Fulfilling Jesse’s Fantasy


I satisfy a rape fantasy for my wife, while I satisfy some of my own. This is my first story on here. Constructive comments are always welcome.
Fulfilling Jesse’s Fantasy

My wife Jesse is a complete knockout. She’s 5’9, with blond hair and blue eyes. She has a great physique that she maintains by jogging and yoga. Even though she’s 34 years old, her d-cup breasts don’t sag- it’s as if she was still eighteen. Her butt is firm, with no apparent cellulite. Guys say I’m a lucky man to have her, but the truth is that our lovemaking was now routine, bordering on boring. It happened once a week on the weekend, usually in the missionary position, where after orgasm we would clean up and fall right to sleep.

It’s a pattern followed by many in the world. A very hard week at work gets coupled with lots of pressure from family and commitments, resulting in no quality time for each other.

Sometimes we would go for months without sex. We were just so tired by the end of the day, weekends included, to do anything more that kiss each other goodnight and fall straight to sleep. Special stuff like blow jobs and eating pussy was infrequent, and was usually saved for birthdays, long weekends, and maybe Christmas.

We needed a spark and I stumbled upon that spark by accident.

It was a Friday night when I conceived my plan. Jesse had some girlfriends over for some wine, and I excused myself and left to go hang with my brother and some friends of my own. I did not want to stick around and listen to a bunch of girls bitch and moan about their lives, which is usually what happened during these get-togethers.

I got back early, but instead of using the front door I came in through the garage. My brother had borrowed some tools from me and had returned them, so I put them away before I entered the main house.

The garage connected to the kitchen, and the girls were in the living room. I opened the connecting door and was met with the sound of high pitched laughter coming from there. I saw several empty wine bottles on the kitchen counter, and knew that many of the girls were well into their cups. I was a little pissed, because it meant I would have to endure them for a while longer before they left but it quickly became apparent that they hadn’t heard me come in.

“Seriously, you played out a rape fantasy?” my wife’s friend Alyssa asked.

“Yes, and it was sure hot!” exclaimed Samantha, an old college friend of my wife. “My boyfriend put on a mask and he had this toy gun, and he went to town on me!”

Samantha began giving details, and it was sounding like a pretty hot story, but what was even hotter to me was the level of interest my wife seemed to have in it. Jesse asked most of the questions, and kept pressing Samantha for details.

This was when the spark hit me. I would setup a rape fantasy of our own.

I would have a lot of work to do. I quietly crept back out to the garage, and waited there for another hour as thoughts kept running through my head. I wanted to stay and listen some more, but to be caught eavesdropping would ruin everything.

When I saw the first of her friends leave via the front door, I began making loud noises in the garage, to make it seem like I myself had just arrived home. Jesse came out to greet me as the rest of the girls exited the house.

“You have fun at your brother’s?”

“Sure did. Just putting the stuff he borrowed away. I’ll be in in a sec”.

“OK, I’m going to take a shower.”

Jesse left me there alone in the garage. I waited another 10 minutes, my mind still overwhelmed with possibilities.

I went into the house and walked by the bathroom. I heard the shower, but it wasn’t on the normal rainfall setting. It was making a higher pitched thrumming noise, which was the massage setting on the shower head. I knew that Jesse only used that setting for one thing only- for masturbating. She thought I didn’t know. On that setting, a concentrated pulsating stream of water was produced. It was meant to massage tired muscles but I am sure that the design engineers had women on their team. It made for a great clit massager and Jesse used it often, but never in front of me. Samantha’s story must have really gotten her going!

That night we made love, and Jesse was more energetic than usual. Her pussy felt wetter, and she really humped back hard when we were in missionary. I knew then that I had to make this fantasy a reality. Despite my best efforts, her newfound energy had me cuming way too soon. I pumped what felt like a gallon of cream deep into her womb, and my cock kept throbbing for a long time. We fell into an exhausted yet satisfied sleep.

