Friday Night Crush Pt. 04


Tina’s chest pulsated as she watched Kelly consume her crotch, feeling herself being carried away. She grabbed hard at her hair and then softened her grip, realising that she didn’t need to push her, or direct her, or do anything. She gave a little laugh of disbelief and fell to one side. Then, as her eyes focused on Kelly’s very appealing rear only a few inches to her left, she was seized by a sudden desire of her own. “C’m here,” she muttered, tapping her on the leg.

“You sure?” Kelly looked back at her with fuck-me eyes. Tina gave her a little slap on the backside and dragged her across on top of her face. There was a few seconds’ awkward shuffling as Kelly tried to line herself up properly, swinging one leg and then the other into position round Tina’s head. She looked up at Dan and giggled. “This is harder than you think, isn’t it?”

Dan nodded downwards at what he was nursing in his hand. “No, trust me — this is harder than you think.” Kelly’s mouth widened in a broad smile; then it dropped open as she felt Tina press up into her pussy, like a woman who knew what she’d been missing out on. She gave a little cry, her dimples bulging, and her head slumped forward on Tina’s stomach.

“My God…” In response Tina gave a long, muffled moan of satisfaction, her lips and tongue working over Kelly’s pussy. Kelly lay still for a moment, her back taut with tension, before she plunged back into Tina’s crotch with the same passion. Her hair spread out around her in a long, messy heap as the two women got to grips with each other, hands wrapped around thighs and tongues delving deep into pussies. Kelly had her mouth and nose pressed frantically into Tina’s labia, sucking in air between greedy mouthfuls. The volume steadily rose as each spurred the other on to even greater effort, squealing with mutual delight. Their bodies heaved and shook together.

By now Dan had just about had enough of being a spectator, enjoyable though the view was. He stood up and climbed onto the bed, still stroking his cock, only inches away from their entwined mass of limbs. Kelly was so engrossed in Tina that she didn’t even notice him. Her breath came out in a long hiss, and her legs began to buckle beneath her, even as she continued at the same relentless pace. Tina noticed it straight away, and patted her on the ass. “OK, switch places,” she said briskly. Kelly paused for a moment. “C’mon Kell, you need a break.”

There was a grateful sigh from Kelly as she climbed off Tina and sank down onto the bed, where she rolled over onto her back. This time she did notice Dan and a little twinkle appeared in her eye, but she quickly focused again on Tina, who had sprung up on all fours as though she were the twenty-one year old. She swung herself over Kelly, who guided her back till she was poised over her face. The invitation was right there for Dan, and he promptly took it. Kelly had just begun to lick Tina again when he shuffled up behind her. “You’re right, she does need a break. So why don’t you try me for size?”

He shoved his dick straight inside her, and Tina gasped in shock. “Oh God, you bastard…” She slumped over Kelly as he began to fuck her, pressing his hips into the soft, yielding flesh of her buttocks. The low, guttural grunt from Tina as she tried to adjust to the sudden feeling of him inside her was accompanied by the rasp of air squelching out of her pussy. She laughed nervously, but was far too preoccupied to be embarrassed for long. Soon Kelly was getting in on the action, pressing her face right up into her crotch. Tina whimpered in disbelief, shaking her head. “Oh, you little…” She nudged Kelly in the ribs with her foot, as if to complain that she was a little too good.

Between Dan’s cock and Kelly’s tongue, Tina was completely overwhelmed. She fell onto her elbows and moaned, her legs twitching and her clit throbbing. Dan fucked his wife hard for a little while and enjoyed every second, but he was soon distracted by the warmth of Kelly’s breath underneath him, wafting over his balls. He pulled out of Tina and glanced down at her; and then, as if she had not only read his mind but overtaken it, she opened her mouth wide and looked up at him with bright, pleading eyes. He plunged straight down and she sucked him eagerly into her throat. Her cheeks bulged as she licked every trace of Tina off his cock.

The softness of her lips was exquisite, and for the first time in a while Dan had to fight the urge to let everything go. He backed carefully out of Kelly’s throat but then she switched her focus to his balls, pressing her face into them and kissing his taut skin. As her tongue glided gently across his sac, inches away from the load burning inside, he thought about how much he wanted to fill her up with it. She gave him a final kiss, as if to say he could go back to fucking Tina, but he didn’t want to go back quite yet. He dipped briefly into her pussy, enough to get a good taste of it, and fed it straight back to Kelly. She was only too happy to accept, reaching up with her tongue to meet him. She sucked him dry with Escort Kız a sloppy, gurgling sound, accompanied by a moan of contentment.

