Forced Into Inbreeding

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I will never forget the first time I met my aunt.

I had heard about her all my life of course, it’s not just anyone that could say that they were related to Das Mira after all, but her life in the stage and on the road were so separated from the one that I led with my mom that I would have never imagined we were related unless I had been told.

Das Mira, or Miranda for the rest of the family, was someone my mom fondly talked about and my father, before he died, used to openly admire. Apparently both my folks had met through her. And although me and ma got her music for free, got free tickets to her concerts and generally got offered a lot of things having to do with her job…the most I had ever interacted with her was through a video phone call.

I wasn’t ready for her when my aunt suddenly came into our lives. Although, to be fair, I don’t think being ready for her was possible anyway, she was just that much of a force of nature. But I wasn’t given the chance to prepare myself until, one week after my 18th birthday, my famous aunt…just showed up at the door.

“Alphonse, sugar, how you doin?” My blue-and-purple haired aunt said one afternoon when I opened up the door.

“Aunt Mira?” I asked, baffled at seeing her in person.

Or at all.

“Oh, you are so tall in real life!” Miranda crooned as she ignored my question and enveloped me in a hug.

Now, my height wasn’t much to brag about; 6 feet even which was just about the average where I lived. But I guess I looked smaller on the phone.

“Ah, sure, b-but what are you doing here?” I asked as the feeling of the enormous tits that hung off her chest pressed against my crotch.

Because, you see, my aunt was…kind of a short woman.

Now, my mother wasn’t no giant either, but at 5 feet 6 inches the woman who had borne me was about even for the area.

My aunt was about an inch over 5.

I guess the cameras never did it any justice, because the tattooed arms that squeezed me as hard as they could never reached past my chest.

Which, honestly, just made her assets even more exaggerated.

Even before I met her, I couldn’t deny what was obvious: My aunt Miranda was a bomb shell.

Even though she was that short, she lugged around breasts big enough to fill an E bra. But despite that…I could feel how perky they were. And while I pondered the impossibility of that, I could see the swell of her ass from my vintage view.

She had the ass of a horse. Nicki Minaj be damned, THIS was an ass that could clap!

But that wasn’t all, as her hips extended farther then my shoulders did, and I practiced sports!

But if my aunt were a butterface, she would have never risen into a star. So it figured that this also stood out.

There was a tattooed star on her cheek, and purple eyeblush under her eyes. Her lips were bright red, a shade that matched her blues and purples, as the nose that all of my family shared sat on her face. It was slim. It was cute. Her jawline was slim and, at 36 years of age, still made her look young.

That is, if it wasn’t for the lines in the corners of her eyes…

I guess the camera wasn’t always truthful after all.

All in all, I felt very confused, very surprised and very…confused as this tiny woman whose half-blue and half-purple hair marked her as a star and family just came into my life.

“Oh, just checking the goods,” My aunt said as she gave me a very slimy smile, my imagination maybe imagining her tits pressing harder against my crotch.

“W-what?” I stuttered as she giggled and, blessfully, stopped my hug.

“I am bringing the goods sugar,” She told me as she started rummaging through her bags.

“R-right,” I said, kicking myself for having misheard her.

Browsing through her valuables, she pulled out a present.

“Happy birthday Alphonse,” She brightly said as she gave me a box. It was wrapped in blue and purple paper, just like her hair, but the hint of perfume about them made them feel a bit more personal.

Still weirded out by the whole experience, I wordlessly took it.

“Um, thanks,” I said, having expected the present but not…her.

“Don’t mention it sugar,” Miranda waved me off as she started walking in.

“Um, Aunt Mira? What about your bags?” I asked as I stared at them.

“Oh just put them in your room,” Miranda offhandedly told me as she searched for my mom. My mouth dropped as I wondered if I heard her right.

“A-aunt Mira, are you…” I started to ask before the hurried pitter patter of my mom’s footsteps revealed the woman who had given birth to me.

Side by side, anyone could have seen the resemblance there, even if my mom towered over her sister.

“Miri!” My mom gushed as she launched herself into a hug.

“Cat!” My aunt exclaimed as she mirrored the tackle.

“Oh, I was expecting you tonight! Did everything went well? Are you tired from your trip?” My mother breathed out in a hard to follow stream.

“I wanted to be here as early as I could! The trip was shit but it was oral yapan gaziantep escort quick. And yes, my contract is done!” My aunt just as quickly answered back.

