Fly A Flag For National Nude Day

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Well our annual parade was coming up and we were told this year that we would be marching, not only to celebrate Lesbian and Gay people, but to also celebrate National Nude Day, which had just come in.

They believed that they could join the two together, as one, and keep all of us “other” people together.

“So, how is this going to work?” I asked Bruce for the thousandth time.

“Well, we are all going to be naked…” He started.

“You mean everyone who is in the parade?”

“No.” He continued “Only us; The Gay Dancing Club. As far as I know all the others in the parade will be wearing clothes or part of their attire.”

“So, let me get this straight. If you pardon the pun.” I said “We march along as usual, butt naked with American flags flying from our penises.”

“Yeah, that’s right.” You blushed and there were one or two other snickers around as well.

“So, how do we keep the masts up?” I laughed.

“Well that’s up to the individual.” He answered. “If you have to jack off as you walk, or think of a lustful time or some one, then that’s how it is done.”

“Do you want to give us a demo?” I asked him, as I stifled my laughter.

He grinned and started to strip. The last thing to come off was his jocks and we all could see that he was semi hard. Even then it was 6 inches long.

As he walked over to grab a flag he asked if some one would like to tie it on.

“Sure.” I said very quickly, so that no one else had a chance.

I walked over towards him and he held the flag out to me. I took it and smiled into his eyes. He stood Ankara bayan escort with his hands on his waist, just like a pirate and legs spread apart.

My hands shook as I knelt down in front of him and stared at his cock.

“The mast is really rigid.” I said laughingly.

“You had better tie it on then.” He smirked.

I tied the bottom piece of string first and then the second piece, all the time with my hands shaking and wishing that I had his erection between my lips, sucking him dry and licking his balls.

I slowly stood up admiring my handy work.

“Looks good.” I stammered.

“You did a good job tying it on.” You grinned. “You have a gentle touch.”

I swear that I blushed when he said this and turned away.

“Now if the pole starts to go down during the march you will have to have some sexual thoughts ready to get it back up again. Failing that if you notice some ones mast going down then you will have to lend him a helping hand. If that hasn’t worked then you better suck him off.” He yelled with a grin.

“Won’t the flag get in the way?” some one asked.

“No. Peter come here and lets show them.” He said.

I walked back towards him.

“Now, lets assume that my cock has deflated, Peter, so will you gently take it in your hand and start rubbing it up and down.” He told me.

I moved my hand and encircled his cock. Slowly with deliberate movements I started to stroke his manhood. Going carefully over the strings. I could feel him respond to my touch/

“Okay, say if that hasn’t worked then you go to the Escort bayan Ankara sucking stage.

“Peter, if you please.” He said.

I leaned forward, as I still held his cock and slowly licked the head. Rolling my tongue over it, in small concentric circles. I opened my lips further and encircled his cock, being careful not to take too much into my mouth, as the flag would get in the way.

“That’s good Peter.” Bruce said with a far away voice. “Can every one see how Peter is doing it?’

“You bet.” Came a chorus of voices “We’re getting hot just watching the two of you.”

“That’s enough.” You said as you slowly pulled my head away from your cock. I was sad to lose that taste and that feel of you from my mouth.

“Okay, I want everyone to have a go with each other so that they can practice keeping each others cocks up.” You said.

I could see that every one enjoyed this idea as they started to shed their clothing, as if it was on fire.

You asked me to come into the office, as we left the others to suck and fondle each other.

As I walked in you closed the door behind me. I turned and you grabbed me and gave me a long and wet kiss. We were both aroused and very hard.

You led me to the desk and bent over it.

“Fuck me hard and fast.” You told me.

I needed no other invitation as I grabbed a condom from the desk and ripped open the packaging and put it on. Next came the ky jelly, which there was a jar of on the desk. I smeared it over the condom and around your anus.

“Quick.” You told me.

I spread your cheeks and Bayan escort Ankara positioned my cock at your rear door. I pushed through the opening and you pushed back as it went in further. I fucked you hard like you asked, not giving you a chance to relax your butt muscles as I pounded your arse.

I came very quickly, as did you. I put it down to the demonstration that we gave outside.

I gave one last shove and knew that I had finished coming, in your arse. I pulled out and watched as you clenched and un-clenched your butt cheeks.

“I needed that.” You said as you turned around.

“So did I.” I grinned as I kissed him.

“Come on, let’s see how the others are going.” You said as you walked gingerly to the door.

You opened the door and we were greeted by the sight of a mass orgy in progress, everyone was naked and sucking or fucking each other. You grinned and reached down and took my hand in yours, giving a small rub with your thumb over the back of my hand.

The day of the parade came around and we all assembled for the march. As we stripped I noticed that there was a lot of people naked standing about. Not only those in the parade but with those watching it as well.

The music started and we moved off. Every now and then some one would grab some one else’s cock to keep the flag flying or quickly give it the kiss of life. But one thing was sure. The crowd loved seeing the flags fly from our mastheads as we went passed.

I waved at the crowd and held Bruce’s hand. We both stopped every now and then to help with each other’s flag.

So, if you to want to be patriotic, fly a flag for National Nude Day and get your friends to join you.

(I wrote this piece, for a bit of fun. It could never happen in real life, but it would be fun to see how long you could keep the flag flying for.)

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