Fuck Ch. 04: Embarrassment

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Amy started pacing the floor of her apartment. She was thinking so rapidly it was almost as if she was thinking of nothing at all. Except, she had a date with Richard in two nights. There were many thoughts to be had on this subject.

He’s so handsome and he seems so nice and sweet why do I feel so weird about this? Maybe I’m just nervous. This could be great! Except for that I’ve already lied to him. On the first day we met. About Blake. Fuck Blake. Oh wait, already did that. So yeah. What happens if this gets serious? Do I tell him about Blake? No. My past is my business right? But then I would be keeping it from him. That’s the same thing as lying isn’t it? Oh god this is doomed. I’m doomed. I’m too messed up to have a successful relationship. God I’m so dramatic! It’s a first date Amelia pull yourself together!

Her thoughts were interrupted by a buzz from her phone. She reached for it on her desk and clenched her jaw when she saw it was from Blake. He made everything more complicated.

Heyy. Busy?

Yeah I’m about to take a shower, gunna leave soon. What’s up?

She cringed after she instinctively pressed send, knowing her unconscious impulse to be perceived as innocently provocative in her texts to him would only cause more trouble and confusion. She noted that even though he made things difficult for her she seemingly liked to goad reactions from him that were sexual and flattering.

Somethins gunna be up if you keep talkin about being in the shower.”

I don’t have time for this I’ll ttyl ok?” Amelia set her phone down and made her way to the bathroom but heard it buzz again. She froze and tried to will herself to keep walking forward but couldn’t manage it and walked back to her phone in defeat.

What r u doing to be too busy for me?

Amelia sighed.

Just have a lot to do today? I’ll try and text you later.”

Im around the corner at the cafe if u change ur mind. 😉

Amelia internally smirked as she walked to her bathroom. She plugged her phone into a speaker on her counter and played music while she waited for the water to get hot. She tried to be quick so that she would be forced to ignore any further contact Blake would attempt.

As she stepped into the water and started shampooing her hair she tried to get lost in the music but found herself thinking about Richard again.

He seems so great. I should be happy for myself to be going on a date with someone so great. That’s what I’ll do. I’ll be happy for myself. It’s ok to deserve something good Amelia.

At this she was able to calm her thoughts down long enough to appreciate her favorite song that had shuffled itself into playing through the speaker hooked up to her phone. She started singing rather loudly to it. She found herself feeling better with every lyric and every improvised and ridiculous dance move. She was never this care free and immersed outside of the shower and (with Blake at least) the sheets.

As she ran soap down her torso she performed some top-notch body rolls to the attentive green eye on the Herbal Essences bottles in front of her. She started head banging while she flipped her hair over to scrunch the conditioner into her tresses. She tried to booty-womp while head banging but that didn’t work out so well as she almost slipped.

This scared her a little into calming down her anxiety-exorcising-dance but she continued to sway her hips while her feet stayed in place to minimize any hydroplaning that might occur.

When she had finished she smiled out a relaxed sigh as she turned off the water. She slid her curtain open and stepped out onto her bath rug.

“Fuck.” she exclaimed aloud as she realized she had forgotten to set out a towel for herself. She turned off the music and went out of her bathroom hoping not to drip too much water on the carpet on the way to the cabinet.

However when she took a step outside of the bathroom her stomach dropped onto the floor as she saw Blake sitting on her bed with a smirk and her towel on his leg.

“WHAT THE FUCK” she screeched, covering herself with her hands. She went back and hid everything but her head behind the bathroom door. Blake chuckled.


“I’ve been here a bit.” he replied throwing the towel over his shoulder and walking over to her.

“YOU CAN’T JUST DO THAT YOU FUCKING CREEP GET OUT OF MY APARTMENT!” Her cheeks burned red and she felt utterly humiliated. There’s no way he didn’t hear her singing or see her dancing since he had crept in and stolen her towel at some point. She wished the earth would swallow her whole at that very moment.

“Your door was unlocked sweetheart so that’s on you.” She hid her head behind the door as he got closer.

“That is a SERIOUSLY FUCKED UP thing to do Blake!”

“Nonono.” he said as he forced the bathroom door open. “The fucked up thing to do is to tell me you’re bahis şirketleri about to be wet and naked and not invite me. Not cool Amelia.” he joked.

“Fuck you! Get out!” she yelled as she nakedly pushed him hard in the chest. She snatched the towel but he caught the other end and beat her out in strength immensely so was able to get it back very quickly.

