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Authors note.

Hey all. I have been building this story in my head for years, and it took a pandemic to move it from my head to these pages. This story is just made up from things I fantasized about when I was little. There is no truth to it and any resemblance to something that may have happened in your life is purely coincidental, although, I would love to hear about it.

I am a little ADD so it is hard for me to sit down and write. I will not do it if I do not get feedback. Nifty give us an outlet to write things that we cannot talk about in the real world, so donate fty/donate.html and be sure to give the authors feedback on what you think after you read their stories..

Remember to please keep the fantasies here on the pages of Nifty. What I am asking is read about him, dream about him, look at him, but don”t put hands on him.

I do hope you and your families are staying safe and heathy through these trying times. ENJOY.






I was super excited to be going to lunch with Timmy. He was so nice and didn”t look at me like I was some weird kid, he really liked me, and I really liked him. We stepped out of the office into the waiting room where Timmy stopped and sat down in a chair. I gave him a questioning look and asked, “Aren”t we going to lunch?”

“Of course, we are silly. But we have to wait for the bell. We have ten minutes till it rings.”

“Oh” I sat down next to Timmy and waited. He just kept smiling and looking at me. I looked at him and said, “What?”

“I am excited!” He said louder then I think he meant to.

“About what?”

“You are wearing a robe. That means you went through medical. That means you know what being a Crossman boy is about.”

I looked at him wondering if he knew what I just went through. “wh…wh… What do you mean?” I was nervous that somehow, I gave him a sign or something about what happened in there.

He just laughed and said, “Why are you so nervous? I know you had a physical, and it must have been a complete one, or you would not be wearing a robe. If I looked under your robe, I would also bet you are naked. Your voice is more horse than it was when you got here, and the way you are sitting, I bet you got your cunt checked too.”

I am sure my face was fire engine red, and I just steered at him with my mouth open. “How did you know? You won”t tell anyone will you? I don”t want to get into any trouble with the Headmaster and not be able to go here. Please Timmy, promise me,” I begged.

Timmy just looked at me in total surprise. “Brian. you know I am a Crossman and already go to this school, right?” I nodded my head in total fear. “The exam you just went through, all Cboys go through it at least every other month. The Doctor has to make sure we are ok since our cunts and throats get used so much. So, you have nothing to worry about.” He said smiling and putting an arm around my shoulder. “Besides Brian, we are best friends, I would never make fun of you.” That is when I got the biggest surprise. Timmy leaned in and gave me a big kiss on the cheek. I just looked at him in shock, no one outside my family had ever done that. He pulled back removing his arm from my shoulder and I saw tears forming in his eyes. “I am so sorry Brian, I am so happy to have you as a friend that it just happened, please don”t hate me. I won”t ever do it again.

I reached over and gave Timmy a big hug and kissed his cheek. “Timmy, I am not mad, I am happy. I have never had a friend that I liked me so much he kissed me. I was just surprised is all. I was so worried about how today was going to end for me, and now I am close to getting in the school I want to go to, in the house I want to be in, and to top it off, I finally found a best friend that is not my brother. This is the best day of my life.” I said while dancing around the waiting room like a fool. Timmy was sitting there laughing until I grabbed his hand a made him dance around with me.

All of a sudden, the exam room door opened, and the Headmaster came out. He saw us and smiled, “I guess you two may be best friends after all. Now settle down, the bell should ring any sec…” and it rang. “Ok boys head to lunch and Brian, I need you to really work hard on those tests for me ok?”

I stood straight and said, “Yes Headmaster, I won”t disappoint you I promise.”

“I know you won”t. Head on out now boys.”

With that said, we all headed out the door. The Headmaster went left, and Timmy and I went right. The halls were full now with kids all heading to their next class or to the dining room. Timmy told me, “Because there are so many kids, there are two different lunch periods. The Cboys are always in the first one and go to the left line.”

I never felt such pride as I walked down the hallway in my awesome robe. It was a little weird knowing that I was naked under there. We left the classroom building and went across what Timmy called the Quad and into the dining room.

We entered the dining room and it was real busy with kids moving all over the place. I grabbed Timmy”s robe in a panic to stop him, “I don”t have any money, it is all in my pants and I don”t know where they are.” I knew the Headmaster said he was buying my lunch, but he wasn”t here.