The next day was filled with errands and other mundane things, but I managed to hide away with a computer tablet to browse the internet. I began looking for props and toys that I could incorporate into our fantasy.

I found a neat website with adult toys. They offered home delivery in discrete packages labeled “Concept Green Logistics” instead of their real company name. It was perfect, and for a few hundred dollars I ordered what I needed.

The next step was to figure out a good time to launch my “assault”. I figured one day right when she came home from work would be perfect. I could grab her when she came inside the door. I was usually home from my job before her as I worked a lot closer to the house. That day I would leave work earlier than normal so I could have even more time to prepare.
It was also important that I not leave marks or bruises on her body. We both had images to keep up. So it was going to be rough but not too rough.

I settled on a date- a Friday two weeks from now. It was a long weekend, with the Monday off and we had no plans for those three days. This gave enough time for my order to arrive and to make all the arrangements and setups I wanted to do. I would spend the next two weeks cleaning, constructing, and figuring out hiding spots for the toys I had ordered.

When the toys did arrive I eagerly opened the boxes. As promised, the boxes were discreet and labeled as “Concept Green Logistics”. Jesse, as usual, wasn’t home yet. I had enough time to open each package and inspect the goods. As I did so, my cock grew stiff thinking of the possibilities. It took a lot of willpower not to rub one out right there. I hid the wrapping materials deep in the recycle bin where no one would bother to look. The toys were put in my hidden location, which was also a place where no one would look.

The hardest part was to deny my wife sex during those 2 weeks. Jesse seemed to want it more than usual, so I had to feign tiredness. I felt like I was the only man on the planet to refuse sex, but this was important. I wanted her to be really horny when it happened, and I myself wanted it to be a big release so I didn’t even masturbate during this time. I would be getting some of my own fantasies fulfilled including doing stuff that Jesse would normally refuse to do. I was going to make her my bitch, my fuckthing, my own personal slut.

I added to the illusion by complaining to Jesse about work and how it was stressing me out. I even brought work home, something I rarely did, to prove to Jesse that I was overworked and justifiably tired. She bought it.

The Friday was long to arrive. I called her in the afternoon and told her I would be staying late in the office and would arrive home after her. It was my goal to think she would be coming home to an empty house.

“Don’t work too hard, honey”, she said with a note of sympathy in her voice.

“I won’t. I’ll be home soon after you.”

“No problem, love you.”

“Love you too”. With that, I hung up the phone, shut down my computer and headed out the office door. I got into my car and I struggled to maintain the speed limit on the highway. I was so excited about getting home but I didn’t want to ruin everything by getting a lousy speeding ticket. I parked the car on a side street out of view from the house.

As I got inside my house, I paused for a second. I had so much to do and so little time to prepare it all. Butterflies were in my stomach. How would she react? Would she go along with Porno hikayeleri it? Would she freak out and put me in the doghouse? Would she laugh about this with her friends? I had thought through everything, but it was go-time and the adrenaline rush I was feeling was messing with the plans and careful steps I had in my head.

I took a couple of deep breaths and got myself together. I went to work with the setup. It took me over an hour but I managed to get everything sorted out and in place. The last thing I did was close all the window blinds and switch off all the lights in the house.

Then I waited.

I wasn’t sure what time it was when I heard keys jingling in the lock. Jesse was about to enter the house. I stayed hidden in the hall closet. I wanted to make sure she closed the front door before I grabbed her. If she screamed, it would do us little good if the neighbors heard it and called the cops.

Jesse made to take off her shoes, and I saw her long blond hair fall and cover her face as she bent down to undo the straps. She straitened up, tossed her purse on the living room sofa and walked past my hiding spot, all with her head bent as she sorted through the mail held in her hand. I purposely left the mailbox full to add to the illusion that I wasn’t home.

When she was a few feet down the hall headed slowly towards the bedroom I left my spot. I crept up behind her, my heart pounding in my chest. Here goes nothing.

