Fulfillment Ch. 02


How could he manage to concentrate on the damn photo album after what had happened upstairs? He couldn’t. Every time he looked passed his mother, Tera’s blue eyes were on him with a knowing twinkle. Shit! Memories of the feel of her tight, wet pussy had him struggling to hide his cock which stayed at a constant half mast.

Mom, of course, wasn’t oblivious to his tension. Several times she stopped turning her the pages of the picture book to ask him what was wrong. All he could do was shake his head nervously and try to turn on his charming smile.

“I’m fine, Mom. Really.” He reassured her yet again

The older woman looked at him suspiciously, then placed the book on the table. With a sigh, she sat back in the couch with her arms crossed. Tera’s mischievous look over Mom’s shoulder only made things worse for him. He crossed his legs, hopefully hiding the near erection.

“I really don’t think you are.” Mom said, pursing her lips, “But I see how it is. Always keeping poor old Mom in the dark.” Her voice teased

Ian swallowed hard when Tera made a choking sound, bordering a laugh. Mom raised a brow and turned to her only daughter. The girl just shrugged.

“I don’t know, Mom. He looks kind of off to me, too.” Tera sighed whimsically, then put her head on Mom’s shoulder, “Maybe we should have some of that tea you make!”

Mom nodded in agreement, “I’ll go make some. You two sit tight.” She patted Tera’s cheek, then stood up.

Ian watched their mother go with apprehension. Sensory memories suddenly hit him now that only he and Tera sat in the living room. He didn’t want to look at her because if he did, he would want to taste her lips, fill her snatch with his large cock, and cum deep inside her eager hole.

He tried to shake off the thoughts, but Tera decided to make that impossible. She slid across the couch until her body pushed against his. His shoulders stiffened as her head moved to his shoulder. His legs twitched as she threw one of hers over his lap. That long smooth leg was a temptation he could barely resist. His hand, despite himself, moved to the leg. Tera let out a small groan thanks to that.

“Poor brother,” she whispered as she tilted her head, “You’re being so fucking obvious, it’s silly.” Her lips pressed on the line of his chin, “I’m thinking about you, too, Ian. I’m still hot and wet and wanting you. Once wasn’t enough. Come on, let’s blow mom off and go to my apartment to fuck for the rest of the day.” Her lips trailed to his earlobe, “Nothing’s stopping us now.”

Damn, she had a point. The line had been crossed already. No point in denying that, then taking a step back, now was there? No! He had to have a better resolve than this! Why did Tera have to make him so fucking weak?

“Stop it, Tera. It’s bad enough we did it once, no need to make our sins worse.” He said in a low voice

Tera scoffed, “Sins? Whatever, Ian. Fucking is fucking. I really doubt God cares as long as we don’t pop out any three headed babies.”

Her lips captured his earlobe. Ian’s eyes fluttered closed as he suppressed the moan crawling up the length of his throat. One of her hands reached behind him to the back of his thick, black hair. Fingers ran through it, giving him shivers. Lost in her touch, he didn’t care so much of being discrete. His hand traveled along that well-toned thigh until it stopped just under that perfect ass, squeezing the meat.

“Shit!” he grunted, “Tera, we can’t.” He murmured, finally coming to his senses, “We’re here to see Mom.”

Tera pulled her mouth away from his ear, but stayed dangerously close. Her fingers continued to play in his hair, while her leg hugged his lap.

“Yeah, yeah, poor, lonely Mom. Dad’s out of town again and she has nobody else. Yada yada, same old boring story.”

Ian sighed at that. It was true. Mom had friends, but they were all so busy with family life, they rarely saw each other. Without Dad or children in the nest, Mom stayed a lonely woman.

“She needs to find herself a young thing to play with when that old fool goes out on business. Mom may be almost fifty, but she’s fucking hot!” Tera cackled

It was bad enough Ian thought of his sister in that manner, but he had to admit, Mom was an attractive older woman. Maybe that was because she looked like Tera? She was the only woman in her group of friends that still had perfect breasts without a hint of sagging. He knew for a fact, shamefully. He had accidentally walked in on the woman as she dressed. Perfect tits, wonderfully round ass, endlessly long legs. Smooth and shaved everywhere. Still toned like her body had barely aged as she did. It was enough to drive any man crazy. Why did Dad keep leaving on business like a fool? Shit, if he had been the one, Ian wouldn’t let her out of his site!

As if on cue, Mom came into the room with a tray of cups and tea along with sugar, milk, and crackers. It alt porno was the really good stuff, Ian noted, when he smelled the scent of it on the air moments before she walked in.

