From Cucked Husband to Sub Wife Ch. 19

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Begin Again

The days turned into weeks and weeks into months. I began to think this was the last we would hear of Lori. One day, after almost six months, Daddy came by the apartment with a big grin on his face.

“Sissy, how would you like to move in with me?” It was like the most unromantic proposal ever. Of course, I would love to. Then, he said he wanted to “marry” me, and he showed me a tiny little ring that couldn’t possibly fit on a finger.

“No, sissy, it’s for your little clitty. I want to have it pierced and this ring put on as a symbol of commitment.”

“Yes, of course, Daddy. You want to, for real, marry me? I would marry you any way you want me. But I’m still legally married to Lori.”

“That’s just it, sissy. I found her three weeks ago and got her to file for divorce. All you have to do is sign the papers, and we are both free of that vile faithless bitch forever.” He pulled out the papers; I recognized Lori’s calligraphic signature, with all of her serifs and swirls.

“Where was she?” I asked.

He’d been right, all along, he said; that last john, turned out to be that nice second guy the first night he whored her out. He had made several appointments using different accounts. On that last night, rather than using his time for sex, he got her to pack up and leave with him up to somewhere in the Bronx. Daddy had hired a private investigator to find her.

I couldn’t sign the papers soon enough and agreed to marry him on the spot–this time for real, knowing it was possible, but I had one request.

“Daddy, I love you, I will be whatever you want me to be for you, but I haven’t been punished in a very long time. You have been so gentle with me, which I do enjoy, but you know what a painslut I am. I miss it, Sir. I know how much you enjoy it, and I want to give you the freedom to inflict as much pain as you like on me. Is that okay, Daddy?”

“Oh, my sweet little sissy. That’s just the kind of thing that drives me crazy about you. You say things like that, and I know you mean it because you are always honest and truthful. I have never felt this way about anyone in my life. I can’t believe I am going to say this, but… I …I think… I… uhm, love you, Sissy.

“I have never said that to anyone, and meant it, but that’s what you do to me. I know you are already mine completely and that makes me feel free, somehow. All the other sluts I’ve had may have been devoted, but none would have Don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of time for the pain you like. Meanwhile, as it turns out, I have a special treat for you tonight.”

I had become spoiled. Since Lori’s fall from grace, when he said he had a treat for me, it turned out to be an actual treat. Before that, I was used to special treats like, my wife confessing to fucking my best friend, demonstrating how she had been unfaithful. But now, it would be a special meal cooked by Vera, who was a professional chef, or a bubble bath in his big whirlpool tub, while he gently fucked me. This was the range I was expecting on the day of my first real marriage proposal.

“You know how I recorded those interviews with your whore ex-wife, well how would you like to watch her talk about all the other times she cheated on you? I promise you the great humiliation and pain you were just asking for it.”

“Yippee! Thank you, Sir.” I said, feeling safe enough for sarcasm. “Will I get to see all of it?”

“Well, we’ll see. Let’s start with the first time she cuckolded you, weren’t you curious about that?”

Should I make popcorn, I wondered. He had me get drinks instead and hooked up his phone to the TV so we could see it all in Hi-def.

As her image came alive as we sat comfortably next to each other on my couch. And… there she was; I suddenly realized I had actually missed her face. This was “my Lori,” before I had given her to him, though I understood that she had never really truly been mine, like I was his. She looked stunning; clearly, she had made a real effort to look as sexy as possible for him. I had convinced myself this would carry no emotional pain for me at all. She was long gone and, as of just now, no longer my wife.

But fuck, was I wrong! What stung me most was how eager she was to tell him the story of her infidelity. When she had confessed her indiscretions to me, she had been contrite, apologetic… weepy even. The wide grin and eagerness belied the pretense those apologies. It was one thing to have her confess her transgressions tearfully and remorsefully to my face; it was quite another to watch her gleefully reveal her treachery to impress a man she thought of as a potential lover, with whom she expected to betray me again.

Without the restriction of my feelings, she was much crueler in telling the story. She spared no detail and revealed her resentment with every grin and the free and easy cheerfulness with which she spun the yarn. She was taking pleasure in the narration and getting aroused by it actually.

