For Your Viewing Pleasure Ch. 02

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Don’t miss the teaser for the next chapter at the end of this chapter!

All characters in this story are over the age of 18.


“Aiden, where are my keys?” Holly called as she strode hurriedly toward the kitchen.

“I think they’re on the table,” Aiden replied, stepping out of the kitchen to meet her.

“Thanks,” Holly nodded as she turned toward the dining room.

“Holly!” Aiden called after her.

Holly stopped and turned back toward Aiden. “What?” she asked.

“Could you come down to the basement for a second?” Aiden asked.

“Is it important?” Holly asked. “I’m going to be late as is.”

“It can’t wait,” Aiden replied and walked toward the basement.

Holly sighed and hurried after him, hoping that this really was worth her being even later than she already was.

When they entered the basement, Aiden reached under the bed and produced a small gift bag. “For this afternoon,” Aiden said as he handed the bag to Holly.

Holly looked at him skeptically, but reached inside the bag and discovered a micro-bikini. It was made out of a sheer, red material. This bikini would leave absolutely nothing to the imagination. She might as well walk around naked. “What’s this for?” she asked.

“It is a pool party, right?” Aiden asked.

“Yes,” Holly nodded, “but why this?”

“Because you’re a beautiful girl, and you shouldn’t be afraid to show off,” Aiden replied.

“Mom and dad barely let me keep the bikini I’m wearing,” Holly said, trying not to blush. “Can you imagine what will happen if they find out about this?”

“Leave that to me,” Aiden said. “They will never know.”

Holly looked down at the bikini, wondering what she should do.

“Come on,” Aiden urged. “At least try it on.”

Holly looked at Aiden and nodded, “OK.”

With that, she set the bikini back in the bag and set the bag on the floor. Then she removed her tank top, exposing the blue bikini top underneath. Once the tank top was on the floor, she removed her bikini top and then pulled down her shorts, taking her bikini bottom with them. Aiden had seen Holly naked multiple times since their first time masturbating together a week ago, but her perfect, curvy body still amazed him.

A moment later, and Holly was dressed in nothing but the micro-bikini. Aiden motioned toward the bathroom and said, “Take a look.”

Holly walked into the bathroom, flipped the light on, and her eyes widened as she saw herself in the mirror. The top barely covered her nipples, which were hard enough that they were clearly visible through the sheer fabric. The bottom only covered her pussy, leaving the area around it totally exposed, and her pussy was just barely visible through the sheer fabric. She turned her back toward the mirror and immediately saw why the bottom seemed a little tight: the elastic band running down the crack of her ass completely disappeared between her ass cheeks.

Holly turned to Aiden. “Well?” she asked, holding her arms up a little. “How does it look?”

“Really sexy,” Aiden nodded. “You’ll turn a few heads in that.”

“Really?” Holly asked, a little too excitedly.

“No,” Aiden smiled, “you’ll turn a lot of heads.”

Holly gave Aiden a grin and said, “Alright, I’ll wear it.”


The pool party was at the house of her best friend Kathy’s cousin. Holly still wasn’t sure it was appropriate to go to a stranger’s house in the micro-bikini she wore under her white tank top and orange short shorts, but if she was being totally honest, she didn’t give a shit. Aiden had told her she looked sexy, and that was all she cared about. Everyone else could think whatever the fuck they wanted.

When she knocked on the door, a tall, blonde haired man answered the door. “Hi, you must be Kathy’s friend,” the man greeted her.

“Yeah, I’m Holly,” Holly said as she extended her hand. “Are you her cousin?” she asked as he took her hand and shook it.

“Yep,” the man replied. “I’m Michael.”

“Nice to meet you,” Holly said as Michael released her hand.

“You too,” Michael replied. “Come on, the pool’s this way.”

Holly followed Michael through the house until they came to a sliding glass door that led out to the pool area. Michael opened the door and motioned for Holly to go through first. Holly nodded as she walked past him and into the pool area. It was a large space surrounded by a well-kept line of trees. There were several chairs sitting off to the side for sunbathing and a grill on the opposite end. The pool itself was quite large, taking up about a third of the space. Some speakers had been set up along the wall of the adiosbet yeni giriş house, and dance music was playing.

