Forced First Suck 5

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A while after my first few times on the giving end a blowjob instead only receiving, I found another bookstore. I could hardly believe it, it was only 3 blocks from the one of my forced first suck. The original one is on the main drag, but this one is off the beaten path so it’s easy to drive nearby and not even know it’s there.

Some things about this one I don’t like though. Like the booths, they are behind the counter and the clerk constantly walks right past . With no doors he can look right in so I’ve never even tried them. I do however like one of the theaters, it has two sides with a divider in the middle. The cool part is that the screens are mounted on an 8 foot wide wall that’s about 3 feet from the end of each room. This makes a perfect dark cove to go stand behind with your dick out and wait for someone to suck it if they like what they see.

Before anyone can open the theater door the clerk has to unlock the door from the counter and it makes a buzzing sound so you can stop any activity until the new person seems cool. This became my new favorite place to go for a quick blowjob as it seemed there was always someone ready to suck a hard cock when they didn’t have to worry about getting caught.

I had been there about 10 times and gotten a blowjob every time when I ended up there again one afternoon. After 20 minutes of watching the movie and taking note of who was entering and exiting the unseen cove, I made my way behind the wall. I leaned against the wall with the screen on the other side and within a minute or so my eyes adjusted to the darkness. There were 4 or 5 people back there already with no real action going on, just each guy standing there with his dick in his hand.

I was only back there a couple minutes when one of the guys, a Hispanic dressed in cowboy attire all the way from the boots and wranglers to the button down long sleeve shirt, approached me. He was tall for a Mexican, about 3 inches taller than me and good looking.

He walked right up in front of me he reached out and took my dick in his hand and started stroking it. I moved my hand away so he had full access and waited for the time he would squat down and give me the blowjob I so desperately wanted. Instead he reached down, took my hand and placed it on his cock. I thought what the hell, I can stand here and stroke him too. So that’s what we did for the next several minutes, facing each other, stroking each others dick. It felt real nice having someone stroking me while I had another hard cock in my hand. I even used my other hand to massage his nice low hanging big balls.

The next thing İkitelli Escort I know though, he has both hands on my shoulders and he’s pushing me down. It seemed so natural I didn’t even resist. My knees buckled, I slid down with my back against the wall and before I knew it I’m squatting down in front of a man with his hard cock in my face again. I already knew from touching him that he was clean shaven down there and with it just inches from my face I could see how good it looked. When he breathed his hardness would rise and fall and I could see his balls moving around inside the sack. While I was staring at it I could also see a long stream of precome starting to hang from the tip.

What seemed like minutes of looking at his cock was actually probably only seconds. Then he stepped forward placing his feet and legs outside mine, virtually trapping me in my current position. When he moved, his cock came right toward my mouth. He must have been directing it with his body angle because without touching it, it went straight into my open mouth. As he entered my mouth I could taste the saltiness of his precome and what was hanging from the tip was now on my face and hanging from my chin.

He smelled very clean like he had just showered before stopping at the bookstore. I reached up with one hand and started rubbing his balls again as I moved my mouth up and down the length of his shaft making sure to use my tongue on that sensitive spot right under the crown of his cock.

DAMN! Just then I remembered the other 4 or 5 guys behind the screen with us. Here I am, basically trapped on my knees in front of this guy with his cock in my mouth and I know they’ve got to be watching. Shit, I’ve even been rubbing his balls like I want him to come in my mouth. There’s no explaining this away like it was an accident. I usually don’t mind people watching when it’s my dick in someone else’s mouth, but I really find it quite embarrassing when I’m the one with a hard cock in MY mouth.

With the predicament I was in I couldn’t really do anything to escape without everyone knowing what I’ve already done. I guess I had stopped moving on his cock as I was contemplating my situation because he started to move back and forth. Oh well, at least with him doing the work it’ll look more like he’s taking advantage of me rather than me going to town on his cock, but then again, here I am still rubbing his balls.

After realizing there was nothing I could do to minimize the fact that I’m here sucking a stranger’s cock in public in front of other people, in my mind I let go of all my surroundings. İkitelli Escort Bayan Now my world consisted only of this beautiful cock face fucking me and these big balls in my hand as I waited for him to come in my mouth, no WANTED him to come in my mouth. That’s it isn’t it, I WANTED him to unload in my mouth! I’m not waiting for it, I’m WANTING it!