“Don’t scream bitch, or I’ll cut you”, I snarled as I grabbed her from behind in a hug around the shoulders with my left arm while I brought my right up towards her neck. I held a dull letter opener in that hand, too dull to do any real damage but the metal was cold to the touch and could give a realistic effect. I pressed it lengthwise across the front of her neck. Jess gave an audible gasp and the letters fell from her hand. I spun her around and looked at her.
Relief washed over her face as she realized it was me.

“Jack, what the fu..?”

“Don’t speak bitch, just show me where the money is”.

Jesse looked at me and started to smile. I still held her so I used my arms to push her up against the wall. Her smile disappeared and her face now showed some shock.

“Now bitch, before I cut you”, I said while still brandishing the letter opener.

‘Seriously Jack?” she smiled again. It looked like she was about to laugh. It was time to pick this up a bit. I grabbed her hair and pulled. She gave a yelp.

“Where is it?”

“Th-There’s some in my-purse. Ow!” she stammered. I dragged her by the hair towards the sofa where she had dumped her purse.

“Get me your wallet”. She reached into her purse, with my hand still grasping her blond locks.
“H-here” she said, much more meekly this time. That’s better, I thought.

I made a show of fumbling around in the wallet. “Only fifty dollars? That’s not enough bitch!”
“It’s all I have!” she exclaimed.

“That’s not enough! I’m going to have to get something else from you in order to make this worth my while!”

“Wh-what are you going to do to me?”. She was playing at being nervous, but I could tell that she was getting into this. She was stiffening up on me, not moving. It looked like she was ready to follow my commands.

“I’m going to make you my personal slut for the evening.”

Jesse shivered when I said that. Still holding onto her by the hair, I dragged her towards the kitchen where the door leading to the garage was. She made a show of struggling, though she didn’t put up much of a fight as the hair pulling did hurt.

I opened the garage door and let go of her hair and I shoved her inside. She looked around with wide eyes. I’m not sure what surprised her more- the fact that the garage was the cleanest it had ever been since we had moved in here years ago or the set-up I had done.
In the center of the room was a workout bench, an item that all garages seem to acquire at some point in their existence. I had modified this one though. Five feet away from it two ropes dangled from the ceiling, one with a pair of cuffs swinging from the end, the other tied into a noose. I had made sure that the ropes were soft nylon, so they wouldn’t scratch the skin and leave marks.

On a side table were various implements and toys that I had purchased. I led Jesse there.

“She this stuff, slut? I’m going to use it all on you and the more you struggle, the more it will hurt.”

She looked both shocked and excited.

“Jack, it’s a little-“

Smack! I slapped her face, not too hard though. She shut up immediately. Jesse was shocked that I had hit her, but she did not protest any further.

“Listen, cunt, I’m going to use you for my pleasure, to make this break-in worth it. Shut the fuck up and do what I say”. Jesse nodded her head and I let go of her hair.

I grabbed her by the arms and led her towards the ropes. I pulled off her blouse and she tried to bat my hands away, more for show and to get into the role-play than to actually stop me. I then pulled down her skirt and worked at removing her bra. When I was done, she stood before me wearing only her panties. Her blond hair fell about her shoulders. Her eyes sparkled. Her breasts, full D-cups, were topped by erect pink nipples. Her flat belly and firm legs showed that she took care of herself. She was a true vision.

I positioned her below the ropes and grabbed her hands. I raised them up and attached the cuffs to each wrist. I pulled on the rope and adjusted it for her height, so that her arms were stretched up above her head with little slack. Next I took two ankle cuffs from the table and attached them to her ankles, and anchored them onto rivets I had drilled into the cement prior. Her feet were spread apart just past shoulder width. Finally from my pocket I pulled out a hair band and I tied her hair up into a simple pony-tail. I wanted her face free and clear of any strands of hair for what I was going to do.

