Fourth Year After Ch. 02


Author’s note: This is Chapter 2 of “Fourth Year After”, the last book in my series that began with “First Year After”. Then Second, Third, you get the picture. If you have not read the earlier books in the series, I recommend you do, so you’ll know who the characters are, how they relate to each other, and how they got to where they are now.

As always, all sexual acts described here involve fictional characters over the age of 18.


January 2nd, 2016

Ginger worked her first day with Henry and Mom at the practice. Patients were already commenting that they liked her much better than Dr. Mason. Patti and Sandy both stopped by for first ultrasounds, and Ginger performed them, instead of Henry. Sandy emailed a digital copy of the ultrasound picture of her baby to Aaron and Amanda. Due dates of August 20th were confirmed for both of them.

Toni decided that rather than wait until late February to start the induced lactation protocol so that she would be ready to nurse around the time Patti and Sandy’s babies arrived in August, that she would start as soon as possible, and be able to nurse around the end of June. The six-month protocol combines birth control pills with other medicine to simulate the effects of pregnancy until 6 weeks before the end, when the birth control pills would cease, the other medicine would continue and she would begin pumping to bring in a milk supply, then add herbal supplements. I won’t bother detailing every change in her medications, etc., in this journal.


January 4th, 2016

Henry and Mom called Carmen, the real estate agent who had handled the sales for East and West back in 2013, to see if she would act as buyer’s agent for us. She agreed, and started searching for properties within the parameters that Henry gave her.

He specified that we wanted a property with privacy and a fair amount of land, either with a pool or the space to put one in, and either a modern home with at least six bedrooms with two separate masters with baths, or a knockdown where we could build our own to those specs. I figured that finding the two master bedrooms would be the hardest part, since most home designs only feature one.


January 6, 2016

I called Duke at lunch time. “Hey, dude. Do you and Jean want to join, Patti, Amber, Sandy and me to see Force Awakens on Friday night? It’s been out a few weeks now, and shouldn’t be so crowded.”

“Sorry, Drew,” he answered, “Jean and I have already gotten an invitation for dinner from Jean’s aunt Ginger for Friday night. Ginger’s still trying to clear the air after everything that went down New Year’s Day, and it’s important to Jean that we go. Can we do it Saturday afternoon, instead?”

“No, that won’t work for us,” I answered. “Henry, Mom and Toni are going to see it Saturday, so we’re going to be home watching all four kids as a trade for them watching the kids Friday. Another time for another movie, I guess.”

Duke suggested, “If you’re going to be home, maybe we’ll just stop by your place and watch something off Netflix.”

“That sounds good, see you at lunch time?”


January 9, 2016

Mom, Tina and Henry had left for the theater about half an hour before Duke and Jean arrived for lunch. Sandy chose to spend the afternoon with some friends from high school who were also home for winter break.

Over the dining room table, Patti asked, “So how did the dinner with Ginger and her kids go, last night?”

Duke blushed, and look tongue-tied, a rarity for him.

Jean smirked and said, “Dinner was good, but dessert was better. I took Toby to his bedroom and blew his little old mind, while Ginger and Wendy double-teamed Duke. Once Toby couldn’t go any more, I had the opportunity to explain compersion to him, and I actually think he got it. Time will tell.”

“Is this going to be a regular thing between the five of you, do you think?” Amber asked.

“I… I don’t know,” Duke got out. “Since Toby and Wendy are headed back to Denver for school next weekend, we don’t know if Ginger plans to continue with us, or return to spending her time with Henry and you guys.”

“Which do you want?” I asked. “I would be okay with her going back and forth between you guys and us, at the minimum.”

Duke considered, and answered, “I think that would work. I just hope Ginger doesn’t want to get us involved with your group so that she can have both at the same time. You know my reasons.”

“You mean your fears,” Amber challenged. Oh, boy.

Duke frowned, then said, “I believe I’m just being rational. There is a risk that I don’t think is worth it. I don’t know one couple that started as friends first, who stayed friends after breaking up,” Duke said. “It just doesn’t happen. And don’t try to tell me that you were friends with Patti first before becoming lovers. You two didn’t remain friends after you broke up, either. You had not talked to each other in years before you reunited and you went back to being Onwin lovers, not platonic friends. You actually demonstrate my point.”

