Frank and Cheryl Ch. 04: His Test


Author’s note: If you haven’t read the previous chapters of “Frank & Cheryl” you might want to, just to know the background on this couple and how they arrived at this point in their building relationship.

Physical descriptions: Frank is a divorced 35 year old, 5′-11″ tall, 185 pounds and fit; brown crew cut hair, clean shaven, brown eyes. Cheryl is a never married 32 year old, 5′-01″ tall, 110 pounds and very small framed. A-cup close-to-but-not-quite- B-cup chest with highly sensitive nipples. Dirty blond hair that she keeps cut short. They are both into fitness, so Cheryl’s body, while petite, is curved and firm.


The next morning, Cheryl put her plan into action, waking Frank up with an aggressive and hungry blowjob that she used in an attempt to express to him how much she appreciated him and wanted to make him happy. Frank was awake before Cheryl but just laid quietly, listening to her breath and enjoying the feeling of her nakedness being so close. She was petite but curved thanks to her regular workouts and firm musculature and Frank had a hard time getting enough of caressing and feeling those curves.

This particular morning he was delighted, especially since he thought she was still asleep with her head on his chest, to feel her hand move up his thigh just as her head starting moving down his torso, both of them meeting at his manhood. He was semi-erect thanks to her nudity and proximity, plus memories from the night before, and when her hot, wet, welcoming mouth engulfed his growing length a deep groan involuntarily rolled out of him. That response, combined with how his cock jumped in response to the stimulation, assured Cheryl she was starting his day pleasantly – and that was her goal.

Adjusting her position, she got both her hands involved, stroking and massaging as her mouth, lips and tongue all worked to bring pleasure to his almost completely erect shaft. She also moved so that he could reach her lower half and she enjoyed feeling his hand and fingers caressing her ass as well as playing between her legs. His fingers seemed to know the right timing for caressing her clit as well as sliding into her wetness. The combination caused her to moan and that vibration transferred through her tongue and throat to his cock causing him to moan as well. Neither knew how much time had passed but when Frank felt his orgasm starting to build he gave her ass a firm squeeze and moaned out, “Ah, baby… so close.”

Upon hearing that Cheryl redoubled her efforts, letting him know that’s what she wanted: for him to let go; for him to cum. From conversation and previous experience together Frank knew Cheryl had no problem with him cumming in her mouth and that she actually enjoyed it, so he didn’t hold back and he didn’t try to give her any more warning. He enjoyed that tightening sensation in his groin behind his balls and felt the feeling intensify as Cheryl stroked the lower half of his length, steadily sucking hard on the head and top half of his shaft. He felt his cock jumping as his climax exploded through and out of him, and he could feel Cheryl sucking even harder, helping him to maximize the pleasure of his orgasm while seeming to vacuum his cum out of him.

When he began to come down from the climactic high of his orgasm, Cheryl slowed her pace and the intensity of the friction she was creating, finally releasing his cock from her mouth. She turned and moved up over Frank so she was looking down at him and met his eyes before swallowing in an exaggerated fashion. He smiled, she smiled, and then she lowered her mouth to his for a kiss. He could still taste his cum in her mouth as their tongues wrestled but he didn’t care. He wasn’t the guy who got off on eating his cum out of her but he wasn’t against it if she wanted it. He was happy to kiss her after she gave him a blow job. It only seemed fair to him since he liked kissing her after he’d gone down on her.

After a little more cuddling, kissing and caressing, Cheryl suggested that they get coffee and a shower and Frank was in full agreement. He went to her kitchen to get their coffee while Cheryl got the shower started. They enjoyed showering together for several reasons, not the least of which was that they simply enjoyed being naked together and using the lather to caress each other. It often led to more play but sometimes ended at the caressing and teasing. When they finished in the shower they donned comfortable clothing… lounge wear that they could relax in around her place. They didn’t have plans that morning beyond spending some time together, more coffee and maybe breakfast.

