Full Anal, At Her Request

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Big Tits

“You know what I want…?” she said.

I had lost track of how long we had been laying there, on the bed, kissing. She kissed well, taking the probing of my tongue – sometimes gentle, sometimes urgent and forceful – and returning my strokes with her own. Now and then she bit my tongue as it danced between her teeth and I loved it, how she swirled her tongue around my own, flicking it teasingly in fluttering snake-like motions. I knew that she liked to have a cock in her mouth and really, this was what I was giving her with every stab of my tongue. A small, wet, probing little cock that penetrated her and danced and explored. And tasted.

“What do you want?” I asked. I knew that my voice was strained. She reached down and grabbed my cock. I was naked and my cock was throbbing and hard. She was wearing tight knickers and I had enjoyed pushing my cock up against the material, dry fucking her between her legs, letting my cock move against the soft skin of her thighs. Her knickers were damp, delightfully so, and it felt good to push my straining cock up against that warm damp material. I could feel her pussy beneath, open and wet. Even through the material, my cock slipped a little of the way inside her, but her panties would allow no more.

Now, her breath soft against my skin, she began to pull gently on my cock and she kissed my neck.

Against my skin, her voice was muffled and it made my dick jump in her hand.

“I want…” She said, with mischief in her voice.

She kissed her way down a little, to my shoulders, then back up again to flick her tongue over my lips and lightly bite them, one after another. Her fingers moved through the hairs on my chest, as her other hand worked my cock, lightly, delicately. I could smell her perfume. I could smell her musky excitement.

Her mouth was on my ear, her lips brushing my earlobe while her tongue flicked lightly over me. She blew lightly in my ear and took the lobe between her teeth softly. Her voice was a whisper.

“I want your cock…”

To demonstrate, she pulled my cock in a series of quick movements, jerking me, masturbating me, keen to highlight the object of her focus.

Her leg moved over me and I felt the lightly coarse fabric of her stocking play against my thighs, against my balls. She moved her leg up and down me, stirring the coals that glowed between us.

Before we had fallen on the bed – before we became lost in each other – she had stripped down to her hold-ups and her knickers. At that moment, I had wanted nothing more than to cum all over her. Over her knickers, over her stockings. She looked good enough to eat. Certainly good enough to wank over. I imagined having her before me – standing, sitting, maybe laid back expectantly on the bed – and I imagined gazing at her, drinking her body with my eyes, as I wanked. She was gorgeous enough and it seemed right to use her like this. It would be pleasant to mark her, stain her with my cum. I wanted to rub my cock over her face and masturbate just centimetres before her face. She would be introduced to my cock in every detail. She would smell my dick, sweet with pre-cum, and she would hear the wet pumping as I worked towards release.

That was what I wanted, when I first saw her stripped almost bare.

But things had moved, outside of my control. And now I wanted to be inside her.

She kissed my neck and took a hold of my wrist. Firmly, she guided my hand over her breasts, down past her tummy, to her pussy. She held me there, guiding my hand so that it moved gently over her cunt, stroking her through the material of her knickers. I could feel the dampness of her panties. I could feel her mound beneath the material. She held me there for a time, kissing me, gasping lightly, losing herself in her own erotic world. And then, deliberately, she began to guide my hand away from her pussy. Over her hips. On to the rounded temptation of her arse.

Laying on her side, her arse was fully exposed to my wandering hand. Still holding my wrist she guided my hand over the round softness of her arse. I felt the delicate cotton of her panties and how taut they were against her flesh. She moved me, deliberately, until my hand was in the middle of her bum. She moved me, making me stroke her there.

“I want your cock,” she repeated, whispering so quietly in to my ear. “Here.”

Here. Her arse. She wanted my cock in her arse.

She was still wanking me, slowly, rubbing my cock with well-practised strokes. I felt myself harden in her grip, the thought of penetrating her arse – but more than this, the thought of her wanting me in her arse – excited me. I drew away from her, pulling my ear, my neck, my face away from her seductive mouth. Cool air played over my skin. I looked at her and saw excitement in her eyes. More. I saw desire there. Abandon. Raw, animal need. Her eyes sparkled and her face, flushed, was pinched with anticipation. Her eyes were dark pools and I felt myself drowning in them.