IT. A mouthful of come. Hot fresh come, straight out of the cock that happens to be in my mouth, from the balls that happen to be in my hand. How did this happen? Something only a year ago that seemed so impossible, so repulsive. A MOUTHFUL OF SOMEONE’S COME. And now I’m wondering what I can do to make it happen even quicker. I want to know what I can do to make him feel so good that he rewards me with a huge load of come. That’s it again, REWARD! It’s my REWARD for doing such a good job of sucking his cock. I’m a COCKSUCKER. I find myself hoping he has a week’s worth or more saved up.

Snapping back to the present I find my new friend seems content to slowly fuck my mouth, he must have wanted this to last. I looked up at him with his cock still in my mouth and he was leaning against the wall above me on his elbows and staring down at his cock sliding in and out of my mouth. I kept looking up at him for a couple minutes as he slowly used my mouth but then he stopped and pulled out. I was in shock. NO. I thought, don’t stop now. My fears were quickly put to rest when he reached down with his right hand, circled his fingers around his nut sack right under his shaft and lifted his balls into my mouth. Not quite the definition of a Tea Bag but close enough. He had to turn them at an angle and put them in one at a time while holding my head with his other hand, but when they were both in, my mouth was completely full. My cheeks were so puffed out I bet I looked like a chipmunk getting ready for winter. It was all I could do to swirl my tongue around on his balls but he moaned so much I could tell he really liked it.

About that time I was startled back into the reality of my surroundings. Here I am with a someone’s balls completely filling my mouth and his cock is laying on my face all the way to my forehead but I was OK with it. Mostly because the shuffling around that brought me out of my cock trance was a guy on my right that bumped into us as he leaned against the wall to let his new friend suck his cock. Without turning my head (mouth full of balls) I was able to look over and watch some live blowjob action. In short order there was another guy squatting against the wall on my left as someone fed him a hard cock. Escort İkitelli Wow, three blowjobs going on at the same time and there were a LOT more people standing around watching. I didn’t even know when they all got there. The buzzer must have went off several times without me knowing.

My jaw was getting a little sore trying to keep my mouth open far enough to accommodate the Mexican’s balls so I was glad when he pulled them out. I realized though that I hadn’t been able to swallow with his balls in my mouth so when they popped out a bunch of saliva along with the precome from earlier was now adorning the front of my shirt.

No time to contemplate that though because he quickly had his cock back in my mouth. He picked up right where he left off with the slow face fucking. Then I hear a loud grunt to my left as the guy standing next to my partner unloads into the guys mouth squatting next to me. He leans over and loudly spits out the come and says, you came in my mouth, I can’t believe you came in my mouth! I’m thinking to myself, what did you expect, you were SUCKING his dick.

The Mexican started to pick up the pace about that time. Maybe it was a turn-on seeing the guy next to him come in the others guys mouth. I sensed he was getting close and I knew my perceptions were correct when I felt his balls almost pull away from my hand as they tightened up against his body. He let out a real loud grunt and said something in Spanish as I felt the first spurt of come shoot across my tongue. I used my hands to steady him and keep him from going to far into my mouth while he was coming. I wanted to enjoy this, not like the guy next to me, I WANTED this. As I was savoring the taste and feeling of my mouth filling with his come, I knew I was going to swallow this load. But I just couldn’t resist letting a small amount of come leak out of the corner of my mouth down onto my shirt just so everyone watching knew exactly what happened and that I ENJOYED it!

The Mexican pulled his cock from my mouth, stowed it and zipped up in one quick motion. He patted me on the shoulder and walked away before I had a chance to stand up or even swallow his come that still filled my mouth. I swallowed and stood up and then really took note of all the guys looking at me.

When I caught my breath I realized I still had a raging hard on. I was so engrossed with the Mexican’s cock that I never even paid any attention to mine. Not to worry though, within seconds one of the guys that had been watching the show I put on was on his knees in front of me engulfing my cock. I just grabbed his head and fucked his mouth hard for less than a minute before unloading my balls in his mouth.

Wow, what a great day at the theater. And the revelations that when I’ve got a cock in my mouth I’m no longer just waiting for him to come, I’m WANTING him to come. WANTING him to COME in my MOUTH!! Yes REWARD ME!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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