“Patti and I were a special case, given my relationship with my Dad.” Amber reached out and touched Duke’s hand. “Duke, you’re assuming a breakup is inevitable and its outcome certain. I’ll tell you right now, it’s a lot easier to remain satisfied in a polyamorous relationship, by getting different needs met by different people. We rarely fight here, because there isn’t as much of a me versus you dynamic going on.”

“Like the dynamic between you and me right now?” Duke retorted.

“We’re not a couple, Duke, and if you think this is a fight, you’re kidding yourself. I’m not trying to make up your mind for you, Duke, just provide you with a different perspective.” She turned to Jean and asked, “What do you want to see happen, Jean?”

Jean immediately answered, “I want my husband to be happy. Is it that unreasonable to seek that happiness outside of this group, rather than inside it?”

“I guess I don’t understand the distinction?” I asked. “Isn’t it still a polyamorous relationship with Ginger and her kids, or even just a triad with Ginger?”

“I guess you haven’t really been listening, Drew,” Duke answered. “It’s not being in a group that’s the problem. Your friendship is my concern. Being in a group scene is surprisingly great, so long as you are not in that group. Ginger, Toby and Wendy are Jean’s family, but none of them are my best friend. A friend I owe my life, okay? Or haven’t you ever figured out that it was your friendship after my Dad died that kept me from killing myself? Far more than Kenny, although I give him some credit, too.”

“I… I never knew that it got that bad,” I said. Duke had been very depressed by the loss of his dad, but I never got the sense that he was suicidal over it.

“It didn’t, because you were there for me,” Duke said in a voice that was nearly a whisper. “I wouldn’t have made it without you, though, and we promised each other we would always be friends, and I will stand by that promise. Let me give you an analogy. If someone offered you a bet where you’d get a billion dollars if you won but losing meant Sharon would be killed, how good would the odds need to be before you’d take the bet?”

“I’d never…” I said, shocked at the idea.

Duke nodded. “Exactly. Your kids, your wives, have infinite value to you, so any non-zero probability of losing would not be worth it, just as a matter of math. Well, you have infinite value to me – as a friend. Do you understand now?”

“Yeah, crystal clear,” I answered. “I treasure your friendship just as much as you do mine. I just want to point out two flaws in what you’re saying. First, you talk about friends who become couples not staying friends after a breakup. How would that actually apply to you and me? We aren’t a couple, never would be. How would deciding to share any of the same women, even if it’s only Ginger, really impact our friendship? That doesn’t make you a couple with them, either.”

Duke said, “Drew, do you really think that if Patti and I become sexual and things then became uncomfortable between her and I later, that it wouldn’t also affect you and me? You’re right that I wouldn’t be attempting a monogamous relationship with the women in your life, but don’t polyamorous relationships break up, too? It’s about avoiding being sexually involved with those closest to you. What’s the second flaw?”

“You mentioned that we promised to always be friends. We both made that promise, so why are you acting like you’re the only one able to keep that promise, no matter what? To follow your analogy, you must assume that the probability of our friendship ending would be increased by this, when I think it might actually be bolstered by it, from more shared experiences. Is that because you believe I might not be able to remain friends with you, or because you believe you that you might not be able to?”

“I’d just rather not find out, either way, okay? Can we drop it, please?”

We moved onto other topics, and eventually found a movie on Netflix to watch, then Duke and Jean went home.


After they left, Patti asked, “Do you want Duke and Jean to join us? You pushed him pretty hard, there.”

“I didn’t bring up the subject,” I responded. “Duke did, and it was Amber who pushed the fear angle. I just responded to what he said.”

“That doesn’t answer my question, Drew,” Patti retorted.

I answered, “I’ll express the same opinion Jean did. I want him to be happy, first and foremost. If he finds that happiness elsewhere, I’m good with it. If he wants to join with us, I’ll welcome him with open arms. I just get irked by his ‘you will stop being my friend if it does not work’ routine, because it’s crap and a bit insulting to me. I want to hear him have a better reason than that. That’s all. At least Sandy has some solid reasons to go to Minneapolis.”

“That situation is different, Drew,” Onwin Giriş Amber said. “Sandy’s been involved with both groups, and is choosing between us because geography requires it. She knows that if she chooses Minneapolis, we’ll support her, not stop loving her. Duke would apparently assume that we’d shun her for it.”