I stepped back and admired my work. She was exactly how I wanted her to be. She could hardly move in this position, and everything was accessible to me. I made a show of slowly taking off my shirt and pants, so I too stood almost nude before her. Her eyes went straight to my crotch. My 8-inch cock was rigid, making a tent pole in my boxers, which I removed next. Naked now, I walked up to her, and stood so close that my cockhead touched the skin of her belly. Again she shivered in anticipation. Slowly I walked around her, always facing her body and touching her with only my cockhead. Her skin felt hot, sending electrical pulses though my dick and into my body. As I walked around her, I left a trail of pre-cum on her skin.

“You made me hard, you slut. You have to pay for that”. Jesse was starting to breathe heavily. I reached down and ripped off her panties. Jesse, restrained as she was, jumped as the fabric ripped away from her skin. Her pussy was shaved save for a blond patch above her clit. Her lips were a deep pink, and her clit was nestled in its hood. I always thought it was the sexiest sight in the world.

“Fuck me!” she begged. Slap!

“Don’t talk unless you’re asked a question”.

She nodded her ascent. It was time to get the main show on the road. I was going to make her friend Samantha’s experience feel like a quaint picnic in the park in comparison to what I was going to do.

I went to the table and grabbed a ridding crop whip. It gave a lot of flex. I walked behind Jesse, and waited. She had not seen what was in my hand. I was careful to hide it from her. I let the wait drag on for a full minute while she tried to squirm against her restraints.

Whack! Jesse jumped and gave a shout as the crop connected with her right butt cheek.

Whack! Another shout as she felt the sting on her left cheek this time. I gave her four more whacks, two on each cheek in rapid succession. She cried out each time.

“This won’t do, you yell too much.”. I went back to the table and retrieved a second item- a rubber ball gag. I again went behind her and told her to open her mouth wide. She did and she was surprised when the gag went into her mouth. I attached it securely and moved Erotik hikaye around to her front again to admire my handiwork.

Still, she wasn’t complete in my mind. I returned to my table. This next item I was sure would cause her discomfort, and would probably bring me straight to the doghouse on a normal occasion if I had tried to use them.

Nipple clamps.

They were silver in color, and looked like padded alligator clips attached by a short chain. I approached Jesse, holding one end in each hand. Her thick nipples were protruding nicely. Her eyes went wide when she saw them. She liked to have her nipples sucked on during foreplay, but biting and pinching were strictly off limits. I attached one end and she closed her eyes in pain. I then attached the other end to the other nipple. These clamps had adjustable settings, so I had pre-set them to the lowest one. They weren’t tight enough to cause a lot of discomfort, but the tension was strong enough to keep them in place. Jesse obviously didn’t like it but they were going to stay on.

Next I grabbed a camera from the table. I don’t think Jesse had originally noticed it and I took several shots of her trussed up like that: arms extended above her head, forcing her boobs to be thrust out, with a humiliating ball gag in her mouth and her legs splayed open. The nipple chain swung freely between her breasts. Her pussy lips glistened when the flash went off, indicating that she was very wet. I could tell by her eyes that she was pissed I had our camera with me. She had never sent me nude pictures of herself. She was so fearful that the pictures would be leaked out somehow.

I went bag behind her with the ridding crop again. I gave her a whack, much harder this time. Jesse gave a muffled yell. The nipple chain swung through an even greater arc.
“That’s better. Much more quiet.” I continued to whack her behind, and I didn’t stop until she was beet red down there.

I went back to the table. I noticed a couple of tears on her cheeks as she turned her head to try and see what I was doing. I came back with a bulb-headed back massager- the kind that is advertised to relieve sore muscles but is actually used more for what I was about to do to Jesse.

I stood in front of her and placed my fingers along her slit. Jesse was breathing very hard now. She was so wet. I wanted to fuck her right then and there, but I knew I would cum in just a few strokes. Besides, I had other plans for my first load of the night.

