From Bully to Master

Big Tits

*This is a continuation of “It Does Get Better.” Please look there for context*

It had been about a month since the night I had sex with Diego in his car. We hooked up a few times in the following weeks and were exclusively fuck buddies. He texted me last Monday to come over to his house, but my car broke down that morning, and so I couldn’t go. He didn’t seem very happy about it, but I was just trying to figure out how to get to work that day. I’ve had to take the bus since then, and I sometimes wait for Daniel to close so he can drive me home late at night.

On a late-night ride home, Daniel was telling me about how his night ended the day of the party.

‘She was a good fuck, but she sucked at giving head,” he said.

“Well, most young girls do, especially with a dick like yours,” I responded.

“Do you think I’m big? You didn’t struggle with it when you blew me a few months ago,” he said.

“I’m gay, I love sucking dick, I’m a dick pig. I even blew my own bully,” I said, nonchalantly.

“What? You did that in high school?” he asked.

“No, but it didn’t stop me at the party the other night,” I said.

“Was that the guy you were sitting with when I left? I was wondering who he was since he stared me down all night after he watched us dance,” he mentioned.

“He thought you were my boyfriend because you were all grinding up on me to a Rihanna song” I responded, sounding harsher than I meant to.

“Did I make you uncomfortable? I’m sorry, I was kind of drunk. I thought you were having fun,” he said regretfully.

“I was, I was. I’m just saying, that’s probably what it looked like. Don’t worry about it,” I clarified.

He looked relieved. He quickly changed the tone of the conversation by asking me if I had seen Diego since then. I told him that we did see each other a couple times, and that we were exclusively having sex. Daniel then went on this rant about a customer who accidentally sprayed Calvin Klein cologne into his own son’s eye while trying out the samples. I kind of started to drift off when, suddenly, we were outside my house.

“So, are you down to go?” Daniel asked.

“What? Yeah, sure. Where?” I asked, embarrassed.

“You weren’t listening. My sister is having a party at her house this weekend, will you come? She really likes you,” he said.

I felt bad for not listening the first time, and how could I say no to those hopeful eyes and cute smile of his?

“Yeah, I’ll be there,” I said.

Come Saturday, my car still wasn’t fixed. I told Daniel that I wasn’t going to make it to the party because I had no car still. He insisted on coming to pick me up, so Escort Kız I said yes, on the condition that he bring me home by midnight so I could sleep. I didn’t really need to sleep early, I just wanted to make sure he got back to his house on time to get drunk with his sister and her friends, who no doubt would stay up until well past 2 or 3AM. When I was waiting for Daniel to pick me up, Diego texted me and asked what I was doing for the night. I told him about the party and that I’d be home early if he wanted to come by afterwards. He said he’d pick me up at the party. I agreed.

When Daniel picked me up, I told him he could get drunk because I had a ride home. He was happy about it. When we got to the party, Daniel’s sister Stephanie greeted me and offered me some food and beer. I started eating and then all the guys started playing beer pong. I decided to play with Daniel as my teammate. I told Daniel that he had to drink for us because I’m the better shooter. We went three rounds before we lost the final match to his cousins. That was for the best since I was trying not to get drunk because I knew I was going to see Diego later.

Around 12:10, I texted Diego asking if he was nearby. He told me he had stuff to take care of and couldn’t pick me up. I was fucking pissed off. Daniel noticed and asked me what was wrong. I told him, and he said I could sleep in his room if I wanted to stay. I told him I’d stay, and to let me borrow his charger so I could plug my phone in. I followed him into his room to get the charger and plug my phone in. Right when I plugged my phone in, I got another text; it was Diego saying he would come get me in 30 minutes after all. I was still feeling annoyed, so I didn’t respond.

“Turn that shit off, fuck that fool,” Daniel exclaimed.

“I don’t even know why I’m mad, it’s just sex, plus I already knew he was an asshole years ago,” I said, utterly frustrated at myself.

“You don’t even fucking need him; I got a big fat dick for you to suck on right here anyway,” he said, grabbing at his crotch.

“Yeah, that’s true,” I said, jokingly.

I didn’t really mean that, but right after I said it, Daniel walked over to me and caressed my chin, pulling my head up to look at him.

“Eric, would you suck my dick? I’ve been wanting you to since that day we were talking about it int the car” He said, grinning his ever-flirtatious smile.

Whether it was purely out of spite, or because I was both emotionally and sexually frustrated, I’m not sure, but I said,

“Yes, I would.”