She had framed these interviews, when she told me about them, bahis siteleri as being coerced by him into revealing her adultery. But nothing could be further from the truth. She was exhilarated to tell him, to titillate him with her treacherous exploits. She was trying to arouse him and seduce him through her wanton debauchery and humiliation of me.

When she got to sexual details, she would put on a sensual tone and her voice would drop to a lower register. Rather than describe the sounds of her sexual encounters, she would mimic them as though she was experiencing it at the moment, moaning and groaning or squealing. I was not ready for this, and silent tears began to form in the corner of my eyes right from the start.

“So, when was your next encounter, after you fucked the big frat boy, and he fisted you?” Daddy’s disembodied voice was asking.

“It was the very next morning. I awakened in Marty’s bed by Terry, one of the frat boys I knew, from the house. I had giving him a blow job about year before, but no more. He had a pretty average penis, but about three times as big as my stupid husband’s.”

“Really, that small, huh?”

“Oh, yeah! His dick is so small, I don’t actually feel it inside me. Yech! It’s just so creepy, I only seem to be able tolerate it when I have just been well-fucked by a man with a real cock. He’s such a fucking wimp faggot; I have been feeding him other men’s cum for years and he doesn’t even notice. He must know subconsciously and secretly likes it. He can’t possibly think that his tiny little peenie spurts could possibly equal the massive loads of cum I have made him eat out of my pussy.”

“When did you start doing that?”

“Just a few months after we got married and moved to Houston. When we first started working, this guy at work, Joe, showed an interest in me right away. I made sure that Mitchell made friends with him right away. I told him how nice I thought he was, and how he liked the same sports. We started hanging out with him all the time.

“One day, while they were watching some game, or other together, I made sure to be home and walked in on Joe in the bathroom ‘by accident,'” she made air-quotes as she said this.

“So, what happened, then?”

“I decided to show him just how nasty I could be. I didn’t let him finish pissing. I got on knees by the toilet and opened my mouth to swallow his piss and took his beautiful cock in my mouth. Oh, you should have seen his face; his eyes almost popped out of their sockets. I let him finish peeing down my throat then pushed him away from the toilet and swallowed his big cock whole. I jammed it down my throat and then let him face-fuck me as hard as he wanted, which turned out be really fucking hard.

“He came down my throat really quickly and I tried to swallow all of his sweet cum, but some dribbled down my chin, so I used his cock to wipe it up and licked him clean. I finished cleaning him up licking his shaft up and down and swallowing his contracting cock. I neatly put him back in his pants and zippered him up, so he could get back out to his friend.”

On the screen, she was getting obviously aroused, as she told this story; she spread her legs open and began rubbing her pussy shamelessly. Each time she mentioned Joe’s cock, her lips form a sexy O and she would lick them and make a little “uuummmm” noise.

Also, when she had confessed about this to me, she moved the date to right before we left Houston, and blamed the hormones from trying to get pregnant, but in fact this was much earlier than that. As I thought about it, I realized–guess I am slow on the uptake–that her decision to get pregnant had always meant to be with Joe. She had been fucking him for some time before that one time she had pantomimed with Daddy.

“After that, I would blow Joe all the time for a while. Pretty much every time he came over to watch a game with Mitchell, I would blow him in the bathroom at some point. We started fucking a couple of weeks later. I probably could have fucked him right in the bathroom, and my faggot husband, would not have noticed.

“Actually, later I would fuck him in the bathroom while Mitch was in the next room, sometimes shouting out what sounded like encouragement while watching whatever sport. But, at first, Joe had a thing about being discrete. So, it took a while to find ways to get together without being found out.

“Because we all worked together, we were rarely apart, and couldn’t really get away from him. One time, there was a conference trip to Chicago, they needed volunteers to make a team of five. I made sure that both Joe and I volunteered, but I didn’t tell Mitchell, and I discouraged him from going.

“When we were both picked to go, I told him a bullshit story about my supervisor putting my name in without my knowing it, and couldn’t back out now. He is just so fuckin’ gullible. Plus, since it was a team of five, it didn’t seem so strange that both Joe and I were going.

“The team turned out to be four guys and me, the guys were bunking two to a room, canlı bahis siteleri but I had my own room, which turned out to be perfect. The conference was the International Builders Association, and we would be “manning” a booth advertising our services with the usual pens and knick-knacks in exchange for getting them on our list. We did it in shifts of three people, with one rotating out every hour, so it would be less onerous for everyone.