When they were settled and relaxed, Cheryl pulled out her laptop computer and, in response to Frank’s inquisitive look, said, “I thought we should look at a couple websites and see what we can find for swinger groups in the area.” Frank nodded his understanding and agreement. They had discussed this the night before. While they were quickly falling in love with each other, Escort bayan they had discussed their shared outlook about physical monogamy in relationships and had agreed that it wasn’t something either of them felt was required. In fact, they both voiced a preference for being in an emotionally monogamous relationship with no requirement for physical monogamy. They liked the idea of added playmates… but recognized that they liked it as an idea. They had to verify that they would like it as a reality and the only way to do that was to actually experiment with it and see what their emotional responses were. To accomplish that, they needed to find playmates and that led to Cheryl suggesting finding some swinger groups… hence, her pulling out her laptop to do that.

Together they surfed the web for about an hour, refilling their coffee a couple times, and interrupting their web surfing with the occasional brief but passionate kiss. Later that morning they felt they had accomplished enough. They’d joined two adult dating sites and set up complete profiles. They requested to join several local swinger groups that existed on those sites. They knew it would take a couple days for their profiles to be approved and then find out if they were welcomed into the groups or not – which left them the rest of the weekend to enjoy each other.

While they were both silently eager to get any response from the dating sites, they focused on each other and their time together enjoying an afternoon hike in a nearby park Saturday afternoon before enjoying an evening full of sexual delights back at Frank’s house that night. Sunday morning found them waking up together in his bed followed by morning coffee and another mutual shower. Their conversation ended up revolving around where they’d like to travel and they ended up planning a trip together for a beachfront tourist area not too far away. That led Cheryl to claiming she needed a new bathing suit (or three) so they spent Sunday afternoon at a nearby mall shopping. Cheryl was happy to model various bikinis and one-piece suits for him and Frank was absolutely delighted to give her feedback on them. At one point Cheryl invited him into the changing room “to help her,” but the stern looking store manager overhead it and Frank decided he didn’t want to incur her wrath… or risk having mall security called on them.

Cheryl ended up picking out two bikinis and refused to let Frank pay for them. He didn’t get that but was only going to argue about it so hard. He was thinking about seeing her in them at the beach and knew it would turn him on. As petite as she was, the bikinis still seemed awfully small and the fact that she’d wear it out in public… her audacity… her apparent enjoyment of mild exhibitionism turned him on.

After dinner Sunday evening and another romp – this time on Frank’s sofa – he had to take her home and they both voiced their disappointment. Given schedules, it would be Wednesday before they got to see each other again. Work and gym schedules would keep them apart until then. Cheryl almost dragged him into her apartment when he dropped her off and walked her up to her door. He wanted to go in but knew he might not come back out until the next morning… and as attractive as the idea was, he knew that losing control to his near-permanent desires would lead him down a rabbit hole he’d never get out of. They finally managed to let each other go after a long hard passionate kiss, both of them disappointed at the idea of falling asleep alone; the weekend had been so good.

Monday passed so slowly it seemed to Frank as if the day was caught in thick molasses trying to swim in any direction. He enjoyed a couple phone calls with Cheryl and they used the magic of technology to facetime Monday evening. It brought joy to his heart to see her smile and laugh as they chatted via that medium before going to sleep. They both wished they could cuddle up together to go to sleep but, at least for the time being, they both understood the necessity and circumstance of not doing so.

Tuesday morning and most of his work day felt the same to Frank. He was fully living in every moment but he was also very much looking forward to Wednesday evening when he’d get to enjoy Cheryl’s presence again; reveling in the pleasures they would surely share. They talked Tuesday morning and Frank knew Cheryl would be going to the gym for her usual workout time Tuesday afternoon. She scheduled her day to go into work early so she could end it early and get to the gym; her goal being to finish her time at the gym at the same time most people are ending their work day. Being aware of that, he was kind of surprised to get a phone call from her at about four that afternoon, since he thought she’d be deep into her workout by then.

“Hi, sexy,” he answered his phone. “This is a surprise. What’s up?”

Her voice sounded nervous to him when she replied. “Hey there,” she said, her voice almost sounding like it had a quiver Bayan escort in it. “Somethings come up and I need to talk to you about it for a second.”

“Okay,” Frank replied, the worry obvious in his voice. “What’s wrong?”

“Not wrong,” Cheryl replied tentatively. “Just… well…” She paused and Frank again thought she sounded worried or scared.

“Baby,” he said, trying his best to sound reassuring, “Just tell me. I’m here for you. What’s going on?”

