Flirting with The Neighbors Ch. 04

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With the excitement of having watched three men feeling up his wife fresh in his mind and making his cock so very hard, Bobby was horny and hot for his wife’s body. Then, later, hearing her telling him about her stroking and briefly mouthing their cocks, he was ready to fuck her like she had never been fucked before. She made him crazy with lustful desire.

By skinny dipping it the pool, and by allowing the men to feel her up while she explored the men’s bodies, it was obvious that she was willing to continue with whatever made him happy, so long as he shared his excitement with her sexually afterwards. He was ready to take the next step with her. Whatever that was and wherever that would lead, he was ready to try an alternative sexual lifestyle.

What had happened in the pool that night so excited Bobby that he had sex with Bonnie like he had never had sex with her before. She had three orgasms that night. He was a fuck machine and he didn’t stop fucking her until they were both drenched in sweat and exhausted. Never had they had sex like that before. Never were they as horny for one another after playing with their neighbors. If this was the appetizer of what was to come, then he wanted the full sexual banquet.

With thoughts of her strutting herself around and showing off her hot body in the backyard in her tiny red bikini, he was never as hot for her. With thoughts of her exposing her naked body to their neighbors and seeing the naked wives of his neighbors, he was never as horny. He couldn’t remove the thoughts of Bonnie touching and stroking Jim’s, Mike’s, and Joey’s cock and them touching her everywhere. Then, the fact that she had their cocks in her mouth, just about put him over the edge of lustful desire for her. He couldn’t wait to fuck her while she whispered all the sordid details in his ear.

It was not an easy decision to bring other people into their marriage but, being that this group of six sexy neighbors was their best friends, they felt secure enough in their relationship to experiment with them. Bobby was eager to watch how Bonnie would respond to having sex with another man, so long as she told him everything that happened.

He couldn’t wait to watch another man fucking her and giving her an orgasm. He couldn’t wait to watch her suck another man’s cock and watch him cum in her mouth. He wanted to continue with the sexual exploration more than she did, at least so he thought.

Although she was still a bit reticent and uncomfortable at the idea of actually sleeping with another man other than her husband, Bonnie confessed to him in their pillow talk that she was willing to go along with whatever he wanted. Only, even in his wildest fantasies, he had no idea what would happen next.

Bobby did not see anyone until two weekends later when Sharon called Bonnie to invite them over to their house.

“Hi, Bonnie,” said Sharon on the phone. “How are you doing? We haven’t seen you guys around.”

“Good, we’ve been laying low.” There was a strained silence between the two friends until Bonnie spoke again, “but all of that…the things that happened in our pool last weekend…was a little weird…don’t you think?”

“Yeah, well, you can blame Jim, Mike, and Joey for that. It’s why I called to invite you over, so that we all can get together like mature adults and discuss what happened. We don’t want anything that will cause hurt feelings and ruin friendships. Our friendship with you is more important than sex.”

“Well, after I practically blew Jim, Mike, and Joe, and the three of you were all over Bobby, it’s a little late for that, don’t you think? I must have been really drunk.”

“Well, don’t feel guilty about anything because it’s nothing that can’t be fixed.”

“I do feel a little slutty, I mean, I was drunk but I still can’t believe that I had their cocks in my mouth.”

“Don’t. That’s ridiculous. We’re all consenting adults,” she laughed. “So, will you and Bobby come over Saturday?”

Bonnie hesitated before answering her.

“Yeah, sure, what time?”

“Around eight.”

“Okay, we’ll see you, then.”

Jim was at Sharon’s side as soon as she hung up the phone.

“So, are they coming?”

“Yes, Jimmy, they are coming Saturday, but it will be up to you and the guys to see if you can make them feel comfortable and join our little swinging group.”

“Up to us? Why is it up to me and the guys?”

“It is up to you, Mike, and Joey because you three fools went and started rushing them without talking about it first and without having we women there to help explain, feel them out, and ease them in the lifestyle. You pressured Bonnie to do things that she wasn’t ready to do, yet.”

“Yeah, well, you and the girls were all over Bobby at the other end of the pool,” he said giving her a hard look.

“That’s Ankara bayan escort different with a guy. We didn’t have to pressure Bobby to do anything. He was a willing participant.”