This tug-of-war pulled her into his body and he took the opportunity to wrap an arm around her and force her to stay still.

“God you have no manners Baby Bird. I’m your GUEST.” She fought hard to push him away but couldn’t help noticing his distinct, arousing smell and the warmth of his body on her skin. He leaned down and kissed her neck while he held her wrists in place.

“Get off me you bastard!” she shook her head away, her body’s growing warmth betrayed her embarrassed preference for him to leave. He wrapped his foot behind hers to trap her legs in place. He kissed up and down the curve of her neck with an excruciatingly slow pace. He smiled when he heard her breath quicken as he went on. He slipped both of her wrists into one of his hands noting their waning resistance. His free hand he ran down her upper back, down her side until he gripped her ass hard. She gritted her teeth.

“I could call the police on you, you asshole.” She spoke, giving a weak attempt at tugging her wrists free. He chuckled and he bit slowly into her neck. She felt his cock harden on her leg as she trembled from the pain and pleasure of his vampire-like display. His hand roamed her body as he licked his tongue up her neck to her ear. She inhaled sharply in an attempt not to moan but couldn’t hide her quivering under his hot breath.

He licked up the edge of her ear and back down it until he got to her lobe.

“You’re not going to though are you?” he spoke softly but in his sexiest, deepest voice. He put his mouth over her earlobe and dragged his teeth on it. Amelia couldn’t help but whimper loudly.

Blake gave a triumphant smile at the defeated woman in his hands. He then kissed her hard which she hungrily returned. He let her arms go and she wrapped them around his neck, pressing her body into his. He lifted her slightly and slammed her against the wall with his body, still kissing her, knocking a framed picture to the ground. He broke their bonded lips to violently remove his shirt and as she undid his belt buckle they reunited.

Amelia was so mad at him, both at how he had embarrassed her and how he was able to force her into primal arousal when she wanted to beat the shit out of him. She was so wet already. He knew her neck and ears were sensitive and she noticed how increasingly easy it had become for him to achieve his desired reactions from her body. She felt angry at her body for betraying her but the fire he brought out in her could only be described as divine.

She pushed him off.

“You’re such a fucking dick!” she shouted. She marched over to him and pushed him again.

He furrowed his brows and pulled her into another kiss.

“What’s your point?” he bit her lip.

“Fuck you! You can’t just show up at someones house like that!” she half spoke half moaned. He reached down and massaged one of her breasts in his hand, she shook again.

“I think I can Baby Bird. I get what I want.” he breathed into her ear as he pinched her nipple.

At this point they had traveled across the room enough to where Amelia kissed him hard and with a free hand reached to open the front door, in one fell swoop she pushed him outside, slammed the door, and locked it. He was now trapped outside her apartment in only his boxers.

“WHAT THE FUCK AMY!” He banged on the door as she laughed.

“LET ME IN!” He jostled the door knob so hard she feared he would tear it off.

“Hmmm, I don’t know if I want weirdo creeps in my apartment right now but thanks!” She teased just on the other side of the door.

For a moment there was silence.

“Amy someones coming!! Let me in!!” he pleaded as he heard footsteps and keys jingling.

“Please Amy! I’m sorry!” She let him have one more moment outside before she opened the door with a smug face right as someone turned the corner in the hall.

He pushed the door open and looked at her furiously as he entered, kicking the door closed with his foot.

“You must think you’re reeealll funny.” He said with an angry grin. She laughed at him but backed away from his intimidating advances.

“I sure do.”

“You little bitch.” he growled and grabbed her by the throat. He pushed her to the bed and removed his boxers before he climbed on top of her, continuing to hold her throat. She continued to wear a gloating expression.

He slid his hand from her throat to her hair, pulling it hard. At this she reached her hands up to try and release his grip but once again he proved stronger.

Blake brought his face close to hers. “You must want me to fucking kill you.” He said with a smile and wide eyes.

“How’s it feel to be embarrassed Blake?” He tugged her hair bahis firmaları harder and she grunted. “You don’t seem to be handling it well.” She smiled.

He flipped her over. He grabbed her wrists in one hand and held them above her head.

“I don’t know Amy.” He smacked her ass hard. “How about I open the door again and all your neighbors can see what a whore you are, getting your ass smacked in the middle of the day?” He smacked again. “How does THAT feel?” once again his hand came crashing down on her backside.

