From Across the Pond Ch. 02

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(A/N: This is the 2nd part of hopefully a continuing story. While it can be read on its own it makes more sense if you read the 1st part, which can be found under my profile.

Thanks to those who read/commented on the 1st part. The feedback I’ve received has given me the confidence to keep writing)


They had met a couple of years previously, through Facebook of all places. They had a couple of mutual friends and she always seemed to notice the sarcastic and funny replies he made to her friends posts.

She had started liking a couple of them and replying with equally sarcastic comments when, one day when she logged in, there was a friend request from him waiting for her.

Curiosity piqued, she checked out his profile. Most of it was hidden but from what she could see he was from the UK and about the same age as her. ‘What the hell’, she thought, ‘It’s not often I meet someone who shares the same level of humour as me’ (too many times she had lost ‘friends’ due to people taking her comments too seriously) and she accepted his request.

This now opened his whole profile to her. To her surprise she found they had quite similar tastes in music, movies and several other things. She was just about to start digging through his photos when her message icon light up.

She clicked on it expecting it to be one of her girlfriends but it was from him. ‘Thanks for accepting my request’, it read, ‘if you ever fancy a blether, I’m usually on this time of night so just give me a shout’.

She checked her watch, it was 10pm. She fired off a quick reply, ‘No problem, always nice to have someone else to chat to. Bit of a night owl aren’t you? It must be about 3am over there?’

The reply was almost instantaneous, ‘Yea, never been one for sleep. Makes work the next day interesting, lol. Already found out that I’m not from your side of the Atlantic? That didn’t take you much time ;-). ‘

She felt her cheeks heat up quickly, ‘Always got to check out mysterious men who send me seemingly random friend requests, lol’, she replied.

After a minute or so the reply came in, ‘Always a sensible thing to do in this day and age but you can trust me, I’m mostly harmless ;-)’

Their friendship quickly grew from there. He seemed to be online every evening and as soon as she logged on they would spend the rest of the night chatting to each other. This went on for several months until she logged on one night and, as usual, went straight to her messages to see if he was online only to find that his profile had been deleted.


She pulled the car into the driveway, no matter how hard she had wished the traffic was as busy as always and they didn’t get back any quicker than she had thought. She killed the engine and turned to look at her passenger. He had slept for the whole journey and looked so peaceful. She hated to wake him but she couldn’t leave him in the car.

She quietly undid her seat belt and leaned across so he face was literally inches about his. ‘Honey, time to wake up’, she whispered but received no response. ‘Damn, will just have to try something else.’ she thought and leaned further forward and gently brushed her lips against his.

He woke up with a start; he seemed to pause for a split second while his brain caught up with what was happening then responded to her kiss with this own. She could feel his who body tense and try to push himself up from the seat to try and bridge the gap between their bodies. Reluctantly she pulled back and put her hand his chest and pushed down. ‘Easy tiger, we’ve got plenty of time’, she said; ‘besides the car is too cramped. Go and grab your bag and come inside.’

He collapsed back into the seat and put his hand up to face. ‘Did I sleep the whole way back?’ he asked from behind his hand.

‘Yea’, she replied, ‘but it’s ok, you’ve had a long day. Just don’t make a habit of it’, she laughed as she opened the car door and headed out.

As she was opening the trunk she heard him open his door and he joined her, leaned in and picked up his bag. ‘Nice place’, he said gesturing towards the house, ‘Your descriptions don’t do it justice.’

She smiled and closed the trunk, ‘Welcome to your new home for the two weeks’ güvenilir bahis she said and headed towards the front door.

As they entered the house she took his bag from him and nodded towards the sofa in the living room. ‘Go and take a load off’, she said, ‘and I’ll dump your bag.’, ‘you want a beer?’ she asked as she put his bag in the bedroom. She took the grunt as an affirmative and headed to kitchen and poured a glass of wine for herself and grabbed a beer from the fridge.

She walked back to the living room and found him slouched down on the couch. She passed him the beer and sat down beside him. ‘Think you could last a movie?’ she asked as she leant over him to reach for the remote. As their bodies came together she felt the familiar warmness envelope her body. Images started rushing through her head, she could see herself throwing her wine glass across the room and throwing herself at him, tearing any clothing that got in her way. She quickly grabbed the remote and pulled away.

‘Jesus girl’, she thought,’ give the man a chance to breathe.’ She felt the heat rising on her face and turned to look at him. He was sitting there looking at her with a small smile on his face and then turned to take a drink of beer.

She pressed play and settled down to watch the movie. ‘Desperado?’ he said as the movie started. ‘Are you an admirer of Rodriguez’s work or is this more a Banderas thing?’