Tina had worked out what was going on, and looked back at Kelly. “You didn’t get enough of me before, did you?” Kelly shook her head with a muffled ‘uh-uh’, and lifted her head slightly off the bed, allowing Dan to delve further into her throat. Tina watched for a moment, almost transfixed, and then decided to give her something else to cope with as Kelly had done to her. She prised her legs apart and eased a finger carefully into her pussy, reaching for the roof. Even with her mouth full there was an audible cry from Kelly. She squirmed around on the bed as Tina got to work on her, adding another finger. “Just getting you warmed up for Danny’s dick again, OK?” Kelly moaned her assent, oozing fluid out onto Tina’s knuckles.

Dan withdrew from her mouth again, and she let out a huge sigh. His cock rested on top of her face, her chin covered in spit as she looked up at him appealingly. “Do you want to go another round with me, Kelly?”

“Uh-hmm. Sure I do.” Kelly’s mouth widened in that adorable grin of hers, flashing her dimples. She kissed him briefly on the tip of his dick, then reached up towards Tina’s pussy and devoured it one more time, her head swiveling frantically from side to side. Tina yelped in surprise and delight, and a chuckle came from Kelly’s lips. She pushed herself up on her elbows and watched Tina climb off her. Their eyes met knowingly.

“Well, since you’re in a kissing mood…” Tina grabbed Kelly and pulled her close, wrapping her lips firmly around her mouth. They stayed locked in this silent embrace for an eternity, their chests heaving, until Tina pulled away with a gasp of breath. “Enjoy yourself,” she whispered, gazing deep into Kelly’s eyes.

“I will.” Kelly slipped softly away from her and crawled over to Dan. She put one hand round Dan’s neck and stroked him with the other as she kissed him. The feeling of being kissed by a woman with lips as soft as hers, who knew exactly what to do with them, sent a shiver of excitement through him that he had never felt before. She wasn’t the same girl who had crept nervously over their doorstep a while ago. She was learning quickly, about what she liked and how she could please others too.

He took a careful hold of her, round the hip and under the ribs, and guided her slowly back down the bed. They reached the wall and Tina was there, considerately arranging the pillows behind Kelly’s head. Kelly sank down into them, her arms lying flat by her sides, almost in surrender. Dan lifted her legs up slightly and got himself in position, his thighs pressed against hers. He took hold of his dick and rubbed it round her opening. But this time round, now he could see every reaction on Kelly’s face, he wanted to watch as he entered her.

Slowly he leant over her body, his hands on her shoulders, and stared into her eyes. Out of sight they could both feel his cock growing, springing into action. Then all of a sudden it slipped inside her, and Kelly’s lips puckered. She let out a sigh, her eyes closed, and a flush of colour passed over her cheeks. She was wetter than she had been the first time, but still just as wonderfully tight. Her body seemed to tense in anticipation as he pushed further in, and then relax again; she was getting used to the feel of him by now. Her legs tightened round his ass, quietly encouraging him to pick up the pace; to give her the pounding he had promised.

As he bent down to kiss her he suddenly felt her arms on his neck, drawing him to her mouth. She held him quite firmly as their tongues met in a frenzy of passion, slipping and sliding together. Slowly she moved down his back, massaging his shoulder blades. He felt her pussy tighten round his cock and lift slightly as she raised her hips off the bed; she was fucking him too. With one hand behind her back to support her, he fastened the other round her throat and looked her square in the eye as he slammed deep inside her. She gasped, her teeth clenched in determination, her eyes sparkling with desire. He felt a sudden gush of fluid engulf the head of his cock and drip out down his shaft.

To his right Tina was lying on her side, one leg pulled up and obscuring her hand as it worked away steadily on her clit. Her gaze was fixed entirely on Kelly, living every moment with her just as she had the first time Dan fucked her. Dan glanced down at Kelly’s heaving chest, at those small but perfect breasts he had barely paid attention to yet. He smothered them with his hands, then his tongue, lapping hungrily at her nipples.

