Forgetting the Past


“Break it up you two! Don’t make me say it again!”

Damn it! I was just about to knock his fucking teeth out! Stupid fucking cunt! I’m seething, teeth bared, fists ready.

“He started-” I began.

“Save it. Both of you clean up and report to my office immediately!”

The tone of his voice leaves no room for argument so I pick myself up, glaring dangerously at Azrael and just about manage not to spit a mouthful of blood from my split lip in his stupid smug face.

“Nice fight, Snow White, maybe next time-” I block out his taunting voice and turn to go and get cleaned up. He knows I hate him calling me that. My dad’s side of the family suffers from premature leukotrichia. So by the time I reached about 15, my previously black hair had all but disappeared and instead I had a halo of white hair. I tried dying it for a while but just ended up looking like a skunk so I left it.

But Christ! To think I used to love that areshole! He’s a right royal prick. I return to my room and manage to calm down slightly. I peer at myself in the mirror and wince. My lip is swollen and there’s a welt forming under my eye. Just fucking brilliant I think irritably.

“Why do I keep letting him get to me?” I voice, dabbing cautiously at my lip. My green eyes stare back at me reflecting my mind’s confusion. I sigh and let my mind wander back to the time when Azrael and I were almost inseparable. We were at college and at a time where I was struggling with my sexuality, Azrael had come along and assured me that being gay was nothing to be ashamed of. I remember our first meeting vividly; him pressing me up against my locker, licking the back of my neck and shoving a piece of paper in my hand.

I remember being mortified and embarrassed, blushing to the roots of hair, realising that people had seen the exchange. I slammed the locker door shut and fled to the nearest toilet, locking myself in a cubicle and breathing hard. I waited until I knew I was alone and then opened the folded paper.

Snow white.

Meet me in the gym at 4pm. Don’t keep me waiting, gorgeous.


Oh. My. God. What am I going to do? There is no way that me, Ares Luca, virginal at 18 and counting was going to meet sex god, Azrael. His reputation at college was legendary. There was no way. So I did the sensible thing, threw the piece of paper away and went to class determined to forget all about it. As soon as the bell signalled the end of the day I high tailed it and sped home, grateful for the four walls of my room. I was feeling very pleased with myself until the doorbell rang and I answered the door.

“Hey, Snow White.” Azrael stood there, grinning mischievously. ” Did someone run away from me?” he mock-admonished, pushing past me into the house.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck! Ok, excuse time…um…LIE!

“Um…no, I forgot and then I had to….um…and…” What the fuck was that!

“You didn’t really forget, Snow White. I saw you legging it down the road. It’s a good thing I’m in good shape otherwise I would have lost you.”

Well…I couldn’t argue with that. The shirt he was wearing should be criminal the way it clung to his hard, hot, sexy…whoa! Concentrate!

I blushed again and started stammering. His presence intimidated me and I knew no doubt that he was using this to make me feel uncomfortable. He sprawled on the couch and patted the space next to him, indicating that I should sit. I started to refuse but he grabbed my arm and almost pulled me on top of him. He nuzzled at my neck and I groaned. I managed to pull away before I completely submitted and stood behind the couch putting distance between us.

“What do you want, Azrael?” I gasped out.

“I love your hair, Snow White. Why is it like that?”

He practically has me begging for him and that’s what he chooses to come out with? Is he for real? I think incredulously.

“You didn’t answer my question.”

“Neither did you, Snow White.”

Damn he’s infuriating! “Genetic predisposition” I say, unwilling to divulge more until he gives me the reason why he’s here.

He grins at me slyly and manages to gracefully vault his 6″ 4 frame over the couch, catching me unawares. He lunges at me, grabbing both my hands and pinning them over my head as he manoeuvres my back against the wall. He brushes his lips over mine softly before leaning in and possessing my mouth completely, licking at my bottom lip then sucking delightfully on my tongue.

He pulls his mouth away and his cobalt blue eyes bore into me as he presses his muscular frame against mine. “You want to know why I’m here?” I nod helplessly, my lips swollen as his eyes and hands keep me pinned.

He begins grinding his hips into me as he speaks, angling his cock against mine. “I’ve been watching you for some time now. I never knew just how exciting swimming could be until I saw you in those tight black shorts.” bursa escort He groans as if trying to keep his composure. “Those legs, that chest and oh that arse!” I can feel him grinning as he breathes in my ear. A blush stains my cheeks and my cock responds. “What I want is to teach you how it feels.”

