My friend Ruby and I have been friends for over twenty years.

Her husband Joe and I use it date back when Ruby was married to Shawn.

To make a long story short things worked out for the best. Ruby and Joe have been married now for close to five years.

We are all still the best of friends and every now and then I go to their house for the weekend.

Now I have to tell you about Ruby. She is the loveliest woman I know. She is about five foot one. Dark hair and the sexiest blue eyes and she has the biggest, nicest boobs around, I believe she is a DDD.

A lot of people think we look a lot alike and mistake us for sisters. Though I have brown eyes my boobs are a little bigger and Ruby is thinner.

One weekend when I was at Ruby’s house we where just getting ready for bed. As I all ways slept in the middle of their king size bed.

“Come on Jane your Pillow is in that chair lets get in bed” Ruby was pulling her shirt off over her head.

I loved watching Ruby get ready for bed. She only ever sleeps in just her knickers. I put on an over size tee shirt and I crawled in the bed.

“My two sexy ladies.” Eskort Joe walked in the room just in time to see us nude.

Joe got nude and got in bed next to me. And Ruby got in on my right.

“What’s this?” Joe started rubbing my boobs and then slid on hand over on to Ruby’s boobs.

“The best tits you’ve ever seen.” Ruby giggled.

At first I was afraid that Ruby was going to get mad at me or something. But then Ruby started rubbing my boobs too.

“Well Ruby and I have been talking about spicing up our love life.” Joe was smiling from ear to ear.

“You know Jane I can’t think of anyone I trust more than you” Ruby ran her tongue over my nipple.

Then Ruby and Joe both started Kissing my neck and each other.

I was getting turned on to so I started kissing Ruby. First on her neck then moving down her tummy.

“Jane have you ever licked pussy?” Joe put his hand in the back of my head and started pushing my head down lower on Ruby till I was at her pussy.

“No, but I can try.”

Now Joe was rubbing Ruby’s boobs and they where kissing, deep long kisses. Ruby was running her hand up and down Joe’s cock.

I had never been with a woman before so I wasn’t sure of what to do.

I started kissing Ruby’s thigh and she spread her legs wide for me.

I then moved between her legs. I rubbed her clit and slid my finger in her and with the other hand I held her outer lips wide open so I could run my whole mouth over her clit.

I herd her start to breathe hard and she started grinding her hips up to meet my mouth.

I flicked her clit with my tongue till I felt her cum and then I sucked on her clit. I started flicking it with my tongue.

“Oh my, are you sure you have never done this before?” Ruby was holding my head in place with her hand.

Joe had moved behind me and stared playing with my pussy. He was sliding his finger in and out of me and rubbing my clit. This was driving my crazy. The hotter I got the harder I sucked and licked Ruby’s clit I could feel her cumming again.

“Ooooooohh!” Ruby was hold on to the bed sheets with both hands and arching her back. “Aaaaahhhhh!’

“Ruby, I have never heard you so loud.” Joe was so turned on by this I could feel his rock hard cock rubbing on my leg as he tried to get a better view.

After like the sixth time Ruby came she tried to pull away from me.

“Stop, stop, I can’t take any more. I don’t think I have ever cum so much at one time. Are you sure you have never been with and other woman before?”

As I moved away from Ruby Joe slid right in front of me. “How about me?”

I had his cock right in front of me. I took it and started licking the head and then sucked it in to my mouth. I sucked it in as far as I could then back to the head. With just the head in my mouth I flicked my tongue over the head and ran it around the head. I then started sucking his cock in and out of mouth. Faster and faster then I felt him start to throb and twitch and his cock got hard like a rock. Then Joe started cumming and I stopped sliding his cock in and out. I kept it in my mouth. Then when he was done cumming an I had the last of his cum I slid his cock deep in my mouth and back out till I made sure I got ever drop of cum out of it. Joe just lay there twitching. I could tell he was really turned on by seeing Ruby and me because he came so soon

“Oh shit I love the way you do that.”

I laid down between them and we all fell fast asleep.