I placed the noose over her head and onto her neck. The noose had hung there just above her head the whole time. I had thought of this idea because a few times in the past when we fucked missionary, Jesse had grabbed my hand and placed it around her neck. She liked being choked while we fucked. I hadn’t picked up on that until these last few days- this was probably an indication that Jesse liked to be dominated and hurt while being fucked. She had said that a lack of air heightened her feelings when I thrust into her.

I tightened the knot and adjusted the height, so that Jesse felt a distinct constriction to her airway and blood circulation. I could not make it too tight or she would pass out. In any case I had a way to cut her free if there was an emergency.

Jess was trembling, both from the constriction of the noose and the anticipation. I turned on the massager to its lowest setting. I pressed it softly to her clit. The reaction I got was intense. She moaned loudly through her gag and began to quiver. In less than a minute, she was cuming, and cuming hard. Her knees gave out, and the noose tightened, causing her to become red in the face. I helped straighten her up, and turned the massager onto a higher setting and repeating the process.

Soon the massage head was completely slick with her juices, and some of it was trickling onto my hand. I brought her to three more orgasms, each within a few seconds of each other before I stopped. She swayed where she was, hardly seeming conscious, the nipple chain hanging down and hardly moving anymore. I got the noose off her before she really got hurt. I then untied her hands and feet. She nearly collapsed on top of me, but I wasn’t done yet.
Jesse looked at me, but made no move to remove the ball gag or the nipple clamps. I reached behind her head and undid the gag, but left the clamps on.

“Holly crap, that was amazing…” she whispered.

Slap! “Don’t talk unless spoken to. Get on your knees.” I ordered as I kicked a mat I had nearby in front of her. She obediently got on her knees on the mat and looked up expectantly at me.

“Only sluts have orgasms like that. Are you a slut?”

“Yes, yes, I’m a slut. A big slut who needs to be fucked”. Jess reached for my cock but I brushed her hands away.

“No fucking for you, at least not yet. First you must please me.”

With that I grabbed Jesse by her pony tail and forced my cock into her mouth. The feeling was exquisite. Jesse bobbed her head up and down, but I soon stopped her movements and took over by using the leverage I had with her pony tail. Her mouth was hot and wet. She even began to squeeze my member with her tongue, something she had never done before. I fucked her mouth with short strokes at first that gradually became deeper. Normally she could take about half of my cock without gagging. This time she was sucking down a couple inches more, which was most impressive to me. I wanted to go deeper, but I also didn’t want to risk ending the night with puke all over my crotch.

All too soon I felt my body tense and my cock throb. Jesse probably expected me to cum in her mouth, which was only a rare occurrence for us since she didn’t like it much, but I had other plans. With 2 weeks’ worth of cum in me coupled with heightened sexual tension, I was going to release a big load and I wanted it on her face. She hated that even more than cum in her mouth, and I had only done it once before. This one would be for my fantasy, not hers. I popped my cock out of her mouth and I began stroking it inches from her face.

“Don’t you fucking dare” she said with a grimace, and she made to turn away. She could not get very far, as I was holding onto her hair too tightly. The first shot of cum sprang from my dick and hit her on the forehand, a long streak that reached her hairline. It felt amazing.
The second shot caught her on her right check, almost hitting her eye. The next two shots hit her on the other check. She dared not cry out, for that might mean some landing in her mouth. The last bits I dribbled onto her tightly closed mouth and chin. It was a lot of cum, and it covered her face almost completely, thick and glistening. It must have felt hot on her skin.
“I’m going to get you back for this asshole, give me a towel!”

“No fucking towel for you, bitch” I said, as I forced her up by her hair. Some drops fell away from her face. One drop hit her right breast, coating the clipped nipple nicely. I fully expected her to wipe her face with her bare hands, but she made no move to do so. I led her forcefully to the workout bench, and had her lie down on it on her back. Her cheeks were shining from my cum.

