Fondest Wish Ch. 10


She came as soon as his pubic hair met her hairless cunt and clung to him as he settled into a slow, lazy rhythm, rotating his hips just a touch as he slid into her, scraping against her hot spot. Kara gasped. The sensations were unreal. With each stroke and resulting scrape, she felt as if she’d fly apart, as if she wanted to push him off and beg him, no more. But she didn’t. She gritted her teeth and thrust up against him, heightening the pleasure as she took more of his root into her.

Amalie moved behind them, dropping low behind Donovan and licking whatever she could of Kara’s cunt and his cock as he sawed in and out of her. She noticed that Donovan had sped up and moved back, rummaging around on the nightstand for Donovan’s favorite toy while her man pumped into their new lover. Kara came and came again, each building progressively until she couldn’t hold back any longer.


As Kara shattered into pieces beneath him, her voice raised in praise, Donovan grunted and ground into her one final time. The sudden introduction of the greased butt plug in his ass sent him tumbling over the edge so hard and fast that he could barely breathe, the ring of nerves singing as ass hole muscles clutched the black plastic, his cock splashing rope after rope of jizz into her body. Breathing heavily, he slumped against her, his lips pressing along her throat as their bodies shared the ecstasy of becoming one.

Tears pricked Kara’s görükle escort eyes and she began to sob quietly but the sound did not escape Donovan. He lifted his head and looked down into her pooling eyes, wiping the tracks away with his fingers. “Did I hurt you, Kara?”

“No. I’m all right.” She blubbered, then broke into fresh sobs. “No, I’m not.”

“What is it?” Amalie whispered, touching her cheek and leaning in to give her a soft kiss. “Is it us?”

Kara nodded, her throat sore from trying to suppress more tears. Between sobs, she spoke. “I’ve never been so loved before.”

“Oh, baby.” Donovan and Amalie wrapped their arms around her, pulling her close and covering her tear-streaked face with kisses. “You wouldn’t believe how wonderful that makes us feel. We’ve waited a long time for you.”

Donovan gave her a deep, passion-filled kiss, sliding out of her still-pulsing pussy. “We love you, Kara. We belong to each other now.”

Kara accepted their embrace, her tears running anew as her fondest wish was granted.

* * * * *

Night fell quickly and an exhausted Kara finally left Donovan’s bed at two in the morning, her body sore but well-loved. Amalie and Donovan had made love to her over and over in so many different ways that she was in awe of their prowess but very happy to be on the receiving end. She wanted to run a bath but she was too tired so she opted for a quick shower and fell into bursa escort bayan Amalie’s bed, snuggling into the crisp, clean sheets.

An hour later, she was awakened by the feeling of a cool breeze across her body and a warm hand running over her breasts, tweaking her nipples and making her moan softly. She awoke and smiled into Amalie’s dark eyes. “I hope you don’t mind me waking you up but I wanted to make love to you before falling asleep next to you. Are you too sore?”

“No.” Kara stretched, loving the way she was caressing her body. “Never too sore to make love to you.”

“I had hoped you’d feel that way … ” Amalie covered Kara’s body with her own, her hands roaming over Kara’s flesh while their mouths moved softly together. “Oh, Kara. I’m so glad you’re mine.”

“Amalie … ” Kara’s whisper floated over Amalie like a silky cloud and she shuddered as Kara rolled her over onto her back. She loved how Kara was taking control of her and dominating her. She especially loved it when Kara opened the treasure chest at the end of the bed and pulled out a harness. “Put it on me.”

A thrill went through Amalie’s body as she arose on her haunches and slid the thick leather belt around her lover’s waist. Kara looked beautiful with the big black belt around her tiny waist and she pushed her hair to the side, fixing her eyes on Amalie with a dark sexual glint. She knew what Kara wanted and she crawled to the bursa escort end of the bed and selected a double-sided dildo, turning to Kara and licking it as if it belonged to Donovan. She placed it into the harness and adjusted the belt so that she could slide one end of the thick rubber phallus into Kara.

Kara moaned as the dildo parted her pussy lips and pressed into her, the curve resting directly against her G-spot and causing an almost instantaneous orgasm. She tried to hold still, her entire body trembling as Amalie set the dildo into place and lay back, her legs open expectantly. She took in the beauty of Kara’s eyes and the deep look of love written in them, her body shivering as the dildo slid into her wet cunt. Looking into Amalie’s eyes, Kara began to move, slowly but forcefully, grinding down when their pussies briefly met.

Amalie’s hands slid up over Kara’s shoulders, lodging in her thick hair as she pulled Kara’s mouth down to her own. Their tongues intertwined softly, their bodies moving against each other as they worked together toward the common goal of cumming. Amalie popped first, her hips canting upward as she claimed Kara as her own, whimpering into Kara’s mouth as her pussy clenched again and again. Kara came second, amazed that she wasn’t as worn out as she thought she was and happily embracing Amalie as they lay together.

She was dimly aware of Amalie removing the harness, hissing when she pulled the dildo from her body but she purred happily when the woman lay down behind her, molding her body to her own. As she pulled Amalie’s arm around her, snuggling against the woman’s soft body, she drifted off into a sound sleep and knew that she’d never have to worry about being loved again.