Wait, she had been expected? And her contract was done?

Why did I never get told things…

“Oh Al, honey,” My mom called me out as she positively vibrated in place with excitement, “Do you mind bringing your aunt’s bags inside?”

“Oh sure,” I said, picking them up, “Where though?”

“Oh just bring them to your room,” My mother offhandedly said, making me stare at her too.

Did…was the guest room bad or something?

“Did you get the pictures?” My mother asked my aunt, ignoring my incredulous stare.

“Oh yeah, he’s exactly what I thought he would be!” My aunt answered back, taking a second to give me a glance.

It was too appreciative for my comfort.

“But, honestly Cat, he looks so much better in person,” Miranda purred and I was beginning to feel confused. My mother was just happily nodding along!

“What are you talking about?” I finally decided to ask, bags still hanging off my hands.

“Oh, I guess I didn’t tell you,” My mother said as if realizing it for the first time.

I just stared at her until she also realized that that wasn’t an answer.

“Well, hon, I’ve been sending your aunt photos of you,” My mother replied, making me think that my stare had failed.

“Whhhhy?” I decided to ask.

“Oh, didn’t I tell you?” She asked again and I was a heartbeat away from stomping away into my room, “She’s going to live with us now!”

The world felt slightly unsettled as I looked in surprise at my beaming aunt and my satisfied mom.

“Okay, okay, okay,” I said as I walked in, trying to get used to the idea of my world famous aunt now living with us, “But why my room?”

“Because she asked?” My mother replied, as if that answer were enough.

Which now made me stare at my aunt.

“Oh come on sugar, this is the first time I’ve met you for real in our lives!” My aunt said as she walked towards me, her hips swinging back and forth, “I’d like to get to know you better is all!”

I couldn’t help but feel like she didn’t sleep in my room to do that, but the happy smile in my mother’s face, and the hopeful smile in my aunt’s, made me say something I’d always regret:

“Ok, fine, she can stay for now.”

The hug that my aunt gave me felt very rewarding then, but I fully intended to talk to my mom about my aunt moving out into the guest room the very next day.

I would never get the chance.

“So, um, do you want me to sleep on the floor or what?” I asked my aunt that night, already in my pajamas.

I was also staring away from her; Aunt Miranda’s opinion of sleepwear was just panties and a very thin shirt that went down to her ankles.

“You have a queen sized bed hon, we can both fit in there,” Aunt Mira pointed out as she was brushing her teeth from my bathroom.

“I, um, am not sure that’s proper,” I replied as I got a bundle of bed sheets in my arms and spread them on the floor.

“Poppy wash,” My aunt replied as she spat the last of her mouthwash, “Proper is a big pile of nothing decided by society. There doesn’t need to be anything wrong with an aunt sleeping with her nephew on the same bed.”

And, yes, sure, that made sense. But a look at the curvaious sister of my mother sort of told me she would not be changing out of her arousing clothes and, well, no, that was a step too far for me.

“All the same…” I replied, making my aunt sigh as she stepped out of my bathroom.

“Say, you didn’t check the gift I got you, didn’t ya?” She said and I blinked.

No…no I hadn’t.

In the excitement of her visit and then apparent stay, I had forgotten all about it.

“Well?” She asked with a raised eyebrow and I ransacked my room for it.

Once I had it in hand, I tore the package open as my aunt looked at me with eager eyes. It turned out to be a featureless brown box pressure sealed to a lid that popped open with some pressure.

Turning it over let two packages fall into my hand.

“Open that one now,” My aunt happily instructed me, pointing at the smaller one.

And when I did I found…pills.

Tons and tons of pills.

“What is this?” I asked in wonder. Didn’t my aunt know that I was too old for candy?

“Here, let me show you,” She said with a glint that sent shivers down my throat as she popped the bottle and put a pill in her tongue.

And then, reaching out for me, she put a hand on my shoulder and one in my arm.

“What is this?” I asked confused as, with a jerk that belied the strength that my aunt had, she pulled me down.

Into her lips.

My eyes widened as my lips parted for that pill, her strong tongue pulling filling my mouth until the pill was on the back of my own tongue.

And, before I could so much as flinch, my aunt blow into my mouth, her breath pushing the pill into my throat.

And gaziantep oral yapan escort my swallowing reflexing pushing the pill into my stomach.

“WHAT DID YOU DO?” I shouted as I threw her aside, wiping my mouth with the sleeve of my arm.