I reached down and gently coaxed her hand tuzla escort from my cock. It sprung out of her grip and twitched in the air, desperate for any friction at all. I rose up on to my knees. My cock bobbed before me. She gazed up at me, a wicked smile playing about her lips. She was giving herself to me and she was mine to enjoy. It was a beautiful gift and I loved her for it.

“Get on your hands and knees,” I said, softly.

She didn’t hesitate. In one graceful movement she rolled on to her front and pushed herself up so that she was kneeling before me on the bed, her hands placed firmly beneath her. I moved behind her and sat back to admire her body. Her stockings accentuated the feminine curves of her legs and made her look glamorous and sexy. Dirty and submissive. Her breasts dangled underneath her and her skin, powder soft, seemed to glow softly with a delicate sheen. Her arse was pushed back, stuck out provocatively. I adored it, so sexy, so round, so inviting. Her black panties clung tightly to her skin and made her arse all the more desirable. It was hidden, forbidden; and yet it offered itself for anyone prepared to unwrap the gift. I could see that she was pushing it out, making it strain against her knickers, making her cheeks so round and full.

She looked back at me, smiling with girlish anticipation. Her eyes slid down to my cock and when she looked back in to my eyes, she licked her lips.

“Put your head down on the bed,” I said.

Her smile faded and compliantly, she did as I asked.

She was mine to use as I would. I knew what she wanted. And I wanted it too.

Kneeling behind her, I stroked her arse through the material of her knickers. I used my palms and my fingertips and the back of my hands to explore her perfect curves. Sometimes my touch was firm but now and then I eased off the pressure, so that she would merely feel the brushing of my hands as I tickled her, lightly. It pleased me to know that the sensation would be painfully blunted by her underwear.

I bent forward and pushed my face against her backside. I breathed her in. I could smell the sweet fragrance of washing agent on her panties. And beneath this, something darker. Something so much more exciting.

Slowly, I moved my hands up to the top of her knickers and hooked my fingers underneath the flimsy waistband. Her face was pressed against the bed but even so, I heard her gasp. I heard her sudden breath against the sheets. Carefully, teasingly, I began to tug on her panties. I eased them down, slowly – so slowly – over her hips and with slow deliberation, over her arse. In one prolonged move, I exposed her. I pulled her knickers down to her legs and her arse was naked before me. I felt my heart quicken and my cock strained for some relief. Before me, her arse was round and obscene, pushed out in a provocative challenge. Such was the way she had positioned herself that her cheeks were a little way apart and between them I saw her tiny forbidden hole. I knew that she would feel the air of the room, cool on her arse, cool between her cheeks, cool on her puckered hole.

She would feel so exposed. Vulnerable, almost.

I reached out and lightly ran my fingertips over her cheeks. Her skin was soft and it seemed to flinch a little under my touch. Slowly, I let my fingertips move over her, exploring every little inch of her bare arse. I used a touch that was so light, she would almost believe I was tickling her with the tip of a feather. I explored her and touched her, enjoying the nakedness of her, enjoying the fact she was so exposed – her arse was so available – before me.

Little by little I allowed my fingers to move further in, getting closer and closer to her open crack. As I moved further in, I ran my fingers up and down the crease of her arse, knowing how sensitive her skin was here. She mewed gently on the bed and pushed herself back to meet my touch. She felt my probing and she wanted to be probed further. Deeper. The more she stuck her arse out to meet my caress, the sexier she looked. As I touched her, caressed her, I gazed down at her perfect bum and my mouth went dry. I wanted to be inside it. I wanted to penetrate her in this perfect, forbidden way.

I was aware that she was pushing her face down more firmly in to the bed. She wanted friction. Any friction.

I continued to move my fingers up and down between her cheeks, teasing her, caressing her. When my fingertips lightly grazed her tight hole, for the first time, she cried out softly. I allowed my fingers to play here, toying over her arse, lightly tickling her anus. I didn’t apply any pressure. Right now, I wanted her to ache for me. I tickled her and teased her and delighted in every tiny, jerking little thrust of her arse as she tried to get me a little way inside her. Just the tip of my finger. Anything.

After a while I did push, a little. I pushed to see if she would open up for me, if her arse was ready for a finger inside her. Or a cock. I pushed, probing her with gentle pressure, but my finger tuzla escort bayan felt the firm resistance of her. She wasn’t ready yet. She pushed back and I prodded gently. But her arse was tight and closed. We both wanted this. We would have to work together.