“Besides, what does it all really matter, it’s just sex.”

“It’s sex to you, Jim, but it is more than sex to some people. It’s about love and trust and the vows that they took to remain faithful. Not everyone is as twisted as we are.”

“Twisted? So, just because we swing and are in the lifestyle, we’re twisted?”

“No, that’s not what I mean and you know it. To those who are not in the lifestyle, we’d be outcasts. To them, we’d be twisted.”

“How’d she sound?”

“She sounded a bit cold and distant. She didn’t prolong the conversation like she usually does by asking about the kids or talking about stuff on sale somewhere.”

“It’s understandable. She’s overwhelmed and doesn’t know what to make of all of this. By now, Bobby has probably figured out that we’re all swingers.”

“I don’t know, Jimmy. It wasn’t right attacking her like that in the pool. You guys were all over her.”

“Yeah, well, she wasn’t screaming help, now was she? She wasn’t acting like she we were raping her. She didn’t even say no, don’t, and stop. Matter of fact, she was teasing us and driving us all crazy by swimming towards and acting like she was going to take our cocks in her mouth and then swimming away before she actually took turns taking our cocks in her virgin mouth. She would have blown us all, probably if her husband wasn’t there.”

“All that doesn’t matter, Jimmy, we’re supposed to have open marriage, which means we tell one another everything and don’t go sneaking around. We made an agreement that we would do things as a couple.”

“You’re right and I’m sorry. Just with the alcohol and with Bonnie parading about in her little bikini and then topless, I was caught up in the moment. She made me horny and then watching you with Bobby drove me crazy, too.” He grabbed Sharon around the waist and kissed her. “I love you.”

“We’ll find out soon enough if they want to join our neighborhood group,” said Sharon pulling breaking off his hug.

The three couples hoping to add another couple to the mix were already a very close knit group. Friends who shared many things and had much in common, they enjoyed one another’s company, even when they weren’t having sex. Only, the sex gave them a closeness that other couples would never understand.

They were friends who had taken their friendship beyond what is deemed acceptable by the moral majority. Their sexual relationships enabled them to develop a special bond of intimacy that transcended any jealousy issues. There was no room for jealousy in the swinging lifestyle. It was almost as if they had extended their marriages to include and embrace each other. Their relationship was almost cult like in closeness and compatibility.

Saturday night everyone greeted them at the front door. Bonnie looked hot. She wore a cotton sundress with bikini panties and bra underneath. Bobby looked good, too, tanned and muscular.

“Hi, Bonnie,” said Sharon giving her a kiss on the lips, as did Kathy, Rita, Jim, Joey, and Mike.

“Hi, Bobby,” said Sharon giving him a kiss on the lips, as did Kathy and Rita. Jim, Joey, and Mike shook hands with him.

They crowded into the small living room. The women all wearing short sundresses looked hot albeit if not a bit like women from the movie The Stepford Wives. The women had their hair, nails, and makeup done and all were nicely dressed. The men wore slacks with ironed shirts. There was not a pair of jeans or sneakers in sight.

Sharon looked like she’d lost a few pounds. With her dark hair cut short, she looked cute. Kathy with her strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes was the prettiest, next to Bonnie. She was about 5’6″ and, maybe, 125 pounds. Rita, at 5’7″, was attractive with her long auburn hair. Thin with A cup tits, she had a nice ass and a killer personality. All the couples were attractive in their own way with only Bobby and Bonnie standing out as the stars of the group.

Bobby, at 6’2″ was the best looking, tallest, and largest of the men. Jim at 5’9 was thin, but for a bit of a beer pot belly. Joey, at 5’7″, with his dark hair, brown eyes, and olive complexion was a sexy Italian, until he packed on the weight. He could stand to lose 30 pounds. Mike at 6′ battled the weight, too. He tried working out, jogging and going to the gym, but he did not always stick with it. Besides, he had an office job where the donuts and quick, fast food lunches were the daily event. Although he was not obese, he was getting a bit soft.

“Now that it is out in the open that we are all swingers,” said Jim starting the conversation on the wrong foot, “we asked Bonnie and Bobby here to clear Escort bayan Ankara the air.”