“How what feels?” I ask breathlessly, my hips metering out their own rhythm against my will.

“How it feels not to struggle with who you are. That it’s ok to be different without fear and shame.” With a particularly vicious thrust of his hips, he whispers conspiratorially, “It’s ok to be gay.”

“I never said I was-” He interrupts me.

“You didn’t have to, I used to have that same look once, haunted and afraid, but I’ve accepted who I am and I want you to do the same.” He intones. “I want to teach you things that’ll make your toes curl and your throat hoarse from screaming. Will you let me teach you those things?” His hips are at a frenzied pace now and I realise I’m hard but still I’m resisting.

“Why me?”

“Because you’re pure and innocent and you’re not like everyone else. That intrigues me. You’ve never thrown yourself at anyone, let alone me. I want you more than I’ve wanted anyone before. Just looking at you and your beautiful white hair is enough to get me hard.”

He releases one of my hands and brings it to the crotch of his jeans. “Can you feel that?” he husks. “That’s what you do to me. It’s all for you.”

Despite the pleasure coursing through me, I squirm from underneath him and stare at him accusingly. “For all your talk, you’re just going to fuck me and when you’ve had your fill I’ll be just like all those other people you’ve slept with.”

“That’s not true. Anyone else and it would be but you’re different. If you haven’t noticed I don’t ever have to do the chasing when it comes to getting laid.” He steps up behind and wraps his arms around my waist. “Don’t make me chase you, Ares, because I guarantee that you’ll tire yourself out a lot faster than I will.”

I’m contemplating a sharp and witty response when the air is snatched from my lungs. His hand has traced itself under my shirt and his large thumb is rubbing circles lightly around my left nipple. I gasp loudly as his other hand begins undoing the buttons of my shirt.

“Do you surrender yourself to me?”

God. He sounds like a medieval knight about to conquer his adversary. I decide to ignore him and simply moan in response as he practically drags off my t-shirt and tugs pleasurably on my nipples.

“I didn’t hear you, Ares.” He tugs harder.


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, I bloody surrender!”

“That’s more like it. Now take me to your room.”

I take his hand and lead him to my room. I’m going to lose my virginity and with Azrael fucking Young! Hold on. It’s going to hurt! Oh God I’m not ready. Maybe this isn’t such a good idea.

“Ares, you’ve stopped.”

“Huh? Oh sorry… I was just… um…”

He seems to know what I’m thinking. “I won’t hurt you, Snow White. Trust me.”

We walk into the room together, my heart beating a frantic rhythm within my chest. Azrael senses my apprehension because he lays me on my bed and proceeds to worship my torso with his tongue. I’m writhing beneath him, moaning his name as his lips, tongue and fingers play my body like a well tuned instrument. Somewhere between him teasing me into submission, he’s managed to shed his clothes and is rubbing himself against my clothed thigh.

“Take off your pants.” He orders breathlessly.

I reach down to take them off but he pushes my hands away.

“Stand up and take them off. I want to see you.”

He sits on the edge of the bed waiting for me. I get up and fumble with my jeans. He spreads his legs and positions me in between them facing away from him. Both his hands reach around my front and tug my zipper down.

“Push your pants down.” He pants “Don’t forget to bend over.”

I do as he commands, blushing a furious shade of red when I bend over, aware that my now bare arse is in his face. I try to stand up quickly but his hands snake out and keep me in place.

“You have a beautiful arse, Ares.” He slaps it once, then twice making me gasp in shock and a surprising mix of pleasure. “Spread your legs wider.”

I yield to him and feel my arse cheeks part affording him a view of my hole. A gust of warm breath is the only warning I get before he starts to probe me with his tongue.

“Fuck!” My legs almost give out beneath me as he explores the groove of my arse with his tongue. At first he simply drags his tongue from behind my balls to the base of my spine making me exclaim loudly. Just when I think it can’t get any better, his tongue stiffens and spears my tightly furled flesh. I manage to choke out his name as pure bliss courses through my veins tingeing my vision. My cock’s near bursting and is slippery bursa ucuz escort with my precum.

“If you don’t… ugh… stop… I’m going to… oh, fuck!”

