Forbidden Fruit

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Being one of two love slaves isn’t always as exciting as one would think. Sometimes one feels neglected, ignored, even when that really isn’t the case. Now and then, one feels the need to inquire what makes the other so special that their Master wishes to spend His relaxing hours in her company.

This tale of exploration tells just such a story. Kalli had been with Darkness for many months. She was His first slave, the first to live in His home and see to His needs. When Dessa arrived, Darkness immediately took her to His chambers and enjoyed her favors for many nights. Jealousy, like an angry beast, began to grow in Kalli’s breast.

The evening meal had been long past cleared away, and the great room tidied up for the evening. The fire had been banked, and no matter how Kalli tried, she couldn’t find any more excuses to keep from climbing the steps to her bedchamber. She heard them as she reached the top of the stairs, ragged cries, grunts of lustful pleasure. Drawn against her will, Kallista walked slowly down the corridor that led to Dessa’s chamber-door.

The closer she got to the door, the louder the sounds became. Just as she reached out to touch the door handle, the sounds stopped. The sudden silence caused her to pause and listen carefully. Then as the sound of footsteps neared the closed door, she quickly stepped back into a shadowed alcove.

Darkness stepped out into the hallway and did not even look back into Dessa’s room as her door closed behind him. Kalli watched him walk to the entrance of his personal chambers. The doors to his suite were flanked by Dessa’s on the west and Kalli’s on the east side of the manor.

Silently moving to Dessa’s door, Kalli’s hand curled around the handle and slowly pushed it open. Her eyes swept the dimly lit room until she saw the other woman sprawled naked across the bed. Ropes of damp, tangled black sheets Ankara bayan escort twisted around her ankles. The slow rise and fall of her chest was the only visible movement, and Kalli edged closer to the bed as if drawn by invisible ropes.

As carefully as possible, she crawled up beside Dessa and looked down at her flushed, loved soaked body. The evidence of their passion was spread across her breasts and the inside of her parted thighs. Kalli had never entertained thoughts about enjoying the delights of another woman’s body before.

But there was something about the vision in front of her that made her breath quicken, and her mouth water. Dessa’s legs were spread wide enough to allow her to see the combination of sweat and their cum leaking from between puffy swollen lips.

Biting her bottom lip, Kalli shifted uncomfortably, and it was enough to cause Dessa to open her eyes. A faint smile lifted the corners of her mouth, and Kalli froze as Dessa’s finger slid through the cream that lays in tiny puddles between her breasts.

Kalli stared, fascinated by the little strands that dripped from the tip as it moved closer to her panting lips. She could smell the scent of Darkness drifting upwards in the heat emanating from Dessa’s glistening skin.

Slippery fingertip nudging Kalli’s lips, she whispered. “open your mouth, dear sister, taste our Darkness’ essence”.

Kalli’s lips parted and Dessa’s cum covered finger slid inside. Her eyes closed as the sweetness of Him covered her tongue and burst on her senses. It was so sweet, she actually moaned. Her eyes widened as Dessa’s lips covered hers and her tongue thrust into Kalli’s mouth. The kiss seemed to last forever, until both women sank back onto the damp sheets, their hands moving slowly as if savoring the feel of firm female flesh.

Kalli’s mouth pulled free and began to wander, hesitantly Escort bayan Ankara at first, down the side of Dessa’s throat. As her passion bloomed, and she began to lick up stray drops that had splattered when His cum sprayed freely. Dessa arched against her mouth, and began to moan. The combination of both actions drove any thought of right or wrong completely out of Kalli’s mind. She wanted Dessa, almost desperately.

Pinching the hard little nubs, she began to twist them until Dessa whimpered raggedly. The needy sound caused her to mindlessly cover one with her mouth, teeth scraping and Dessa’s hand tangled in her thick mane holding her still. The tortured sounds that came from Dessa’s throat caused Kalli to pull free and shift over to bite gently at the other nipple. She proceeded to shift from one to the other, nipping and licking while Dessa moved restlessly under the erotic assault.

With both hands on the top of Kalli’s head, Dessa pushed until the wandering mouth slid down into the valley between the heaving mounds and nipping bites were left in a faint trail over pale flesh. Sliding slowly backward, sucking and licking, Kalli found the center of Dessa’s body. Her tongue hungrily began to clean the salty, sweetness that Darkness had left behind. Her hands urged Dessa’s thighs wider apart so that she might more easily seek out every last drop.

Stabbing at the parted flower of her womanhood, Kalli found the opening to her core and began to plunge the tip of her tongue into it, seeking to reach deeper with each forceful thrust. Suddenly, with a shrill scream, a gush of warm honey covered Kalli’s tongue and cheeks, making her press her open mouth against the shivering muscles. She swallowed until Dessa stopped thrashing, then carefully licked away any that had escaped her earlier efforts.

With a softly murmured, “lay back, sister, I can’t reach Bayan escort Ankara you this way” Dessa pushed against her side.

Following the direction she was guided to, Kalli lay back and watched as Dessa crawled up over her. Pale thighs spread over her face so that she might continue as she had begun. Gently rubbing two fingers over the hard little bud, Kalli watched the surrounding lips plump again and dew once more formed on the sweet pink flesh above her face.

As she plunged the two wet fingers into Dessa’s core, she gasped to feel a hot mouth clamp over her own aching lips. Her hips jerked and Dessa forced her knees wide so that her mouth could begin teasing, giving the same treatment to Kalli that she had received herself. Sucking and gently biting the lips, she smiled to watch them grow plump and a darker pink. A muffled moan came from between her legs and she began to thrust her tongue into the quivering hole with increasing speed.

Kalli’s hands were shaking so hard she couldn’t seem to hold onto Dessa’s thighs. She could feel the orgasm building and didn’t want to release until she tasted Dessa’s own nectar on her tongue again. But, even as she struggled to hold back, the twisting thrust of Dessa’s tongue rasped over her little bud and her world shattered. Agonized screams flooded Dessa’s core, releasing it’s thick sweet gift to pour into Kalli’s open mouth.

Neither of them realized, neither of them knew that Darkness stood beside the open door. He leaned against the wall, watching his two lovely females taking and giving pleasure to each other. Heat filled his eyes, his body grew hard and ready. This was what he had intended all along. Dessa to release the wanton in his beautiful, gentle Kalli, and Kalli to help Dessa find a place where her need for violence was soothed without abuse.

As they lay panting in a tangled heap of sweaty arms and legs, he shrugged out of the robes he wore and moved on silent feet toward the bed. Tonight would be a long one for them all, but it would only be the first of many nights the three of them would pleasure each other until dawn awakened the eastern skies.

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