Frank, Man Of Iron


Frank was quite a rugged man in his late 50s, about 5.9″, by no means handsome, but quite well dressed, and as I would later discover, a real gentleman in every way.

I first saw him in a rather busy cottage one evening when he stood beside me. I had just clicked with another man and was ready to leave for somewhere quiet, looking down I noticed that he was not aroused yet, and did not seem to be equipped very well.

Our next meeting was at the same place a few evenings later,(this was a site often visited by cops), it was very busy with a queue, he was at the back.

Deciding that it was too risky to hang around, I turned and left. He followed me, and, outside he caught up and asked if I would like to go to his place, I asked what he had in mind and he replied that it was up to me, so I followed him home, about 2 miles away.

At the time I was in my late 20s with a penchant for older men I was a twink I suppose, 6.0″ and only 147lbs. almost hairless body except for my pubes, although I had never heared the description in those days.

When we arrived he offered me a drink so I had a beer and we chatted a while, he moved to my side and started feeling my thigh, so I opened my flies for him and reached for his crutch. He was quite small at first but, started to grow rapidly with my touch, and carried on growing, I was surprised, it was more than a handfull, much more, and by this time he had mine free of my jeans, stroking gently.

He said would you like to go upstairs for a bit more comfort, I readily agreed.

We both stripped and as I laid on the bed he knelt between my legs and proceded to give me a fantastic b/j. I soon had to stop him as i was quickly on the verge.

Looking down I could see that lovely dick of his swinging between his legs, he was the best equipped man I had been with and I told him so, and that I wanted a taste of it, so, he straddled my chest leaned forward and put the tip to my lips, it looked even bigger, with an enormous piss slit, and the foreskin rolled back.

Up until now I had been sucked and fucked but had never had a cock in my mouth, but this was something different, I had to have it, and did.

As soon as I got my lips around it the moaning started, from both of us, I wanked it as I sucked it, the sensations coursing through me were indescribable, he pulled out and turned into the 69 possition and we both went at it like madmen and erupted almost together, we both produced big loads for the other to swallow and kept sucking until my glans became too tender.

Laying together he told me we had a mutual pal who had pointed me out to him and told him I was the tightest hole he had ever fucked, and that he had been trying to meet me for weeks.

This pal had only been with me once, and had been on the rough side and I had refused him Küçükköy Escort since(he was not very well equipped anyway).

So, Frank said, do you enjoy taking it?,,, if its not too rough I said, thinking he was now done for the night, he was not.

He pulled my hand to his cock and it was solid, this only 5mins or so since he fired a load down my throat.

Do you fancy taking this then he said,,,, christ! would I,, but could I,,,

He reached over and got a tube of k.y. from the bedside cabinet and told me to lay face down so he could lube me and get me ready, and, at any time I could call it off because he did not want to hurt me as he was hoping I would visit him again.

First he kneaded my arse cheeks, at the same time telling me I had the nicest body he had ever laid his hands on, this was relaxing me, then I felt the lube being squeezed into my crack and a finger starting to rub it into my arse, he went deeper and started to twist and turn it and I came, out of nowhere, he knew as my arse clamped onto his finger, he laughed and said thats just one finger, what will happen when this goes in, putting my hand on that wonderful tool of his.

When I calmed down he continued, soon followed by another finger right to the hilt, Im ready if you are he said, christ, was I, yes I almost screamed.

Just the thought of that massive cock invading me had my nerves on edge, making everything all the more sensuous and scary, would it go in? would it damage me? it was too late now.

He pulled me up into the doggy possition rubbing that fine tool along my crack, pausing at the entry then slowly applying pressure, it was streaching me more and more and I thought I was not going to be able to manage it, when it suddenlty popped in, whew, he waited for me to adjust, then rocking slowly eased ever more into me inch by wonderful inch, until I felt his pubes on my butt, then he rested again and asked if I was ok., Was I ,I told him yes and to carry on, he said I would have to wait a few secs while he cooled it as he was ready to shoot, as I was the tightest hole he had ever known, and the sight from his possition was unbelievable to him.

He started kissing my back and neck, then began to fuck me for real for about 5mins. and rested again, I felt back under my legs to feel his balls, and, to check whether he was all the way in as I had felt no pain, just the initial streaching, he was, and resumed the best fucking I had ever had, and the longest, must have been 20 or 30mins when he said he was almost there and could not stop, i dont want you to I yelled.

The climax was fantastic as he drove it into me and I could feel him inside me jerking and spasming as he filled me with a huge load of sperm, we were both bucking about and crying out until I collapsed, ( and yes it is true,with Küçükköy Escort Bayan some partners you realy can feel that semen shoot into your rear, I just had.)

with him on my back, his wonderful cock still embedded in me.

