For Her


It was hard to believe that the day he had been dreaming of was finally really going to happen. When they had met in the chat room online he had only hoped for someone to talk with, perhaps share some erotic stories and mutual masturbation time with.

But then he had met her; somehow from all the people in the room she stood out, even though he tried to get her attention she remained aloof, apart… It had begun as sort of an experiment, a way to make his life fuller, and it was fun. When Angel appeared in the room it changed for him, she was so alive, so vibrant that she drew him like a moth to a flame.

As he first tried to talk to her Angel was firm, she knew what she wanted and where she was headed, and what she hoped for to accompany her. Somehow in their first talk she felt his heart open to her, and knew that he was the man she had been searching for, but he was taken and that was not for her, where could they go from here….

They talked for what seemed like weeks, growing to know and become comfortable with each other, and each found that they looked forward to these talks more than anything else in their lives. In such a short time she had become the focus of his being, he had others how was this possible? Angel fought against his pull; she felt drawn to him but wanted to be his only…

And then one night while talking, he suddenly took her, kissing away her thoughts of resistance, loving her and cyber-kissing away all thoughts of others. They were joined the next day, and then they were one, together forever, all others gone and forgotten, just the two of them, loving and needing each other. The distance between them felt as though it was nonexistent when they spoke, they were as one, but then reality would interfere and they were far apart, in their different worlds.

But now it was September, and after much planning and thought they had arranged for Angel to come across the many miles and putting the real world aside they would be together, in life, for a week in the fantasy world of Las Vegas.

Angel had told her family she was going to visit her good friend, Barbara in Arizona and that together the two of them would see the Grand Canyon and then Las Vegas. As her plane landed she was torn, between her feelings of love for Master and almost a dread of the uncertainty. But now the ground was there, and the plane was rolling up to the jet way, the doors opening and Master awaited.

Angel stood and began to gather her things, then taking a deep breath began down the aisle and out to the terminal. The stewardess smiled and thanked her for flying with them as she walked into the terminal; it was a swirling mass of humanity, noise and confusion all around her. At the top of the ramp Angel stopped and began to look around, she sensed more than saw someone looking at her, holding a sign “ANGEL”.

As she turned and began to walk towards him Angel recognized that it was Master waiting for her. He was as his photos and letters had described and more, he was real and waiting for her… Her heart was pounding, she began to walk towards him when she saw his face light up, his smile was directed at her and she felt the love from him radiating to her like a sun, warming her. She felt his eyes as though they were twin lasers, reaching into her soul, reading her thoughts, her doubts then erasing them and drawing her to him.

Angel approached and when she was close Master smiled and in his soft yet firm voice said, “Welcome my love” and hugged her close. Angel forgot all the doubts, fears and thoughts, she knew that this was her destiny, where she belonged, protected and knew the love he felt for her. The people bustled and banged around them as they stood locked together, his arms around her, holding and loving her. Master pulled back, smiled and said simply “Come my love”. Master led her to the baggage claim area, they got her suitcase and then he led her out, into the adventure that her life was about to become.

When they got to the parking lot Master led Angel to a large truck parked there, it was dark blue and the windows were dark tinted, you couldn’t see inside of it. After putting the luggage in the back, Master opened the rear side door and said “Get in love, you and I have something to take care of before we go anywhere else or do anything else”.

Angel steps into the truck, it is dark and cool, Master gets in the other side. Before she can react he pulls her to him, kissing her lips, forcing her mouth open with his tongue. His touch is like electricity, going from her mouth to her hard nipples to her already soaking wet pussy and swollen clit. His touch has set her afire in an instant.

She can feel his need and knows that he will have her here and now, hard and fast. He pulls her shirt up and pulls her bra up over her breasts, needing to feel, see and taste her nipples; to sample their hardness and feel her breath against his neck as he suckles and bites them. He presses against her and she feels her legs spread at his touch. He runs his hand down between her legs and presses hard against her, her heat transferring through the cloth, her pussy hot, wet, her need apparent.

He quickly unbuttons and unzips her jeans, his fingers must be in her; stroking, rubbing her pussy and clit. She lifts her hips, sliding her jeans off as he begins to finger her, using one then two fingers as he feels her open to him. He pushes her hand down to his hard cock; she feels his hardness through his pants, pulsing with need for her.

Fingering her harder and deeper, kissing and sucking her nipples, she opens his fly and lets his cock out. Her hands full with his hardness, knowing that he has dreamed and wanted to be with you more than anything else in life. He pulls you over on top of him and his cock slides into her waiting pussy like a hand into a glove, fitting together so well, so perfectly. He loves being inside of her, and has wanted her for so long.

He immediately begins to thrust and stroke inside of her, his cock filling her, her pussy gripping and sliding up and down his cock as she rides him. He feels her begin to cum almost immediately, gushing over him, and he is so close as well, the time spent waiting to be with her, the joy at finally being with her. He holds her close as he begins to spurt, filling her with his hot cum as he climaxes deep inside of her, looking deep into your eyes, loving her, needing her…. Holding her close, he can’t believe how good she feels, how right they are together.

They dress and Master helps her into the front seat, and then drives her away from the airport and into their adventure together. They chat about nothing as he drives, just enjoying being together and letting the tension that had built dissolve. Through the windows you see the commotion the savage frenzy that is Las Vegas, the town is wild, people everywhere, overflowing the sidewalks, spilling out of the casinos, crowds everywhere you look.

She feels the truck slow and then notices that they are turning into the driveway of the large casino she had been looking at. The truck pulls to a stop at the valet station, Master has a bellboy take the bags. Master then has her step from the truck and she sees the grand entrance awaiting them. The doors are golden, the crowds are milling around, master takes her hand to lead her inside.

The cool darkness is welcome after the desert heat; she stands gazing around at the splendor that surrounds her. The entryway is tile, as far as she can see the grand casino floor is alive with light, sound and people. The slot machines whirl and clank, lights flashing, bells ringing, the cocktail waitresses in skimpy g-string outfits wander around, the people seem mesmerized by all the noise and wonder. Master has been waiting and seeing she has absorbed the scene again pulls her hand and leads her through the throngs of people to the elevators that will take them to their suite.

The guards recognize Master, and nod to him in deference, stopping the people following them and allowing them privacy on the elevator. Master smiles at her and she realizes that she has been trembling. The doors open on the 28 floor and Master leads you down the hall to your room. The bellman has opened the door and curtains and has set the bags in the master bedroom, Master tips him and with a knowing wink he leaves, closing the doors behind him. The city is at her feet, wonderful and flowing. Master clears his throat behind her, and says, “You may bathe and refresh yourself, be ready in 30 minutes”. Then leaves the room, closing the doors behind him.