She moaned and gasped at the pain. “Feels kinda good.” she teased. He smacked her even harder and it stung her ass cheek deep. She yelled at that.

“Yeah?” He smacked her too hard again and she squirmed to get away from the pain but he held her down.

“Fuck Blake that hurts!” she shouted behind her.

Blake chuckled and slid his hand down from her ass and rubbed her pussy causing her to gasp and moan.

“Are you sure? You seem to be liking it. Fucking slut.” he spread her wetness all over her pussy and she moaned and opened her legs.

“God you do like it don’t you?” Blake growled, rubbing her harder.

“Yes.” Amelia whimpered.

“Mmhmm. What a little whore.” He slipped a finger in and she cried out loudly. She felt his hard cock lay on her ass and wiggled it towards him.

“Oh what’s this?” Blake rubbed his dick between her cheeks. “A finger isn’t going to do it for this bitch?” She moaned loudly at his torture.

“What Blake? Can’t get it up? That’s ok I can find a man with a real dick.” she teased, smiling at the thought of incoming consequences.

“EXCUSE ME?” Blake shouted and flipped her over. She instinctively spread her legs on either side of his hips and he grabbed her by the throat again and with his other hand, slammed his dick hard into her. She cried out loudly and clawed at the hand on her throat. Her pussy stretched over his massive cock and only loosened slightly as he fucked her.

“You gunna find someone else to fuck you like this? Huh?” He hissed in her ear and bit her neck. She felt her body light on fire as he fucked her and her voice let out a primal and furious yell.


He growled again and moved his hands back to her wrists to kiss her hard while he slammed into her.

“Oh god!” she yelled at his thrusts. He smiled and slipped a hand down to rub her clit slowly.

“FUCK FUCK FUCK!” She screamed panicked.

“You sure about that?!” Blake shouted over her moans. “Anyone else ever fucked you this hard? Fucking bitch.” His thrusts reaching as deep as possible. He reached up to her breast with the hand that wasn’t on her clit. “You NEED it from me don’t you?”

“Yes!” she whimpered and her body trembled and she clawed at his back. He growled through the pain and put his whole body into the effort of his thrusts.

“You’ve been a really fucking bad girl.” He bit her neck again, moaning and licking to her ear and back. She cried out and thrust her hips hard to meet his.

“Yes! Yes!” she yelled clawing at the sheets.

“Fuck you are so tight. You like that Amy?”

“God yes!”

“You like when I fuck you like the little bitch you are?” Amelia watched his abs and chest muscles tense up at the end of every stroke and her eyes practically rolled into the back of her head.

“Yes you goddamn jackass!” She whined. Blake laughed and slowed down, bending his head down to hers.

“Mmm I love when a stuck up brat can’t help herself.”

“B-Blake” Amy breathed out pathetically.

“What is it baby?” He grunted in her ear.

“I’m getting close with you fucking me like that.” she moaned quietly in his ear.

“Yeah? You gunna come on my cock baby?” he panted.

“No.” she thrashed as he pounded into her.

“Uh yes you fucking will.” he rubbed her clit faster.

“No! No Blake!” she pulled his head closer to her mouth in a panic. “I want you to come all over me.” His thrusts slowed so he could hear and think more effectively.

“Sure, after I-“

“No Blake I want to cum when I have your cum all over me.” She pleaded.

“Fucking hell.” Blake growled and fucked her harder again. He took his fingers away from her clit and brought them up to her mouth. Amelia looked him in the eye as she brought his fingers into her mouth and sucked and licked them. Blake shuddered and traced his thumb on her plump bottom lip.

“Why do you want my cum first?” He asked breathlessly.

Amelia pulled his face down to hers again and kissed him forcefully. She bit his bottom lip and dragged it out, he moaned in her mouth.

“Its so hot to have your cum on me.” She said. Blake’s body twitched. “I want to watch you cover me and I want to feel your hot jizz on my tits when I orgasm.” Blake yelled out and his whole body twitched again.

“Give me what I want.” she demanded, staring him in the eye.

“FUCK.” he shouted and pulled his dick out. He stroked it over her chest and she moaned at the sight. His huge cock all wet and shiny being jacked off kaçak bahis siteleri right above her.

“God that’s right Blake. Stroke that cock for me. Cum on my tits. Cum on my face. Cum in my hair.” she pleaded as she ran one hand up his leg and desperately massaged his balls with the other.

