Friends Wife Came Along Fishing

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It was Saturday morning and I was waiting for my friend to pick me up. We was heading out for a day of fishing together. We knew of this secluded little lake where we could pull ashore on this little island. So more than fishing was planned. So I thought until I saw his wife in the truck. But things turned out great as you will see.

Terry got out of the truck and walked toward me. We shook hands and I gave him a quizzical look.

“I know.” Terry said. “I hadn’t expected it either.” “She knew we was going fishing and this morning she said she wanted to go along.” “What could I do. Couldn’t say no.”

“You could have said there isn’t enough room to be safe in this size boat. With lures flying everywhere,” I replied.

“Yeah. I guess I could have but didn’t think about it,” Terry replied. “So we don’t get to suck each other off this trip. There will be other times.

“True. I guess we can go without this time.” I replied.

We loaded my fishing gear into the boat and got in the truck.

“Hi Bob,” Sherri said.

“Hi Sherri. Didn’t know you was but nice to have you along.” “You’ll probably catch more fish than we do.”

“I plan on catching something,” she replied. “But not sure about fish,” she said with a little grin.

Terry and I looked at each other as if to say. Wonder what means. We didn’t pursue it and just talked about where we thought the best spot would be.

We got to the lake and backed the boat into the water. I had gotten out ahead of time to unhook the boat and hold the anchor rope. Terry and his wife parked the truck and walked over to the loading dock.

“Wow. What a beautiful little lake,” Sherri said. “And look. There is a small island out there. Maybe we could take a break later and do some exploring.” And another little grin appeared on her face. Baffling Terri and I to know end.

“Sure Honey,” Terry told his wife. And he got into the boat and to the back seat. He was running the motor. Sherri got in the middle escort videoları seat and I the front. I pushed us away from the dock and Terri fired up the motor. And away we went.

I couldn’t help but glance at Sherri’s tits and her legs. Both very nice. She is about 5′ 6″ tall. A little plump but not to bad. At least triple D tits. And nice poking nipples. And she was wearing a tank top and it appeared no bra. The shorts were loose in the legs and once when she shifted in her seat I thought I saw pussy. No panties. I knew Terry wasn’t wearing any underwear as we had planned on something different. And neither was I. Had to control my thoughts to keep from getting a hardon.

We reached the spot we had agreed on and dropped anchors. We had been fishing for a couple hours and had caught several nice fish. After that they quit biting and Sherri suggested we go to the island. So we pulled up anchors and headed to the island. We got out and tied the boat up to a nearby tree so it wouldn’t drift away.

We had been walking around the island for about a half hour when Sherri spoke up.

“I know you two do more than fish on your little outings,” she said. “And I don’t mean eat your lunch, well unless you call it that. I know neither one of you are wearing underwear as I got a glimpse of both of your cocks when you would shift in your seats. And I have found cum stains in Terri’s shorts after some of your fishing trips. Guess you didn’t get all of it every time Bob.” She said with a grin.

Terry and I looked at each other in shock. Neither one of us knowing what to say. We had that look like deer caught in headlights. Sherri could see the fear in our faces. Knowing she was right and we had admitted the truth without speaking a word.

“It’s okay guys,” Sherri said. “You don’t have to be worried about if I going to leave you Terry. I decided I wanted to be a part of it after considerable thinking it over. At first I gaziantep escort bayan videoları thought about leaving but the more I thought about what you two was doing the more it excited me.” And with that she removed her tank top exposing her beautiful tits and lovely nipples.

“Come suck my nipples boys. Get undressed first so I can play with your cocks while you suck on them.”

Terry and I looked at each other once again in shock and disbelief. We both naked in less than two seconds. Sherri had removed her shorts and was bare ass naked. Rubbing her pussy. Terry and I practically ran to where she was standing and each took a nipple in our mouths. Sherri was moaning quite loudly at this point. We both played with her pussy while sucking on her tits.

“Oh shit,” she cried out. “This feels so fucking good. It’s time for you two to show me what you do on your little fishing trips. I’m sure it involves some more sucking.”

Terry and I looked at each other and just laid down in the grass. We got in a side by side 69 position and took each other’s cocks in our hands. And then guided them into our mouths.

Sherri was kneeling beside us watching us suck each other. “Holy hell, is that hot. It’s much more than I had expected.” She was ramming her fingers in and out of her pussy at a feverish pace. “Can I help a little,” she pleaded.

We both stopped sucking for a seconds to give our approval. “Yes” was all we said. Sherri immediately went for my cock and started sucking it like it was her last cock. Damn was she good. She had my cock buried to the hilt and it felt great. My cock in her mouth and Terry’s in mine. She did this for a few minutes than moved down and took Terry’s cock in her mouth. He resumed sucking on my cock as I watched her suck his. This was one hot time.

About 20 minutes had passed with us sucking each other and Sherri taking turns on our cocks. I knew Terry was getting gaziantep escort videoları close and so was I. And Sherri knew it as well. She had already had several orgasms from fingering her pussy.

“I want you to eat me Terry while I suck on Bob’s cock.”

Terry got up and I stayed lying down. Sherri moved in between my legs and took my cock in her mouth. Terry moved in behind her and slammed his cock in his wife’s pussy. Burying all of it in one thrust. Sherri let out a moan on my cock that sent me over the edge.

“Oh fuck. I’m going to cum,” I yelled. And I started shooting my cum into her mouth. She was swallowing everything I gave her.

“Me too,” yelled Terry and he started pounding his wife’s so hard as he unloaded that it drove her mouth down on my cock hard.

When we were all done we just laid there in the grass with each other. Not speaking a word. Sherri was the first to speak.

“I’m so glad I chose to find out and not leave. This has been the hottest sexual thing I have ever experienced. The sight of your cocks going in and out of each other’s mouths was hot as hell. And to suck my husbands cock while he sucked another man was more than I thought it would be. Thank you for letting me come along. Terry could have easily said no but he didn’t. Thank you, Baby,” she said to Terry. “Thank you, Bob.”

We both thanked her for making the decision to come with us.

We got dressed and into the boat. We headed back to the boat launch and loaded up the boat. We got in the truck and headed out.

“Can I come along again some time? Sherri asked.

“Fine with me,” said Terry. “Okay with you Bob?”

“More than fine.” I replied.

Sherri looked at me and leaned towards me and gave me a long tongue in mouth kiss.

“Thanks,” she said. “And maybe one time you can let me watch Terry fuck you like bears in the woods Bob” with a big grin.

“Okay with me,” I said.

“Me too,” Terry said. “You do have a nice ass.”

Sherri had slid her hands up both our shorts leg openings and was playing with our cocks. She did this all the way home. Fish was doing fine in the live well so no hurry to get them out. We all ran into the house stripping naked. Terry and I spit roasted his wife right on the couch and filled her full of hot cum again.

Looking forward to her going fishing with us quite often.

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