Foreplay Dispensed With


My world was almost entirely humid darkness. I could just barely make out the insides of toned thighs, and the short pubes right beneath my nose. I was using my tongue and lips as firmly as I dared on Lonnie’s slippery clit.

“Fuck. Hurry up! I’m going to be late for uni!”

I heard her muffled voice commanding me from above the quilt and, as I sometimes did when I was irritated with her, I poked the tip of my pinkie finger up into her clenched anus.

“Oh, you dirty little prick!” She squealed, shifting her thighs. It was strange: she furiously hated for me to anything back there, but she always came faster and harder when I did it anyway.

Which, after half a minute of renewed pressure, was the case now.

“That’s it, that’s it,” she gasped. The heat and the smell of her sex were all around me, and I really worked her with my tongue. She moved her hips in circles, grunting, and I saw her stomach clench. Then she lay back down, relaxed.

The covers were swept off and the dazzling morning sunlight almost blinded me. She was propped up on her elbows, her breasts and her hair hanging freely. She possessed the kind of casual beauty that always radiated from some girls.

“I don’t have time for a shower now. Thanks a lot.” It was only her eyes that told me the whip crack darkness in her voice was mostly an act.

“And who’s fault is that?” I asked.

“Yours, clearly.”

I snorted and pushed my almost-forgotten pinkie another inch into her. Her eyes widened, and she bought her knee up viciously into my chest.

“And I told you not to do that!” She stormed, pulling herself away from the probing finger and out of bed. I didn’t give her the satisfaction of rubbing my sore ribs as I sat up.

She quickly pulled on some underwear and a pair of jeans. It had been three months since I’d first tasted her sweet, forbidden body. Yet after all that time her clean, tanned curves still seemed new and exotic to me.

She finished getting dressed and tied up her long, dark hair.

“See you later,” she said, leaning in toward me and running her tongue in one long, sloppy stroke up my cheek. It was the type of animal gesture I’d come to half-expect from her, with her wild, fierce temperament. She Bycasino turned and walked off.

“Bye,” I said to her retreating back.

I looked over at her clock. I had ten minutes before I’d have to rush to get ready for school. I lay back on Lonnie’s bed and sucked the scent of her perfume, her sweat and her womanhood through my nostrils. I pulled my already-hard cock from my shorts and began to pump it.

I let my mind drift away as my body did its thing. Masturbating in your sister’s bed, biological sister or not, makes you feel like a pervert. Of course, fucking her three times a week will do that too, but at those times you have an accomplice. With my heart beating already from exertion, I fell willingly into the strange thrill.

I still had the taste of her in my mouth, and I imagined I was still licking her, then climbing on top of her and burying my fat dick into her. I’d thrust and see the sweat-drops run over her temples, while her hot body (physically and metaphorically) writhed below me.

Almost silently, I took a deep breath and watched my cock eject its load onto my waiting t-shirt. Relief pumped with my rushing blood all through me, and tingling pleasure. I slowed my pace until I finally gave up the last of my wad, then took my shirt off and wiped myself clean of sweat and cum.

That night I was finding it hard to sleep. I was filled with an aimless energy and I rolled from side to side, trying to get comfortable.

When this proved futile I got up and walked down the hallway, intending to get a drink, maybe some food. It was past midnight, and I was finding my way mostly by feel. My fingertips touched Lonnie’s door and I paused.

I put my hand to the doorknob and slowly turned it, silently pushing the door open. The room inside was actually brighter than the hallway, moonlight streaming in her open window. I saw her form under the covers. I closed the door behind me.

I crept up and looked down on her sleeping face. In the moonlight, her skin looked somehow even darker. She was an amazing sight.

“Lonnie,” I whispered. She stirred, but then settled.

“Lonnie,” I repeated, a little louder. Her eyes fluttered open. She looked confused.

“What’s going Bycasino giriş on?” She asked throatily.

“I couldn’t sleep,” I whispered, “I’m going to fuck you.”