Blake shouted at this. He proceeded to blast ropes of cum all over her tits, face, hair, and belly. He shuddered above her as he came. Amy moaned as she watched.

Amy continued to run her hands up and down his thighs, her whole body still wiggling while Blake struggled to catch his breath above her. She didn’t realize it but she was still letting out small whimpers with every exhale.

“Jesus Christ Amelia.” Blake was finally able to say after a good minute or so. “What even are you?”

Amelia smiled and sat up. She gently cupped his chin with her thumb and bent finger “Well if I don’t feel your tongue inside me in the next minute, probably a rapist.”

Blake made a face and Amelia expected a retort but he just smirked and moved his body down hers.

“Yes mam.” he spoke in his deep sexy voice as he kissed her mound. She smiled and moaned, throwing her head back.

Blake licked roughly from her hole to her clit, he could tell she was still very far along her arousal. Amelia bit her lip. They looked each other in the eyes as he pleased her. Blake got rougher with his mouth, licking her deeper and moaning into her pussy.

Amelia lay back off of her shoulders and writhed as he worked. She swept her hands up her stomach to her tits, rubbing his cum all over her chest.

“Mmm yes!” she moaned. Blake moaned again onto her clit at the sight and slipped two fingers into her pussy. Amelia gasped at this, her hips instinctively thrust forward to meet his hand. She pinched her cum covered nipples while Blake watched.

Blake became more passionate at this incredible display and thrust his fingers harder into her dripping opening.

“Yes. Yes! Blake!” she cried out. Blake moaned again in response, vibrating her whole pussy.

“God don’t stop you bastard!” Amelia massaged and pinched her nipple with one hand while she slipped two fingers from her other hand into her mouth, sucking Blake’s cum from them. This made Blake practically freak out and he licked her clit furiously.

Amelia ripped her hand from her mouth and arched her back as she screamed. Her orgasm tore through her like lightning. Her thighs gripped the sides of Blake’s head hard between them and he groaned in delight as he felt her pussy clench up on his fingers and saw her cum-soaked body shudder beneath his mouth.

Between the crippling convulsions Amelia endured, Blake was able to escape his head from her strong thighs. He climbed up and laid next to her, both of them panting hard.

“Amy?” He asked. Amelia took a deep breath and a long exhale to try and cut her trembling short.

“Yes?” she asked still half moaning and laying on her side to face him. Blake slid his arm around her and grabbed her ass, biting his lip.

“I’m going to chain you to my bed and keep you there forever.”

She laughed and slung a leg over him.

“That would be problematic.” she smiled.

“I don’t care.” Blake laughed and kissed her forehead.

Amelia sighed and went back to laying on her back while Blake kissed and nibbled at her shoulder.

“I think I need another shower.” She laughed.

“Meee too.” He replied. “Let’s go.” Blake stood up quickly and scooped her in his arms before she could process what was going on in her foggy post-orgasm brain.

“Whoa! Hey!”

Blake laughed as he carried her to the bathroom. He let her down onto the bathmat.

“I don’t know how to work your shower, you start it.” he said.

“Okay.” She laughed suspiciously. She turned around and fiddled with the knobs until the water started. Blake was already fondling her ass again.

“Blake! You know I can’t handle any more of you! I’m barely walking as it is!” She said looking back at him.

“Calm down now Baby Bird I’m just admiring.” He smiled, rubbing his hands up and down her cheeks.

Amelia quickly opened the shower door, stepped in and shut it behind her.

“Hey!” Blake said as he almost fell over. Amelia laughed as she held it shut. The water ran down her face and body and Blake almost didn’t want to get inside because of how sexy the view was from the outside.

Blake tugged the door open and though she held it with all her strength, he forced it open towards him. Still holding onto the door, Amelia was jutted out into the bathroom with her feet in the shower and her top half in the open air of the bathroom. Blake looked up her body in seeming slow motion as the water ran down her curves onto the bathroom floor. He grabbed her head and pushed her into a steamy kiss as he entered the shower. Amelia kissed him back and ran her hands down his muscled front. Blake’s hand traveled with the water down her collar bone and over her breast.

“Holy hell you are celestial.” Blake exclaimed, parting their lips as the water ran down their faces.

Amelia blushed. “I told you I have to recover from round one.”

“I’m not trying to fuck you again you’re body is just so goddamn marvelous.” He said kissing down her neck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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