Floin’s Adventures of the Flesh Ch. 01


I know it is forbidden of me as a sanctified scribe of the church, but through my secret allegiances to the gods and spirits of the old order, I compose this chronicle of how the remarkable Floin came to be naked and bent over, to be skewered by the lingum of another man for the first time in the presence of many of the high Druid priests and priestesses of Britain in the annual Samhain harvest festival of the Celtic New Year. This was only a great transitional moment in a life blessed to revel in many adventures of the pleasures of the flesh. If the old ways of the Celtic tribes ever come to revive, it is for this posterity that these tales must survive.

If it is the Christian era that survives into remote ages, then I plead my case to the good people of how different a view of who we were as people and the blessings mixed with sufferings to live in the world. People were not, as is now, considered corrupt and sinful from inception and in need of some faith in one who could provide reformation. All the same, we were not naïive and knew that people are capable of great wickedness. Investigations and punishments were sorted out by the village elders and Druids for injustices done to others, on a case-by-case basis. Otherwise our flesh was considered a great gift of the gods, who like them, we could use our reason to devise ways to shield from the extremes of winter cold and summer heat, find remedies among the herbs of the garden and plants of the forest to assuage our sicknesses. There was not the need to cover up for any sanctity of decency and so in may ways, we were more practical then. Why add to the expense of the fruit of the loom, the frequent scarcity of large game, and the burden of laundering, unnecessarily? In the warmth of huts in the evening, families would routinely disrobe and enjoy their dinners in the nude. Sleeping nude in all seasons of the year under the warmth of unshaped animal skins was mandatory. In the warmest weeks of the summer, sometimes into the beginning of the harvests, everyone worked in the communal fields naked. Late in the day, people relaxed by bathing in the nearby ponds and lakes together before supping. Small children liked this time of the year the best because it was then that their elders were the most playful, especially the men. The Druids were always covered in their white robes in common presence, but as Floin would learn, most of the rituals among themselves were in the nude or very scantily clad.

This was the time that gifted and lusty Floin lived. It was in my grandfather’s youth, when bursa üniversiteli escort the Romans returned to our Britannic isle and, this time, meant to secure it. The Celtic tribes throughout the isle were beginning to coalesce and would be in need of a great many soldiers. Floin was one of those alert and skilled boys that any village may have in their midst once every 5 generations or so. He had all the characteristics that suggested a special blessing by spirits and gods. He was a quick learner for many of the crafts including the forge. In his 12th year he was sent to Winchester to be instructed in Greek mathematics and mastered its essentials ahead of all in the class. But most of all, he developed physically, precociously into the flower of manhood long before most boys do: tall, muscular, broad-shouldered and a broad chest, large hands and feet, and a full thick red beard.

His parents were very pleased, because it was known that the oldest witch among the Druid priestesses would come to the village and investigate. If Floin passed her test that was applied to unusually advanced youths of 18, he would join the ranks of students in Druidic education to enter the priesthood. This was usually only an honor that was passed to those in heredity of Druid families of many generations. Her arrival at the village was greeted with a great feast, but she ate very little and spoke few words to the commoners. The next morning, Floin was awoken at dawn by her attendants and told not to don any apparel despite the chill of the morning. As he arose, the women complimented him for his horn, still nocturnally stiff from his slumber, and informed him that it would be regarded as a good omen by the witch. But it withered to normal pendulous lingum before she caught sight of him. Oddly, he was blindfolded and guided down the village path to another unknown hut. This must have been some old ritual that had lost its purpose, for he instantly identified the hut of his arrival when his sight was restored. What startled him most was the presence of the old woman nude, as well. He had never seen a woman so old like that. She was completely shriveled and skeletal, her long wrinkled titties with permanent large pointed nipples had probably been robust and of great interest among males many decades earlier. There was a great thatch of salt and pepper hair where her otherwise disappeared yoni should be.