He heard a big sigh come from her before she answered. “Well,” she finally replied, “I think there’s an opportunity for us to test our outlook about playing with others.”

“Really?” Frank asked, the excitement seeping back into his voice. He wasn’t sure what Cheryl had in mind, but he assumed she had gotten some kind of response from one of the swinger groups and had found some fun for them to enjoy together.

“Yes,” Cheryl replied, hearing the excitement in Frank’s voice and smiling at his response… although this probably wasn’t what he was thinking it was. “But it’s probably not what you are thinking or hoping for.”

“Okay,” Frank replied, not sounding put off. “Tell me. I’m eager to hear.”

“There’s a guy I met at the gym,” Cheryl started. She could hear Frank chuckling and couldn’t imagine why. Was he laughing at her? Was he laughing at the idea she was about to propose? What was he chuckling about? Finding her courage, she went on. “And he’s been flirting with me a lot. He’s cute and built and…” she took a breath before finishing, “if it was only up to me I’d happily seduce him.”

Frank thought about what she said for a second. “You don’t think it’s only up to you?” he asked.

“Not anymore,” Cheryl said. “What we have feels a lot more serious than just dating and we’ve talked about a future together. If I’m going to play, it’s going to be with your encouragement and blessing and full knowledge.”

“That’s what matters,” Frank said immediately and in a confident tone. He paused for a moment and then asked, “So, you want to use this guy as our test case to see if I’m really okay with you playing with others?”

“That’s what I was thinking,” Cheryl replied, sounding a bit more comfortable. “What do you think?”

“Well,” Frank said, “The only challenge I have is that we’re supposed to be testing the concept in its totality. Not just am I okay with you playing with another guy… or girl for that matter… but am I okay with seeing it as well.” He thought about that for a second and gave her a chance to think about it. “How did you envision this test happening?” Before she could answer he quickly added, “Or have you only thought about how much you want to be naked with the guy and enjoying him?” He added a chuckle onto the end of that to make sure she understood he wasn’t feeling upset or worried. He was picking on her to some extent. Surprisingly to him, she had a ready and immediate answer.

“I thought, if he’s okay with it, that we could facetime each other and you could watch us that way,” she said.

“I’m okay with that,” said Frank. “It actually sounds like a hot idea to me,” he added. “But what if he’s not okay with it?” Frank was all too aware of the fact that some guys would be turned off by the idea of being watched while they played with a woman.

Cheryl’s voice was quite flat as she replied, “If he’s not okay with it, then his loss. I want to play with him and he’s sexy. I think he’d be a lot of fun, but the reality is that I’m also using him as a tool to test something for you and I and if he can’t fulfill that purpose then I can save up how horny I am for you tomorrow.”

“Fair enough, and thank you,” said Frank. “So, work your magic and run your suggestion by him… and let me know.”

“Are you sure?” Cheryl asked, once again sounding a little unsure of herself and the situation.

“100 percent totally sure,” Frank replied. “It turns me on how sexual and open you are about it. The idea of watching you like you’re my own personal porn star AND while you have a pleasurable time is pretty exciting.”

Cheryl’s voice sounded pleasantly surprised and very excited as she said, “Thank you! I’ll probably let you know something soon.”

“I’ll be waiting eagerly,” Frank said with a smile. They hung up and Frank did his best to go back to focusing on his work, but he knew it was a waste of time. All he could think about was hearing back from Cheryl and what her news would be.

About fifteen minutes later Frank got a text from Cheryl that said: “Guy’s name is Tom. He accepted and is eager. Taking him to my place. Factime in about 45 minutes.” Frank sent back a simple “thumbs up” emoji to let her know he’d seen the message and then he set about closing down his work day. He lived about 30 minutes away from his office and wanted to make sure he was home and settled when she called.

It was about fifty minutes later when his iPad lit up, the factime call from Cheryl coming in. He was sitting Escort on his sofa, still dressed for work, and buzzing with excitement when it rang. He answered with a big smile on his face and saw her face smiling back. “Hi, sexy,” he said in greeting.

“Hey there,” she said sounding giddy. “You wanna meet Tom and enjoy a show?”