Kelly held his head in position, grabbing at tufts of his hair. She sank deeper into the bed, her legs spread wider, giving herself to him completely. The sticky sound of her pussy grew louder beneath her cries of delight. Now Dan had his hands round both her hips and she was being fucked like a doll, her head jerking back against the pillow. She reached down and placed her fingers on her clit, rubbing it frantically. Tina sidled closer to her, still pleasuring herself but also showering her face and neck with kisses. “You’re almost there, aren’t you Kell?” she whispered in her ear. “Nearly there…”

By now Dan’s arms were bulging with the strain and he could feel his heart thudding desperately to keep the blood flowing to his crotch. But the sight of Kelly rushing towards her orgasm with single-minded focus was more than enough to sustain him. Her teeth clenched again, and her fingers bore down on her clit with such ferocity that it almost looked painful. She looked at him for a moment, her eyes wide, silently appealing to him; then it all came out, in the loudest yell that any of them had mustered that evening. Her eyes screwed shut and her body flailed from side to side, squirting all over the sheets. Her clit pulsated under her fingertips, and Tina had to duck to avoid her head as it smacked onto the pillow.

Dan hunched over her shaking body, so caught up in her climax that he lost control of his own. He felt a sudden surge of ecstasy and pulled up sharply with a loud groan. His dick throbbed inside her, wanting so badly to match what she was feeling. He stayed still for a few seconds, feeling his orgasm rise inside him and then subside. There was a laugh from Tina. “Ooh, I think you almost broke him there.” Kelly could barely manage the weakest of smiles. She lay in a sweaty, dripping heap as Tina gave her a peck on the cheek, before shuffling over to her husband.

“I’ll never see anything hotter than that in my life,” she murmured, staring deep into his eyes. “Never.” She placed a hand on his beating heart, gradually calming it down as she kissed him. “You wanted to come inside her, didn’t you?”

“Uh-huh,” Dan nodded tersely, his body still flooded with pheromones.

“I wanted you to as well. But…” She put a hand round his soaking wet cock as he eased it out of Kelly’s pussy. “I really, really want to see this thing shoot. Can you manage that?”

“You just try me. Where did you have in mind?”

“Well, that is an interesting question.” Tina moved back over to Kelly and lay down beside her, running her fingers through her hair. “When you’ve got two women in front of you and a set of balls that really need emptying…” She kissed her for a little while, letting her regain her strength. When she finally looked her old self again, she followed Tina’s gaze back towards Dan and matched her suggestive grin. With the same thought, the two women rose onto their knees and crept down the bed to him.

Placing an arm over Kelly’s shoulders, Tina showed both their bodies off proudly. “You see Dan, you may have your own ideas, but I just think… you got four boobs here. Four. When are you going to have that again?”

Dan shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe sooner than you think.” He caught Kelly’s eye and she gave a sly little grin, followed by the briefest wave of her hand. His dick twitched in his fingertips.

Tina pursed her lips. “Yeah, maybe. If you ask nicely.” She moved up and wrapped her arms round him. “But right here, right now… Would you like to come on our tits?”

“Yes please, honey.”

“That’s what I wanted to hear.” She kissed him and then dropped down onto all fours, a few inches from his crotch. She reached out with her index finger and gently stroked the tip of his cock, just enough to keep him on edge. “I don’t mean right now, though. I’m not gonna rush you. You mind giving us a little show, darling? If we give you something to inspire you?”

Dan took hold of his cock, the other hand sliding under his balls. Tina gave him a little kiss on the thigh, then settled down on her stomach to watch, her arms folded in front of her. Kelly lay down beside her. Tina waved Dan backwards slightly. “Just go back a little, hon.” He soon caught her drift. “Well, if you wouldn’t mind standing up, it’s just…” She surveyed him as he got off the bed, his legs apart. “Yeah, that’s a very nice view. Wouldn’t you say, Kell?”

“Uh-hmm,” Kelly nodded eagerly, her eyes roving up and down his body. They both crept up the bed until they were lying just over the edge, their legs kicking lazily up in the air. Tina gestured down to their exposed chests.

“You see, now you know where to aim. Just in case you were wondering.” Dan smiled and began stroking himself, the head of his penis making a loud sticky sound. For a few moments he had tunnel vision, staring vacantly into space as he focused on getting harder. Then he looked down at Kelly and Tina, and saw that they were both utterly captivated. They watched intently as he squeezed hard on his dick, then released and caressed it. He was beginning to enjoy the feeling of being on display.

Kelly shook her head, her smile widening. “I’ve never done this before. I can’t believe I haven’t thought of it.”

“Well you’re still young, sweetie. It took me ages to persuade my first boyfriend to let me watch.” Tina looked up at Dan. “I did ask you a while back, only you said you were too tired!”

“I was saving it for the right occasion.”