I wanted to taste her. I brought my face down to her arse and kissed her cheeks, tiny butterfly kisses all over her gorgeous bum. I poked out my tongue and traced it lightly over her skin, leaving wet traces of my devotion. I licked her and kissed her and took her soft flesh between my teeth and bit gently down. I blew on her and watched goosebumps rise across her buttocks.

I snaked my tongue further and further in between her cheeks. Her skin was softer here, velvet almost. Her cheeks were slightly parted and I spread them further with my hands. Her anus was obscenely exposed and looked so small and delicate. So tight. She gave a little wriggle of her hips and circled her bottom invitingly before my face. I could smell her, musky and delicious. I wanted to eat that smell, to be at one with it. I wanted to be inside it, to perfume my hard cock with its musk. I planted a tiny kiss, soft and teasing, on her puckered anus. It contracted visibly, tensed up instinctively against any probing assault. Sticking out my tongue I reached out tentatively, flicking the very tip of my tongue over her forbidden hole. It remained tightly closed to me. I licked it, my wet tongue sliding over her sensitive bud with rhythmic sensitivity. I was aware of her sinking her upper body down further on to the bed. She brought her elbows on to the sheets and her breasts pushed in to the mattress. She brought herself in to position to be able to push he arse out further for me, to make herself all the more accessible to my assault.

I flicked my tongue over her anus, and she tasted wonderful. Like sugared musk, I thought. I had wetted her, quite intentionally, and now, gently, I pushed my tongue forward. For a few seconds her arse resisted me but then it opened, just a little, and my tongue slipped inside. I pushed forward, tasting her arse, exquisitely sweet. I penetrated her as far as I could, loving how tight she was around my tongue. Her anus, a ring of sensual delight, was tight and constricted. I pushed in to her, gently tongue fucking her, loving her, tasting her. She pushed back against me and she was moaning now, softly. It was a womanly sound, the sound of pleasure. She worked against me in her own delicate rhythm, pushing back against me with every stroke of my tongue. I pumped her with my tongue in slow, firm strokes, matching her rhythm, matching her need. With my tongue inside her, I tried to lick, to explore to get deeper in to her arse. Her smell washed over me and I loved to have my face pressed up against her, buried in between her cheeks.

For a while we remained like that. My mouth was pushed against her, locked against her arse, as I fucked her with my tongue and she let herself be fucked so intimately. She jerked and moved, doing all she could to get my tongue deeper inside her, to feel my probing wetness inside her arse.

When I stopped, she made a disappointed, frustrated sound. I liked it. She remained in position, her head and shoulders firmly on the bed, her bottom thrust out salaciously. Without waiting, I licked my own finger, making sure it would go inside her and brought it to her anus. Her little hole, so recently invaded by my exploring tongue, was closed once more. But it was more pliant now. I pushed the fingertip against the wetness and immediately felt her tightness yield a little. She pushed back and her arse opened up to swallow my finger. The tip of my finger disappeared inside and in a single stroke I sunk it in to her, slowly, as deep as it would go. She gasped and I saw her clutch the sheets tightly with her hands. I pushed into her, until I could go no further; and then I let my finger rest there, filling her arse, letting her get used to the sensation of my finger inside her. It was as intimate as two people can come.

Slowly, I eased my finger out…and then slid it back inside her. I did it again… and again… in and out, in and out… until I was pumping her in a steady, gentle rhythm, finger fucking her arse with all the sensuality in my body. She whimpered. God yes, oh god yes. I saw her clutching the sheets, pulling them in against her as she rode the vivid sensation of being fingered in this ultimate way. She wriggled her hips, pushed back against me, met my every stroke and rode me hungrily. Her arse was tight but it loosened enough to let me finger her with ease. I adored the sweet smell that hung between us, a heady mix of pussy and arse cock and mouth. Sex was in the air and we rolled it between us like a pillow.

I eased a second finger in to her, checking that she could take more. She was so tight there, but she relented and my second finger slipped in alongside my first.

God, god, god, she whimpered. It sounded like she would cry.

