Friendly Favours Ch. 03

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Public Sex

Note: This is a conclusion to my old Friendly Favours storyline when I was writing as dreamweaver705. The story contains reluctant sex. All participants are over 18.


We were at the supper table when the doorbell rang.

It was Sunday evening and we weren’t expecting company. Sharon got up to get the door. I heard her talking with a man. I recognized the voice straight away.

It was Lee.

Lee, my friend from work who had introduced me to a submissive side that made me his cock-whore for money. Initially, I had agreed out of need for the money, and perhaps a little sexual curiosity. The arrangement had served us both nicely. Lee had regular orgasms and I had cash in hand for my family through a financially difficult time. I admitted to myself that I had enjoyed the experience, but I told myself I could stop any time I wanted to.

Lee had other thoughts. When I was more financially stable, he continued to offer me money for blowjobs and for a while I kept taking it, all the while thinking I should wean myself off of his cock for the sake of my marriage. My apprehension increased as Lee continued to escalate the risks of our encounters, insisting on one occasion that I blow him in a locker room shower stall at work. We were nearly caught that time, and I could only imagine what the consequences might have been for my job; we might even have been arrested for indecency. After that, I sucked him off in his truck in broad daylight several times while he was parked in various lots around town. Anyone might have seen us but fortunately nobody did.

One day, after a particularly close call, when I realized one of my neighbours had nearly seen us in a Wal-Mart parking lot, I told Lee that was it. We were done. I hoped we could still be friends. Lee had taken it well with apparently no hard feelings.

It had proven surprisingly hard for me to give Lee up. I knew great pleasure from sucking him off over those months. I wasn’t attracted to men, but I learned about myself that I had been curious about cock. Now that curiosity had been satisfied, but I found myself craving dick for weeks after quitting cold turkey. I dreamt of sucking cocks of all shapes and sizes and sometimes I even had wet dreams. But as the weeks wore on, my fantasies and my dreams were tamer.

From that day I told Lee our arrangement was terminated until now, a period of about six months, Lee had continued our friendship just as it had been before our little transactions. He continued to give me a ride to and from work and we still stopped at our favourite watering hole for a beer now and then. He had respected my boundaries and in conversation he made no reference to our encounters.

But he didn’t normally drop by to visit. He was a work friend, not usually part of my domestic life. So I was definitely curious what brought him here. I left the dinner table and joined Sharon at the door. She had been laughing at something Lee had said. She knew him in passing, having met him a couple of times when he picked me up or dropped Bomonti Escort me off for work.

“Hi, Lee,” I said. “Are you coming in?”

“Hi. I actually came to see if I could borrow some tools.”

“Oh, okay,” I said. Sharon had returned to feeding our daughter at the supper table, so I called to her from the door. “We’re just going back to the tool shed, Shar.”

“Okay, Honey,” she replied.

I put my shoes on and Lee and I walked to the back corner of my yard, talking small. I unlocked the shed, opened the doors and walked in. It was crowded with ladders, saw horses and toolboxes.

“So what kind of tools do you need?”

Lee stepped inside the shed.

“This, right here, for starters.” He raised his arm and traced a circle around my lips. I wasn’t slow on the uptake. My cock twitched at the implication, but I wouldn’t lightly forsake my vow to end my days of cocksucking for money.

I honestly hadn’t seen this coming. I thought Lee had moved on to satisfy his considerable urges with someone else somewhere. Perhaps not.

Not my problem.

“No, Lee,” I said firmly. “That’s not going to happen. I said that was over and it’s over.”

Lee didn’t look put off. He pulled a wad of bills out of his pocket.

“There’s two hundred and fifty bucks for you if you give me what I need.”

It was a lot of money and it tempted me almost as much as Lee’s much-missed trouser snake. Memories of our past encounters flashed before my eyes, visions with me kneeling between Lee’s legs and lapping happily at his cock. Usually those encounters ended with me satisfying first Lee with a blowjob and then rubbing one out for myself.

Just the memories alone would have been enough to put steel in my cock, but the prospect of doing it all again for real, right here, right now, gave me a full erection.

“Come on,” Lee said. “I can see you’re interested.”

“No…” I said, but I didn’t sound very convincing anymore.

Lee pounced on my weakness and set his hands on my shoulders in the familiar way that he did. He didn’t push, but I slowly folded at the knees.

“But Sharon… she’s just up there in the house.”

“That’s where she belongs. Women know that the shed is for men and their toys.”

Sharon rarely visited the shed, usually only to bring me my phone if there was a call, or occasionally to bring a refreshment when I was hard at work on a project.

“Look,” said Lee reasonably, “it’s been a while since I came. It won’t take long.”

My own desires, not to mention my greed, argued with my common sense. The pros seemed to outweigh the cons at just that moment.

I sighed. “Okay.”

Lee grinned.

From long experience, I unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned him and unzipped his fly and pulled his pants down on his hips. I expertly tugged his underwear down out of the way and exposed Lee’s cock.

It was just what I had been dreaming about. Once more I was on my knees, submissive before a man’s genitals. The musky odour was Bomonti Escort Bayan the same and it sent rhythms of pleasure through my own cock. I surveyed the prick before me, so familiar I could have drawn it from memory. The swollen balls, the veins, the bulbous purple glans… My God, how I had missed this!