“What are you cackling about, Tera?” Mom said sweetly, as she put the tray on the table.

Ian hadn’t realized the low-cut shirt the woman wore until now. His eyes couldn’t turn away from the smooth crevice the dark mounds made. Damnit, he was in some sort of sexual overdrive or something! His tool jumped in the confines of his pants. He crossed his leg further to hide that fact.

“Oh, nothing.” Tera replied nonchalantly, “I was just telling Ian here that you’re hot.”

Mom laughed as she stood, pushing her glasses back to her face. She smiled at her children, shaking her head.

“Thanks, I guess.”

“Mom,” Tera said, completely pulling from Ian as she talked, “You are. Trust me. I mean, you look just like me!” she smiled, “If I was Dad, I wouldn’t be going out on business. I’d stay in the bed with you all day.”

Mom laughed more, then plopped down on the black leather lazy boy.

“Thank you, hon. It’s nice to know.”

“I do! Ian thinks so, too.” Tera put her hand on Ian’s leg, “Don’t you?” she started pulling his crossed leg, “See, look.”

Ian jumped as the straining member between his legs was suddenly exposed. He tried to bring his hand to his groin to try and suppress it, but Tera fended him off. Embarrassment swarmed his body with a vengeance. He couldn’t bring himself to look at his mother.

“Oh . . . ” his mother said, “Is that because of me, Ian?”

Ian frowned as though worried about being scolded.

“Sorta.” He admitted as quietly as he could

Tera’s hand touched his erection through his pants. Ian’s head threw back as he groaned. Shivering, he looked to Tera with anger. She just smiled and shrugged, but her hand didn’t move. Hesitantly, his attention turned to his mother. She sat in that lazy boy with her legs crossed. There was a gleam in her chocolate brown eyes, reminiscent of Tera. And that teasing smile . . . seductive smile . . . How many times had he seen it on his sister?

“Your dad is just like that–springing up the moment he sees a little cleavage.” The woman said in low, sultry tones, “You two complain that he goes away too often and I’m lonely. Truth of the matter is, if he stayed home, neither of us would ever stop fucking.”

Tera laughed, “Mom, you never say stuff like that!”

Mom smiled. It grew darker as Tera traced Ian’s erection.

“I may be your mother, but I’m far from dead.” Mom laughed then turned sterner, “Now, let’s see it.”

Ian’s breath stopped. Did his mom just ask him to whip it out? What the Hell?!


“‘Mom’, what? I used to see it all the time. What’s wrong with showing me it now? It’s been a long time since I’ve have. Mom wants to know how much you’ve grown in all those years.”

This was freakish. His mom really was asking to see his cock. This was just impossible, but he felt like he had to oblige the look she gave him. Tera helped Ian from the couch, grabbing onto the top of his pants. Ian couldn’t breathe as he was suddenly freed from the pants.

“My, my, look how big you got, Ian.” Mom cooed, “Come on over so Mommy can see it better.”

Ian froze in his spot while his mother beaconed him to her. This was so beyond wrong it wasn’t even funny. He’d already fucked his twin. How low could he stoop?

With an exasperated sigh, Tera pushed him closer to their mother.

“Geez, Ian! Usually you’re the one that listens to Mom. Get with the program, hon.” She said as she finally maneuvered the man closer, then took a seat on the arm of the chair, “Better, Mom?”

“Mhm, much. Thank you.” Mom rose a brow as she stared at the pole saluting her, “Isn’t it nice, Tera?”

“Yes, it is.” She laughed, “Watch this.” His sister’s hand wrapped around his length, giving it a firm squeeze. Ian immediately moaned. “Isn’t that cute? One little squeeze and his eyes roll in the back of his head.”

“It is. It is.” Mom’s hand reached out to Tera’s, stroking her fingers, “I would have never thought it would get so big.” Her fingers moved along Tera’s skin until it reached Ian’s now throbbing dick, “Strong and smooth. Just the way I like it.”

“Me, too, Mom.” Tera said then began stroking Ian’s meat while their mother circled the head with a finger

Ian gasped as they played with his cock. It felt so good that it almost hurt. Each stroke exploded through his hardness and up his spine. Damn, it was so wrong to let them continue. He had half a mind to stop them, but then Mom tugged at his sack. His legs buckled momentarily.

“Your dad is just like that. He loves having his balls tugged while I suck him off.” She purred

Ian looked down at his mother and sister. Both sets of eyes looked back, both sets hd abla porno heated with desire. His heart throbbed in his ears. Blood rushed to his cock, making him that much harder. He felt as though he might faint.