‘A bit of both’, she replied, ‘although I can guarantee that you won’t complain about Salma being in this either.’ He shrugged his shoulders and lifted his arm up and rested it on top of the couch. She decided to take this as an invitation and moved in closer to him and rested her head on the inside of his shoulder.

As she snuggled into him she was enveloped by his scent. It had been so long since she had been this close to someone she had forgotten that sense of being surrounded by someone else’s aura. She smiled, took another sip of her wine and moved in as close as she could, as if she was trying to lose herself in the folds of his clothes.

As the movie played they sat in silence just enjoying each other’s company. After a while she felt him rest his head on top of hers and could feel his breath gently passing over her scalp. This in itself sent a small shiver through her body. Every time this happened her nipples stiffened slightly in response. She sat perfectly still enjoying the sensation, ‘if he keeps this up I’m not going to be responsible for what happens.’ She thought to herself.

Just as she finished that thought she felt his head move above her and he then planted a gentle kiss on the crown of her head. That was all the invitation she needed. She slowly twisted her body around and tilted her head towards his, so they were only inches apart. ‘What was that for?’ she asked.

He shrugged in reply, ‘Just seemed the right thing to do’, he said.

‘Good, cause this seems right too’, saying this she closed the last of the space between them and lay her body flat against his. This caused their lip to come together. They started kissing softly, just enjoying the touch and feel of each other’s lips but after a while she could sense an increase in pressure and feel his tongue gently trying to work its way into her mouth. She opened her lips slightly and brought her own tongue out to meet his and they started to entwine with each other.

She suddenly felt herself tip slightly forward; he had twisted himself round so she was now lying flat against him, at the same time he had brought his right arm around and was now holding the back of her head in his hand gently pushing her towards him. With a quiet guttural growl he increased the intensity of the kiss.

The sensations that were running through her body were starting to overcome her, the heat she could feel coming from his body felt like an inferno and matched the heat that was building in her groin. ‘I need some release and quickly’, she thought. She quickly hooked her leg up onto the sofa and gave a gentle push. The leverage was enough and she felt him start to topple backwards. She followed him down and ended up lying on top him while he lay flat on his back.

During the fall he had taken his hand away from her head, he now quickly brought it back up again to her back and pressed her tightly güvenilir bahis siteleri against him. At the same time she snaked out her left arm to grab his leg that was hanging over the edge of sofa and pulled it up so she was now straddling him with her legs on either side of him.

She briefly looked into his eyes and saw the fires of lust and passion burning deep within them before she let her body melt into his and starting kissing him with the same fire and intensity that was coursing through her body. She started to curl her left leg up the side of his body and reached up to grab his left arm; pushing outward she slid her hand down until she was holding his and moved it till it was resting on her thigh. He pulled back slightly with a questioning look on his face. ‘Don’t worry lover’, she whispered, ‘I just want to show you the effect you have on me.’ She then slowly began to drag his hand slowly up her thigh and under her skirt.

A look of understanding crossed his face which was quickly replaced by anticipation as she brought his hand closer to its destination. Seconds later she felt his fingers brush her core through her underwear. She gasped as her body seemed to explode in a flood of pleasure.

He now took control and gently started to stroke her through the drenched fabric. She buried her face into the crook of his neck and whispered, ‘I need to feel you in me baby, please.’ His fingers briefly broke contact but she then felt him hook the fabric to one side and then felt his fingers start to gently probe their way through her folds and move towards her core.

She had never felt anything like this before, every move he made with his fingers sent another wave of pleasure crashing through her body. Her hips now started to push down, desperately seeking to force his fingers inside her.

Suddenly he pulled his fingers out of her. She quietly cried out and pulled back to find out what was wrong. He quickly put his fingers against her lips and said ‘I can’t do it properly from that angle.’ While he was talking she could smell her own musky scent coming from his fingers, instinctively she darted out her tongue and drew it up the length of one of his fingers tasting herself for the first time. He paused for a second with a questioning look on his face. She shook her head and grabbed his hand and started pushing it downward. He moved his arm between their bodies and slid his hand down the front of her underwear. Again his fingers started to explore her folds, within seconds he had worked his way through and found her opening. As his fingers entered her she cried out in ecstasy. Her hips now went into overdrive, the urge to get him deeper taking control of her whole body. He matched the rhythm of her thrusts and at the same time started brushing her inner walls sending new waves crashing through her body.