Her eyes were wide with residual sleep-confusion, but they began to sharpen as she took what I said in. I knew the elements of danger and taboo were powerful aphrodisiacs for her, but our parents’ room was just down the hallway.

“No. We’ll get caught.”

“It wasn’t a question,” I said, pulling aside the quilt. We both knew that it really was, though. Lonnie slept naked and I took in her plump breasts and dark curves hungrily.

She didn’t say a word, simply spread her legs. Most of the time she acted the hell-cat, but sometimes she was willing to play the good submissive girl. I slipped off my boxers and shirt. I had a half-erection, which I pumped a few times to get it fully upright.

Lonnie’s skin was very hot when I lay on her soft, lithe body. I pulled her knees up and out, and I felt her lock her ankles together, resting them on my back. I put my hands behind her shoulders and felt my way into her with my cock’s questing head.

She let out a little gasp as I made my first entrance into her tight pussy. I took it slowly for a while, feeling her rock under me, the resistance slowly disappearing. I put my forehead down on the pillow, me cheek against hers, her breathing in my ear. My hips began to rock faster and I felt her respond.

We continued in our rhythm and I let my mind sink into nothingness, existing purely on the feel of our bodies moving together. We were already sweaty, and our bellies slid cleanly together, my chest over her breasts.

I was so lost that I suddenly slipped, plunging my shaft in hard and deep. She cried out, more in surprise than anything, I think. My head snapped up and we looked into each others’ eyes. We were frozen like that for several long seconds, our bodies melded, reading each other’s worry.

Then we heard a door open in the hallway.

“Shit!” I hissed, disengaging myself. I got to my feet and looked around wildly. There was no way to escape the room. I couldn’t fit under the bed. It was the closet, then. When the knock came on the door I was trying to quietly bury my Bycasino deneme bonusu way into dresses and shirts.

“Lonnie,” he mother’s voice came from the other side of the door, and it opened a slice. “Are you okay, honey?”

“I’m fine,” she said in a remarkably normal voice. “I just had a nightmare.”

“You’re sure?”

Her voice was hesitant, and I silently prayed that she’d go back to bed. She would have a reasonable chance of seeing me if she came in. Naked me with a big, wet boner. Oh shit, my clothes were right next to Lonnie’s bed!

“I’m sure mum. Goodnight.” It all hung there.

“Well, goodnight, sweetheart. Sweet dreams this time!”

The door closed and I waited a few seconds before sighing in relief and getting free to make my way back to Lonnie’s bed.

“God that was close!” She breathed. Her face was flushed, her eyes burning. Before I could lower myself to the bed she got on her hands and knees and presented her pussy to me, doggy-style.

I needed no further inviting and guided my cock straight into her, taking her hanging breasts in my hands.

“Let loose,” she whispered over her shoulders. I have her a squeeze of acknowledgement and pushed up into her, slowly pushing my entire length inside her. She was tighter and looser now, and I began to pump straight away.

It didn’t take long to escalate this time. I was soon fucking her with a rapid, long stroke, seeing my slick member disappearing deep into her smooth pussy. I tried to breathe steadily and quietly, and Lonnie was doing the same.

When I felt myself approaching orgasm I shifted my hands from those ripe breasts to her hips, pulling her rhythmically against my increasingly frequent thrusts. It was really hard to breathe quietly.

I came with a long, slow exhalation, shooting wildly within her and still pumping. My feet cramped, and as I slowed I realised I had a very tight grip on Lonnie’s hips. I moved them to her back and ran them over her soft, sweat-slicked skin.

When I pulled out, she didn’t even look at me. She lay down and pulled the covers up over herself.

“Go to sleep, stupid,” she teased in a whisper. Risking further detection I slipped my hand under the covers and slapped her sharply on her firm ass. The material muffled out most of the sound, thankfully, and though Lonnie jumped, she didn’t squeal.

She spun to me, eyes blazing.

“I’m going to get you for that,” she said in a dangerous, low voice.

“Can’t wait,” I winked at her.