“Don”t worry about it Brian, you are with me.” He pulled me into the line on to left getting behind a group of other boys waiting a talking.

One boy ahead of us looked over and said, “Hey Timmy, how”s is going brother. Who”s your friend?”

“Hi Brendon, I am doing great! This is my new best friend Brian.”

Brenden looked like he was maybe fourteen with bright blue eyes and a big smile. I liked him right away, because like me he was fat too, not like real fat, but not skinny either. He held out his hand and said, “It is great to meet you Brian, any friend of Timmy”s is a friend of mine.

“It”s nice to meet you to.” I said as I shook his hand. We chatted back and forth as we waited in line. As I said I am kind shy and always hide from the kids at my school, but here I wasn”t afraid. Everyone treated me like I had been here forever. Since this was a line for Crossman boys only, I got a look at all the other Cboys as Timmy called them.

We got to the front of the line and Timmy grabbed me a tray and a roll of silverware wrapped in a cloth napkin. Definitely not something you would see at my school. We went through the line and got to choose what we wanted. I chose the meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, and a piece of cake for dessert. Timmy got the chicken strips, french-fries, corn, and a piece of cake. At the end of the counter the man put and plastic cup with a lid on it on the try and asked if I wanted a chocolate milk or white milk. Both Timmy and I chose white, and I followed Timmy to the table. As we were walking, I noticed that only the Cboys had this cup with the lid on it. None of the others had one. When we got to the table, I was at the end then Timmy and Brenden. Sitting down, I noticed all the boys were drinking whatever was in this cup. The cup was not a see through so I really could not see what was in it. Some of the boys drank it down fast, while others sipped it.

Timmy saw me looking at it and the other boys and said, “That is called golden water. Cboys are required to drink a cup at every meal. You have never had it before I am sure, so you won”t like it.” He turned and talked to Brendon next to him.

Brandon looked over at me and said, “Brian, no one will be mad if you don”t drink it. You are not a Cboy yet, so you are not required.”

I looked at it and said, “If the Cboys are supposed to drink it then I will do it to.” With that I grabbed the cup and took off the lid. It didn”t smell good at all. I looked to Timmy and he had taken his lid off to. Then he tapped his cup against mine and said cheers and he drank down his whole cup full. I took a deep breath and did the same. It was awful, but I swallowed it all and saw Timmy grab a pitcher out of the center of the table and fill my cup up again.

“That”s just water, drink it down.” I did as I was told, and even though I could taste what little was left in the cup mixed with the water, it was better. “Now eat and you will forget all about it.” I started eating and soon the taste was out of my mouth. I loved the way us little kids got to sit with the big kids and the way all the other guys included us in their conversations.

I looked around the dining hall and noticed that only the Crossman House boys sat mixed up this way. The other houses were seated by age. The boy across from me looked like he was about sixteen and said, “Hi I”m Paul.”

He extended his hand and I shook it. “I”m Brian, I am just here for the day, but hope to be able to come here full time soon.”

“That”s cool, I hope you are able to come here, you will like it. I noticed you looking at some of the older cboys and looking at the other tables.”

“Yea. I was wondering why you guys are sitting with us little kids, but at the other tables the older boys have their own tables.”

“That”s a good question Brian but let me answer it by asking you a few.” I nodded my head yes and he went on. “Do you have any older brothers or sisters?”

“I only have one brother, and he is the best big brother ever.” I said with pride.

Paul smiled and asked, “When your family has dinner together, I assume that you and your brother sit at different tables, right?”

I laughed and answered, “That”s silly why would we sit at different tables? We sit right across from each other.”

“Because that is the way families eat meals. The Cboys are a family so we sit together. You are what we would call a little. Every little brother has a big brother assigned to him. I am Branden”s big brother, so why would I sit away from him?”

Timmy jumped in and added, “Yea, and next him is Tyler, and he is my big brother.” Then his voice got low and he said, “Sometime I like him more them my own big brothers.”

Once I understood that, I listened as they told me all about the school, and how much they loved it. I felt like I was already a part of it. I felt so included, a feeling I have never had before.

I guess if I would have gotten on board with the religious afyon escort thing maybe I could have had these feelings there. I mean my brother was always talking about the fellowship he had with the other kids at church. I even woke up one day and decided I was going to go with Donny and see what he saw, but in the end, I just couldn”t make myself do it. However, here was something I could really be a part of if everything worked in my favor.