“Yeah, like you knew you were gonna get this lucky…” Tina paused, her eyes lingering on his cock. She carried on watching as she ran her hand casually down Kelly’s spine, and an air of calm descended on the room.

“So,” she eventually asked, “what part did you enjoy the most?” Dan hesitated for a moment, and she gave him a teasing poke on the thigh. “Come on, be honest!”

“Well, if I had to choose…” His gaze wandered over to Kelly and he stroked himself harder. “It was the second time I fucked you, and I got to watch you come. That’s going to be a good memory for a long time. Certainly makes life easy on my wrist.” Kelly blushed, and gave one of her beguiling smiles. Tina turned in her direction.

“And what about you then, Kell?”

“Um, that was my favourite part too.” She looked down at the floor in embarrassment, and Dan and Tina both laughed out loud.

“Well I should hope so honey, you damn near drowned his cock after all!” Tina exchanged a grin with her husband, and kissed Kelly on the cheek.

“You didn’t say what your favourite part was…” Dan reminded her.

“Uh, well…” Tina made some shrugging gestures and noises, but her answer was pretty obvious. “Probably that one too,” she admitted at last, with a wry smile. “I’m so selfless, that’s my problem.”

“You mean you’re a big pervert, that’s your problem.”

“Can’t help it, when there’s so much to perve at. And so many favourite parts…” She brushed Kelly’s back again, then rolled over onto her side and drew her into a long, lavish kiss. There was a little moan that passed between the two women, almost as if they wanted to pick up right where they had left off, but they stopped after a few seconds. Tina stared upside down at Dan’s cock as he worked away at it, her head hanging off the bed. She had found a whole new angle to admire it from. “How close are you?”

“Pretty close,” Dan muttered, feeling tingles of pleasure running up his shaft to the head. He shifted his weight a little, toes curling in anticipation.

“Well, let me give you something more to aim at.” Tina suddenly sprang up off the bed and onto the floor, perching on her knees. She looked back at Kelly and held out her hand in a ladylike gesture, helping her down off the bed. The two women drew up at Dan’s feet facing each other, and Tina guided Kelly forward until they were touching. Suddenly their chests were locked together just like when they first compared them, Kelly’s nestled snugly inside Tina’s huge bosoms. The latter glanced up at Dan. “You think you can hit this?”

“I’ll give it a try.”

“Make sure you relax and you’re nice and ready before you let it go.” Relax; that’s easy enough for you to say, Dan thought as he felt his climax building. But that was typical of Tina: the right word for everybody, wanting to keep everything under control. He looked down at her, cupping her breasts obligingly for him, gazing up in expectation. She had been so nervous, so head-over-heels in love, when trying to turn her feelings for Kelly into reality. This seemed like an effort to re-establish her old self, to take charge of the situation. But this was still new territory for her; she had never seen him coming right in front of her, and there was a spark of excitement in her eye as she waited for his climax, not knowing exactly what to expect. That only made him more excited too.

As he slowed his wrist down, teasing out the finish, Dan felt his breathing quicken and his chest pound. He moved right up over the two women and Kelly smiled encouragingly at him, as if to say this would be no problem at all. That was just the final boost he needed, and an instant later he felt a wave of the most intense pleasure surging up his dick. It erupted out of him in spurts, showering Kelly and Tina’s breasts. He groaned so loudly that he barely heard Tina’s giggle of astonishment. The next thing he was aware of was her hand steadying his ankle as he staggered backwards. “Woh, easy there!”

He let out a deep breath, his head suddenly feeling giddy as the endorphins flowed out of him. He looked down at the results of his work and was impressed. The two women had sperm gleaming on their nipples, running slowly down the cracks of their breasts, and even spattered on their shoulders. Tina peeled herself slowly away from Kelly, leaving a thick strand of cum trailing between them. “My God,” she laughed, shaking her head. “And this is your second time today, what the hell am I feeding you?”

Dan wiped the sweat off his forehead. “Yeah well, I had a pretty big target to cover.”

Tina glanced up at him. “You calling me fat, honey?” she said with a twinkle in her eye. As he started to defend himself, she patted him on the thigh. “Just kidding.” She looked down at her chest with admiration, picking up sticky handfuls of sperm and then rubbing them into her skin until it gleamed. “That was spectacular.” She caught Kelly’s eye and they shared a naughty smile; reaching out, she rubbed her nipples until they were smeared in sperm too. “You bad, wicked man. Taking a sweet innocent girl like this and covering her in cum.”