One of his fingers finds its way in my arse and using the rough pad of his fingertip, he begins to manipulate my prostate. “Oh God. I’m gonna… I’m gonna…”

His fingers and tongue withdraw from my arse and I’m left teetering on the brink of orgasm, bent over and panting with need.

“Why’d you stop? I was so close.” I whine in frustration.

“When you cum, I want to be inside you.” He replies lasciviously.

He lays my body on the bed and for a few minutes simply stares at me while he strokes himself. His cock is about 7″ and impressively thick. My arse clenches anxiously at the thought of taking him.

“You’re beautiful, Ares. So very beautiful.” He enthuses.

With that he straddles my hips grinding our hard ones into each other. We’re gasping and moaning and before long he’s draped my legs over his arms and is slicking my hole with precum.

“Have you got protection?” he gasps.


With one hand he reaches into the pocket of his jeans and extracts a foil packet from his wallet. “One must always be prepared.”

I watch him roll on the condom then position himself for entry. Immediately I tense up. Shit, I can’t do this. Oh God, Oh God, Oh God!!! I chant in my mind, terrified. Azrael feels me tense because he makes no effort to push inside of me.

“Relax, beautiful. I need you to relax and trust me, ok? I won’t hurt you, Snow White. I promise.” All the while he’s stroking my cock with feather light touches, making me believe him. “Just relax and bear down on me. I’ll go as slow as you want.”

The tension drains out of my body with his words and he pushes against me, the head of his cock slipping inside with a slight sting. I can feel my muscles protesting, fluttering weakly against his cock. I hear him give a strangled moan and he pushes in a little more.

“Snow White, are you alright? Should I pull out?”

I gulp, “No, keep pushing.”

It feels like an eternity before his balls finally come flush against my arse. I feel full and stretched but there’s little pain.

“Tell me when it’s ok to move.”

I take a few deep breaths before slapping his arse and telling him to start moving. He gasps at my audacity and growls into my ear.

He slowly begins to pull out, watching my face intently. I groan and he pushes back into my heated flesh. He repeats the motion until eventually I’m bucking and sighing beneath him. He’s thrusting harder now, sawing back and forth inside me, the friction driving me crazy. His fingers wander over my body, pinching at my nipples and squeezing my balls.

“Do you like my cock, Ares?” He grunts in my ear. “Does it feel good?”

“Fuck, yes!”

“You are so tight, Ares. Hot and tight and moist.”

He drives into me again, his cock head battering against my prostate. I let out a muffled scream as his cock pushes me further into oblivion. My scream doesn’t escape his notice and he rams back into me hitting my sweet spot again. My eyes roll into my skull and I begin to whimper desperately. He grabs my arse and angles me so that he can continually hit my prostate whilst penetrating me deeply. My fists clench the sheets besides me as he hammers away at my arse. I don’t think I’m going to last much longer. Azrael senses I’m on the brink because he proceeds to jackhammer my arse whilst jacking my glistening cock.

“You going to come for me, Snow White?”

I manage to gurgle out a yes.

“Come on beautiful. Come for me. Once you come, you belong to me.” He jacks my cock harder and faster, occasionally rubbing a thumb across the sensitive head making me jerk harder into his wild thrusts.

Eventually my body goes into overload and the world falls away leaving only Azrael and I. Azrael sucks hard on my neck drawing a mewl from my throat. I’m on the edge and all it takes is for Azrael to growl, “I’ve marked you now. Your mine” into the hollow of my throat and I’m lost; pushed over into an abyss of ecstasy. My back arches and my hips buck furiously. I sob as my orgasm washes over me, black spots dancing in my vision.

Azrael follows me a split second later. “Fuck! I’m coming, Ares, I’m coming.” He roars. “So tight! Too tight, too much!” I can feel my arse clamped tightly around his cock amidst my orgasm and I’m vaguely aware of him groaning my name and grinding his hips sporadically into mine.

When I finally can make sense of my surroundings, I’m once again captured by those deep blue eyes and for a moment I’m so mesmerised, I almost miss what he’s saying. I blink and focus, listening to his words.

“Are you mine, Ares?”

I don’t hesitate, “Yes.”

He seems satisfied and rolls off me, disposing of the condom.

I bursa elit escort hesitate before blurting, “Are you mine?”

He grins at me and kisses the tip of my nose. “Always.” He kisses me again, this time on the lips and it’s so full of tenderness and want that I sigh contentedly into his mouth.