When we were finished, some men came out of the kitchen with big carts and started collecting trays, scraping the food into one bin on the cart, putting the trays in another, our cups with lids in another, the silverware is yet another, and the napkins in a bag. I will say, there was no food to scrape off my tray. I cleaned it all, it was delicious, again, not like my school. I thought giggling.

Just then, some kid from another table came up beside me and started talking mean to Timmy. He looked like he was fifteen or so. Not real big, but I could see his friends from the table he was at laughing and pointing. “Hey fag boy who is your new friend, or is he your lover?” I heard Brendon tell him to knock it off. “Shut up Brendon, you know your aren”t going to do anything. So, Timmy, what do you say you meet me later so I can slide my cock down your faggot throat.”

I was trying to hold it together but the more this boy talked to my friend the less control I had. I lost it and since he was leaning over me, I cocked my arm back and elbowed him as hard as I could in the balls. He bent over while backing up giving me enough room to stand up. Once my feet were planted I gave him an uppercut to the chin with the palm of my hand, and he was down, but I was still seeing red and jumped on top of him hitting him a few more times before Brendon, Timmy, and Paul picked me up and dragged me out. By the time I calmed down I found myself outside the Headmasters office. Once my head cleared, and I realized what I had done, I just lost it. I fell out of the chair they had set me in, onto the floor, curled up into a ball, and just started balling.

Timmy got on the floor next to me, “Brian, are you ok? Come on Brian, talk to me please” I looked up to see him crying to.”

“I am so sorry Timmy; I can”t be your friend now.”

“What are you talking about, you are my best friend?”

“Don”t you understand Timmy? They will never let me come here now. I knew it was too good to be true. Nothing good ever works for me.” I curled back into a ball and just kept crying.

The Headmaster walked in and said, “All of you in my office now.” I was sure he was mad but was only using a stern voice and not yelling. Brendon, and Paul stood me up and we all followed the Headmaster into his office. As soon as we entered his office, I took my beautiful robe off and put it on his desk. I was so sad I am not sure that at the time I realized I was standing there in front of all these people naked. The Headmaster looked at me and asked, “Brian, why did you remove your robe?”

“I don”t deserve it. I just need to get myself ready to accept my punishment when my dad finds out that I came here and then got into a fight.”

“Paul, would you help Brian get is robe back on and then have a seat please.”

Paul stood and grabbed my robe off the desk and held it for me. I made no attempt to move. Brendon whispered in my ear, “You heard the Headmaster tell Paul to get you into your robe. Do you want Paul to get into trouble to for not doing what he is told? “I looked and Brendon, then Paul, and then the Headmaster who was not looking happy. I was just lifting my arms when Brendon whispered in my ear again, “You know, you have a real cute butt.” My face must have turned twenty shades of red. It was at that second that I actually realized I had been naked. I jumped at Paul with my arms up, Paul pulled the robe down my arms and over my head. I saw that everyone was smiling, and Timmy was giggling.

“So, who is going to tell me what happed at lunch?” Asked the Headmaster.

Before I could get my hand up and say anything, Brendon said, “It was my fault Sir.”

“So, are you telling me you punched Kyle?” asked the Headmaster.

“No Sir, but I saw it coming and didn”t react soon enough to stop it.”

“Tell me what happened then Brendon.”

“Kyle came over to the table and started picking on Timmy again…”

“Why are you saying again Brendon. Has this happened before?

“Yes Sir. Kyle and his friends like to show what big shots they are by making rude remarks and threats. They know we aren”t allowed to fight back, so it like gives them free range to do it. They never cross the line by laying hands on us, because they know that would get them kicked out. Today when Kyle was picking on Timmy and telling him to pick a time so that he could shove his cock down Timmy”s throat. I was really close to breaking the rules and knocking him out; but I just told him to knock it off and he told me to shut up. I was so busy trying to control my anger that I could not stop Brian, even though I knew he was going to blow.”

I could see the Headmaster thinking about what was just said, “Ok, so we have two issues in front of us. The first being the fact that I was not informed that any of this was going on. The second is I need to understand what you saw that made you think Brian was, how did you put it, going to blow?”

