From Top to Bottom

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I knew as soon as I felt his load, the first load I had ever take, being unloaded deep inside my gut that I needed more and that my days as a total top were over.

I had come to the baths, an arrogant twenty for year old, with a well built body for which I had worked hard, short cropped dark brown hair, a rather pail completion that contrasted sharply with my dark body hair and the attitude of a no-nonsense seasoned breeder. By no means was this was not my first trip to the baths. I frequently donned a skimpy towel and went in quest of a bottom to pound when the urge to empty by balls in a slut’s hole overwhelmed me. Ever sense I had come out when I was fourteen told me I was a top, and that it was my duty to dump my load into every boy with whom I played, from my first boyfriend till that night. It probably helped that I loved to see my thick seven and a half inch member disappear inside a boy’s hole, his ass lips clinging to my shaft.

That night began like any of my other trips to the baths. I purchased a locker, stripped off, slung a towel around my trim waist making sure it was low enough to show off my ample pubes and then, with my key around my wrist, headed off in search of a bottom to breed. I made my way to the sling room, the easiest place to find an open hole searching for some cock, my cock stiffening as I walked listening to the groans of men all around me and breathing in the smell of sex that lingered in the air.

The sling room was dimly lit, just well enough to make out where guys were but not well enough to really make out distinct faces. I dropped my towel off in a corner by the door and proceeded, my erect cock standing out in front of me, naked through the room. Multiple slings hung from the ceiling, and were arranged in a circle so that the bottom’s asses all faced out towards the walls and the bottoms could watch themselves being bred in the mirrored ceiling.

After cruising past several of the bottoms I alighted upon a blonde boy about my age with his legs in the air and the slightly vacuous expression of someone who had just been fucked more then he thought possible. I walked up between his legs and started rubbing my cock head against his well fucked, dripping hole.

“How many loads you have in your hole, guy?” I asked.

“I lost count,” the blonde replied vaguely, suggesting “but add yours to the mix. Give me you cock man. I need you inside of me.”

I didn’t need any more encouragement then that. I pressed my cock against his hole and easily slid inside. This boy was so loose and full of cum that I didn’t bother starting out slow letting him get used to my cock, but rather started pounding him as hard as I could grabbing hold of the chains that suspended the sling from the ceiling to pull him back and pound him harder. With each deep penetrating thrust the blonde let out a little whimper and would occasionally continue begging me for my load and my cock.

Sweat began to run down my back as I hammered away. Just then I felt a presence behind me and then promptly two hands appeared on my hips guiding me how to plow the boy. Then a man pressed his body against my back, and leaning around me, looked at the bottom and asked “How ya doing kid? Feelin’ good?”

“Hell yeah,” was the bottom’s response.

I could feel the man’s chest hair against my back, and a considerable bulge nestling between my flexing ass cheeks, he kissed my neck. “You enjoying my boy’s hole?”

“He’s got a sweet ass,” I replied as I continued to pound the blonde mercilessly.

The man moved his hands from my hips to tweak my nipples as he whispered in my ear, “Two weeks ago this hot bottom was a condoms only bitch, now he’s begging for loads. You know what did that?”


“One thick load from my cock.” He pulled me tight to him and used his hand to turn my face to the side. I caught a glimpse of a strong handsome scruffy face before he planted a rough kiss on my lips. I kissed him back. One of his hands remained at my chin keeping my face turned to his as the other roved over my young furry body, and all the while I kept pounding my meat into the whimpering bottom before me.

Eventually his hands returned to my hips and he broke away from the kiss. I studied his dark eyes and strong jaw as best I could looking over my shoulder. “Don’t cum in him yet,” he commanded, “I want to make sure you give him a nice big load.” With that he sunk to his knees behind me and his hands moved from my hips to my ass. As I continued to fuck his boy he spread my ass cheeks a little and licked up my crack.