“Joe and I immediately picked the last two slots, so we would have two hours alone, in my room. We fucked pretty much every day of the conference and every night too. Joe would sneak out every night come to my room and then go back to his.

On the last night though, his roommate got hip to what was going on; he followed Joe out of the room knowing pretty well where he was headed. When I opened the door for Joe, there was Pete standing behind him. I had to let them both in, or Pete would rat me out to Mitchell, what’s hot slut to do? Ha ha ha!”

“I blew them both first and then Joe started fucking me from behind, while I sucked Pete off. His cock was nowhere near as nice as Joe’s, so I was just swallowing it whole down my throat as if it was nothing. He was a little put off by that; and he did a weird thing that ended up turning me on at a lot.

“He took his belt and looped it around my neck and through the buckled then pulled up on it until it was just about choking me. Then, he fucked my face while restricting my airway, I felt like might pass out, but I was ready to come in seconds, with Joe ramming his lovely cock in my cunt at the same time.

“They both came not long after. As soon as he was able to get it up again, I let Pete fuck me while devouring Joe’s big cock. He was laying on the bed, while I rode him reverse cowgirl style. I was leaning far forward to suck Joe who was kneeling in front me. I couldn’t get enough cock in my cunt, so I was bouncing my ass up and down and grinding hard on the downstroke, but Pete’s average dick was just not hitting my buttons.

“I had to stop when Pete winged, “hey, you’re hurting me,” fuckin’ pussy. I turned my head to beg him to shove a finger or two in me while he fucked me. I grabbed the belt and handed it Joe to choke me. With first two then three of his fingers in my cunt and Joe choking the air out of me with his fat cock and the belt, Pete and I both got there at the same time. Oooph! Uhmm! OOO!”

On screen, Lori had most of her hand in her pussy practically salivating. I also realized that at some point in that story, Daddy, who I couldn’t see at all, had taken his cock out and she was staring at it. Distractedly telling some of the details of the story.

“Once having come, Pete lost further interest and got up and dressed and headed back to their room. Joe fucked me the whole night, loving using the belt to choke me as he did. We even fucked the morning after in the shower before he went back to his room.”

“When did you actually start feeding Joe’s cum to the cuck?”

“It wasn’t too long after. Joe became less concerned with discretion, and Mitchell was just so oblivious. If he only knew, how many times I’ve cheated on him; and how many different men’s sperm he has swallowed without knowing it.”

“How many would you say?” She couldn’t put a number on it she said, but it was a lot. “We’re going to try to get to them all, let’s get to when you first made him eat Joe’s cum.”

“Yeah, so that was at another work-related thing. One of the guys at work was getting married and since they didn’t really have friends outside of work, they invited the whole company. The wedding was held in a big fancy mansion, turned wedding venue, three hours’ drive from Houston and pretty much everybody was staying overnight, the night before the wedding and the night after.

“Since Joe was one of the few single guys, he drove down with us. We got to the mansion super early, probably the first ones there, so we scored prime rooms right next to each other. The rooms weren’t quite ready so we sat at the bar for an hour.

“Mitchell has never really been able to handle much liquor, so it’s pretty easy to get him drunk, plus, and, like the time at the frat party, I just snuck two allergy pills into his drink. He was falling asleep seemingly sloppy drunk by the time the rooms were ready. Joe and I had to almost carry him upstairs and put him in our room, while I went back to Joe’s.

“I didn’t know I was going to do it, but when Joe was coming in my already cum-filled pussy for the second time. The filthy thought that I could make Mitchell eat it occurred to me. As soon as he was done, I wadded up a bunch of tissues, put my panties and clothes back on and slipped back into our room.”

“I took off all my clothes and crept in next sleeping beauty. I woke him up by rubbing his tiny little dicklet. As soon as he was awake and realized what was happening, he climbed on top of me with that pinkie-sized dick, pumped into me a few times, and was shuddering and coming in his usual under five minutes. When canlı bahis he was done squirting, I just pushed his head down toward my pussy, and he cleaned me out, swallowing three loads worth of cum from Joe.