“Well Sir,” Brendon said as he looked the Headmaster in the eyes. “I could see Brian”s face turning red and his fists balling up so tight that his knuckles were white, but I waited too long to act, and he blew.” As for not telling you about the way we were being treated Sir. We all felt that if you got involved it would be much worse for us. Guys like Kyle and his bunch are just talk, we ignore them and move on Sir.”

“You all must understand that at no time will I accept bullying in this school. By you boys not telling me or one of the teachers about what was going on, it allows those boys to think it is acceptable, and that is not a message myself or any of the staff will allow. I don”t understand, every boy in this school has signed code of conduct contracts. How is it possible then that this went on without it being reported? This will be an issue for another time, but we will get back to it. As for this bulling, never will I allow abuse to any student or staff be overlooked. Do I make myself clear?”

Everyone said, “Yes Sir” at the same time.

“Now as far as you, being able to control Brian”s actions, only Brian can do that. I cannot hold you responsible for that Brendon. I am proud of the way the three of you stepped in and got Brian out of the situation.” Looking at me he said, “Brian, as you just heard, fighting is not acceptable here at the Founders School. You need to know that when you return here, there will be consequences for your actions.”

I started crying again and Timmy asked, “Brian, why are you crying?”

Looking up at him I said, “Because I wanted to go here so bad, and now I never will.”

The boys started laughing, and Timmy asked, “What are you talking about? The Headmaster just said that you will be punished when you start going here.”

It took a second for me to realize what Timmy just said to me. I looked at him, then the Headmaster. “Really, I still have a chance to come here, like for reals?”

“Depending on your testing this afternoon, yes. Just as long as you understand, you are not clear of this incident. You have to learn to control your anger, because if this happens again, you will not be allowed to be here, and you will face punishment upon your return to this school for today”s actions, are we clear on both of these issue?”

“Oh yes Sir.” I said with excitement running through my body. “But Sir, sometimes I get so angry that I don”t even realize it until it is too late. I don”t know how I can promise you that I can stop it.” I knew what I was saying to him may make him rethink me coming here.

It was Paul who got down on his knees in front of me, and took my hands in his, “Brian, you will control it, because you won”t be alone. We will be your brothers and it is our jobs to watch each other”s backs. You have one hundred and five brothers who you can turn to for help at any time.” Then he gave me a big hug, then stood back. Is this really happening? Could I really have found a place where I would not always have to hide from other kids so I would not be picked on? My head was spinning. Just then the bell rang, and the Headmaster said, Ok boys, head to class now. Timmy, take Brian to the restroom and wash his face before you take him to class.”

Timmy grabbed my hand and said, “Yes Headmaster.” Before dragging me from the office. We went down the hall to the bathroom where I washed my face and did my best to make my hair look better.

Just then two bigger boys came into the bathroom. They saw me and came over. One of the boys who came over what real skinny and had zits on his face, and the other was taller but overweight. The zit faced kid asked, “You the boy who beat up Kyle?”

I was kind of scared thinking they were going to beat me up. Timmy said, “Come on guys, he is already in enough trouble.” And tried to push me out of the room.

The fat guy got in front of us and said, “I think you got us wrong guys. We just wanted to thank you. He has been picking on us for a while now, but we were too scared to do anything about it.”

I was shock to say the least. “Why didn”t you tell the Headmaster?”

The zit guy said, “We saw how he treated the Cboys and got away with it, how could we do anything if you guys who own the school couldn”t stop it?”

“We just did. The guys told the Headmaster how he has been acting and the Headmaster will deal with it, but what I did was wrong, don”t thank me for it. If you want it to stop, go tell the Headmaster.” They looked at each other and said that they would think about it and left.

Timmy giggled and said, “You are a hero now bro.”

I replied a little angrier than I meant to, “I don”t want to be a hero, I wish it had never happened.”

Looking at me Timmy replied, “I get that, you have a lot riding on this, but you will never get to come here if we don”t get to class.” He giggled.

We ran out of the bathroom and I followed Timmy to class. Other kids said things agrı escort to me like good job, or he deserved it. I know I should have felt good about it, but I didn”t. The first class was math, which is my best subject. We entered the classroom and Timmy took me to the teachers desk. I heard kids behind me saying things like, “That”s him” and “How could someone so small take down Kyle?” I just tried to ignore it. I found out later from Timmy that, because there are not fights at this school, the news of my fight with Kyle spread through the school like a wildfire. On top of that, the little kid that took out that jerk Kyle what huge.