He wraps his arms around me and pulls me tight into his chest, cocooning me in his heat. The last thing I hear before sleep consumes me is his murmur, “mine.”

This was how most of our nights were spent, with variants on sexual positions and surfaces. He taught me so much, gave me confidence and pride. And then came the day he told me he loved me. Of course I said it back and we made sweet, gentle love working ourselves up to slow and all encompassing climax’s. But, of course, all good things must come to an end. Azrael changed, became possessive and smothering. At first I didn’t mind. It was only little things like phoning to check if I was alright, insisting on walking me home. Every day. But who wouldn’t mind having a protective boyfriend? However, it all came to a head when I met an old friend from school. Azrael couldn’t walk me home that day so I decided to go to the coffee shop for a hot chocolate and bumped into Leo. We were reminiscing when my phone went off.

“Where are you?” Azrael demanded. He did not sound happy.

“In the coffee shop up the road.”

“Ares, do you want another drink?” Leo asked me.

“No thanks.” I watched him go and get another for himself.

“Who is that?” Azrael questioned.

“Chill, it’s just an old friend from school. We’re catching up.”

“Sure you are.” He practically snarled down the phone. “I’ll be there in a minute.”

He arrived 10 minutes later in a distinctly belligerent mood.

“So Leo. You’re here because…?”

“Azrael, don’t be so damn rude!” I apologised to Leo.

“Why the hell are you apologising to him for. He’s only here because he wants to fuck you. Aint that so, Leo?”

Leo stands up abruptly, clearly offended and starts to say his goodbyes. He’s reaching over to kiss my cheek when all of a sudden Azrael’s fist shoots out and knocks him off his feet.

“Don’t you fucking dare touch my boyfriend! He’s mine, dammit. Mine!”

I manage to get Leo seen to and on his way without exploding with anger. With that done, I round on Azrael. “What the fuck was that?”

“He was touching you.” He says simply.

His childish response is the final straw so I simply walk away from him. He grabs my arm tightly. “Don’t walk away from me, Ares.”

“Let go of me, you’re hurting me.” He releases me.

“If you weren’t such a cocktease, I wouldn’t have had to do that.” The brutality of his words hits me like a slap in the face.

“You know what, Azrael. Fuck you! I don’t know who you are anymore and I certainly don’t like who you’ve become. You’re overbearing and quite frankly I’m sick of your jealousy. What you just did was moronic and stupid and I-“

There’s no warning at all, only the sting and the sharp cry that passes my lips as his palm connects with my cheek. At first I’m shocked. Did he just hit me? Then I’m livid and before I can stop myself, I’ve kicked him satisfyingly hard in the balls. He doubles over, tears streaming down both our face but for different reasons.

“I never want to see you again!”

Azrael persists, begs, pleads but my mind is made up. Eventually he gives up and I manage to avoid him until the summer when we all leave and prepare ourselves for university. Although my heart’s a wreck, life’s pretty much average. That is until I get to university and run into Azrael. God is against me. He insists on taunting me day after day. Making comments, telling me what I’m missing, that he’ll take me back if I beg, that we should still be together.

Today had been the final straw. He’d accosted me on my way to my campus room, grinding himself on me, whispering in my ear about how much he’d enjoyed making me scream while he took my tight virgin arse. I saw red literally and pounced on him roaring out my frustration until my swim coach put in an appearance and ordered our untimely separation.

So here I am, dabbing at my cuts and bruises wandering how many more years of this shit can I possibly take?

I manage to make myself look presentable and make my way to my coach’s office. Azrael’s already there and I’m gratified to note that he’s got a black eye, one of his eyebrows is split and his knuckles are swollen. Coach literally rips us both a new arsehole and demands that we act civilised or we’ll both be kicked off our sporting teams. We leave, shoulders drooped, heads down. But as soon as we’re out of earshot, Azrael’s goading me again. I ignore him. But just when I think I’m going to kick his arse, I’m entranced by a vision of beauty. My long since dormant cock awakens as I watch this ethereal beauty before me.

Who is he? I think, intrigued. I want him!

I tell Azrael to go fuck himself and rush home to relieve myself. I jerk off to the thought of that red hair, that milky skin and those huge grey eyes. Coming affords me no satisfaction and I growl in frustration.

I must find him.