Around the pool, several scantily clad girls were dancing. The guys seemed more interested in watching them then actually joining in. In the pool, a group of guys and girls were playing volleyball. Holly was still scanning the crowd for Kathy when Michael leaned over and said, “Make yourself at home. I need to go back inside and finish getting my kabobs ready to grill.”

Holly nodded in response and Michael went back into the house. Holly turned back toward the crowd just in time to see Kathy walking towards her. Kathy was soaking wet and her dark hair was sticking to her neck and back. She was wearing a pink bikini that showed quite a bit of cleavage. “Holly!” Kathy exclaimed. “I’m so glad you could make it!”

“Me too!” Holly replied as Kathy wrapped her arms around Holly in a welcoming hug.

“Come on!” Kathy laughed as she released Holly. “Get those clothes off and help us out. We’re getting our asses kicked out there!”

“OK,” Holly laughed as she pulled off her tank top.

Kathy’s jaw dropped when she saw the top of Holly’s micro-bikini. Holly grinned as she removed her shorts and her sandals. “How the hell did you get that past your parents?” Kathy asked. She knew how strict Holly’s parents could be about these things.

“I didn’t,” Holly replied as she stood up straight. “Aiden gave it to me right before I left.”

“Wow,” Kathy shook her head. “Since when does he give you sexy gifts?”

“Since we started masturbating together,” Holly tilted her head to the side.

“Whoa!” Kathy exclaimed as she took a step back. “When did that start?”

“Last week,” Holly replied.

Kathy shook her head again as this revelation sank in. Then she looked at Holly playfully and asked, “Have you two fucked?”

“Nope,” Holly shook her head.

“What!?” Kathy squealed as she took a few more steps back. “How the hell do you sit naked with that stud and not fuck him?”

“Believe me, it’s hard to resist the urge to jump on him and ride his dick,” Holly laughed. “He’s soooo hot.”

“Then why don’t you?” Kathy asked. “I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.”

“That’s the thing, I think he would,” Holly’s smile faded. “I had to promise him we wouldn’t fuck just to get him to agree to masturbating together.”

“Oh well,” Kathy waved her hand. “It’s his loss. Come on, we’re missing all the fun.”

With that, Kathy led Holly into the pool and they joined in the game of volleyball. “It’s too bad we’re playing in the pool,” Kathy said to Holly while they waited for the next serve. “That bikini can’t distract the guys on the other team when you’re in the water.”

“Yeah,” Holly laughed as she returned the serve. “But if we played on land, then the guys on our team would be distracted too.”

“This is true,” Kathy smirked just as the ball flew toward her. Kathy tried to return it, but ended up hitting it out of the pool.

“What was that?” Holly exclaimed.

Kathy shrugged. “Sorry, I’m out of practice.”

Holly got back into position for the next serve and replied, “Good thing I’m here, then.”

Holly’s presence did in fact help their team make something of a comeback, but the game was interrupted by the announcement that the food was ready and the subsequent exodus of most of the players out of the pool. Those who remained – Kathy and Holly included – tried to continue the game, but even though a couple players switched sides to even out the teams, there wasn’t enough people left to maintain a good game. Within minutes, everyone agreed to give up on the game.

Holly and Kathy decided to stay in the pool, so they swam over to edge of the pool and leaned against it. “So, what other kinky fantasies do you have about Aiden?” Kathy asked.

“I don’t think that’s any of your business,” Holly replied.

“Oh, come on,” Kathy begged. “We always talk about our fantasies.”

“Not this time,” Holly said.

“Why not?” Kathy asked.

“Because he’s my brother,” Holly answered. “It just doesn’t feel right.”

“Holly, he’s your stepbrother,” Kathy countered. “If your parents weren’t married, he would just be another boy. You’d fuck with him if that were the case, right?”

“Well, yeah,” Holly hesitated, “but…”

“Come on, Holly,” Kathy continued, “you know you want him.”

Before Holly could reply, Michael walked over and kneeled beside them. “Hey, if you girls want some food, you’d better come get some soon,” he said.

“Thanks, Michael,” Holly replied. “I think I’ll get something.”