Miranda rubbed her ass as she got up from where she landed, her expression at odds with someone who had just been aggressed.

“Just got the party started Sugar,” She chuckled in the same sort of tone that my school friends reserved for girls they’d like to fuck, “Now, how do you feel?”

How do you think? Was what I wanted to say.


I felt something.

Slowly, I started to hear a beat in my ear, as if some great drum was getting closer. Slowly, I began to feel hot, as if the temperature of the house had risen. Slowly, a pressure in my crotch started to press against me and a deep uncomfortable feeling in my prostate started to spread, as I had just gotten blue balls.

“What…is this?” I asked, alarmed.

But instead of answering, my aunt pushed me backwards.

Into my bed.

“Fuck!” I shouted as both the push and soft impact made my cock hard. Whatever that pill was, it made all of my skin feel sensitive enough to almost be an erogenous zone.

“A pertinent question, sugar,” My aunt said as she climbed the bed after me. Under the beat of that drum, which I was now suspecting was my heart, the world couldn’t help but become sharper as I spotted all kinds of details.

Like how huge my aunt’s nipples looked under her shirt.

Or how wet her panties were and how large her cock was.

…why did she have a cock?

“Why do you have a cock?” I found myself asking, the world taking on a feverish tinge. I wasn’t gay nor was I attracted to men, but at that moment everything and anything looked good!

And if I was being honest with myself…my aunt did have a very beautiful looking dick, “A-are you trans or something?”

“Oh honey,” Miranda laughed as she pulled her cock up so that I…could stare at her pussy, “Nah I just got the whole package!”

“But let me ask you a more important question instead,” She said as she put a hand on my shoulder and, with the weight of her whole body, made me lie down.

I couldn’t help it.

I moaned.

“Are you a virgin?” She said with an up-raised eyebrow.

“N-no!” I gasped, her warmth, her smell, her aura all contributing to making my cock swell, “I-I have a girlfriend!”

“No,” Miranda disagreed as she put a single leg over my torso and looked to straddle me, “Honey, you’ve might have fucked. But until you’ve had me you’re still not a man.”

“So let me turn you into one,” She said with a patronizing smile as she reached down into the hem of my pants.

And let me cock out.

“Holy balls, this is bigger than I thought,” She said with naked hunger as she hitched her dick and balls up to reveal a bush garden of flesh petals and blonde pubic hair.

A far off part of my mind noted that, underneath her hair dye, aunt Miranda was just as blonde as me and mom. The part of my mind that was more worried about the current predicament noted that her pussy looked as though it had had it rough.

Thick steaks hung from her puss, the petals of her cunt growing to protect it against rough fuckings. A clit that was the size of my thumb had a ring pierced through it. And her pubic hair had been shaved in the shape of a heart.

It made her look like she belonged on a porno.

“Now, time to lose your REAL virginity!” Aunt Mira said as she aligned my foot long donger against her cunt.

And laid her own in my stomach.

Even as loose as it might have been, it didn’t go easily inside. Even though she obviously had experience, Aunt Miranda scrunched her face as she forced her pussy to expand around my fist sized mushroom head. But whatever pain she felt most not have been great because her dick was dripping pre-cum into my abs.

“Fuck, this is so huge!” Miranda groaned as, with a pop, my plunger of a cock head went into her cunt and I had to restrain myself to not cum.

“Yes, yes, there you go hon, just a little bit more~” Miranda cooed at me as she pressed down, my cock head indenting her stomach as she pushed down. The pressure was incredible, her pussy clamping down on my cock like a vice!

Her own cock head rubbed against my stomach, leaving a trail of reproductive slime behind.

“So yeah, did your girlfriend ever do this?” Miranda asked as I finally bottomed out, my glans mashing against her cervix.

“It,” I gasped, “Never went this far in!”

“Oh?” My aunt innocently said, “Why not?”

“It wouldn’t fit!” I breathed out as the feeling of imminently cuming started to go away. Just a few minutes of not moving and I’d…be fine.

“Ah, I knew it!” My aunt victoriously said…before viciously looking down at me, “Not that it matters, because I am pretty sure I can do one more thing she can’t.”

“W-what is it?” I, like gaziantep oral yapan escort bayan the dumbass I was, couldn’t help but ask.

But instead of answering, my aunt grabbed my hips.

And then violently pulled herself into my cock.

“FUUUUUCK!” I shouted as I felt myself breach her womb.