“Jim, we are hardly swingers,” said Sharon reacting to the surprised look on Bonnie’s face. “You make us sound like we have sex with everyone, when instead we are all monogamous to our small group.

“Yeah, Jim you make us sound like we are depraved, sex addicts who will fuck and suck anyone,” said Kathy.

“I’m no one’s whore, Jim,” said Rita.

“Okay, I didn’t mean it like it sounded but we do have sex outside our marriage with one another,” he said looking from one to another and when no one responded, he continued. “Right? Anyway—”

“Jimmy, go fix everyone a drink and let me explain,” said Sharon.

She turned to Bobby and Bonnie.

“It all started with Kathy and me. We just had our first child, had quit our jobs, and were bored to tears. We weren’t used to the mother bonding with baby thing, yet. We were always together, the park, walking the kids, talking on the phone, and having coffee together in the morning and again in the afternoon, which turned into sometimes having a cocktail or two. We were learning how to be mothers together. It was inevitable that we would form a bond and, as it so happened, an attraction for one another.”

“So, you two are lesbians?” asked Bobby.

“Lesbians? Hardly,” said Kathy slowly crossing her long legs and flashing a bit of white panty to Bobby. “I like cock too much to be a lesbian. Give me a man to a woman, any day.”

“Yeah, women don’t give me all that I want either. They can’t satisfy my sexual needs in the way that a man can. If we are anything, we are socially bi-sexual. We do it to please the guys,” said Sharon. “The guys love seeing two women together.”

“Well, one, hot summer afternoon, Sharon had me rub some lotion on her back.” Kathy looked to her friend before continuing. “We had a couple of drinks and I was fooling around acting like a guy. I started kissing her back and feeling her ass while rubbing lotion between her legs. Then, I pulled down her bathing suit straps and started rubbing lotion on the top of her chest. We were laughing and making total fools of ourselves.”

“Then I started acting like I was getting all hot and bothered, which I admit, I was a little. I lowered my bathing suit and started rubbing my tits and pinching my nipples,” said Sharon.

“So, we role played acting like we were a boyfriend and girlfriend,” said Kathy.

“Then, when she started touching my tits,” Sharon rolled her eyes, “was when I was getting a little wet and feeling a little horny. I never had a woman touch me like that before. Then, it happened when we went to fake a kiss acting like we were lovers. Only, instead of faking the kiss, we actually kissed. Our kiss soon turned into a French kiss. We were making out like horny teenagers before either one of us realized.”

“That first kiss got us going,” said Kathy. “I was hot, high, and horny that afternoon. As soon as I kissed Sharon, I was all over her sucking her tits and fingering her clit.” Kathy laughed, “That was the first time I sucked a woman’s tits.”

“Neither of us had done anything like that before,” said Sharon. “There was something magical about that day and Kathy turned me on so much that I stripped off her bathing suit and went down on her. Her pussy was the first one that I ever licked. After I gave her an orgasm, she went down on me and gave me one, too.”

“When we told our husbands about it, they couldn’t believe it. They wanted to hear every sexy, sordid detail. Of course, Joey wanted me to fuck him and suck his cock while I told him what happened between Sharon and me.”

“Yeah, Jim was the same way. He had a huge erection, as soon as I told him that I did Kathy. I’ve never been fucked like that before. He was so turned on that I licked Kathy’s pussy and sucked her tits. He was an animal.”

“Well, both Jim and Joey were all for it because they wanted to get in on the action. Of course, the next step was for them to watch us going at one another, which we arranged a private show for them. They sat there with their cocks in their hand masturbating while watching us doing one another. Then, from there, we had sex with our respective spouses in the same room while watching one another having sex. It was not long after that—”

“The very next weekend,” said Kathy.

“That Jim, the pervert that he is, suggested a full swap but in the same room.”

“That was a big step for me,” said Kathy, “because Joey was the only man that I had ever been with, except for the boyfriend that I had in college. It was awkward having been friends for years before becoming lovers, but after a few drinks it was okay. Actually, it was kind of hot and still is.”

“Then we moved in the neighborhood,” said Rita. “We did not suspect Bayan escort Ankara anything, at first, we thought our neighbors were normal,” she laughed and then everyone laughed. “It wasn’t until we had been living here more than a year when, just like what happened a couple of weeks ago at your house with the pool party, the same thing happened with us. That action kind of let the cat out of the bag.”