“Come here, lad. I have investigated your records and am satisfied that you are in your 18th year. There escort bayan is much that I like what I see, but I need to inspect you closely like your betrothed maiden will one day. ” Floin did as ordered and approached the old woman seated near the blazing hearth. He posed himself at her commands so that she could peer into his mouth and check the condition of his teeth. He pulled back his long red hair for her to inquire of his ears and even their canals. He knelt down and raised his arms, so she could sniff his pits and account for the growth of hair in those parts. Both standing still and bent over, she spread his firm buttocks to check the disposition of his anus and inserted her bony finger to assure that the grip of his ring would be grasping and tight. Last of all, she had him stand close while remained seated so that his lingum and stones hung close to her face. She was very pleased that with her fingers she could instantly stimulate his manhood to thicken and stretch to an impressive bulging straight heated man horn. The fingers of her other hand confirmed that the crinkly thicket of hairs about his man parts were unusually dense and long for one so young. The stretched back foreskin uncovered for her a very healthy pink gaping male opening with more than a hint of stimulated male wetness about the head.

“Excellent, my lad! Now I want you to stroke yourself in my presence to a climax where I can observe closely as you squirt out your increment of wet seed.” She handed him a little ceramic cup. “Make sure you catch the seed in this. The most important part of the examination is that I can test it for your virility fresh from its discharge from your excited loins.” She watched intently as the naked youth fervently gripped his turgid roll of man flesh and stroked rapidly in different places along its length. He revealed all the best signs of good pleasure in manipulating himself despite being in the presence of a degraded old woman. She listened carefully for all his soft grunts and moans . She found the flushed open-mouthed facial expression of other-worldly swoon as revealing of the great intensity he pleasured himself in complete abandon. An acute sensuality was imperative for any successful candidate. It was to his credit that he would find pleasure in occasionally setting the cup in his other hand and use its fingers to fondle his low hanging stones.

She prompted him closer as he raised the cup near to the end of the exercised bone for the last time. She moved her head in for a better look in escort bursa as he groaned his ecstasy of ethereal release. She watched very intently as the young horn throbbed again and again to shoot little portions of rich smelling off-white seed into the cup. The throbs continued apace even as he released smaller droplets or nothing at all with each hot spasm. In the end, he had discharged a great emission and an outstanding specimen of frothy fresh congealed liquid fruit of young male passion for her scrutiny. But she had to work fast. She had her secret ingredients of potions and powders to mix into the effluence on hand and she did so to precise measurements. The mixture was set on a small scaffolded container inches above a single candle flame. Within minutes it would be known if the subject was of sufficient virility to pass the test.

“Now, my young friend I want you to see something else that you have caused that works in your favor for passing this examination.” She spread her legs open and he could see the old thatch of witch hair was matted and sopping wet astride and about two swollen ancient yoni lips. “I have been cold many years and have not known the warm touch of a man for ages immemorial. It is rare that a candidate such as yourself, in doing the things necessary to release his seed in my presence, has this profound effect on me. It shows that you have the innate magic of great sexual prowess and other affairs of the flesh. You could be a great healer and Druid priest if you apply yourself to the instruction of it.”

If the emulsion heating above the flame turned no other color, or a color other than a green of fresh spring shoots, then the candidate would not be of sufficient virility to be acceptable. But in his case, the mixture turned to a luminescent light green. Quite literally, Floin had passed the exam with “flying colors.”

By this time the attendants had returned to the hut and helped the old woman into her robe, before they all left the village. “Now listen carefully my young friend. The studies and attentions required to be a respectable Druid priest are long, rigorous and demanding. You best be diligent. Upon inquiring of the villagers here among your faults, they concede that on some occasions you can be arrogantly disobedient, that you know better than your elders. I sternly recommend that you cast these flaws in your character aside. ” She ogled the naked youth one last time. “You are a very beautiful man, with or without garments. Do not think this earns you any special privileges in your upcoming studies. Your passions of the flesh can one day be of great credit to you, but failure could bring pains you are not accustomed to, tortuous ones. . Instruction starts just before the beginning of the harvest. Be sure you are present at our academy no later than then. Take heed of what I say”.

to be continued. . .