“He got hard again from eating me out and I just jerked him off, pretending I was tired out from him, he dribbled I tiny spurt into my hand, and I wiped off with tissue. He’s so fuckin’ stupid. His five-minute miracle wasn’t going to tire me out, though the hour and a half I spent fucking Joe, sure had. We both fell asleep.”

“That night I snuck out of our room to fuck Joe, and did, more or less, the same thing again, when I came back in, and the same again the next day after the wedding. When we got back to Houston, Joe and I found all kinds of ways to get together and as often as I could I would bring home Mitchell’s little doggy bag creampie. A few times, I let him me eat out before he had even fucked me, telling him I was really wet for him. Most of the time he got hard again, eating another man’s cum out my hole. I swear he has to be faggot.”

The slur had long ceased to bother me, but the deprecation in her voice as she said it, the tone she used to say everything was what got me. How little she cared about my feelings. It all had be me feeling really hurt and emotional. I could not contain myself and began bawling loudly. I felt like I had been hit with a lead pipe by a good friend. How could this still hurt so much? She was out of my life; I wasn’t that person she was calling a faggot and now I freely admitted to loving the taste of cum.

I looked over at Daddy, next to me on the couch, I wanted to suck his cock to help me with the emotional pain. I was a blubbery mess. Even though I knew most of what she was saying, I was sobbing as if I had just found out. I could see that this account was having a different effect on him; the outline of his glorious cock was clearly visible through his pants. He paused the show.

“What do you need, Sissy?” I was sure he knew exactly what I needed, but he was going to make me beg.

“Daddy, may I please suck your cock, Sir?

“Do you want to earn it, Sissy?”

“Oh, Sir, more than anything, please. I would love that so much, Sir.”

“Any requests, Sissy?”

“No, Sir, do whatever you would like, Sir. I feel you have been so generous with your cock that I really need to earn it, to thank you.”

“Okay, Sissy as you wish, let’s go into the bedroom. I have some ideas of my own.”

In the bedroom, he gently removed all of my clothes, restrained my hands behind my back with a strap. Then took off his belt. He wrapped the inch or so wide belt around the bedpost and buckled it; then he twisted it, while leaving a wide loop, through which he placed my head. It was over my head so that I had to stay on tiptoes to keep my airway open. He pinched my puffy nipples harshly, then kissed me gently, like a rom-com movie lover.

“Is this the sort of thing you had in mind, my sissy?”

“Yes, Sir, thank you! Sir, please, I would like you punish me for Lori. I feel responsible for making you go through that by giving you damaged goods. She was always that person, and I was too stupid to know. But I should have… before giving her to you. I’d feel better if you punished me for it. Take it all out on me. I need you to, Sir, please?”

“Thank you, Sissy. I would like that very much. But… you know what that bitch did really hurt me, Sissy. If you are going to take the punishment for it, it’s going to have to hurt you. Are you ready for that kind of pain?”

“Yes, Sir, please. I have had it so easy lately, thank you, I want the pain instead of the guilt.”

“Can you stay quiet, or should I gag you?”

“I don’t want you to feel restricted; Sir, please gag me.” He reached into his bag and pulled out a new gag, it was huge; it spread my mouth as much as his cock. I was happy for it. When he was warning me about the pain, I knew it was going to be bad. But I felt ready; it was what I needed. He had treated me delicately since the whole Lori fiasco. I still felt guilty, both what she had done to him and my inability to do anything to stop her.

“No need to count, but I want you to nod for the next strike each time. I’m going to start with the big whip and move through some different options. Is that what you want?” I nodded eagerly.

He started with my breasts, which were now nearly a respectable C cup. My nipples had become supersensitive, and as soon as the strike hit, I was so happy I chose the gag. I would have screamed loud enough to wake the dead for sure without it. Instead, I just made a low grunt and a whimpering mewing noise. I had been anticipating and yearning for this since my tits started coming in. I was glad the gag would let him just strike at my tits without concern for me.

I nodded for the next one as soon as the sting began to sink in. Over time, I had discovered that it was better to get the next one while still feeling the previous one, as a way to moderate my reaction. Waiting too long makes the effect of each strike hurt individually rather than running together. While the cumulative aftermath as strikes begin to blend together may ultimately be greater sensing each strike separately causes more individual reactions.

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