“Whatever his reasons or fears, it’s not worth it to keep pushing him, though,” Patti said. “He’ll just dig in even more. We risk doing the very thing he’s afraid of, damaging our friendship over this. Let it be what it is, okay? I think back to when he first met Jean, and I thought hooking up with them in a foursome would be a bad idea because he wouldn’t be able to go back to being friends, too.”

I asked, “Do you still think that, sweetie? That it’s a one-way transition?”

Patti answered, “No, I’ve changed my mind about that, at least in terms of polyamorous relationships, after all that’s happened to us since then, between getting involved with Matt and Sophia to reuniting with Amber and what went on with your cousin Carrie last summer. That’s mainly because the lack of possessiveness in poly relationships makes it somewhat easier to end them without the kind of blame that damages the friendship, but I do understand where Duke is coming from. Being intimate with Matt and Sophia did change the relationship forever. It was for the positive, though.”


January 16, 2016

Kenny finally managed to get a week of vacation that didn’t get canceled at the last minute, and arranged with Amber to spend the whole week with KJ, with his parents. He flew into DFW on Friday night, and picked KJ up in the morning. Along with jars of baby food, Amber included a fair supply of breast milk, that had been frozen for just that purpose, so Kenny wouldn’t have to use formula.


Sandy spent her last night before returning to campus with Amber, Mom and I. I asked her, “Aaron and Amanda are expecting an answer from you, right? Have you decided?”

“I still don’t know, Drew,” she replied. “I want to be with them, but I really want it to be here in Dallas, so I can maintain my connection with you guys. How do I explain that, without revealing that I make love with all of you, with everything that implies?”

I responded, “Patti and I went through the same thing with Matt and Sophia. The question you have to ask is whether they can be trusted not to freak out and report us to the authorities.”

Mom added, “I think it would be hard to avoid telling them eventually, if you’re going to continue being intimate with us. If they cannot be trusted, that’s its own problem, don’t you think?”

Sandy sighed. “I’ve thought about that. Both from the standpoint of doubting them and of keeping a secret this big from them. I just don’t know how to figure out how they feel about incest before telling them.”

“You could always watch one of the ‘Flowers In the Attic’ movies together, or even watch it via your tablet when they’re present to hear it,” Mom said. “They’re all about an incestuous relationship between a brother and sister, who were themselves born of an incestuous relationship between uncle and niece. I doubt you’d get through it without finding out their opinion.”

“Isn’t that a little transparent?” Sandy asked.

“Well, it’s the most prominent example of incest coming out of Hollywood that I know of,” Mom answered. “Lifetime has remade the whole series, so it shouldn’t be hard to find either the originals from the 80s or these remakes.”

I added, “Or you could take some of my Heinlein novels with you to read, which have affirmative incest in them.”

“I don’t know,” Sandy said. “I’ll figure something out. Now, how about demonstrating some of that incest, brother?”

I was about to point out that sex with me wasn’t actually incest, when Amber beat me to it. “Hey, I’m the only blood relative in this bed with you, sister,” Amber said, before pushing Sandy onto her back and beginning to nuzzle her neck from Sandy’s right.

I joined in nuzzling Sandy from her left, while Mom kissed her way up Sandy’s legs, winding up slurping Sandy’s juices loudly. Sandy pushed me away, softly saying, “Fuck your mom, while she eats me.” Then, to Amber, “I want to eat you, Amber. I want to still smell you in my nose tomorrow when I’m flying.”

Mom wrapped her arms around Sandy’s legs, while I moved around to get behind Mom and Amber straddled Sandy’s head. I took several minutes eating Mom out from behind, before kneeling behind her and shoving my cock into her pussy. Amber’s eyes locked with mine, just as she moaned through her first orgasm.

I reached my hands towards Amber, and she reached hers towards me, and we enmeshed hands for a minute, as I thrust my hips into Mom. We released each other, and Amber’s hands went to her sister’s breasts, lightly flicking her nipples. This put Sandy over the edge, as her back arched, and she almost bucked Mom off of her.

Mom held on tight, and Sandy Onwin Güncel Giriş screamed in delight as her first orgasm turned immediately into a second more powerful one.