We laid like that for ages, he had gone soft in me but I had closed my legs and was gripping him inside me, I did not want him to ever come out, he was still moaning, softly now, then telling me it was the best fuck he had ever had, and he wanted to suck me again, so reluctantly I let him slip out of me, I felt empty, I wanted him back inside me.

Frank then rolled me over and took my hard cock in his mouth, also two fingers up my arse and sucked me to a screaming climax,I could not believe the feelings coursing throug my body, the intensity, the high.

It took a lng time for me to return to earth, but that intensity was still there, my nerves were in some kind of shock.

By this time it was getting quite late but sadly I was unable to accept his offer for me to stay the night this time, so I took his number and promissed I would be back as soon as possible.

That was our first meeting, but certainly not the last. How could it be when he had such a wonderful cock, and such a nice personality.


Frank and I, though, with a 30yrs age difference, became regular sex partners for more than 20yrs, and yes, he could still fuck me mutiple times over a few hours into his late 70s.

We got to know each other very well, and I found out that he owned a cinema (more about that later) and had a pretty wide range of pals, most of them I would eventialy meet so he could share me with them, and some of mine made up threesomes with him, he was a stud in the true sense of the word.

After numerous visits I was eventuallky able to spend the night with him, well a day and a night.

By this time I had found out that the magnificent tool he sported was just over 9″ and quite thick, mine about 6″.

That day we started about noon, starting with a mutual b/j to completion, after recovering he just wanted to play with my butt for a while, introducing me to the joys of toys of all descriptions including vibrators, (not a lot of choice back then) a lovely brush handle with 3 graduated lumps, a little light spanking, and then a full hour of fucking.

Then next came a trip to a restaurant for a nice meal, and as we chatted he asked if I had ever tried a threesome.

I had to admit that I had not, but, would like to try it.

Frank said he had a friend with a cock bigger than his and would I be interested in being fucked by that, as I seemed to be always trying to get more into me than he had.

O,K. I said.

Is tonight ok. he asked.

I suppose so said I.

Then I will ring him as soon as we Escort Küçükköy get home.

Frank rang Dave as soon as we got back, and I could sense a change in him, I could also see the lump in his trouses, mmmm, When Dave arrived he was about 6.3″ well built, and no spare flesh on him.

After the intro he was very eager to get to bed, and as soon as we were all stripped off I could see why, he was sporting a massivew hardon of 10″plus and was in urgent need of relief.

Get on you hands and knees on the bed he told me.

I did so, quickly, then he was behind me rubbing the tip of that monster up and down my crack, then pouring some lube on my crack and his cock, he started to invade me, I was thankful that Frank had previously opened me up as this was quite a bit thicker and was streaching me wider than I had ever been before, and in quick time I was impaled to the hilt with some pain as he bottomed out, wow, he cried, that is one tight hole you found for me Frank, tightest yet, I am realy going to enjoy this.

Dave grabbed my hips firmly and started to pound my butt, pulling right out then plunging back in to the hilt again, I was crying out until Frank gagged me with nine solid inches of lovely cock.

The arse pouding continued, and he was moving that monster around, prodding places that had never been touched before, he was quite brutal with me and I could tell that it was just for himself, but it was a challenge to me, I pushed back onto him, he then raised one of my legs, straddling the other, and sank even deeper, I reached back and could feel that he was getting every bit of it into me bringing tears to my eyes.

Then I came, untouched, so much, it felt like i was pissing, fucking hell shouted Dave he is strangling my dick with hs contractions, a few seconds later as my spasms eased he shouted again and I felt the jerking and twitching inside me, oh so far inside, and felt him coming squirt after squirt, then in my mouth I felt Frank swelling, then exploding shooting a massive load into my throat.

We all collapsed onto the bed panting, and as I had suspected, as soon as he got his breath back Dave was dressing to leave.

Frank and I went downstairs for a drink and a rest, he asked how it had been for me and I told him Dave was a bit rough and only interested in himself and he agreed, but I also told him I was happy to have managed the monster and we both burst out laughing. He said if I wanted another threesome that he had another friend, a surgeon, who was also vwe. but as he also bottomed, he was more understanding and not rough or selfish.

Bring it on said I, and he did, but it took a while due to our work commitments, but as they say that is another story(one of many) and all true, from a time before aids when bareback was quite usual, oh, happy daze.

For now though it was back to bed with Frank for more fun before sleep, I reminding him, of his promise of waking me as he slipped it up me for breakfast, and he certainly did.

this is a completely true story from the good old days, plenty more to this one if needed, it did last 20+ years.