She could feel her orgasm rapidly approaching but the small part of her mind that was still functioning properly did not want it to end like this. Using every ounce of willpower she planted her hands on his chest and pushed herself up into a kneeling position above him. Their eyes locked onto each other as she reached down and grabbed his arm. Slowly she started to pull so that his hand slipped out of her. She then slid her hand down, grabbed him at the wrist and, with their eyes still locked, brought his hand towards her face.

Tentatively at first she snaked her tongue out and flicked it over one of his fingertips. While she was used to the aroma she had never really tasted herself. She was surprised to find that it was a lot sweeter than she expected it to be but she was quickly distracted by the change in his expression. It had swiftly changed from one of curiosity to unbridled lust. ‘Well’, she thought, ‘if a quick flick has that effect on him I wonder what this will do.’ She took the next finger and lowered her mouth onto it. Locking her lips around it she slowly drew it back out again, all the time never removing her gaze from his.

The force with which he raised his hips nearly threw her to the floor; she only managed to keep her balance by swinging her foot out and planting on the floor. He started to pull himself up and reach out for her but she took the opportunity to pivot on her foot and swing herself off the couch so she was standing iddaa siteleri a couple of feet away from him.

‘Now we finish this’, she thought as she turned her back to him. Leaning over at the waist she pulled her skirt up giving him an unobstructed view of her behind. She then reached up and hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her underwear and pulled them down over her thighs. The flow of air that passed over her sent a small shiver up her spine quickly followed by an even bigger one when she realised he would be starting at her glistening mound.

She turned back round and found that he had pulled himself back up into a sitting position. ‘Perfect’, she thought and dropped down onto her hands and knees and started to crawl towards him. She stopped with her head between his legs and reached up to unbuckle his belt and pull his zipper down. ‘Lift your hips’, she whispered. He complied and she backed up slightly dragging his jeans and underwear with her.

With his clothes at his ankles she started to slowly kiss her way back up his legs until she came level with his member. Sticking out her tongue she took a slow, leisurely lick up his length and flicked it lightly over his head. As she carried on moving upward she pushed his legs together and placed her knees on either side of him, balancing on the edge of the couch.

Reaching down with her hand she grabbed his hardness and drew him towards her opening. She lined him up and slowly started to drop herself down on top of him. As he entered her she could feel her walls being stretched to the limit. She stopped when she was about half way down him. She could feel him throbbing and pulsing inside her. She lifted herself up slightly and started down again. The feelings that were coursing through her body were turning her legs to jelly and she was finding it harder and harder to stay balanced. She leaned forward slightly, grabbed his hands and placed them on her waist. ‘Help me’, she pleaded. She felt his hands grip her waist and lift her slightly and then in one swift movement he pulled her downward and at the same time push upwards with his hips. He was now buried in her to his hilt. The mix of pain and pleasure that coursed through her forced her to scream out. She let her head fall forward onto her shoulder while she got used to sensation all the time whispering, ‘it feels so good’ into his ear.

The pain subsided after a couple of seconds but her body still felt like someone was running an electric current though her. She started to gyrate her hips and he soon joined in her rhythm. Every time he pushed forward he seemed to go deeper into her.

She could feel a familiar heat starting to build in her core and rapidly spread through the rest of her body. She sped up the movement of her hips, caught his gaze and said, ‘come with me baby, I want to feel you explode inside me.’

His grip on her waist increased and with each thrust she thought he would topple her over. Her body responded and the strength returned to her legs and she stated pushing down with an equal strength.

At that point everything turned into a blur, the only things she was aware of was her body screaming out for release and the sound of their flesh coming together. Then she felt it happening, her body exploded, wave after wave of pleasure flooded out from her core. At the same time she felt him swell to an impossible size and then pulse after pulse filled her.

She collapsed against him, all the strength drained from her. She tried to say something but even her voice had deserted her. He took his hand from her waist and started to stroke her hair and kiss the side of her face. They stayed like for 5 minutes before she was able to lift herself up to a sitting position.

‘Thank you’, she whispered.

‘What for?’ he asked his eyes showing concern in contrast to the glow that was coming from the rest of his face.

‘No man has ever pushed me over the edge before.’ she replied, ‘But I’ve got a feeling whatever I’ve been holding back has been let loose now.’

‘Now let’s get to bed’, she continued, ‘you’ve had a long day and you’re going to need all your strength for tomorrow.’ She pulled herself up to her feet and held out her hand to him. He took it and pulled himself up. Their bodies came together and he found himself looking directly into eyes. He noticed a mischievous glint hidden deep within them.

‘Whatever we’ve unlocked babe’, he said with a knowing smile, ‘We can enjoy the discovery of it together.’, and then he let her lead him towards the bedroom.

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