“FUUUUUCK!” My aunt Miranda groaned as she fucked her uterus into my cock. Her own dick got caught in the slopes of my pectoral muscles as the angle proved to be enough to not let it slide. The hot hard meaty length pushed against my chest muscles as my cock impaled her.

As my aunt smashed my cockhead into the back of her womb and smacked her ass into my hips, I…couldn’t help it.

I came.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I grunted as my testicles pumped shot after shot of my seed into my aunt’s baby chamber.

“Yes, yes, YES!” My aunt said as she felt her womb bloat with my incestious seed. Her own cock twitched until, with a burst, I felt my chest get bathed with a hot thick liquid.

I don’t know what it was, but whatever my aunt had given me made the sheer feel and smell from it drive my own orgasms further as I came, came and came.

We both stood there, raptured in release as our orgasms went through us both. Until my aunt fell into my chest, her tits acting as strangely pleasant pillows as I burst out the last of my seed in her. Her mammaries sandwiched and spread her own seed between us both, making me feel like a pig.

“We’ll have to work on that quickness,” My aunt gently told me as if she were criticizing my table manners, “But don’t worry; We’ve got the rest of our lives.”

I wish I could say that I got up and left the room then. Hell, I wish I could say that I left my house.

But I didn’t.

I just stared at the wall throughout the whole night as my aunt hugged me like a teddy bear, feeling ashamed from the comfort that gave me as I started to cry.

Life from them on turned weird.

“Look sugar, you have to keep your energy up,” My aunt told me as she spoon fed me my cereal as I got ready for school.

“I’m good,” I shook my head, ignoring the food. This had been the third day in a row that I went through this.

“Look, I like a bad boy as much as anyone else, but you have to eat hon,” My aunt sternly told me as she pushed the spoon against my face again.

“I told you I am good,” I repeated, with venom in my voice this time.

Aunt Miranda gave me an impressed look before swallowing the mouthful of food and walking up to me.

A cringe as she reached out for me, knowing what was next.

And, as much as I hated it, I couldn’t stop it.

Aunt Miranda kissed me and pushed the mouthful down my mouth.

“We can do that for the whole bowl,” She casually said and I stared at her before my trembling hand reached out for the spoon and I began to feed myself.

“Hey Miri, hey Al, how are you guys getting along?” My mother asked as she came into the room. She was obviously getting for work and graced with a quick smile as she put her shoes on.

“Oh, sleeping with Alphonse here is wonderful,” Aunt Miranda replied, “Wouldn’t you say so Al?”

“…sure,” I flatly said as I looked away.

“I am so glad,” My mother replied as she finished putting her shoes on, “Remember, I’ll be coming in late so make sure to order something.”

And then she left.

“Oh, I think I am going to have sausage,” My aunt said as she licked her lips, looking at me.

“…I have a girlfriend, Aunt Mira,” I said, not for the first time. I did not know why I thought it mattered, but seemed just about the only thing that would.

“So you have said,” She said as a frown came over her face. It was about the only thing that upsetted her, “But whatever, how about I give you some protein instead?

I withered under her expectation and, reluctantly, made way for her as she pulled down her pants.

Her cock was in her hands in a moment’s notice as she pointed it at my bowl.

“Now do it,” My aunt growled and I found myself circling my fingers around that perfectly shaped cock.

I wasn’t gay. I wasn’t.

But there was something about Miranda, something about this dick that just made me want to break into a fevered pitch whenever she brought it out.

My hands pumped her dick.

“Oh, that’s good,” She said as as my fingers touched her blonde pubic hair and came back up to choke her glans.

Even the feel of her dick was fantastic. How hot it was, how hard it was.

Even how it smelled…

“Getting there…” My aunt groaned and my pumps only got faster until, with a moan, thick ropes of feminine seed flew in the air.

And landed on my cereal.

“There,” She perversely said with satisfaction, “Now eat up.”

I looked at her with indecision born of what was becoming habit.

We had been doing this for the last few days..

And, just in time, I heard the bus stop outside my home.

“Alright hon,” My aunt said as she straightened my clothes, “Remember, I like bruising my pelvis at least once a night, so don’t come too tired.”

“…I have a date with Sara today,” I confessed, not being able to look her in the eye.

“…I see,” My aunt sighed as she let me go, “Well, that’s a problem for another time.”

I froze as I looked at her.

What did she mean by that?

“Oh and take this to go,” She said as she transferred my “protein”-fortified cereal to a plastic container.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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