I grabbed Lee’s hips to hold me steady as I leaned in to kiss the tip of his cock. Within seconds, I was wringing my tongue around the sensitive helmet and was rewarded with a groan from Lee. A moment later he was fully in my mouth and I was sucking him with joy.

A puddle of drool hung off my chin in a string. Pre-cum lathered the sides of my mouth. He tasted so good.

How could I have ever quit this?

I continued my suction on his organ until I heard Lee reach into his pocket again. He put his other hand on my head and stopped me in my work. He showed me what he had taken out.

“That’s another two hundred and fifty for you… if I can pop your cherry.”

“Pop my cherry? You mean… my ass?”

“You know you’re curious.”

“I can’t. I’m afraid. And Sharon…”

“She’ll never know. And don’t be afraid. It’s normal for it to hurt a little at first, but then it gets better. If it’s too much for you at any time, we’ll stop.”

I was incredibly horny, but paused at this. It was far enough to suck cock for money, but taking it up the ass? Would that make me truly gay? I had to admit that Lee was right: I was curious. Curious about what it would feel like to be penetrated. Curious about the fabled male g-spot, the prostate.

“I can’t,” I said. “I don’t have any lube.”

“I came prepared,” Lee responded. Those pockets were deep.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

It really was as if I was acting out in a dream; my will had been replaced with Lee’s. I was just a passenger, but a passenger who was enjoying the journey intensely.

Lee didn’t want to take a chance I might change my mind. He pressed his advantage.

“Take off your pants,” he rasped.

I obeyed, kicking my shoes off and quickly discarding my jeans and underwear. It felt strange standing there in only my t-shirt, so I pulled it over my head and threw it away to stand stark naked.

My erection was prominent and Lee knew that he had me.

“Turn around. Lean over this sawhorse here.”

Once more I obeyed, thinking that this was a new and unexpected use for my sawhorses. I let Lee grab my ass cheeks and gently pull them open to expose my sphincter. Lee wasted no time pouring the lube over my asshole. He rubbed my anus with one of his thumbs and I was startled at the sensation. He pushed a lubricated finger into my rectum. This was soon followed by a second and a third. He was stretching me open gradually, for which I was grateful. Not only because it would ease his insertion, but also because it was an intensely erotic experience in itself. When Lee judged I was ready, he lubed up his cock and lightly touched it to my anus before pressing it in firmly but Escort Bomonti gently.

He was right. There was pain. The nerves in my rectum were on fire as the muscles were forced to expand for this intruder. Then he was in and began to slowly and delicately pump his dick in and out of my backside. It was a long few minutes before the pain receded, but once it had, I began experiencing a rising pleasure.

“So tight,” Lee said. “You okay, kid?”

“It was… ugh… bad at first… ugh… but now… ugh…”

Everything you thought it would be, eh?”

“Yes.” I was moaning in rhythm to his thrusts.

“Glad you like it,” Lee said. “Let’s take it up a notch.”

With that, Lee began thrusting harder and deeper and I don’t know what he was hitting if it wasn’t my prostate, male g-spot, whatever. My moaning became more pronounced. I felt myself flushing with pleasure.

“Oh, please fuck me!”

“Sounds like you ought to be paying me!” Lee grunted.

I didn’t give a fuck about money right now. I didn’t care about anything. All I wanted was Lee’s engorged cock hammering my ass.

And that’s what happened for the next ten minutes. As one, we built toward orgasm and release from the relentless tension.

“I’m gonna lose it, kid,” Lee said in a husky voice.

“Yes, Lee, please, PLEASE come in my ass!”

The shed door suddenly swung wide open.

“You guys have been out here forever,” Sharon said as she stepped inside with two steaming mugs. “I thought you might like coffee-“

There I stood in all my naked glory, being fucked by another man, my face still filthy from sucking cock, while my raging, throbbing hard-on testified to my pleasure in the circumstances.

“Oh, my God!” Sharon cried.

Nothing could stop Lee from unloading. He groaned long and loud in relief and release as his sperm coated my intestines.

“How could you?” Sharon asked me.


I came hard. Blast after blast erupted from my cock. My cock sprang back and forth as I swayed under the force of Lee’s continuing thrusts. My swinging cock catapulted my cum farther than any ordinary ejaculation.

I came all over my wife. She had semen in her hair, on her face, on her clothes.

Sharon dropped the coffee cups and screamed with outrage at this last degradation, as if seeing her husband cheating on her with another man was not sufficient.

Tracie would not be comforted, nor mollified. She kicked me out and she never took me back. Any contact between us is through lawyers. I see my daughter on alternate weekends in a neutral location and the visits are supervised by a social worker as if I might pose some kind of danger to her. Sharon got the house and the maximum of family support for spouse and child. Sharon’s family made sure my name is Mud around town. My curiosity had cost me everything.

And where did I end up?

Hours got chopped at the factory again and I was laid off. With my reputation in tatters in this conservative Christian town, most employers wouldn’t even look at me. Certainly, no girl would date me. I couldn’t afford to pay my lawyer, family support and rent.

I landed at Lee’s. I told him I couldn’t afford to pay rent but he had it all worked out.

He suggested we take it out in trade.

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