Though I was strictly a top at the time I had been rimmed a few times before and I knew that Merter Escort it felt amazing. Maybe that’s why I let him spread my ass and start working my hole open as only a top can, or perhaps it was because this man seemed to for some reason give off an air that made you want to please him. I bottomed out in the boy and leaned forward allowing him to spread my cheeks a little further and as I rocked my cock of the bottom I felt his tongue for the first time slip past my sphincter.

Noting had ever been up my ass not even my little finger, and so I gasped with astonishment as I felt this man’s tongue dart inside of me for moment. I had always thought that it would hurt to have something inside of my ass but the tip of his tongue had felt like heaven, it was intoxicating. I slowed down my fucking of the blonde still impaled on my cock and stuck my ass out a little further allowing the man behind me better access to my hole.

He gripped my ass cheeks tightly and spread my hole, his tongue making more and more regular forays into my hole. I whimpered. His tongue felt so good pressing into my hole, I acted on instinct not knowing the change that was coming over me as I let go of the sling chains and grabbed my own ass cheeks trying give the mad kneeling behind me still better access.

The bottom I was now practically laying on top of with my cock still buried in his cum dripping hole smiled at me and leaned up a little bit to kiss me. “Tony eats ass better then anyone, doesn’t he?”

I just gasped in response as something new pressed against my hole. The bottom wrapped his arms around me pulling me tight to his smooth chest as I felt my hole being further invaded, the mad behind me was sliding his index finger inside of my virgin hole. The words “I’m a top,” formed in my head but died on my lips as his finger began to slide slowly in and out of my hole.

“He’s fingering you isn’t he?”

“Yes,” I gasped.

“Do you want him to stop?”


“Have you ever had anything inside your hole before?”

“No, I’m a virgin.”

“Do you want more?”


“Right answer boy,” Tony replied pulling his mouth off my hole for a moment.

“You want Tony to stuff another finger in your hole?”

I paused for a moment relishing the feeling of his one finger sliding in and out of my hole but not sure if I could handle another, but as his finger slid back inside my cock gave a powerful throb and the blonde boy laughed a little.

“Your cock seems to have just answered for you. Stretch him out Tony, this boy’s not just a top any more.”

Without pulling his finger form my tight hole, Tony used his free hand to pull me to a standing position and pull me away from the blonde bottom till my cock slid from his wet hole with a soft squelshing sound. He guided me to the empty sling next to the blonde and in one swift movement pulled his fingers from my hole and tossed me into the sling. Suddenly I found myself, a total top, naked staring down at myself in the mirrored ceiling of the sling room with my legs spread and a massively built gruff looking man sliding two of his spit slicked fingers into my hole.

I moaned as his two fingers made their way into my hole and again the phrase, “but I’m a top,” died on my lips in a whimper as my ass steadily stretched to accommodate Tony’s invading digits. For a long while he worked those two fingers in and of my hole while he licked around them, swirling the thick dark hair that surrounded my pucker around with his tongue. I looked over at the blonde boy next to me a guy of around forty with powerful arms and legs and a bit of a beer gut was pounding the boy harder then I could ever have dreamed to fuck him. His eyes were steadily rolling back in his head with each thrust.

A scream burst past my lips as a third finger was pressed inside my hole, but weather it was in pain or ecstasy even I wasn’t sure. As my hole stretched to allow for this new invasion I panted like a bitch in heat. A fire was growing with in my hole, a fire that I felt certain could only be quenched by one thing, a cock. I experienced a thought that I never had before: I wanted to get fucked. I wanted Tony to pull his cock out from his jockstrap and slam it into my hole. I wanted him to use my ass as I had used so many bottoms before myself.

“Fuck me,” I whispered.

“What was that boy?”

“Fuck me,” I said a little louder.


“Fuck me, please,” I said louder still.

“I can’t hear you.”

“Fuck me! I want you to fuck me,” I practically screamed.

“You understand that once I get my cock inside of you I will not pull Merter Escort Bayan out? Once I start fucking your sweet furry boy hole I will breed you?”