Michael adiosbet giriş extended his hand to help Holly out of the pool. She smiled and said, “I got it.” With that, she put her hands on the edge of the pool and pulled herself out. Michael stepped back to give her some space. As Holly stood up, Kathy looked up at her and said, “You know I’m not going to let this drop.”

Holly looked down at Kathy and replied, “I know.”

Holly grinned at Kathy and then turned toward the table where the food was and began to walk toward it. As she passed Michael, however, she missed a beat as she thought she saw something in her peripheral vision. “You alright?” Michael asked.

Holly turned toward him and replied, “Yeah. The ground’s just a little slippery.”

As she turned away, she looked down to see if she was right. She was. Michael’s dick was visibly growing in his trunks. “Guess Aiden’s not the only one who likes the bikini,” Holly thought as she continued to head for the food table. She made sure to put a little sashay into her walk, just to tease Michael with the swaying of her practically exposed ass.


Throughout the rest of the night, Holly tried to avoid Kathy. She really wasn’t in the mood to talk about the one guy in the world that she couldn’t have. However, as people started to leave, Holly decided she should at least say good night to Kathy before she left. She found Kathy in the kitchen doing dishes. “Why aren’t you outside?” Holly asked.

“I promised Michael I’d help with the dishes,” Kathy replied.

Holly just nodded. “Alright, well,” she said, “I need to go. I’ll catch you later.”

“OK.” Kathy said as she put the platter she was washing down. She gave Holly a goodbye hug, and when she released, she said, “Don’t forget your clothes.”

“Oh, right,” Holly said as she turned and headed back for the pool area.

As Holly put her clothes back on, Michael walked up to her. “You leaving?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Holly answered as she straightened her tank top. “Good night.”

Michael nodded and Holly turned to leave. “Hey,” Michael called after her. Holly turned back toward him as he continued, “you want to go get something to eat sometime?”

“Oh, thanks for the invite, but I don’t think so,” Holly replied.

Michael nodded and Holly started to leave again. When she reached the door that led back into the house, she stopped. “I could use a distraction from Aiden,” she thought as she turned around and said to Michael, “You know what, maybe I will take you up on that offer sometime. Why don’t you give me your number, and I’ll let you know?”

Michael did his best to keep a straight face, but Holly could see a glimmer of hope and excitement in his eyes. “OK,” he replied.

After he gave her his phone number, Holly went back into the house. She peaked her head into the kitchen as she passed it and said goodbye to Kathy again. She was about to leave for real this time when she turned on her heels and went back into the kitchen. “I want to eat his cum,” she said.

Kathy looked up, confused, “What?”

“Aiden,” Holly replied. “You wanted to know about my fantasies about him.”

“Why the hell would you want to do that?” Kathy asked. “That’s disgusting.”

“I don’t know,” Holly shrugged. “Eating cum turns me on, I guess.”

“Huh,” was all Kathy could manage.

“The problem is I can’t figure out how to do it since he shoots his load onto the sheets when we masturbate,” Holly explained. She wasn’t sure why she told Kathy that detail. In fact, she wasn’t sure why she told her any of it. Perhaps she somehow knew that Kathy would think of a way to make this one fantasy come true. Indeed, Kathy came up with a truly ingenious plan. “At least I’ll get this one fantasy before I move on,” Holly thought as she got in her car.


When Holly returned home, she went right down to the basement and knocked on the door. Aiden answered the door and let Holly in. “Well, how was it?” he asked as he closed the door.

“You were right,” Holly said. “The bikini did turn a lot of heads.”

“That’s great,” Aiden smiled, “but I meant the party.”

“Oh, it was fine,” Holly looked around and noticed that the TV was off. “You getting ready to turn in?”

“Yeah,” Aiden nodded.

“Would you mind if we watched a little porn first?” Holly asked. “I’m really horny right now.”

“Alright,” Aiden said as he went to turn his computer on.

Holly’s bikini was still a little wet, so she stepped into the bathroom to remove it and place it in the tub to dry. “Let me know when my clothes are dry,” she told Aiden as she exited the adiosbet güvenilirmi bathroom.