“Would you like one of us to suck you, Ian?” Mom asked with that sexy voice that no man could resist.

Tera squeezed the base of his cock. In his pleasure, he nodded furiously in agreement.

“Mom, you do it. I want to see how you do it.” Tera begged

“Alright, little love.” Mom said

The woman removed her wire frame glasses. She handed them to Tera, who in turn placed them on the end table. Mom gave Ian the lewdest smile he’d ever seen from a woman. Slowly she inched her way to Ian’s cock, licking her lips. Her hot breath met him long before her lips. She stuck out her tongue. It darted around his head before it stopped at the beads of precum. Mom pulled back, leaving a trail of saliva and his juices from tongue to dick. The wetness separated from the head, dribbling down Mom’s chin thanks to that.

Mom turned to Tera with a grin. His sister’s attention focused on that dribble of liquid.

“That looks tasty.” Tera said as she licked her full lips.

Mom slowly nodded in agreement. Tera made a whimpering sound then brought her tongue to Mom’s chin, licking up the juices. When Tera reached Mom’s mouth, it opened, welcoming her in. The pair kissed. The younger woman took her mother’s mouth like eating, while the older woman calmly accepted the union. Meanwhile, Mom’s hand stroked Ian’s hard-on with a twist. His hips started meeting her fist.

Tera’s mouth moved to Mom’s neck, nibbling, while Mom’s attention focused on Ian’s erection. In one movement, she swallowed the meat whole. Ian grunted as his cockhead tickled the back of his mother’s throat. No woman had ever taken him in like that. He was in so deep and her mouth was so fucking hot that Ian thought he might cum instantly.

“Oh, God, Mom!” he groaned, hips driving into her

Tera looked up from Mom’s neck to watch the woman deep throat her brother’s monster. She sucked in a long breath, following up with a groan.

“Holy shit, Mom.”

Mom chuckled, sending vibrations all over Ian’s dick. He squeezed his hands to focus on anything other than the pleasure that evoked. He wanted to last. Mom was making it virtually impossible . . . It was like she was a cock sucking expert.

Tera’s moan suddenly caught Ian’s attention. When he looked to her, he found her legs spread wide, one on the floor, the other across mom’s crossed legs. What he saw after that had his knees buckling again. Mom’s hand was between Tera’s thighs, stroking that delicious pussy of hers. Ian could hear the wet sounds as three of Mom’s fingers moved in and out of that slopping hole. A trail of liquid flowed from the fingers to the dark leather.

“Mommy, oh, Mommy.” Tera mumbled over and over again, “That’s so good. Shit!” the fingers moved fast, thumb teasing the pink nub poking out proudly, “Oh, fuck, yes!” Tera’s hips bucked

Mom’s mouth pulled away from Ian’s cock and her hand moved from Tera’s snatch. She used her pussy juiced hand to wipe away cock dribble away from her lips.

“My, you two could wear someone out. Why don’t you two finish each other up?” she said, placing her hands in her lap. She had quite the look of satisfaction on her face.

Tera stared at Ian. The excitement in her eyes broke all of his resolve . . . as though it already hadn’t been torn down. He had to admit he needed her. He needed to bury himself in her again.

“Don’t know how long I’ll last.” He mumbled

Tera panted, “Don’t care. Fuck me.”

Tera got up from the love seat and moved to the coffee table. She stretched out on it, legs draped on either side of it. Ian didn’t care anymore about sins or what not. He needed to fuck, and now there was a open pussy waiting for him. He went to her, kneeling down on the narrow edge of the table.

Without preamble, he bent over her, kissing her roughly, then sank into heaven again. She screamed into his mouth as his cock stretched the walls of her center. She was wetter than the last time, but just as tight. He rammed into her over and over again, skin slapping, pants brushing against her ass cheeks.

Each movement of his hips had him grunting. Each movement had her bucking and screaming beneath him. His mind was out of focus. He could barely think. All he knew was her snatch and the wonderful feelings it brought him.

He looked over while Tera nibbled his ear. Mom was still watching with that dirty smile. Her hands brushed her breasts, stopping where he could see her nipples popping out. She pinched them as she watched her children fucking wildly on the oak coffee table.

Tera bucked under him more. It caught his attention. He turned to look at her, watched her cry out.

“I’m about to cum!!” rokettube porno she yelled at him

Her hands grabbed his ass, pushing him in as deep as he could go. Her legs parted wide.

