Fucked in Fort Wayne

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Some people may say Indiana is boring, but this was one particular weekend that was far from it.

As promised, I had originally gone there to hook up with a guy I had hung out with in Memphis only the week before, and flirted with both on the phone and online prior to that.

I won’t mention his name here, out of discretion and his privacy, but the Sunday in Fort Wayne was certainly hotter than the previous weekend in Memphis.

Not that I am complaining about Memphis, though; he and I did have one hot make out session in his rental car later that night after we found a remote spot, followed by me going down on him.

His zipper was down in a split second, and I had pulled his cock out.

Wow, let’s just say that it was all him, not some fake illusion guys tend to create by stuffing their shorts, tights, jeans, etc., with a gym sock or other foolish thing to make women think their cocks were bigger than they actually were.

He had to be a good eight or nine inches, and he was already hard from our make out session.

He leaned back against the head rest and sighed while my tongue flicked around the base as I pushed the rest of his cock to the back of my throat.

I slowly pulled my mouth back, all the way to the tip, circling the smooth skin that was there, then flattened down the front, before pulling all the way off.

Lifting his shaft, I then sucked one of his balls while my hand stroked his cock.

I licked the tip a little, before rubbing it between my tits for awhile, and then when he had enough of that, I suctioned his cock back deep into my throat and he began fucking my face.

He had let out a low guttural sound. My hand was back on his shaft working in unison with my mouth with a steady rhythm as I could feel him getting close.

He was going to cum at any moment, and I couldn’t wait to taste the semen I knew he would squirt in my mouth.

I pulled his hardness all the way into my mouth, and was rewarded with a huge stream of cum shooting into my mouth and down my throat.

He then panted softly, and thanked me for getting him off; he’d been pretty horny all weekend and that I really knew how to give a great blow job.

When he found out I lived in Indiana, he said he would be in Fort Wayne on the 23rd. Would I like to get together again?

I had to be nuts to say no! I said it was a date.

I knew I would get another chance to suck that beautiful cock again, but at the same time, I found myself wanting to go even further than a make out session and blow job in a car.

And wow, would I!


Finding accommodations in Fort Wayne wouldn’t be a problem. Not only sarıyer escort did I have a few business associates up there, I also had gotten the house there as part of my recent divorce settlement.

Of course, he was staying in a hotel somewhere; I forget which one now.

He’d already called me and arranged for us to hook up after he’d done some routine stuff after his show and was going to grab a quick dinner with his buddies.

I gave him the address to the house and directions, and he said he’d be over afterwards.

I went to the show, dressed sexy (but not slutty) in a top (without bothering with a bra) with a neckline that would show off my breasts to the max, a black short skirt, thong, and heels.

Not exactly the type of outfit most would wear to this kind of event, but I didn’t care.

I got front row tickets from a broker, amazed at my luck, and of course, he had seen me right away when he came out, winking and giving me a smile.

Once the event was over, I’d gone back to the house, glad to be out of those damn heels, sitting back to relax and not really counting on the guy to show up at all.

After all, I had sucked his dick just the week before; in most cases, once men got what they came for and gotten their rocks off, they were usually done.

Well, true to his word, he did show up at about midnight, both looking and smelling as sexy as always.

He gave me a quick hug and asked, “I bet you didn’t think I’d show up, did you, baby?”

“I have to be honest and say no,” I answered him. “I figured you were finished with me once we had our little thing in Memphis last week, and I was just about to go get a shower when the doorbell rang.”

“Oh, I’m not most guys, and I am not finished by a long shot. I was just getting started,” he laughed. “And if you want your shower, hell, I can wait for a bit. I don’t have to leave until later tomorrow morning.”

I offered him a drink and told him to make himself at home, assuring him the shower wouldn’t take very long.

I had barely gotten into the bathroom and stripped naked when I looked up and saw him behind me, with his shirt off.

“Oh my God!” I gasped, realizing I had forgotten to lock the door.

“You said make myself at home,” he said with a silly smile on his face and giving me the once over.

“You know,” he added,” I thought you looked pretty hot last week and earlier tonight, but damn, baby, you really have one great body.”

It was then I realized I was still naked, not having a chance to grab a robe before he’d come in.

Still, I gave him a little tease dance, twirling around, which no esenyurt escort doubt turned him on.

“Come here, baby,” he finally said, taking me in his arms and kissing me the way he had the week before.

I felt his hands slide up my back, my neck, and into my hair, tangling it around his fingers.