“Of course,” Frank smiled back. He watched as Cheryl moved away from the camera and realized that she was also using her iPad and it was standing somehow on the bureau with a view from the foot of her bed. As she moved away and the view opened up, he saw a guy sitting on the foot of her bed and Cheryl went to sit next to him. It was a brief unexpected shock to see that she was already naked… completely. He had been kind of expecting to see she and her playmate start out dressed and gradually work into things. Knowing Cheryl, he probably should have known better. She didn’t ease into much but tended to dive in head first.

The guy – Tom – Frank saw, was wearing a pair of what looked like boxer briefs. He was pretty fit looking, a well-tanned white guy with buzz cut blond hair. Frank thought Tom looked like some variation of a stereotypical surfer guy. The fact that Cheryl was already naked and Tom was stripped down to his boxers let Frank know that they’d already been at each other a little bit before Cheryl called. He was okay with that. Knowing his girlfriend the way he did, he knew how aggressive she was when she was horny (which seemed to be most of the time) and he idly wondered if knowing he’d be watching turned her on more.

Sitting next to Tom, Cheryl put one hand on his thigh and used the other one to gesture for the introductions. “Frank, this is Tom. Tom, this is Frank.” Frank smiled and waved, feeling a little silly as he did so. Tom looked a little nervous but smiled and nodded. Looking at Tom, Cheryl continued. “As I told you,” she said, “Frank is my boyfriend but has given me permission to play with others provided he gets to watch.” Tom nodded but still looked nervous. Cheryl looked like she wanted to say something else to him, but hesitated, looked like she was thinking about a few things, and then turned to the camera instead. “Enjoy the show,” she said to Frank through the lens, blowing him a kiss. Then she pushed Tom to lay back on her bed before grabbing the waistband of his briefs to pull them off.

With both of them naked, Cheryl took the lead, on her hands and knees over Tom, positioned to one side and leaning down to kiss him. The kiss started tentatively at first but grew quickly in passion and Frank saw Tom’s hands starting to caress and explore Cheryl’s body. For her part, Cheryl reached down to stroke Tom’s now-growing length, occasionally reaching farther down to cup and gently squeeze his balls which, Frank saw, made Tom’s cock twitch.

Cheryl kept stroking Tom’s cock as she turned her body, getting her lower half into easier reach for his hands as she kissed and licked down his body until her mouth got to his manhood. She held his stiff manhood up straight as she licked and kissed up one side and then down the other before leaning further down to lick and suck on his balls as well. Looking into the camera, as if looking Frank in the eye, Cheryl smiled and licked back up Tom’s length before opening her mouth and engulfing as much of Tom’s hardness as she could. Frank saw her body move to indicate that she had gagged, but it didn’t seem to dissuade her from keeping Tom’s shaft sucked in deep.

Tom’s moans made it obvious that he was enjoying her oral attentions and Frank could see Tom’s hands continuing to move around on Cheryl’s ass, hips and between her legs. Frank could feel his own cock pulsing in his pants and hadn’t realized until that point just how excited he was watching Cheryl play with someone else. He half thought about releasing his throbbing hardness from his pants to stroke it while he enjoyed the show, but he decided not to. He wanted to save it up for Cheryl.

Cheryl, he saw, wasn’t wasting any time. Keeping her hand stroking Tom’s length, which was glistening with wetness from her mouth, Cheryl sat up enough to reach over to her nightstand and grab a condom. Within moments she had it peeled open and rolled down on Tom’s cock. Frank found his breathing getting shallow with excitement as he anticipated what was coming next.

Frank had the perfect view through the cam as Cheryl straddled Tom’s cock, still holding it and lowered herself to rub the crown of his head up and down between the slick lips of her pussy. At first she did so with her ass pointed at the camera, but then she seemed to change her mind and turned around, facing the camera and looking into it as if meeting Frank’s eyes again. She could see him watching and how happy he looked watching her enjoying herself.

Cheryl watched Frank’s eyes through the camera as he focused on her pussy lips, slowly spreading and stretching around Tom’s cock as she sank herself down onto it. Tom’s loud moan of easy for Frank to hear as Cheryl got the full length of his manhood inside her, blowing Frank a kiss as she did so. Frank blew her a kiss back with a smile on his face as he watched his girlfriend be so wicked.