thinking of the Kazbah, it’s their happy hour night on Thursdays,” said Ange.

“Yeah… sounds great…that’s the one behind the lighthouse yeah?”

Bonnie was struggling to get the words out. Her pussy was being spread, hands on her ass cheeks and thumbs pulling her labia apart. His tongue lapping at her wet sex. She was gripping the balcony rail trying to concentrate. The last thing she wanted was Becky deciding she was acting peculiar and coming up.

“Yes, with the blue neon sign.”

“Oh God!”

His tongue was poking at her tight asshole, the tip pushing in. She loved having her ass licked.

“Sorry?” Becky was looking concerned again.

“I said ‘Oh good’… I really like that’ bar…. nice vibe.”

Fingers delved into her pussy as she finished the sentence. His tongue pushed it’s way further into her ass.

“Cool. Well see you in a while. Look forward to catching up on the goss.”

Her friends turned and headed off towards the bar. She let out a huge sigh of relief, leant over on the rail and spread her legs even further. Now she could relax and enjoy the pleasure he was giving her with his mouth and fingers.

“That’s it… fuck me with that tongue,” she whispered.

Antonio dutifully spread her ass cheeks with his hands and fucked her asshole, using his tongue like a small cock, pushing it in as far as it would go, pulling it out and plunging it back in again, thrusting in and out at speed, his face pressing in between her buttocks.

Then Etimesgut Escort all of a sudden the tongue fucking stopped, and immediately his tongue was replaced with first one finger and then another. They slid in easily as her ass was so wet.

“I want you to fuck me in the arse….right here, on the balcony,” said Bonnie

He stood up behind her. She could feel his hot cock pressing against her backside. It felt a nice size but she wanted a closer look, so dropped to her knees and took him in her mouth, sucking and licking her way all over his cock, her fingers teasing his balls.

His cock oozed pre-cum and she licked it off. It was a nice cock. Not as big as Karl’s had been but she was certain he’d know how to use it a whole better.

Standing up again she turned around and, reaching round behind her, spread her ass cheeks with her hands. She felt his knob being pressed against her butt hole and, after a couple of small thrusts, his knob popped inside her. He stayed still for a few seconds, savouring the moment, then slowly but firmly drove it all the way in. She could not have taken any more. He bit gently on her neck and shoulders as they stood there. Anyone walking by down below, if they chose to look up, would have seen a young couple cuddling on the balcony. Whereas in actual fact Antonio had just started rocking backwards and forwards as he fucked her in the arse,

All day she had been waiting for this… a proper fucking. Slow and smooth. Long firm strokes, his cock gliding out almost all the way and driving back in again. Every now and then he would lean back a little, grab hold of her hips, and fuck her hard and fast, but he was in total control, and soon he would be back to the long measured strokes.

After all this time, Bonnie started to feel her orgasm approaching. He was close behind her, biting into her neck and shoulder, and had discovered the spot on the back of her neck that sent her wild. He had his mouth clamped on to it and was sucking it into his mouth, his teeth digging into her soft flesh. This, and one particularly well angled thrust had a huge climax surging through her. Her ass muscles were contracting as she came, clamping down and squeezing on his cock with a vice-like grip, and soon he was cumming too, his cock pumping hot spunk into her tight asshole, what felt like wave after wave of it.

Two loads from two different men emptied inside her, in different holes, in the space of a few hours. Maybe she wasn’t going to need that vibrator on this holiday after all.

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