He smiled with such a devilish look in his eye. Daniel walked over to his door and locked it. He closed the blinds and then stood in front of me again. I was going to unbuckle his belt, when he just pulled his jeans down, and he was already rock-hard. Daniel was yet another Mexican guy with a big dick. He was about 7.5 inches and thick, plus he had a noticeable vein that ran through his dick that honestly made it look more appetizing. I grabbed it and watched it ooze precum at the tip. I started to suck slowly on the head.

“Oh fuck, I’ve been wanting those fucking lips on my dick again for a while now,” Daniel moaned.

I began to work my way down, and I could feel the pressure of Daniel’s hands on my head.

“Oh yes, go all the way down,” he moaned.

I made it all the way down and held it there. Daniel started pumping into my throat and I could feel myself starting to gag. I came up for air and started playing with the tip, slurping and popping it in and out of my mouth. Daniel had relaxed his hands and decided to massage my head while I worked on his dick.

“God, you’re so good at it. Go all the way down again,” he said.

I went all the way down again, and he started to facefuck me slowly. Although he wasn’t too rough, he loved to make me gag. I started to tear up from one of the times he pushed me all the way down and pumped into me a little faster. This went on for about 8-10 minutes. I started to come up when he said, “I’m getting close, suck on my balls.”

I started to suck on his balls while he jerked off his dick. In about 2 minutes, he came all over my face. He delivered a huge load. He started wiping it off my face and feeding it to me with his fingers. Once I swallowed all the cum, he pulled his pants up and handed me a shirt from his drawer.

“You might wanna change that shirt if you want to go back out to the party, unless you want to stay in here and suck my dick again, which is totally cool with me,” he said.

Right after he said that, my phone started ringing; Diego was outside. I told Daniel I had to go. He looked disappointed. I rushed to the bathroom and rinsed my mouth with Listerine before I ran out. Diego looked annoyed as I jumped in the car.

“Where the fuck were you?” Diego asked.

“I was saying bye to people. Calm the fuck down; you’re late anyway,” I responded.

“Ah, fuck, whatever,” he said.

He dove in to kiss me. I was so caught off guard, I almost jumped in the seat. After he kissed me, Daniel walked over to the car on my side.

“Don’t forget your jacket Eric. Oh, hey, what’s up man, I remember you from that party last month, what was your name again?” He asked Diego, mockingly.

“Diego. Thanks for the jacket fool,” Diego responded with disdain.

“Well, I would invite you in, but you just missed the best part of the party man, right Eric? Well, you two have a good night,” he said with such a confidence and arrogance in his eyes that even I hated him for half a second.

It wasn’t until halfway through the car ride that I finally asked Diego, “so, what’s up? How was your day?”

“Annoying, I feel fucking frustrated. I just want you to suck my dick and we’ll call it a night,” he said, bluntly.

“Oh, okay,” I felt a sort of remorse at the thought.

Diego pulled up to his apartment building and he was silent as we got off and walked in. He went straight to his room and I followed. As soon as I walked in, he dropped his pants and said, “alright get down there and suck my cock white boy.”

I started to suck on the head of his dick when I felt his hand push me all the way down. He kept me there with a tight grip and I started to gag. I felt him pumping into my throat fast, and when he finally let me come up for air, he said, “lay on the bed, on your stomach.”

I did as he said, and then I started sucking him off again. He would moan and grunt and slap my ass as I would do it. I came up for air, and he said, “you want this big dick?”

“Yes, Papi, I want your big dick,” I responded.

With that, he slapped my ass hard, and pushed my head all the way down again. He facefucked me mercilessly. I was gagging and tears were running down my face, yet I was so turned on by it all. After a good 10-15 minutes, I felt him tense up, his grip was hardening on my head, his thighs were tightening in my hands, and he started growling.

“Oh yeah, that’s my white boy, keep sucking Papi’s cock, I’m almost there.”

Suddenly, I felt his hot cum shooting down my throat. He held me down, so I swallowed all of it. When I finally came up, I was gasping for air. He slapped my ass one more time and threw his boxers on.

“That was so rough. I almost ran out of breath, take it easy Diego,” I said.

He grabbed me by my chin and locked eyes with me.

“I’m not jealous of your friend, but I know that you sucked his dick tonight. You better not do it again while we’re fucking around, or next time I won’t be so gentle. We are not dating; flirt all you want, but that ass and that mouth are mine. That was just to remind you that you’re my cocksucker, and you worship my dick only. Now get dressed, I’m going to call you an Uber,” he said.

He kissed me aggressively, and when he broke the kiss he simply said, “you taste so much better with my cum in your mouth. Now, keep it that way for Papi, or I’ll spank you much harder next time, güerito (little white boy).”

I looked down at my shirt which I never actually changed and noticed I had a couple of Daniel’s cum stains.

“Yes, Papi,” I responded.