Timmy said to the teacher, “Mr. Tabor, this is Brian and the Headmaster told me to introduce him to you for some testing.”

“Well Brian, it is wonderful meeting you. The Headmaster has told me what he needs, so if you will have a seat in that empty desk in the back, I will get you started as soon as I can.” I thanked him and went to sit in the desk he told me to.

The bell rang and Mr. Tabor took attendance with everyone answering “Here Sir” when their name was called. When that was done, he said, “Today we have a guest in our class.” He said pointing at me. “This is Brian and he may be joining our school soon. He will be taking a test today so much of what we will be doing will be doing is going to be out of our books to review what we have been working on.”

A boy in the third row raised his hand and was called on, “Mr. Tabor, when will Brian know if he gets to come here or not? What house will he be in”

“It will be a few weeks I think Jeff. As to which house, I am not sure yet.”

Timmy raised his hand and was called upon, Timmy stood and with pride said, “Brian, will be in Crossman House Sir,”

“Thank you, Timmy. Ok class let”s turn to page two twenty-three and solve the problems listed there and remember to show your work please.”

He picked a paper book up from his desk and brought it back to me. He kneeled down and put the book and a pencil on the desk looked at the clock and said, “Ok Brian, you now have exactly one hour to complete this test. It starts out with just some addition and subtraction, then goes over multiplication and division, then fractions and so on. Take your time you have plenty of it and go as far as you can, got it?”

The whole time he was talking to me, he was rubbing his hand up and down my back, and even rubbed my butt. At least the parts I was not sitting on. I was not uncomfortable or anything, I actually liked it. “Yes Sir, I got it.” He stood and walked to his desk, sat down, and looked like he was grading papers. I zipped through the test and completed it in about thirty minutes with another five minutes for review. (I told you I was good in math). By that time Mr. Tabor was reviewing what the other kids had been working on up on the chalkboard. I closed my book and watched as one kid after another solved the problem by describing how they got there. I had never seen kids like this. They were answering the questions like it was ok to be right. There were nineteen kids in the class, and no one was making nasty remarks or making fun of the kids that answered. I watched as every kid answered the questions. It looked like on question twenty he was going to start over when he saw me with my book closed and watching what was happening. “Brian, are you done with your test?”

“Yes Sir.”

“How far did you get?”

Everyone was looking at me, I was not sure what to say, but since the Headmaster told me how important academics are at this school I said, “I finished the whole book Sir,”

I could see the shock on his face and then he asked, “Brian, do you see this question on the board?”

“Yes Sir.”

“I want you to write it down and I will come back to you for an answer. OK?”

“Yes Sir, but I can answer it now if you want me to.”

“Ok, go ahead, but I want you to tell me how you got there.”

So, I gave him the answer and told him how I would go about getting there. The hardest part was that, telling him how I got there. When it comes to math, I just look at the number and see the answer. It is always a struggle for me to explain how to get it. “Very good Brian.” He then went to the next person. I was looking around the classroom to see who was laughing at me. The only one looking at me with a stupid grin on his face was Timmy. I smiled at him and then listened as the class went on.

When the bell rang some of the kids came back and introduced themselves to me, just to say hi. Timmy told me the next class was English which was only two doors down. “Hi Mr. Hail. This is my friend Brian, the Headmaster told me to introduce him to you and tell you that he is supposed to do testing today.”

“Well hello to you to Timmy.” He said as he rubbed Timmy”s head messing up his hair and getting a giggle out of him. Then he turned to me, held out his hand, and said, “It is nice to meet you Brian. My name is Mr. Hail, and I will be giving you a test on grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and punctuation.”

I shook his hand and said, “It”s nice to meet you Sir. Thank you for taking the time to give me the test.”

“It is not problem at all Brian. Attention class. This is Brian, he is visiting us today in the hope that he will be able to come to school here. He will be taking an entrance exam this period. Can you all please welcome Brian to our class?”

In one voice the whole class said, “Welcome Brian.”