“Fucking breed my hole!”

“Definitely not a top now.”

Tony stood up and smirked at me, he made a show of sliding his jock down till his cock sprang free of the fabric. Seeing it sticking straight out hard as a rock I couldn’t imagine how the thin white jock had held the hairy beast’s massive member. I groaned as I stared at his throbbing cock imagining how my stretched out hole would feel as he penetrated where no man had ever penetrated before.

His thick cock head brushed against my hole and I gasped, my heart pounding in anticipation. Was this how the bottoms I had fucked felt? I hoped so. He rubbed his cock along my crack allowing it to snag a little more on my hole each time till finally his cock head popped inside of my ass. My hole spasmed around his cock as he steadily sank the rest of his girthy nine inch cock inside of me. I just moaned.

Tony was much more gentle with me then I had been with the blonde who was taking yet another cock in the sling next to me. He slid his cock slowly but steadily in and out my hole making sure I felt every inch sliding through my recently virginal hole occasionally flexing his did as it reached one of the extremes causing me to whimper like a bitch in heat. My hole burned as it stretched to accommodate his cock but there was pleasure there too, and a hunger that could not be denied; and as he slowly built up the pace the pain ebbed away and all that was left was the pleasure.

“For a total top boy, you’re sure handling my cock well for your first time.”

“Thank you.”

“But now it’s time for the real fucking.”

He grabbed hold of the chains for the sling and slammed his cock balls deep into me. I cried out in lust and joy. From my left I heard the blonde boy giggle and call some sort of encouragement to Tony even as he was being emailed on another cock. I looked up into the mirror above me and saw Tony’s fat cock vanishing into my hole over and over again my sphincter clinging to his cock as he pulled out. I couldn’t believe how good it felt, I wanted him to never stop. I had been horny before but this was different, being horny is being in need of a release this was a hunger a hunger for something I had never craved before: cum.

“Fuck me, oh Jesus fuck me,” I cried as his cock hammered in and out of my hole.

Sweat dripped from Tony’s muscular hair covered torso on to mine and I felt my eyes rolling in to the back of my head.

“You ready for my load boy?”

“Yes, fill my hole with your cum!”

“Good answer.”

Tony sank his cock balls deep in me once more and held fast to my hips as he grunted and his cock bucked inside of me spraying his load all over my guts. I could feel his cock pumping inside of me emptying his balls. My hole was flooded with a magical warmth that I never wanted to be without again. I was no longer a top, hell I wasn’t sure in that moment that I was even versatile, for that night at least I was a bottom. As he slid his cock from my hole my mind was consumed with one though: I need more cock.

Four thick fingers were quickly slid into my hole, replacing Tony’s cock. He smiled as he twisted them around in my now wide-open hole. ” How do you feel boy?”


“How does your hole feel?”

“I never thought it could feel this good.”

“And my load?”


“You want more cock don’t you boy? You want to spend the night like this little bitch take load after load in your stretched out cunt?”


“Right answer. Ha Chris, wanna try out my new fuck hole?”

Chris was a tall gray haired thickly built guy who I had seen a few times before at the baths. The thought of his beer can thick cock made my hole twitch and as it twitched I felt the wet warm load slowly dripping out. I clenched my ass tight not wanting to lose a drop, wanting desperately to keep it as lube for Chris’s massive cock.

“Hell yes,” I head Chris respond, and turned my head to see where the voice was coming from. I watched Chris pull his cock from one of the other bottoms in the slings and walk over. I had never thought about how hot Chris was until this moment, before when we were both tops he didn’t much matter, but now that my hole was primed with a load and ready for his cock to stretch me further and further he looked like the god of all Daddies.

His cock swung from side to side in front of him slightly as he walked over to me, ass juice glistening on the broad mushroom head from the hole he Escort Merter had just been fucking. He smiled at me, hunger burning in his eyes.

“Fuck,” Chris said turning to Tony, “Thought this boy was a top only how did you finally get inside his hairy little fuck hole?”