I tied her hands again, this time using rope, and attached them to the legs of the bench. I did the same with her ankles. My cock was starting to get hard again and was already at a semi-erect state. I picked up the camera one more time, and I snapped some pictures of her cum coated face.

“Stop that”, she whined, clearly embarrassed about the possible implications of having her photo taken.

“You are talking too much” I exclaimed as I retrieved the ball gag. I forced it back into her mouth and tied it off. She didn’t fight much. She was spread eagle on the bench and she could not move much.

I knelt down between her pinned legs and began to massage her pussy. She was still sensitive from her previous sessions. I began to lick her thighs, and then I kissed all around her mound. She began squirming again. Her clit began to protrude up from the hood, something that only happens when she is really horny. I gently flicked it with my tongue. She jumped against her restraints. I clamped down on the outside edges with my Sikiş hikayeleri lips, and started up fast short licks. Usually when I do this to her, she comes after about 10 minutes. This time, she came, and came hard, within a minute. Her juices flowed freely and coated my mouth and chin.

Jesse was panting from the orgasm through the ball bag. I let her recover while I went back to the table and retrieved yet another toy along with a plastic bottle. I showed the toy to her. It was a butt plug. It was by far not the biggest one they sold on the website I ordered from, but it was still impressive. It was hand blown glass and it flared out into a good size. It would hurt going in, but it would be fine one it was in place. The bottle contained hi-grade sex lube. I coated my fingers with some and I rubbed it all over her exposed anus.

Jesse started giving out moans of protest and she really started to squirm against her bonds but I wasn’t going to stop. I gently inserted the tip of the plug after completely covering it with more lube. I knew this would hurt, so I was extra careful and took it slow. Jesse and I rarely had anal sex. It happened only when she was really drunk and horny, and today was going to be a rare treat for me. She stopped her squirming, accepting the inevitable. I slowly pushed the plug in. After I passed the widest part of the plug, the rest seemed to get sucked strait into her ass without further pressing.

My cock was fully erect now. I repositioned myself and entered her pussy forcefully. She cried out, but with the gag in place it came out heavily muffled.

“You fucking slut, wanting cock all the time!” I yelled out. “Look at you with a plug up your ass and cum all over your face, wanting more cock. Fucking whore!”

She moaned again and my thrusts became more forceful. It was an erotic site: with each thrust, the nipple chain jingled. Her sphincter clenched and unclenched around the butt plug. Her pussy juices were flowing freely now, coating everything. The ball gag muffled her nicely and gave her a truly helpless look. Her pussy was as hot as fire against my cock. I even felt the butt plug through the thin membrane that separates the vagina from the rectum.

Then something unexpected happened, at least for us. Jesse came.

Jesse never experiences an orgasm through vaginal penetration alone. She comes when her clit is stimulated, like from the showerhead, and from my tongue putting direct pressure. We had accepted this as normal for us. It was not uncommon for women to fail to reach an orgasm just from vaginal penetration.

This orgasm was huge, and was unlike anything we had ever experienced. Her pussy clamped down involuntarily on my cock, and unclamped. This process repeated again and again, and it was hard too. Jesse was screaming behind the ball gag. Good thing I had put it back in place, otherwise the cops would have shown up for sure! This was all too much for me, and I unloaded another huge load deep in her pussy.

I pulled out, and my cum spewed forth from her pussy. It slid down her ass crack, and coated the base of the butt plug. I grabbed the camera again and snapped away. This was a sight I wanted to remember forever. I finished with the camera, and stood up to recover.

Jesse had her eyes closed and she was breathing heavily. Sweat was on both of us and my cum was starting to dry into a nice sheen on her face. I removed her ball gag.

“Honey, that was incredible” she gasped between heavy breaths.

“I’m not done yet”. I stroked my cock. It was slippery from her juices and my cum. There was one more hole I wanted to cum in, and the thought of it was making me hard despite two massive orgasms already.