Mom pulled herself away from me, and pulled me between Sandy’s legs, and I thrust deeply into my stepsister, feeling her orgasm continue to ripple around me. I gave her a few seconds to recover before I pulled back and thrust in again, driving her into the mattress.

Sandy came again around me, and Amber rolled away from Sandy and into a 69 with Mom beside us, turning her head to kiss Sandy, tasting herself in the process, before tasting Mom from the source.

Sandy gazed up at me and said, “I love you, Drew. Fill me up good. Let me still be squishy when Aaron fucks me tomorrow night.”

I lasted another 15 minutes with her, before I fulfilled that request. Either she was cumming, or one of my wives were, during almost all of that time. Finally, I couldn’t hold back, and I gritted, “Here it comes, sweetie. I’m cumming! Fuck!” I squirted into her over and over, then lay beside her and we watched Amber and Mom reach their finish as well.

Already spooned behind Sandy, it didn’t take long to fall asleep, whispering, “I love you too, baby. Choose what is going to make you happiest.”


January 22, 2016

Ginger visited us for a Friday night dinner again, and revealed her involvement with Duke and Jean from her side of things.

“I love Jeannie, and I like Duke, as much as I know him so far, and I plan to keep seeing them on occasion, maybe every couple of weeks, to see how we are as a trio, now that my kids have gone back to Denver. I’ve told them, and I’m telling you guys now, I have no intention of trying to pull them into this group whatsoever, not only because I understand Duke is opposed, but because I’m still not sure I want to be a full-time member here, either. I want to have guest status for a while longer, I think.”

We looked around the table and gathered a silent consensus. “Fine with us, Ginger,” Mom said. “It took Toni, Henry and Amber each about 9 months to fully join us, after they first got involved with us. We can be patient, when the decision is that important to all of us. And if your decision is to never join us full-time, that’s okay, too.”


Ginger decided she wanted to have sex with Patti, Amber and me together, the first time she’d been with all three of us, rather than one on one.

We started out with an oral chain, Patti eating Ginger, who was sucking me off, as I licked Amber and Amber finished the circle in Patti’s quim.

This was only the second time I’d been intimate with Ginger, but her mouth and technique already felt familiar to me. When she squeezed my nuts and pushed my cock fully into her throat, I clenched, trying not to come so quickly, but completely failed, making mine the first orgasm. She gulped around me, before drawing back and letting me shoot into her mouth over and over.

I was grunting into Amber’s pussy, and intensified my licking as I came down from my orgasm. I heard her squeal into Patti as I strummed her clit with my tongue, then thumb, then tongue again. Ginger kept sucking on my cock, returning it to hardness in minutes, before I felt her scream from her own orgasm as much as I heard it. Patti and Amber followed soon after.

The circle broke up, and Patti and Amber formed a 69, while Ginger climbed onboard my cock, then lay down on my chest and rocked back and forth, as I rotated my hips to thrust up into her. I gazed into her eyes as I mouthed, “I love you,” as her eyes widened and her Kegels simultaneously clenched around me. I could feel her clit against my pubis, getting rubbed as we fucked, so it came as no surprise when she came next, triggering my second orgasm.

We cuddled together for several minutes, before my cock flopped free from her. I rolled us onto our sides, and kissed her deeply.

Over her shoulder, I saw Patti and Amber spasm in mutual orgasm, then turn around to cuddle and kiss as we were.

I reached down to pull the covers up over us, and that’s how we fell asleep.


January 24, 2016

Kenny returned KJ to us Sunday afternoon. We spent a few minutes catching up with each other’s professional lives. I could tell he was itching to ask about our personal lives, but never asked, and I never volunteered. Our friendship felt pretty much dead.


January 30, 2016

This weekend, Ginger came for a “family night” with all six of us, on the big bed in Center, the first for her. Over dinner, she said, “How do you decide who does what with whom?”

Toni laughed, saying, “Usually it starts with whoever the rotation says would be matched if we were in separate bedrooms, then we just go where the spirits take us.”

“And what determines the rotation?” Ginger asked.

“Family secret,” I said. “The women won’t tell us.”

Patti chuckled. “It’s not a big secret, Drew. It’s partly random, we just don’t tell you guys until we show up in your bed each night or to tell you to change bedrooms. We used to just draw names out of a hat, but now I use a computer program I wrote to randomize the order of the assignments, while keeping things equal.”