“Fuck me, fuck me, hard, Ian! Hard! Ooooh, yes, yes! Cumming!!!” she yelled as he felt her quivering around his tool

He lost it as her pussy milked his cock. His hips pounded her harder and harder until it probably should have broke her. And when he thought he couldn’t contain himself or would explode, he came in her hard. He screamed out her name as hot seed spilled in her heat. Every inch of his body throbbed.

Ian collapsed on Tera. Both were shaking heaps in the aftermath. Somehow he gained enough of himself to kiss her gently on the lips.

“Damn . . . ” he whispered

“Oh, I know.” Tera whispered back, “I might not walk right for a week, but it was worth it.”

He chuckled weakly at that. Every once in a while, her pussy would jump around him again. It was making it hard for his dick to relax. He stopped chuckling to grunt.

“Why don’t you fuck Mom?”

Mom? Ian completely forgot that Mom was watching toward the end. He turned to look at her. She still had that smile, and a look of infinite patience. His cheeks stained red. Tera laughed at him.

“No, Tera, sweetie. I only do THAT with your father.”

Ian slid out of Tera’s pussy and sat on his knees. Tera got up from the table to sit on the edge of it. Both of them rubbed the beads of sweat from their brows as Mom spoke.

“But, there is something else you can do for Mommy.” She smiled, lifting up her skirt, exposing a perfectly trimmed pussy through see-thru panties, “You guys put on quite the show.” She stood and slid the panties down her hips to the floor, “I’m all wet now. Could you help me clean this up?”

Ian looked at Tera. Tera looked at Ian. Both smiled, though Ian looked a little more apprehensive than his twin sister.

“Yes, Mommy.” Ian said.

“Anything for Mommy.” Tera added with a teasing in her voice

They walked over to their mother, who had returned to her seat, legs draped over either side of the lazy boy. She spread her lips wide, showing of the drenched pink inside. Both Tera and Ian took positions in front of her, but slightly to the side. It was just enough space that they were able to tickle Mom’s clit.

Mom let out a soft moan, sounding something like a cat. She tasted sooo good, sweet but tart. Their tongues darted around her nub and around each other’s tongues. Swirling and dancing. Mom’s hand petted their hair as they played.

“Oh, that’s right, children.” She moaned, “Like that. Mommy likes that so much.”

Ian slipped a finger into the wetness. She was looser than Tera, but so wet and so hot. He looked to Tera, gesturing for her to try it. Soon Tera’s finger slipped in with his. The fingers slid along each other like pistons. Mom moaned even louder.

“Mmm, make Mommy cum, ok?” she said breathlessly, “I’m close, babies. So close.”

Swirling and dancing, the tongue continued. Fingers stroked. Mom’s walls trembled for them. Her hands grabbed their hair, pulling on them until they yelped, but they didn’t stop. Both continued on and on and on with determination.

“That’s right, children! OH! YES!” Mom screamed.

Sweet, wet sounds came from the pussy as it tightened and milked their fingers. Mom’s hips bucked. Her hands pulled their hair more, but before it could hurt, she let them go. They moved their tongues away from Mom, then to each other, shoving themselves into the other’s mouth. Both fingers still stroked while Mom’s spasms quieted.

When they parted lips, they turned to Mom. She watched them with tired eyes, with more than a hint of approval.

“Thank you. That was perfect.” She said with a lazy grin

Ian shook his head, pulling his finger out of her pussy. Woah, he couldn’t believe what just happened. He fucked Tera again. He licked his mom’s pussy. Just . . . woah. Now that it was all over and his brain was in control again, not his cock, he tried to fix this all in his mind.

“I can’t believe we did that.” He said, more to himself than anything

Tera scoffed. “Don’t be a stick-in-the-mud, Ian. No one is judging you here.”

Ian looked to Tera, then to Mom. She nodded in agreement with Tera.

“It’s alright, honey.” Mom said while stroking his cheek, “No one has to know. It was all in good fun. Don’t feel guilty about it.”

“See!” Tera interjected, “All these years we’ve denied ourselves . . . Mom didn’t even care.”

He laughed, but it was a weak sound.

“Alright, already. I’ll let it go.” He smiled, looking rather relieved, “Does this mean this is going to be a regular thing?”

“We’ll see.” Mom said, shrugging, “Maybe when Dad goes out of town. I’ll be busy with him otherwise.”

Tera wrapped her arms around Ian’s waist then kissed his neck.

“I suddenly like family get-togethers a lot more. Don’t you?” she asked as she nuzzled his neck

Ian raised a brow. He had to admit this had been fun. Wrong as all get out, but fun

“Yeah,” he said after a moment’s reflection, “Yeah, I think I do.”