Once I was stiff, I added more lube to my cock, to ensure it would be easy to take her ass. I also grabbed the massager. I positioned myself lower, and Jesse read my thoughts.

“Don’t you dare!”

“Shut up, cum slut, and get ready to take it”. With that, I forced the head of my cock past her tight sphincter. I plunged in a couple of inches further. On previous fucks of her ass I was only able to go in a couple of inches before the pain got too intense.

Tonight I was going to go balls deep. I went slow at first, and I kept squirting lube onto my cock. Inch by inch I pushed, and Jesse, to her credit, did not cry out. Finally the base of my cock hit her opening, and I could go no further. I slowly pulled out about halfway, and then I pushed back in. I repeated this, slowly increasing the pace. I did not go as fast as when I was in her pussy, but it was faster that what we normally achieved.

Once I got a good rhythm going, I turned on the massager and applied it again to her clit. I fucked her ass for a good 10 minutes. Having cum twice already, this third orgasm would take some doing. Jesse groaned softly the whole time, but she was a real trooper taking it up the ass. She even managed to cum again thanks to the massager. As she was cuming I reached out and pulled on the nipple chain. This caused her to wince in pain, and this did it for me. I unloaded deep in her ass. I pulled out with a loud pop from her tired sphincter, completely drained. I had done all that I had wanted to do.

I was getting ready to free Jesse from the restraints when a new idea hit me. After this much sex naturally I had to pee. I stood up and moved to straddle her waist. She looked up, no doubt curious as to what was next. I guess she too had thought it was over.

We had done this only once before except that time I was the recipient. We were in a hotel resort enjoying a much needed vacation. I had gone in to take a shower after swimming all day. Jesse had come in to pee on the toilet.

I looked at her and told her to come into the shower with me.

“But I have to pee”

“Pee in here, on me”

She looked at me funny, then she decided it would be fun and she jumped into the shower. I got her into a hug, and had her straddle my left leg after I stretched it outwards. With one of her hands around my shoulder for balance, I took her other hand and placed it on my soapy, erect cock. She took the hint and began jerking it as she started to kiss and lick my ear. Soon a hot stream of piss hit my thigh and ran down past my knees to my ankles, where it pooled with the shower water. It was an erotic feeling. She jerked my cock hard and fast as she pissed, and I came quickly from the total freakishness of it all, coating her hand with my cum.

I thought about that vacation as I stepped over her. Once I was in position, I held my slimy cock in my right hand. This was not originally planned. I concentrated on letting loose.
A golden stream arced out and hit her boobs.

“Oh my god” she exclaimed. “I cannot believe you are doing this”.

My piss kept hitting her chest. I made sure to piss all over her boobs and nipples. The nipple chain wiggled, and droplets collected on it. I fully emptied my bowels. Jesse was completely silent as the last squirts splashed on her chest and belly. I climbed off.

“I’ll get you back for this” she growled. I reached down and untied one hand. I threw her a towel from the table.

“Get yourself cleaned up. I want dinner in an hour”. With that, I walked out.


Further sex that weekend was pleasurable yet intense. Jesse was sore from the experience, so we went slow, and we took time to explore each other’s bodies. She now referred to our garage as “the dungeon”. We were happy that we both had some of our fantasies fulfilled.

Three weeks later, I arrived home to find a package on our door step. I brought it inside, thinking that maybe it was some books I had previously ordered. I checked the shipping label:

Concept Green Logistics.

That’s funny. I had already received everything I had ordered from them. Reading further, it was addresses to my wife, not to me.

What the fuck?

My curiosity got the better of me and I quickly went into the kitchen to grab a knife. I used it to cut open the packing tape, opened the carton and reached into the paper-wrap cushioning the contents. I felt a box, and grasped the edges to pull it out.

What came out caused me to gasp, and then laugh audibly.

It was a strap-on silicone dildo, in hot pink and 8 inches long, complete with harness. Looks like Jesse was looking to get her revenge on me after all.

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