I felt my face turn red with embarrassment. “I will put you at that back desk and you will have an hour to work on it, if you have any questions, just raise your hand, ok?”

“Yes Sir.” I went to the back of the room and waited for Mr. Hail to bring me my test. Just like in the last class he did his attendance and started the class on a reading assignment.

He grabbed the same kind of book off of his desk that the math teacher had and brought it over to me. He knelt down and said, “I heard you had a little excitement at lunch.”

I looked down at my hands and replied, “Yes Sir. Now I keep having people tell me how awesome it was, but I don”t like when I get mad like that. It almost cost me my chance to come here.”

“Brian, I don”t know you, but I do know this school. We don”t give up on people easily. If the Headmaster let you get as far as a robe and lunch, a little fight with a bully would not stop the process. That doesn”t in any way excuse what you did, and I am sure there will be a punishment coming. What do you say for the rest of the day you forget what happened at lunch and do the best you can on the final two tests?” Just like Mr. Tabor from the last class, he was rubbing my back all the way to my butt while he talked to me.

“Yes Sir. I am not as good in English as I am in math, but I won”t let you down” With a final squeeze of my upper butt he stood and left. It took me about forty-five minutes to finish up and close my book. For the last fifteen minutes I just listened as Mr. Hail taught about contractions and assigned the spelling words. When the bell rang Mr., Hail came to the back of the class and collected my test. When I stood up, he put one hand on my shoulder and with the other felt my full rump. He gave it a pat and walked back to his desk.

When it was just me and Timmy still in the back of the room, I asked Timmy if he saw what the teacher did. “Yea so, does it bother you?”

“No not really, but it is just weird isn”t it?”

“You”re a Cboy, and that means that men will do that and a whole lot more. A Cboys first duty is to men. Some will feel you up, and most will do more, it”s a man”s right.”

“Do you like it when they do stuff to you?”

He got this weird happy face and said, “Oh man, I love it. Especially their cocks, I love men”s cocks.” He looked at me and asked, “Have you ever had a man”s cock in your hands or mouth?”

“For the first time today in medical. It was better than I ever dreamed of.”

“I know right?”

“Boy”s let”s get a move on please” Mr. Hail said. We grabbed Timmy”s backpack and headed to the last class of the day, History.

We made it to the classroom just as the bell sounded and went right to the teachers desk. “Mr. Michaels, this is Brian, the Headmaster sent him here for a test,”

“Yes, young Master Brian, it is a great pleasure to meet you. Why don”t you head to the empty desk in the back there and as soon as I get things going, I will take care of you.” I went to the back and sat at the assigned desk and waited. Like the other classes, Mr. Michaels started with attendance and told the class to review chapter seventeen while he got me started on the test. He came to the back of the classroom and just like the others kneeled beside me. Only as he explained what he wanted me to do, instead of feeling my back, he ran his had up my leg under my robe and right up to me dinky.

I looked at the class, sure that any second someone would turn and see what he was doing. He rubbed me for what felt like a long time but was really only a minute. He pulled his hand out and smelled it. I tried, but I couldn”t help but giggle. One of the boys turned to look at us, but by then I am sure it only looked like he was talking quietly. He whispered close to my ear, “So it looks like it will be your cunt giving you your pleasure. I can”t wait to pleasure you my boy.” With that he went back to his desk. The test was easy, and I finished it within thirty minutes. He was talking about the Constitution and Declaration of Independence when he looked up and saw me with my book closed and listening to him teach. He was making it fun by asking questions like it was a game show. “How about you Brian, are you ready to play?”

I giggled and said, “Yes Sir.”

“OK young Master Brian, when was the Declaration of Independence signed?”

“Seventeen seventy-six Sir.”

“Correct! Are you ready for the next question my boy, can you handle this kind of stress?”

Giggling like the rest of the class I stood tall and said, “I am ready if you are.”

“Ok, so are a smarty pants are ya? Where was it signed?”

“Oh, that”s easy Sir, Independence Hall, Philadelphia Pennsylvania.” I said feeling good about myself.

He made a buzzing sound and said, “Oh, I am sorry my boy that is incorrect.” I was very confused; I was sure it was right akdere escort and so was the class as I saw many of them going through their book.

“I am sorry to question you Sir, but I am sure I am right.”