“Only, unlike you,” said Mike, “we did not have sex with any of the other couples until much later. We knew that Jim and Sharon and Kathy and Joe were having sexual relations, but we didn’t join in until we talked about it between ourselves and then asked if we could try it. They welcomed us and, now, it’s been more than three years and things have been going great.”

“Then, when you moved in the neighborhood,” said Rita, “of course, all the guys took one look at Bonnie and wanted to bang her, but what stopped us from getting friendly is the kid thing.”

“Yeah,” said Kathy, “all the women wanted to bang Bobby, too.”

“With you guys not having any kids and all of having kids, we didn’t have that in common to break the ice and make you feel more of a part of the neighborhood. We felt that you were a bit standoffish, that is, until the pool party and until we got to know you better,” said Sharon.

Before the alcohol blurred everyone’s judgment and numbed everyone’s sensations, Sharon got up from where she was sitting, walked over to Bonnie, and kissed her. It started out as a kiss between friends, but when Bonnie did not pull away, it quickly turned into a wet kiss when Sharon put a hand around Bonnie’s neck and pushed her tongue past her lips and in her mouth. Then, Bonnie returned her French kiss. Sharon gave Bonnie a smile before returning to her seat.

Then, Kathy followed Sharon’s move, got up from her chair, walked over to Bonnie and gave her a long, wet French kiss. This time Bonnie was more proactive in the kiss placing her hand around Kathy’s neck and pulling toward her. Now, it was Rita’s turn to give Bonnie a long, wet French kiss and Bonnie returned the pleasure of her French kiss.

This was Bonnie’s official initiation in their private group, their swinging group of neighbors. None of the women seemed worried about Bobby not wanting to join; they all knew he would. What guy in his right mind would turn down this type of scenario where the neighbors are this friendly, especially when the neighbor women look as hot as does Sharon, Kathy, and Rita? Bobby just watched the initiation process in stunned silence. He had never seen his wife kiss another woman. He had never seen his wife French kiss anyone before.

Joey and Mike watched in excited anticipation, as Sharon reached around back and unhooked and unzipped Bonnie’s sundress. The three women had Bonnie stand in the middle of the room while Kathy raised the hem of Bonnie’s sundress over her head and removed it. Bonnie stood in the middle of the living room in her matching yellow bra and panties.

Rita unhooked her bra, as Sharon peeled the straps from her shoulders. Bonnie cooperated by moving her arms down and allowing her bra to fall to the floor exposing her perfectly shaped B cup tits. Bobby sat with his hand perched over his raging erection. Certainly happy that she was, he could not believe that his wife was going through with this. He looked from Jimmy to Mike to Joey watching the men staring at his topless wife.

It was apparent that the French kisses from the three women had excited Bonnie. Her nipples were erect and Kathy reached out and took each one between her thumb and index finger and sucked them, first one and then the other, before giving them a gentle tug and twist. Then, she French kissed her, again.

Bonnie leaned into Kathy and returned her kiss. Rita rolled down Bonnie’s panty allowing her to step out of them while Kathy and Bonnie kissed. The women continued making out while Rita and Sharon parted her legs allowing Sharon and Rita the access to shower her exposed pussy with licks, kisses, and touches. Bobby watched the three men staring at his wife before returning his attention to the three women having hot, lesbian sex with his wife. He watched his wife quiver with the touches and licks from the two women.

They pulled Bonnie down on the thick, blue carpet and her body was alive with three women touching, feeling, and tasting her. Each took turns kissing her and, while one licked her pussy, the other sucked her tits. Never had Bonnie experienced anything like this before. Never had she had sex with a woman or had thoughts of having sex with a woman and, now, having sex with three women was, well, too much. In a chain circle of femininity, each woman took turns licking her pussy, fingering her, and kissing her.

The men stood and walked around the woman for better views of the action. Never had Bobby seen his wife so sexually aroused. The women gave Bonnie multiple orgasms. If there was a woman who was ready for a gangbang, it was Bonnie. In her excited state, she would have done anything to any man.

To be continued…

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