Aiden turned toward her and gave her a nod. He was naked now too, and when he turned to respond, Holly could see his dick grow at the sight of her naked figure. This wasn’t new to Holly. It happened every time they both got naked, but the knowledge that her body made him as horny as his made her never failed to give her the urge to get her pussy stuffed with his hard cock. In that moment, she forgot all about distracting herself from Aiden by being with Michael. All she wanted was Aiden.

“What kind of porn do you want to watch?” Aiden asked as he turned the TV on.

“Actually I want to watch you,” Holly replied with a flirty smile.

Aiden turned toward her in confusion. “Huh?” he asked.

“Have you ever seen one of those jerk off challenge videos?” Holly asked.

“Well, I know of them,” Aiden replied, “but I’ve never actually watched one.”

“Play one,” Holly said. “I want to see if you can last the whole video.”

Aiden hesitated, but ultimately nodded in agreement and started looking for a jerk off challenge video. While he did that, Holly got into the bed and started rubbing her clit while she watched his naked form at the computer.

Aiden got into bed next to her as the video started and the directions flashed on screen: “Don’t look away from the screen or pause the video. Jerk off to the beat; one stroke up and down for each beat.” Then the TV went blank for a second and then a lingerie clad girl appeared on the screen doing an erotic dance. Aiden started stroking his cock to the slow beat, while Holly started rubbing her clit faster as she watched him, waiting for her moment to act.

Aiden would have cheated while watching this video because he knew there was no way he would last for the entire thirty minute video if the beat started going really fast. However, the knowledge that Holly was watching him kept him honest. Then the beat got really fast five minutes into the video, and Aiden couldn’t keep up. At least, that’s what he told himself, but in reality he knew he was probably going to cum if he went that fast for too long.

Holly noticed Aiden’s too slow pace and took action. “No, no, no, you’re not doing it right,” Holly shook her head as she took the mouse Aiden used to control the computer from the bed. She started the video over and reached over to move Aiden’s hand away from his cock. “Here, let me,” she said.

Aiden tried to protest, but Holly insisted that she wasn’t going anywhere unless he let her stroke his dick. “It’s not sex,” Holly insisted. “Stop freaking out.”

Aiden moved his hand away from his dick in defeat. “Alright,” he nodded.

Holly smiled and took hold of Aiden’s cock, holding it straight up so that it pointed toward the ceiling. Then she started the video, which she had paused while they were arguing. Aiden couldn’t believe how soft her hand felt on his dick as her hand glided up and down it. Any time he had bought by arguing was lost almost immediately by the sensually soft touch of her hand on his dick.

Then he saw in his peripheral vision that while she was stroking his cock with one hand, she was finger fucking herself with the other. “Damn,” he thought as his dick got even harder.

Then they reached the five minute mark and the beat got really fast. Holly sped up her strokes, running her hand up and down his cock in perfect time with the beat. Aiden subconsciously grabbed the sheets as his body started to quiver. Seconds later, he began to cum. His dick tightened as load after load of cum shot upward and landed back on his dick and on Holly’s hand. He reached the point where he usually stopped cumming, but Holly kept stroking and even more cum shot out of his dick.

By the time he stopped cumming, Holly’s hand was drenched in his cum. It was definitely the biggest load he had ever shot. He leaned his head against the wall with a sigh of satisfaction as Holly giggled and let go of his cock.

Holly moved so that she was sitting in clear view of Aiden. “Sorry about the mess,” Aiden panted.

“Don’t worry about it,” Holly smiled as she raised her hand to her mouth.

Aiden’s eyes widened as Holly licked some cum off the palm of her hand. “What the fuck, Holly?” Aiden exclaimed.

Holly swallowed and then said with a sexy smile, “No sense in letting perfectly good cum go to waste.”

Then she started to seductively lick cum off the back of her hand. “Mmmmm,” she sighed. “You taste so good.”

Aiden ran his hand through his hair. “Holy shit,” was all he could manage as she started sucking cum off her fingers.

Holly giggled as she saw Aiden’s cock grow again. She loved being able to turn him on.


Thanks for reading. The next chapter is planned to be under the “Erotic Couplings” category, and it might have something to do with a strip club, so stay tuned!

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