“No, my boy, you are right about the location, but that is not what I asked. I asked where it was sighed. You should have known the Declaration was actually signed, at the bottom.”

It took me a second to realize what he said, the next thing I know I am in my seat laughing so hard I almost peed myself. Within seconds the rest of the class realized what he said and the whole class was laughing. We got ourselves calmed down just in time for the bell to ring.

Timmy and I were just leaving the classroom when Brad from the Headmasters office stopped me and told me to say goodbye to Timmy. The Headmaster wanted to see me and would be taking me home afterwards. I hugged Timmy and told him how much today meant to me and that hopefully I would see him soon. I think we both had tears in our eyes as we went our separate ways. When we got to the Headmasters office, I heard loud voices coming from inside. I looked at Brad who knocked on the door and when he heard the word come, he pushed me inside.

Once inside I saw a man and a woman along with Kyle sitting at the Headmasters desk and him sitting behind it. He pulled a chair back on his site and told me to sit. “Brian, this is Mr. and Mrs. Donahue, Kyles parents.” I looked a Kyle and saw his jaw was swollen and his left eye was black.

Mrs. Donahue was so mad that her face was red. “I want this boy removed from this school today. I will talk to my lawyer about filing charges.” I was so scared I was shaking.

The Headmaster put his hand on mine and said, “Calm down Brian.” Then he looked at her and said, you are right mam, so we will start by expelling Kyle, and then we will call the police.”

I could tell she was about to explode with her husband squeezed her hand and she thought better of it. Mr. Donahue asked, “Why would you expel Kyle over this, he was the one that got beat up?”

“Yes that is true, but if you look at the contract you signed when you asked us to enrolled Kyle at this school, it stated, and all three of you signed that you understood that there were strict zero tolerance rules that would be followed here. One of those rules is boys bulling other boys will not be tolerated. Do you remember signing the acceptance of these rules?”

“Of course, but what does that have to do with that little monster beating on my child have to do with it?” Mrs. Donahue screamed.

The Headmaster whole expression changed. It was obviously angry and trying to control it. “Mrs. Donahue, if you raise your voice to me again, the police will be call to have you removed from the grounds and your son arrested.”

I saw a look of fear on Kyles face, and I thought she was going to say something else, but her husband looked at her and said, “Barbra, I swear if you open your mouth again, we are done.” She looked at her husband with complete surprise that he would say something like that to her, but it had the desired effect. “Headmaster, I do remember the three of us signing that. Can you please explain to me what that has to do with what happened here?”

“Kyle, would you like to tell them?”

“I don”t know what he is talking about dad, Kyle muttered.”

The Headmaster looked at Kyle and said, “Are you sure about that Kyle?” The Headmaster opened his lower righthand drawer and thumbed thru a few files until he found what he was looking for. He put a laminated paper on the desk. I looked up to see what it was, it was a picture of the dining room with the location of all the tables. “Kyle, would you like to tell your parents where the tables for your house is located please?” He pointed to the tables for the Cartwright House. “Now, would you like to point to where this incident occurred?” He pointed across the room to the Crossman House tables. “Now Kyle, one last thing. Would you like to explain to your parents why you were at the Crossman House table?”

Kyle was just about to open his mouth when the Headmaster stopped him by saying, “Before you answer that Kyle, I want you to know, that since the mishap in the dining room I have not been able to leave my office with all the boys coming in here telling me what they saw. So, I know exactly why you were there and what you said to Timmy. Before you say that all the Crossman boys stick together you need to know that the only Crossman boys, I talked to were Brian, and the three boys that drug him off of you and brought him here. The rest were from the surrounding tables. Other boys also came to me today in the light of these events with stories of being bullied by you, Michael, Daniel, and Adam. I will be calling their parents by end of day. I am sorry young man, what did you want to tell your parents.”

Mr. Donahue looked at his son, “Please tell me the Headmaster got this all wrong son. With everything else you have put us thru, please tell me you are not bullying other students again. Well say something.” Kyle said nothing. He acted like this was all a joke and his mommy would fix it. “Oh my god, I can”t believe this. Headmaster, what do we need to do here?” Mrs. Donahue was about to say something when Mr. Donahue stared daggers at her and said, “Say something, go head I dare you.” She didn”t.