His fingers tightened in my hair and he took control of the kiss, opening my mouth with his, stepping into me and pressed his body against mine.

His kiss was hot as my mouth opened more under his. He thrust his tongue past my teeth to explore the sensitive line where gums meet teeth, pulling back and thrusting in again.

I ran my fingers up into his dark hair, back down across his shoulders to hold on to him as he deepened the kiss again, invading my mouth.

He broke the kiss, his mouth moving to my throat, my head falling back to allow him access, inviting him to explore.

His mouth was then on my ear, breath hot and teasing. I turned my head, not sure if I was trying to escape the teasing warmth of his tongue or seeking it.

While he sucked on my tits and rubbed against me, I reached down and unzipped his pants, pushing them and his underwear down as far they would go, freeing his now very hard cock, before letting his pants drop to his ankles.

I then went down on my knees, licking the shaft of his cock up and down, sucking it from tip to base, back and forth, swirling my tongue around the head and gently licking the inside of his thighs, before I swallowed his entire cock all the way to his balls as my hand caressed them.

Much as he was enjoying it, he grabbed a handful of hair and pulled me off after I’d been giving him some good deep throat sucking for maybe five minutes, and pulled me up.

“Don’t start anything you can’t finish, mister,” I chided him.

“You won’t have to worry about that, baby,” he said, pulling me up and plopping me on the ledge beside the sink, before he stepped out of his pants, leaned in and pushed the head of his cock into me.

“Here?” I had asked with a smile.

“Oh hell yeah. I’ll give you a fuck right here and now like you never had before,” he said.

He had really gotten into fucking me right there in my bathroom as he slammed in and out of me. I spread my legs wider, allowing him more access while he repeatedly shoved his cock in and out of me.

He then thrust his hips into mine, continuing to fuck me nonstop as he made grunting noises before I felt my first orgasm approach.

I put my hand down between my legs and stroked my clit as he kept fucking me, wanting to intensify my impending orgasm.

As I felt his cock reach deeper inside me, growling avrupa yakası escort at me to cum for him, I came hard, crying out, the sounds bouncing off the bathroom walls.

Not long after, he had pulled out, pulling me off the ledge.

“Let’s finish this in the bedroom,” he said, asking me where it was. “We’ll be more comfortable on your bed than in here.”

I led him by the hand to the bedroom, with him wasting no time shoving me down on it before he mounted me again, sliding his cock back inside me and picking up where he had left off in the bathroom.

Oh God, he felt so good; I don’t think I had ever been fucked so well by any man, not even my ex-husband.

And now it this guy hadn’t even been slamming in and out of me very long before I had begun to cum again.

Once I had hit my second orgasm, he pulled out of my pussy for the second time that night, sliding his cock up and down before I felt him starting to push it into my ass.

“Hang on a second,” I said, getting my little bottle of K-Y out of the bedside drawer. “If you’re going to do that, at least let’s prepare for it first.”

“Sure, baby; whatever you need.”

Once he’d lubed himself with the K-Y, he guided his cock to the puckered opening as I reached down to help guide him into my ass.

The head of his cock pressed against my hole and was met with a little resistance.

There was a little suction sound as the head broke through the opening of my ass and he proceeded to push my legs back near my head and started to fuck me again.

It took a few minutes of being able to adjust having him in my ass; a second or two went by and then I pushed up on his cock, taking more in.

With me pushing up, he pushed further until all of entire length was buried in my ass.

He then started fucking me slowly; a few times he pulled out of my ass only to have me place his cock right back in it.

Soon, he began picking up the pace as I began to rub my clit. He had then increased his pace faster and harder only minutes before I had hit my third orgasm.

Hearing and seeing me cum, he fucked me furiously.

A few quick, final hard thrusts not long after, he had begun to cum in my ass, sending streams of semen into me before he pulled out, straddling me and spurted his remaining cum all over my face and tits as well as a little on my stomach.

“Did you enjoy that, baby?” he asked when he climbed off of me and sat by me on the bed.

“Oh, hell yes,” I panted, and gave a little laugh. “You certainly did not disappoint.”

I don’t know what time he left; I must have gone to sleep at some point, because the next thing I knew, it was daylight outside, I was still naked, and he was gone.

It didn’t really matter; we’d both been satisfied and I meant it when I said he didn’t disappoint.

He is not only a great at the career he has, but I can certainly say now after our night in Fort Wayne, he is also fantastic in bed.

If the chance arises, I wouldn’t mind doing him again!

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