My cock was aching now. It was as hard as it had been escort tuzla when she was wanking me – harder – and it twitched and throbbed in the air before me, as I played with her and adored her naked bum. I could wait no more. My fingers slipped out of her with a delicate popping sound and I saw her anus contract once more, in to its accustomed tight defence. I brought my fingers to my face to smell her. I licked her arse from them and rolled her taste around on my tongue. I knelt behind her and presented my dick to her arse, positioning it deliberately between her cheeks. She looked abandoned, filthy, her arse pushing out to receive my cock so eagerly.

I positioned the tip of my dick against her hole and tried to push forward a little way. Her arse was closed tight against me. My fingers had been received; my cock presented more of a challenge. I grasped my cock and pushed forward, trying to get it inside her. Her arse was tight and unyielding. I loved the way she moved back against me, working with me, trying to help me get inside her. She wriggled and pushed, moving over my cock, around it, against it. She wanted to aid my assault, wanted to open herself up to me.

I pushed against her and she pushed back. It was like trying to push through a barrier, firm and unyielding. We worked quietly, only the quick sound of our breathing breaking the silence. We worked hard, concentrating deeply, unaware of ourselves, wholly aware of each other. I pushed and shoved, quick gentle stabs, gently trying to open her up, to get inside her forbidden place.

And then, finally, it happened. I gave one little last push and her arse gave. The tip of my cock slipped inside her, a perfectly delicious breakthrough. I held it there, just the head of my cock, gripped by her tight arse, letting he adjust to the sensation and loving the feeling of such a tight grip around my hardness. She had me so excited. I would never last long. I wanted to fill her arse with cum.

Slowly, gently, I pushed forward, sinking my cock inside her. It slipped in to her tight hole, filling her. I tried to imagine how full she must feel, the unyielding hardness of my dick in such a perfectly forbidden place. For me it was Heaven, the warm tightness of her arse wrapped around my throbbing cock like a little fist. She sighed and she moaned and she told me to fuck her there, to fuck her arse.

“This is what I want,” she told me.

I pushed all the way inside her, so that I was buried deep. When I could push no further, I held myself there – savouring the perfect sensation of being in her arse. So warm, so tight, so dirty, so exquisite. My cock strained, wanting to use her now, wanting to fuck her, wanting to fill her tight hole with cum. I began to rock, gently at first, then harder, pumping her arse with increasing ferocity. I fucked it in long, slow strokes, pulling out almost the whole way before sinking deep inside her once more. I pumped her, took her tight, battered arse with all the need and intensity that she had worked up inside me.

I fucked and pumped, holding her around her waist, pulling her back on to me. I moved her back on to my cock like a life-size fuck toy, pulling her back on to me, pushing myself deeply inside her. Her arse became more and more loose for me, slick with excitement and the pre-cum that was leaking out of my cock. I continued to pump her, driving my length deep in to her tight warmth. With every stroke she moaned and on a few occasions she grunted like an animal. We were in a rare place, she and I. Bestial. Primeval. We were there together, locked in our own forbidden pleasure, far removed from the urbane world of happy love and open smiles.

“fuck me,” she said, her voice hoarse and desperate. “Fuck my arse. Use it. Use me.”

I pumped her, harder, my intensity growing. My rhythm quickened and I wondered if she could feel my cock getting harder inside her. I wondered if she could feel it pulsating, throbbing with approaching climax. I wondered…but I was past caring. I gripped her hips, pulled her back on to me, drove my cock deep in her arse.

“Fill my arse,” she said. He voice was heavy with desire, with pleasure. “Do it. Cum in me. Cum in my arse.”

I pushed and strained against her, slamming against her beautiful round bottom. I pushed with desperation, fucking her, sodomising her. Her arse gripped me, worked me, drew me in to its sensual warmth. I could feel it approaching, could feel it close. I clutched for a better grip, grabbed her waist, pulled her back, launched my hard dick as deep inside her as it would go. I pushed hard, once…twice…three times…

And then…

My cock jerked, spasm after spasm, as warm cum spilled out. I knew that she would feel this. She would feel the warm sensation of cum filing her insides, spurting out of my cock, deep inside her arse. I kept myself deep inside her, as my cock unloaded thick warm cum, filling her up, making her my own. I pulled her back on to me, not letting her go, not wanting to let her go. My balls unloaded and my cock twitched, over and over, spurting deep inside her. So forbidden. So beautiful. It seemed like an age, like I would just keep on coming. But finally, after a time, the climax subsided and my dick was spent.

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