“Sir,” the Headmaster started, “I am not really sure that there is anything that can be done for him at this point.” Looking at Kyle, “Do you understand who the parents are of the boys you bullied. You had them too scared to tell their parents for a long time, but that all ended today when they came and reported it to me. I have an obligation to call every parent and explained what happened here today.” Looking at Mr. and Mrs. Donahue “You would expect nothing less if it were your son being bullied. The blowback on this school will be huge. This has been going on under our noses for two years. Those parents are going to want answers.”

Mr. Donahue looked at his son, “You may have very well cost us everything. Headmaster, please call the police and report this.” I stiffened up and started shaking again. Mr. Donahue came over to me and said, “Brian, I am sorry this happened to you. You should never have had to feel like you needed to fight back. This school is supposed to be a safe space and it wasn”t because of my son. For that I am deeply sorry. As far as I am concerned, you are no longer a part of this.”

“Mr. Donahue, why don”t you take Kyle home tonight, let me talk with the other parents and see what they are feeling. You deal with Kyle however you feel best and we will talk next week.” Mr. Donahue stood and walked out the door followed by his wife and son.

The Headmaster looked and me and said, “You have had an eventful day, haven”t you?”

I was so overwhelmed with everything that had happened in the last ten minutes that my head was spinning, and I was feeling sick. I jumped up and got to the Headmasters trashcan just in time to throw up. The Headmaster came up behind me and asked me if I was ok. “I am so sorry Sir; I just couldn”t stop it. I caused so many problems here today. I am sorry that I got the Donahue”s so mad at you, and now Kyle can”t come back to school. I know he hates me, and his friends will take it out on Timmy till I get accepted, then they will come after me.”

The Headmaster smiled down at me and said, “It is ok Brian, you have been through a lot today. As for Kyle I am not sure he had any friends here. The other boys I mentioned earlier were all followers. What that means is that they followed Kyle in order to not be one of the boys he picked on. All of the boys that have come to me today told me that it was Kyle that always picked on them. The other boys will be dealt with as a warning. I doubt they will do anything but keep their heads down going forward.

Today you got into a fight, but violence is not the Crossman way. That in not to say that if attacked a Crossman won”t fight to defend himself, but Kyle was fighting with words not his fists. Words will never hurt you; they won”t break bones or make you bleed. All you did today was ease the suffering of those boys that were being abused by him. The things that Kyle was saying could have been just jealousy. He may think he knows what happens in Crossman House, and secretly wished he were part of it.”

“Wow , I never thought of that. A lot of kids thanked me and patted me on the back for what happened. I am glad I helped them, but I don”t like the feeling I get when I am that mad.”

“I know you don”t buddy.” He went to a closet and pulled out my backpack and the clothes I took off in medical. “Bryan, why don”t you get dressed and I will drive you home.” I pulled off my robe and put it on the chair and then took off me shoes and socks. “Come over here before you get dressed and let me look at your cunt.” I went right over to him and he had me lean over his desk with my leg spread wide apart. “Damn Brian, that ass of your is so beautiful and that cunt is going to bring so much pleasure to the men and yourself.” He ran his hand over my cunt and tingles flashed through my whole body. The Headmaster laughed, “That is one sensitive cunt you have.”

Then he leaned over me reaching his hands under my chest and pinching both nipples at once. I sucked in a lot of air and moaned when I let it out. “That is what makes you such a special boy. Sensitive nipples and cunt will help you please the men you are with as well as giving you a lot of pleasure.” He stood up lifting me at the same time a pointing me to my clothes and backpack. I pulled my play clothes out and put my dress clothes in. Once I was fully dressed the Headmaster took my hand and we walked out of the school and got into his car heading to Milbourn.

“Sir, you don”t have to drive me all the way. If you can just take to the train I will get home ok.”

“Yes Brian, I could do that, but it really is not safe for a sweet little boy like you to be riding the train alone. Besides, I have some people I need to talk to in Milbourn.”

“Are you going to talk to my parents today?” I asked nervously.

“No Brian, there are things that have to be in place before we can take that next step. I need you to be patient and don”t talk about FSB at all. When we approach your parents, they need to not know it was coming. Can you do that?”

“Yes Sir, I won”t let you down”

For the rest of the ride we talked about the school a little and about this and that. He dropped me off at the park I was supposed to be at and then left.


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