“Flipped him on his back and eat his cunt out till he begged for my cock.”

Something about having these two stunning men talk about me as if I wasn’t even there turned me on even more and my hole gave another powerful twitch. Tony stepped closer and ran his hand across my sweaty cum covered crack. As his fingers touched my hole he pressed gently on my hole and I willingly opened my hole to take four of his fingers inside me.

“And now,” Tony added, twisting his fingers around inside my hole, “This total top’s been turned into a nice loose open fuck hole cum dump ready for breeding.”

“I’m going to enjoy stretching out his hole even further.”

Tony pulled his fingers from my hole with a soft plop, and Chris stepped up between my legs a wicked smile on his face. His thick mushroom head pressed against my hole and after a few long moments steadily began to stretch my hole wider and wider as it sunk inside me. My heart quickened with lust and my stomach jumped into my throat as I felt him slide with only a little discomfort balls deep inside of me.

Chris groaned as he sank deeper and deeper inside of me his smile widening clearly enjoying my warm cummy hole. “How old are you kid,” he asked as his balls came to rest on my ass.

“Twenty-four,” I moaned in reply.

“And tonight’s the first time you’ve been fucked?”


“Jesus you’ve been waiting this sweet cunt. You should have been on your back with your legs spread for cock sense you turned eighteen. That’s alright though, we’ll just have to get you bred extra to make up for lost time.” Chris started to pump his cock in and out of me slowly. “You would like that wouldn’t you boy, you want a load from every top in the bathhouse willing to give you one?”

“God yes. Please fuck me! I need more cock.” The words surprised me even as they came out of my mouth but at the same time I knew they were true. At that point I wasn’t sure I would ever want to top again, my whole world was centered around the overwhelming extract of having my ass stretched and penetrated by tick meaty cocks.

Tony’s first load frothed around Chris’ cock as he slammed his massive girth into my hole over and over again. My hole felt stretched but at the same time gloriously open, I could feel my ass lips clinging to his cock as he withdrew each time, I could feel his mushroom head massaging my intestines and it penetrated their previously unexplored depths.

As Chris’ onslaught picked up its pace I found myself reduced to a whimpering writhing slut bottom, begging him over and over again to fuck me and give me his load. This only spurred Chris on, and he began to pull on the chains of the sling causing it to rock in such a way that the back swing of the sling met with his forward thrust each time ramming his cock into me even harder. I head the voices of men around me calling encouragements to Chris goading him on, telling him to destroy my hole. I had been part of the crowds before, cheering on a fellow top as I waited for my turn at some sluts dripping hole, and now here I was the dripping slut. My cock throbbed and my hole pulsed.

“Yeah boy mike my cock.”

Even as I felt my hole growing slacker from the constant pounding, blossoming around Chris’ impossibly thick cock I could see the crowd that was forming around me pressing in till soon a cock was pressed against my mouth. Greedily I began to suck on the cock I had been presented with, milking it for all I was worth. Chris began to growl as he hammered away at my hole; his thrusting becoming more and more erratic till finally he practically shouted, “Take my fucking load boy,” and slammed in balls deep as his cock began to rocket ropes of cum into my abused hole.

After a few moments of recuperation Chris withdrew his cock but before I could miss it another took it’s place. So it went on for the next few hours, cock after cock was stuffed up my ass and down my throat. As soon as I thought it was over another cock would be pressed into my loose dripping sloppy hole. I had become the bottom I had always coveted. I have no idea how many loads I took or how many guys fucked me that night. The blonde next to me said that he thought it had to be close to forty guys and quite a few more loads then that sense most of them went at least twice.

When I finally got home that morning, cum was still running down my legs from my gaping battered and bruised hole as I fell face first into my bed. I wreaked of sweat, sex, and cum and I was utterly satisfied and it was perfectly clear that I would never be a top again. I had found my place as a bottom slut and I was overjoyed to have found my place at last.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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